A Feast of Innocent Merriment

How sorely we shall miss her, and how fondly we shall remember the feast of innocent merriment she laid before us, as the reign of the Climate King begins.

Second Place Winner WUWT Student Essay Contest

Man-made catastrophic global warming doesn’t exist, and it is time to stop hurting ourselves by acting as if it does.

South Korea Fusion Breakthrough: 20s 100 Million Degree Fusion Plasma With No Instability

South Korean Nuclear Fusion researchers have claimed to have sustained a stable confined burning plasma at fusion temperatures for 20 seconds, producing 100Kj of fusion energy.

A Much Larger Greenhouse Effect – But Temperatures Dominated by Cooling

Guest post by Wim Röst Abstract The Earth’s greenhouse effect is much larger than suggested so far. If surface radiation and the greenhouse effect set surface temperatures, our oceans would…

LIVE AT NOON CDT: Are we abandoning the next generation?

It’s no secret that renewable energy is nowhere near as reliable as traditional forms of energy. When the wind doesn’t blow or sun doesn’t shine, the lights turn off. Californians…

Wall Street Journal Exposes Gov. Newsom & California’s High-Cost Energy and Reliability Debacle

“The grid problems that Californians are enduring will grow and spread as supersized green-energy subsidies and mandates spread their harmful incentives throughput the U.S. economy in coming years. The culprit is the…

“The Weaponization of Science: Politics, Vilification, and the Climate Debate” – Dr. Willie Soon

On April 11, 2022, CERES team-leader, Dr. Willie Soon’s gave a presentation in Washington D.C., “The Weaponization of Science: Politics, Vilification, and the Climate Debate”.

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