The European Heat Wave and Global Warming

Ironically, such an extraordinarily extreme event is a sign that global warming played a very small role in this event. 

E&E News Defames Pat Michaels

Guest “They also contradicted their own defamatory headline” by David Middleton Patrick Michaels, influential climate denier, dies at 72By Scott Waldman | 07/19/2022 One of the most influential climate deniers…

Ability of mankind to solve problems is beyond imagination

Message to governments: Don’t kill human creativity with political stupidity By Franco Battaglia and Guus Berkhout This is from an interview of Professor Guus Berkhout by Professor Franco Battaglia, published…

Climate Alarmists Respond to the Global Warming Pause

The oceans swallowed my global warming? Desperate butt covering from alarmists who are facing increasingly embarrassing questions about the failure of the world to end.

Climate Crisis? Ever Fewer People Dying of Climate Disasters. There’s Hype, And There’s Reality

Today we present some charts to show that we are not in a “climate crisis”

BBC Ignore the Real Reason for Sri Lanka’s Problems

Most of Sri Lanka’s tea is grown by smaller farmers, like Rohan Tilak Gurusinghe, who owns two acres of land close to the village of Kadugunnawa.