Finger puppets – the Green Blob finds its voice

Josh writes: Bishophill noted here that maybe we should be

referring to Roger Harrabin as “Green blob spokesman Harrabin”

I think we can include Bob Ward too.


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  1. The foremost issue is that, in regard to AGW the beeb has ceased to believe in fair, unbiased reporting, therefore its news comments on this subject are rendered irrelevant.

    • Yes. Or at least they ought to be irrelevant.
      Jeremy Paxman was probably the most publicly respected, and feared, interviewer the BBC had for decades. In 2007, while still a senior employee at the BBC, he wrote

      “I have neither the learning nor the experience to know whether the doomsayers are right about the human causes of climate change. But I am willing to acknowledge that people who know a lot more than I do may be right when they claim that it is the consequence of our own behaviour. I assume that this is why the BBC’s coverage of the issue abandoned the pretence of impartiality long ago.”

      If anything, it seems to have got worse since then. The real-world data doesn’t support the doom-laden model projections, but it’s “full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes” on the good ship HMS BBC. Unfortunately, not just the the captains will go down with this ship.

    • The amazing thing to me is that anyone ever believed that the BBC (essentially a government run media entity) believed in fair and unbiased reporting.

    • It is depressing, I agree. That such a level of fantasy can exist at the top of a sophisticated society is astonishing.
      With a general election due in 2015, much depends on how widely and how often the lights go out this winter. If it’s bad, then energy policy will become a big issue at that election. If not, we’ll have to wait until next time for energy policy to be big – if so, it may well by then be the question that dominates. The British political/media establishment – the BBC especially – is still blind to how serious this could be for them.
      As things stand, all the major parties are inextricably committed to artifically high energy costs: that will change, for sure. Will the BBC catch on in time to survive? Probably not (in my opinion, for what it’s worth).

    • The session will explore a range of topics, including:
      Driving investment in a low carbon economy
      Creating better energy systems
      The role of carbon pricing
      The road towards a global climate deal
      The problem of much climate research, including this “data gathering” session is that it is based on a premise not yet proven. This is the equivalent of skipping the trial for a man accused of murder and going directly to sentencing.
      As usual it gets worse, these bozos actually think we can manuever the climate toward a climate ideal. The idiocy is astounding, this committee cannot tell the difference between science and science-fiction and it is unfortunate for science.

      • When the goal is changing behavior and not admitting the real agenda, false beliefs deliberately created to drive action in predictable ways, work just fine.
        The AI guys involved in education even admit that the problem with the traditional science, analytical cause-effect Descartian worldview is that it impedes social science reengineering desires.
        Now obviously someone like me was never supposed to read those chapters, but C’est La Vie!

  2. Considering what the blob thinks of science and the public, I expect the blob would have it’s hand facing the other way around. Less of a victory sign and more of f**k you.

  3. The media unfortunately has swallowed the premise that the science is settled and so any opposing view must be from fanatics or those two steps away from the funny farm.
    I am not sure if this failure in journalism is the dastardly effectiveness of green propaganda or the ineffectiviness, that is the total incompetence of mainstream media. That will become worth a study or two at some point.

    • “The media unfortunately has swallowed the premise…”
      Actually, it is far more accurate to say that the media actively conspired to create that premise, with full knowledge of what they were doing.
      This has always been about the “smart people” seizing power over all levels of the economy and government for themselves, and nothing.else. See Johnathan Gruber’s remarks about health care for a view into their mindset; they never really believed in “climate change”, but they believed that it was very important to convince all of the “stupid people” that it was real, so that they could do what they wanted.
      And for 30 years now the mass media has been their sycophantic cheerleaders.

    • Once upon a time there was something called investigative journalism. You know – that thing that resulted in the Watergate scandal (I know – ancient history). Now, MSM consists of regurgitating press releases and wire stories with no investigation whatsoever. If there had been an investigation involved, the phrase “the science is settled, the debate is over” would have struck a chord with a wily reporter who would have quickly discovered it was all smoke and mirrors. But that time has long gone with many news organizations simply reporting and not investigating. Its left to blogs like this (Thank G#D for it) to question and say “Wait a minute…what about this?”

  4. Green Blob.. BP and Shell and Grantham Institute
    Global Energy Governance Reform and China’s Participation
    Global energy cooperation needs urgent reform, say researchers
    Shell boss hopes US-China climate deal will “reinvigorate” UN talks
    Ben van Beurden calls for gas and renewables to replace coal, argues Shell wants to be part of solution to climate challenge
    Shell’s chief executive has branded last week’s US-China climate pact as “historic” and has written of his hopes it will “reinvigorate” efforts to secure a UN deal to curb greenhouse gas emissions.
    In an article in the Times newspaper Ben van Beurden, who took over as CEO of the oil and gas giant in January 2014, said a proposed 2015 Paris climate deal was “desirable” and “achievable.”
    “Why should we care? Well, if anyone were still complacent about the scale of the problem that climate change poses then the recent report by the IPCC will have come as a stark wake-up call,” he said.
    Van Beurden added his backing to US efforts to decarbonise, arguing the country was now moving “farther and faster than ever before.”
    Energy groups face ‘existential’ climate threat, says ex-BP chief
    Energy and mining companies are ignoring the “existential threat” from climate change and must change the way they operate, the former head of BP warns.
    The intervention by Lord Browne, one of the energy world’s most influential voices, comes as coal, oil and gas companies face mounting investor criticism that they are too complacent about the risk of tougher action to curb global warming.
    He told a seminar in London on Wednesday that the scientific evidence of global warming should be treated as settled but “this conclusion is not accepted by many in our industry, because they do not want to acknowledge an existential threat to their business”.
    A Big-Oil Man Gets Religion When John Browne broke ranks on global warming, he did more than shock the industry–he began to convert it.
    BP as well as Enron were at forefront lobbying for Cap and Trade
    Their mission that day? As revealed in the August 1, 1997 Lay briefing memo whiih I was later provided — having left a brief dance with Enron after raising questions about this very issue — it was to demand that the White House ignore unanimous Senate instruction pursuant to Art. II, Sec. 2 of the Constitution (“advice”, of “advice and consent” fame), and to go to Kyoto and agree to the “global warming” treaty.
    Oh, and to enact a cap-and-trade scheme.

  5. In the 1960s and 1970s we used to laugh at the ridiculous green blob horror films.
    Nowadays, the green blob has become fact.
    How on Earth did that happen?
    Is the world becoming progressively more stupid?

  6. The Green agenda permeates the entire BBC output. You cannot even watch Countryfile for more than five minutes before some pimply ignoramus pops up to claim that Autumn is now occurring later/earlier because of global warming/climate change/CO2 emissions or that hedgehogs are decreasing in numbers because of colder/warmer/wetter/drier winters.
    And the presenters don’t apparently see the irony when their program that is supposed to be celebrating the glory of the British countryside starts enthusing over the latest landscape-blighting bird-chomping wind farm.

    • Hugh: I call it ‘Green Peter’. I particularly dislike appearances from the smarmy Tom (‘Dung’, to his mates) Heap.

      • I actually appeared on Countryfile — they rang up my wife as secretary of the LDWA to ask her opinion of Suffolk’s footpaths and I emailed them to present an alternative view. After three hours filming they ended up transmitting 3 mins which, I’m told by the professionals at Suffolk County Council, is quite an achievement.
        At the end of the day Tom said ‘now let’s do the bit I really like, you speak straight to camera and say what this is all about’. So I said ‘It could happen to you — a chance find in an attic of an old map, an archaeological dig, even an old letter and you could find that someone is trying to open a footpath through your house or land. It could happen to you..’ The director said ‘Perfect, chills down the spine’ and that was that.
        They cut the last bit out.
        Still, I ended up so cross I joined UKIP, got elected to the county council and now sit on the Rights of Way committee where I use my knowledge of the stupid law to help others. Funny old world.
        The House of Commons refused to let me open a footpath through Parliament — apparently there’s one rule for them and another for the rest of us — but I’ve not given up on that yet.

  7. I don’t know if the Americans here are aware of what has happened in the past year or so, here in Britain. The BBC has been mired in a paedophile controversy, with one of its top 1960s/70s/80s music presenters being outed after his death. Lots of people deep within the BBC knew it was going on, but did nothing. Many of those are STILL at the BBC today. What with that, its obvious left-wing bias, and its green agenda, the BBC is actually looking very shaky. In 2016 it could actually lose its charter – something unthinkable many years ago.
    I used to love the BBC. It was honest, fair, and something you would literally turn to every single day. You knew you’d get a straight viewpoint. But it lost the plot, big time. Those days won’t return. The BBC as we knew it back in the 60s and 70s is finished. I wish it a quick death.

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