The British Energy Horror Story

Keeping the lights on is a basic function of modern government, and we are close to critical failure.

Biden Fail: US North East Winter Energy Rationing? Biden Urges Export Cuts, Increased Production

A few months ago Biden urged energy providers to increase exports to Europe, to support Europe’s efforts to resist Russian energy blackmail. Now Biden is complaining that US inventories are…

Green Energy Fail: British Union Boss Predicts Riots, 1990s Style Uprising

Some good news – Conservative leadership candidate Liz Truss has promised to allow fracking if she wins. But this belated outbreak of political sanity comes way too late to prevent…

German Experts Warn of Grid Instability…” Conventional Power Plants Needed for a Long Time to Come”

Germany’s massive, subsidized expansion of electricity generation from renewable sources has squeezed out conventional generation units out of the market. Two experts warn of growing grid instability.

The Science of Snowfall and Climate Snowjobs

Jim Steele “As scientists who study what controls snowfall admit, “There are “no easy answers” to the question of climate change and snow” Nonetheless click bait media doesnt hesitate to…

Lake Mead Low Water Levels, Part 2: Colorado River Inflow Variations and Trend

Contrary to claims that drought is causing Lake Mead water levels to fall, the Colorado River natural flows into Lake Mead show no long-term trend since 1930.

Numbers –Tricky Tricky Numbers: Part 3.5

Take a perfectly insulated box 2 meters by 1 meter by 1 meter.  This box will have a volume of two cubic meters and, since it is perfectly insulated, will…

Save the Date! 15th International Conference on Climate Change

IT’S BACK: Make plans NOW to join The Heartland Institute at the 15th edition of the most-important and informative conference on climate science and energy policy in the world.

Lake Mead Low Water Levels: Overuse, Not Climate Change

In today’s news is yet another article claiming the record-low water levels in Lake Mead (a manmade water reservoir) are due to human-caused climate change.

The Inflation Reduction Act doesn’t get around the Supreme Court’s climate ruling in West Virginia v. EPA, but it does strengthen EPA’s future abilities

So, as groundbreaking as it is, the Inflation Reduction Act does not change the impact of the Supreme Court’s determination in West Virginia v. EPA that the EPA lacks the…

Aussie Reserve Bank Predicts a Crash in Coal Exports

There was a time when bankers would have been embarrassed to publish a graph as absurdly unrealistic as the product at the top of this page.

Aussie Senator Malcolm Roberts Slams False Net Zero Inflation Claims

Former mining engineer Senator Malcolm Roberts is one of a handful of Australian federal politicians who have the courage to openly criticise the green madness.

Watch LIVE – Who Pays for Climate Alarmism?

The Heartland Institute Climate alarmists love saying that anyone who opposes their position is a shill for the special interests of billionaires. They should turn the magnifying glass inwards, as…

Global Times: Western Countries are Retreating from Climate Change Promises

Chinese Communist mouthpiece Global Times has accused the West, and the USA in particular, of poisoning and politicising global climate cooperation.

Bonus Friday Funny: The Greta Thunberg Cult has “Gone Bust”.

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says the Greta Thunberg cult has “gone bust”. “A mere child, full of rage, obsessed with doom, totally devoid of any practical solutions – but…

Friday Funny – There is No Climate Emergency*

Unless you are on the doom news payroll. Josh writes: “There is No Climate Emergency!” say a whole load of scientists from all over the world in a declaration. A…

NASA’s Webb Detects Carbon Dioxide in Exoplanet Atmosphere

This observation of a gas giant planet orbiting a Sun-like star 700 light-years away provides important insights into the composition and formation of the planet.

Green Energy Fail: Germany Imposes Strict Winter Rationing on Individuals and Companies

Essay by Eric Worrall German landlords can now turn down living area thermostats without tenants permission, thanks to Germany’s failed Energiewende programme, and Germany’s complete failure to plan for contingencies.…

WSJ: The Inflation Reduction Act Does Little to Reduce Climate Change

Bjorn Lomborg dismantling the hype surrounding President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, in the increasingly climate skeptic Wall Street Journal

You Can Be Sure That Net Zero Carbon Emissions from Electricity Generation Will Never Be Achieved. Here’s Why.

So if you have a chance to make a bet, you’ll be extremely safe betting against Net Zero generation of electricity any time during your life.

A Balancing Act

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I’m a visual guy. I understand numbers, but not in tables. I make them into graphs and charts and maps so I can understand what’s…

Inflation Reduction Act will hinder EV growth

EV growth will be hindered as locals’ revolt over lithium mining impacts on water supplies and environmental degradation in their communities.

‘There is No Climate Emergency’ (1,107 Signatories and Counting)

Another lead author of the declaration, Professor Richard Lindzen, has called the current climate narrative “absurd”, but acknowledged that trillions of dollars and the relentless propaganda from grant-dependent academics and…

Michigan State: Recycle Wind Turbine Blades as Gummy Bears

According to Michigan State University professor John Dorgan, making wind turbine blades out of edible resin would allow them to be recycled as food.