Fact Checking The BBC–John Redwood

MP John Redwood highlights some perverse behaviour by the BBC:

Claim: 1987 Montreal Ozone Rules Held Back “Scorched Earth” Extreme Global Warming

According to a new study, the Montreal protocol is protecting the ability of plants to absorb CO2, preventing an 0.8C surge in global warming.

Claim: the job-creating potential of clean energy is “where we get stuck a bit”

According to proponents, union awareness of workers being fired by text message halfway through projects is undermining the green energy promise of secure jobs. But some government green energy jobs…

AR6 and The Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum

By Andy May The PETM or Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum was a warm period that began between 56.3 and 55.9 Ma (million years ago). The IPCC AR6 report (actually a draft,…

The UN’s ‘code red’ on climate change

The new U.N. climate report is nothing more than a tired ritual of fear-mongering that has been repeated for decades with the complicity of mainstream media.

New Mexico Academic Compares the Climate Crisis to Gun Violence

Professor Mark Boslough, University of New Mexico, has compared people ignoring the climate crisis to a criminal trying to judge whether Dirty Harry’s .44 Magnum is out of bullets.