TCI: Taxing the Poor to Benefit the Rich

“I think TCI is just taxing poor people so that we can subsidize rich people’s electric cars.”

“We do not deny climate change”: Rupert Murdoch Responds to Accusations

Rupert Murdoch has responded to accusations from his son James and others that his news organisation promotes climate denial.

EIA: “About 25% of U.S. power plants can start up within an hour”

Guess “Did you know?” by David Middleton In a world where mostly unreliable power plant (solar & wind) construction is on the rise, backup power generation becomes more important every…

Slower decay of landfalling Hurricanes in a warmer world — really?

The outcome of L&C 2020 is very overconfident when it comes to the dependency of the decay time on the SST. The R²=0.53 found in LC 2020 vanishes to an…

London Mayor Sadiq Khan Demands Covid-19 Vaccine Apartheid

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has demanded white people go to the back of the queue when a Covid-19 vaccine becomes available.

Climate change and ‘atmospheric thirst’ to increase fire danger and drought in NV and CA

New study shows impacts of increased levels of evaporative demand as climate grows warmer and drier DESERT RESEARCH INSTITUTE Research News Reno, Nev. (Nov. 19, 2020) – Climate change and…