BBC Climate Advice: Misery for Ordinary Britons, to Avoid the Need to Frack

Slower trains, more restricted road travel, colder homes – all because Britain’s political and media elite still cannot admit their renewable energy fantasy is a failure.

Climate Model Democracy

By Andy May In my last post, I explained how the IPCC attempts to use climate models to show humans have caused the recent global warming. Models are useful for…

Climate Change Weekly #428: Democrats Can’t Solve Energy-Related Problems Because They Don’t Understand They Are Causing Them

With oil prices topping $125.00 per barrel and gasoline prices averaging $4.17 per gallon nationwide for regular as I write, the White House and Democrats in Congress persist in the…

Rolling Stone: “there are better, cheaper ways of powering our world with oil, gas, and coal”

According to Rolling Stone, the best way to defeat Putin is renewable energy, which despite being cheaper than coal seems to be taking a long time to manifest.

Higher Maximum Temperature Increases the Frequency of Water Drinking in Mountain Gorillas (Gorilla beringei beringei)

We tested the prediction that mountain gorillas drink more often during hotter and drier periods.

“We Can’t Just Drill Our Way to Lower Gas Prices”, Biden Edition

Guest “Remember this?” by David Middleton Obama: Nation can’t drill its way out of soaring gas pricesBY ANDREW RESTUCCIA – 05/06/11 President Obama called for the elimination of billions of…