Guardian: 40% of UK Solar Panels Manufactured by Firms Linked to Chinese Slave Labour

According to the Guardian, silicon sourced from suspected slave labour in Xinjiang was used to manufacture solar panels in 40% of Britain’s solar farms.

How we fool ourselves. Part III: Social biases

Motivated biases become particularly problematic once these biases are institutionalized, with advocacy statements made by professional societies, editorials written by journal editors, and public statements by the IPCC leadership.

Will Biden Sell Out the Uyghurs for an Empty Chinese Climate Deal?

Back in 1979, while negotiating a nuclear arms treaty with the Soviets, Biden allegedly told the Soviets his talk of human rights was just a show to satisfy voters back…

John Kerry, Biden’s ‘climate czar’ admits U.S. carbon dioxide emission cuts are pointless

Caught on video: John Kerry admitted U.S. CO2 emissions cuts are pointless at Joe Biden’s #LeadersClimateSummit. Watch the video: h/t to Steve Milloy. He also said essentially the same thing…

Where Is The “Climate Emergency”?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Despite my asking over and over in a host of forums, including in my previous post, to date, nobody has been able to tell me…

State Supported(?) Protests Rock Elon Musk’s Chinese Tesla Venture

Have the Chinese Communists fallen out of love with Tesla? Or have they stolen enough Tesla technology to launch their own ripoff, and don’t need Musk any more?

First Aerial Color Image of Mars

The winding parallel discolorations in the surface reveal the tread of the six-wheeled rover. Perseverance itself is located top center, just out frame. “Wright Brothers Field” is in the vicinity…