Secrets Behind Sunquakes Could Lurk Beneath the Solar Surface

A secret behind the workings of sunquakes – seismic activity on the Sun during solar flares – might be hidden beneath the solar surface.

Claim: AI Will Help Solve Climate Change

A Climate activist explaining how AI technology will solve all the world’s problems. But the author kind of glosses over some of the limits of current generation AI technology.

Causation Of Climate Change: Was The Medieval Warm Period “Regional”?

Some commenters yesterday noted that the climate establishment has not just completely ignored the threat to their orthodoxy posed by the Medieval Warm Period and other similarly-warm pre-human-emissions eras. Initially,…

Researchers discover a new tool for reconstructing ancient sea ice

In a study published in Nature Communications, the researchers show that an organic molecule often found in high-latitude ocean sediments, known as tetra-unsaturated alkenone (C37:4), is produced by one or…

Dr Fauci, Covid, weather, and climate

Dr Fauci admits there were a lot of unknowns so for the greater good, he recommended actions that were not backed with proof, but instead were designed to create a…

Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #437

“Climate change is the greatest threat to global health in the 21st century.” – UN World Health Organization (WHO) (2018) [H/t Climate Etc.]

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