Climate Change Schizophrenia: Australian Payoffs to Coal, and a 47% 2030 Emissions Cut

The details of the 47% emissions cut bill are sparse. The bill does not include any mechanism or funding for enforcing emission cuts.

NOAA Still Expects Above-Normal Atlantic Hurricane Season

“We’re just getting into the peak months of August through October for hurricane development, and we anticipate that more storms are on the way,”

Shipping’s New ESG Rules Could Starve Millions

“The question is no longer if people will starve to death because of IMO decarbonization targets. The question is how many?”

Heatwaves in the Northwest: Are Extreme Heat Events Increasing Rapidly?

Why does global warming affect the means more than the extremes?

Tokyo Midsummer Hasn’t Warmed in Decades. And: The Missing Hurricanes”

One example of no warming is the midsummer mean for Tokyo and its rural Hachijojima island in the Pacific.

NASA Scientist Cries on Camera

We now can watch him let it all hang out.