A sprite as captured in this pseudo-color, composite photo recorded from an aircraft by a high-speed, high-sensitivity camera. CREDIT Florida Institute of Technology

New findings on sprite formation above thunderstorms

Florida Tech lightning research deepens understanding of sprite formation – link specific atmospheric conditions to exuberant, luminous displays above thunderstorms From the FLORIDA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY MELBOURNE, FLA. — A new study led by Florida Institute of Technology Professor Ningyu Liu has improved our understanding of a curious luminous phenomenon that happens 25 to 50 miles…

This is a photograph of Morning Glory Pool from Aug. 23, 2012.

Joseph Shaw, Montana State University

There’s a model for everything, including Yellowstone’s colorful thermal springs

Scientists from Montana and Germany develop simple new model that explains the brilliant deep hues of Yellowstone National Park’s most beautiful thermal springs WASHINGTON D.C. – Researchers at Montana State University and Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany have created a simple mathematical model based on optical measurements that explains the stunning colors of…

Optical Antics at Sunset

My lovely and talented wife has a habit of being in the right place at the right time to capture nature doing interesting things. This particular shot was taken by cell phone from a moving vehicle in Northern California last night and shows something I’ve never seen before. Those of you looking for the elusive…