CDC Bails on Coronavirus Rules, Goes All In With Democrats


Democrats have apparently started to realize that their strategy of scaring their voters into voting by mail, (whatever motivations you ascribe to the strategy) has been backfiring spectacularly and they are making a desperate push to get more voters to the polls on election day.

The Tar Heel state has received eight times as many postal votes as it had by this point in 2016. Despite fears about first-time absentee voters botching their ballots, the share that are rejected has in fact fallen to 1.3%, from 2.6% in 2016. This is probably due in part to campaigns educating supporters on voting by mail, and also to new efforts by the state to process such ballots.

However, these gains have been concentrated among white and richer voters, causing North Carolina’s already large racial gap in rejection rates to widen. In 2016 black voters sent in 10% of postal ballots, but 18% of discarded ones. This year, those shares are 17% and 42%. That hurts Democrats, who rely on black voters’ support.

So the CDC has decided to assist by adding this to their Covid-19 Guidance, instructing quarantined Covid-19 patients to vote!

The day you vote

Voters have the right to vote, regardless of whether they are sick or in quarantine.

Voters who are sick or in quarantine should take steps to protect poll workers and other voters. This includes wearing a mask, staying at least 6 feet away from others, and washing your hands or using hand sanitizer before and after voting. You should also let poll workers know that you are sick or in quarantine when you arrive at the polling location. Check with local authorities for any additional guidance.

YESTERDAY, it said this.

People who are sick can follow CDC advice for when to be around others.

The link takes the user to the page that says this.

When You Can be Around Others After You Had or Likely Had COVID-19

Updated Oct. 27, 2020

If you have or think you might have COVID-19, it is important to stay home and away from other people. Staying away from others helps stop the spread of COVID-19. If you have an emergency warning sign (including trouble breathing), get emergency medical care immediately.

I think or know I had COVID-19, and I had symptoms

You can be around others after:

10 days since symptoms first appeared and

24 hours with no fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and

Other symptoms of COVID-19 are improving*

*Loss of taste and smell may persist for weeks or months after recovery and need not delay the end of isolation​

Most people do not require testing to decide when they can be around others; however, if your healthcare provider recommends testing, they will let you know when you can resume being around others based on your test results.

Note that these recommendations do not apply to persons with severe COVID-19 or with severely weakened immune systems (immunocompromised). These persons should follow the guidance below for “I was severely ill with COVID-19 or have a severely weakened immune system (immunocompromised) due to a health condition or medication. When can I be around others?”

I tested positive for COVID-19 but had no symptoms

If you continue to have no symptoms, you can be with others after 10 days have passed since you had a positive viral test for COVID-19. Most people do not require testing to decide when they can be around others; however, if your healthcare provider recommends testing, they will let you know when you can resume being around others based on your test results.

If you develop symptoms after testing positive, follow the guidance above for “I think or know I had COVID-19, and I had symptoms.”

I was severely ill with COVID-19 or have a severely weakened immune system (immunocompromised) due to a health condition or medication. When can I be around others?

People who are severely ill with COVID-19 might need to stay home longer than 10 days and up to 20 days after symptoms first appeared. Persons who are severely immunocompromised may require testing to determine when they can be around others. Talk to your healthcare provider for more information. If testing is available in your community, it may be recommended by your healthcare provider. Your healthcare provider will let you know if you can resume being around other people based on the results of your testing.

Your doctor may work with an infectious disease expert or your local health department to determine whether testing will be necessary before you can be around others.


The Covid-19 epidemic has provided ample opportunity for the public health community to repeatedly destroy their credibility. Whether it is publishing (and then retracting) wishcasting studies based on the flimsiest of data, or the politically biased application of rules.

More than 1,200 health professionals have signed a letter saying that they approve of protests against racism during the Chinese virus pandemic, because it is “vital to the national public health.” The health professionals added, however, that protesting lockdown orders is still dangerous, and is also “rooted in white nationalism.” According to the letter, “White supremacy is a lethal public health issue that predates and contributes to COVID-19.”

It is considered a conspiracy theory to believe that these bureaucracies behave politically despite the fact that the Federal staffs tend to be overwhelmingly Democrat in both registrations and donations, but the evidence continues to pile up.

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Old Retired Guy
November 2, 2020 7:02 pm

Failure of the teacher’s unions, this time not even raising competence to levels to handle voting, comes back to bite them. Illiterate, innumerate, unable to comprehend what they read. Not what is needed in voters. Sadly, it is prevalent in MSM reporting.

Reply to  Old Retired Guy
November 2, 2020 8:30 pm

Do you think their parents could have done more?

Old Retired Guy
Reply to  Loydo
November 2, 2020 8:55 pm

Since they were parented by similarly taught parents, probably not.

Reply to  Loydo
November 3, 2020 12:47 am

Parents? You take kids from them for years, and they’re taught what in public schools? Literally how to “topple over the system”. There are numerous video clips of what teachers consider “appropriate” during their lectures. It reminds me of the Marxism Studies in my own country under communism.

You do not make a compulsory education mandatory and then just push all the failures on parents.

Mickey Reno
Reply to  Loydo
November 3, 2020 5:59 am

Loydo, I was tempted to say something snarky like “I’ll ask your mama that question when I visit her this evening.” But then, I thought about it, and decided not to do that. Nor will I offer any Your mama jokes, you know the kind, “your mama so fat, when she hauls ass, she has to make two trips… that sort of thing. No, I just won’t do it.

Instead, I’ll just reiterate to my fellow Americans, this morning of the day we go to the polls to elect a new president, a new House of Representatives, and a new 1/3 of the Senate, that PARTY TRUMPS PERSON. Vote for Republicans and keep the far left as far from the levers of power as you possibly can. Keep the Green New Deal bottled up in the minds of the idiots who support it. Keep the US OUT of the Paris Climate Accord, Keep Bernie Sanders and AOC and that stupid, stupid one from Hawaii, and Nancy Pelosi as marginalized and the least influential as possible. And may God, if He/She/It exists, have mercy on our souls.

Matthew Schilling
Reply to  Loydo
November 3, 2020 10:31 am

Teachers like to blame the parents, but those parents sat in their classrooms just a few years earlier. I think it is vital that dairy farmers drink their own milk.
Isn’t it true that some jurisdictions require factories to spill into a river upstream from where they draw from it – so that they are the first ones to have to deal with what they are emitting? We have to put up with the products of modern public “education”, why shouldn’t teachers that spawned them?
Also, teachers would have more credibility if so many of them didn’t want to be paid like RN’s but treated like Candy Stripers.

Tombstone Gabby
Reply to  Matthew Schilling
November 3, 2020 8:34 pm

G’day Matthew. You commented “Isn’t it true that some jurisdictions require factories to spill into a river upstream from where they draw from it – so that they are the first ones to have to deal with what they are emitting?”
The first time I ran across that concept in print was in the early 1970’s in the book “Who’s That Lady In The President’s Bed”. Not just industries, cities as well. Makes sense really. I don’t know if it has become the law in any locality. Anyone?

Reply to  Old Retired Guy
November 3, 2020 6:27 am

The American Education/Indoctrination Corporation is primarily tasked with teaching children WHO TO VOTE FOR (Democrats). The first fully indoctrinated generation reached voting age this year. This summer, teachers were busy convincing white students that they are Racists by virtue of their skin color and forgot to tell them about Absentee voting until 2 months ago (when they were busy rioting and looting). Now these mentally stunted will have to vote in person (while preparing for tonight’s Riots) and most won’t get around to it. the ones who do will not fill in their ballots correctly.

Bill Powers
Reply to  Old Retired Guy
November 3, 2020 7:12 am

No Old Retired Guy. There is a method to their madness. It is easier for MSNBC and CNN along with the Cartoon Channel to deeply brainwashed the intentionally “dumbed down.”

This isn’t failure on the part of the teachers union. Everything is going according to their left wing planning. Teachers and school administrators make great pay and benefits., No effort is required on their part.

Students graduating HS with diplomas they can’t read are fertile fields upon which Hollywood and the Television entertainment and news divisions can plant their seeds of disinformation and cultivate voting age socialist comrades ready to overthrow their republic with their vote for free TV and looted sneakers, section 8 housing vouchers and SNAP cards (aka food stamps) all the while blaming their dependence on white nationalism when the blame lies with white liberal elitism.

Old Retired Guy
Reply to  Bill Powers
November 3, 2020 7:23 am

Bill, that’s the point I’ve also been making for the last couple decades. This time it’s coming back to bite them in the butt somewhat.

Zig Zag Wanderer
November 2, 2020 7:10 pm

Encouraging people to spread this virus is tantamount to murder, according to Democrats.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Zig Zag Wanderer
November 3, 2020 8:03 am

This reminds me of the “Cuomo-Effect”: Sending people infected with the Wuhan virus into areas where they can infect additional people.

Trump needs to implement a lot of reforms after he gets re-elected.

I have my popcorn ready. I’m waiting for the polls to close tonight. 🙂 Trump got 306 electoral votes in 2016 (Hillary =223), and Trump said this morning that he thinks he will get more than 306 this time around. Can you believe the stamina of this guy! I can’t think of anyone of just about any age that could keep up with him. Unbelievable!

As for riots after Trump wins, there is some evidence that Antifa and other anarchists groups are organizing violent demonstrations, so we will see some of that, but their numbers are small, although they do have small representations in a lot of places, and they have leftwing billionaire money behind them, but they alone can’t cause the chaos the News Media is hinting at, and any chaos they cause will be in the Blue, Democrat States, not the Red States, and Trump has promised to crack down on all of them if they come out on the streets and act violently. Along with the intelligence saying anarchists are planning violence, the authorities said they also know who is doing all this planning. 🙂

There won’t be the mass demonstrations like we saw with the George Floyd murder. Instead, we will see a couple of dozen “Portlands” in Democrat-run cities for a few days, until law enforcement reigns them in.

A lot of Anarchists need to go to jail for a while and think things over.

The Political Left is going to be crushed.

Robert of Texas
November 2, 2020 7:15 pm

??? “…they approve of protests against racism during the Chinese virus pandemic, because it is “vital to the national public health.” …that protesting lockdown orders is still dangerous, and is also “rooted in white nationalism.”

Uh??? Are they *REALLY* so stupid to publish this or is someone pulling my chain?

How is protesting lock down orders ANY DIFFERENT health-wise than protesting anything else? And how is protesting lock down orders racist?

“White supremacy is a lethal public health issue that predates and contributes to COVID-19,”

White supremacy contributes to COVID-19??? HUH? Large gatherings of protestors contributes…

Maybe these people are just living under rocks, but I am pretty sure that all the rioting and looting going on is a bigger health issue than whatever “white racists” may be left. I am against ANY racism, which can be found in ALL the so-called races. I am against the stupidity demonstrated in a published letter of complete nonsense as well.

Reply to  Robert of Texas
November 2, 2020 10:43 pm

You see, the Sars-COV-2 virus is far more intelligent than you realize. The virus loves left-wing and Marxist causes and will not infect someone who is performing an approved activity, such as protesting racism or supporting Black Lives Matter.

The virus will, however, immediately target someone engaged in unapproved activity, such as protesting lockdown (clearly against the interest of the virus) or singing in a church choir.

Reply to  pls
November 3, 2020 6:07 am

Ah, yes! The Covid virus is at least as smart as the CO2 molecule that knows when to cause rain and when drought, how to alternate between heating and cooling, etc. How else would the virus know to pick on us old fogies and leave the young punks alone? Discrimination!!

Another Paul
Reply to  pls
November 3, 2020 6:14 am

It’s a mostly peaceful virus

Paul Penrose
Reply to  Another Paul
November 3, 2020 9:51 am

I know your comment was meant as snark, but there is some truth in what you say. One of the big reasons this virus has been able to spread so far and wide is because of its low mortality. And because of this, there is no way currently to stop or defeat it. How long has mankind been suffering from rhino type viruses (the ‘common cold’)? Even with the advent of an effective vaccine, covid-19 will probably be with us for a long time, albeit with a much diminished impact.

Dan Sudlik
November 2, 2020 7:20 pm

Democrats love Bureaucracy. CDC is a bureaucracy. Trump wants to clean out bureaucrats . Enough said.

Reply to  Dan Sudlik
November 4, 2020 8:33 am

If the GOP had insisted upon defunding semipseudoscientific entities like the CDC over the last quarter of a century while they had Congress, we might not even be in this situation right now.

November 2, 2020 7:23 pm

How does turning polling places into super spreader events reduce anxiety about going to the polls?

Reply to  co2isnotevil
November 4, 2020 7:19 am

Despite PA being predominately democrat, but 90% or thereabouts in a few big cities, locally the voting was politely and effectively done. The voting lines moved reasonably quickly, 99% complied with a mask requirement, and the voters were going through at about 1 per minute. More than adequate for closing the poles on time. The particular district only about 2300 population, and maybe1300 voters.

But that’s in conservative central PA where significant protests are few and far between and riots nearly unheard of.

You turn it into a superspreader event by following Oregon, Washington, California, New York city, and other similar venues. Don’t limit demonstrations, encourage large gathering of young, highly influenced people and keep the police from doing any serious crowd control. Let it turn into looting and riot and then talk righteously about “police brutality” and “racist law enforcement”. Nobody there wants too many people actually voting. They might throw the current administration out!

November 2, 2020 7:40 pm

People are realizing the proliferation of ideological dogma in American politics and how it’s not supporting the Capitalism that built America. AGW should not be political but it is being used that way by the Left to further their narrative. People know this and the number is growing.

John Galt III
November 2, 2020 7:41 pm

CDC – Center (for) Dumb Cretins

I trust them like I trust the FBI or is it FIB

Reply to  John Galt III
November 2, 2020 10:14 pm

Remember the good old days when the FBI was a threat to Communists?

November 2, 2020 8:25 pm

“If you have or think you might have COVID-19, it is important to stay home and away from other people. Staying away from others helps stop the spread of COVID-19.”

democrats shoot themselves in their feet, again. Especially since only those entirely smitten by cdc nonsense will access and follow this information, i.e. cnn addicted democrat voters.

It’s just like democrats having antifracker l. gaga campaign for Biden in Pennsylvania…

November 2, 2020 8:35 pm

There is a tidal wave of studies showing a link between Vitamin D deficiency and Wuflu. example There is also the fact that dark complexions don’t make Vitamin D as well as light complexions. That means black people are more likely to suffer from Wuflu.

The ideologically possessed refuse to believe Vitamin D deficiency is the reason blacks suffer more from Wuflu. They think it is obviously because black people are a repressed minority. They will do everything they can to deny the science. example And yet in that link we have zingers like this:

Almost every doctor who died from COVID-19 in the U.K. was a person of color.

It is hard to imagine a more privileged group than doctors. Arguing that colored doctors get Wuflu because they are a repressed minority just blows my mind.

Reply to  commieBob
November 2, 2020 10:04 pm

In addition to vitamin D, there is also the problem of population density. In Michigan, where I live, as in most places, the black population lives in high density areas. Wuflu here was concentrated in Detroit. Just looking at Detroit, black folks are actually under-represented in cases and deaths by comparison to the demographics in that area. But published percentages of their infection rate use a state-wide average to hide this.

Reply to  commieBob
November 3, 2020 4:23 am

That quote suggests another risk factor for immigrant POC – latent TB that is prevalent among immigrants and goes active when their immune systems are challenged with something like covid. I doubt many, or any, covid patients are tested and treated for TB, but instead with antivirals and other stuff useless against TB. Then they deteriorate with breathing difficulties, and are put on ventilators, and then it’s all over for them.

November 2, 2020 8:58 pm

Does that include infected Republicans?


John Robertson
November 2, 2020 9:10 pm

Pretty much amounts to election interference,spreading the meme that polling booths will be cesspools of covid,just as the majority of Republican voters are about to cast their votes.
Blatant and stupid on the part of the CDC.
Fire them all.
I suspect the second term of President Trump will be a rerun of The Apprentice,for these bureaucrats..”You’re fired”,”And so are you and you,and you..”

Rhoda R
Reply to  John Robertson
November 2, 2020 10:15 pm

I’d like to see him do that to about 60% of the bureaucracy. Especially after the reports that some so-called ‘Civil Servants’ are conspiring with Antifa to disrupt the Trump Administration if he wins.

Flight Level
November 2, 2020 9:49 pm

Just don’t tell them that in theory we could also procreate by mail.

November 2, 2020 9:57 pm

In addition to vitamin D, there is also the problem of population density. In Michigan, where I live, as in most places, the black population lives in high density areas. Wuflu here was concentrated in Detroit. Just looking at Detroit, black folks are actually under-represented in cases and deaths by comparison to the demographics in that area. But published percentages of their infection rate use a state-wide average to hide this.

Adam Gallon
November 2, 2020 10:52 pm

You Yanks couldn’t find two better candidates than these two? Seriously?
I thought last time was a joke.

Reply to  Adam Gallon
November 3, 2020 12:19 am

Peace in the Middle East. Standing against diversity (e.g. racism) and exclusion (e.g. political congruence (“=”)). Addressing progressive prices and shared/shifted responsibility in the medical sector. Standing against quasi-scientific enterprises (e.g. CAGW). Standing against the Green Blight. Pursuing emigration reform to mitigate progress at both ends of the bridge and throughout. Addressing the incentive for redistributive change through environmental (e.g. Green), labor, and regulatory arbitrage. Revitalization, Reconciliation, and Rehabilitation of urban jungles. All-American: Pro-Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

Paul Penrose
Reply to  n.n
November 3, 2020 10:00 am

Add to that: record low unemployment, especially for minorities, record growth in medium income, especially in the lower income segments, record number of people moving out of poverty, especially for minorities (actually reversing the trend from the previous administration).

Matthew W
Reply to  Adam Gallon
November 3, 2020 5:28 am

Thank you for not being an American.
We’re already over our quota for people like you.

Reply to  Adam Gallon
November 3, 2020 12:17 pm

You’re an idiot; a man who had NEVER been in government before has made MORE inroads than any president since Washington in exposing the deep state, and you think it’s a “joke”?

Socialist British twat.

Reply to  _Jim
November 3, 2020 4:10 pm

Nice one Jim, the progressive socialist rot is just as bad in the UK.
I’m Manx and theres 80 miles of sea between us and them…. wish it was 800.

Even british bookies who used to be smarter and had more moles than the CIA are infiltrated and indoctrinated, they were going 3/1 Trump for electoral college win.
Its as if they are blind deaf and dumb, believe fake polls rather than their own eyes.

Biden getting 30/40/50 people per rallie including the media,…. trump getting 30/40/50 thousand people a rallie and doing 2 or 3 or 4 a day.

Living in todays world is like being in ones own episode of the twilight zone, where actual reality is mainly portrayed as conspiracy theory.

November 3, 2020 12:22 am

So, the CDC subscribes to the Pro-Choice, selective, opportunistic, relativistic quasi-religion (e.g. “ethics”) of the Progressive Church. Diversity (e.g. racism) and exclusion, too. #HateLovesAbortion

Carl Friis-Hansen
November 3, 2020 1:21 am

Some days ago I wrote this little open email to the Swedish director of the Swedish health authority:

Dear Anders Tegnell,

I wish to thank you for Your persistent scientific approach, which appears to be so suppressed these days.

My background is inferior in terms of anything medicine, but my electric engineering jobs in six countries over a period of 45 years has taught me to critically read and evaluate graphs, numbers and statistics.
As retired, I now live in Sweden, not far from my family in Denmark.

It is saddening to see the ignorant headlines condemning your scientific approach. This is the ridiculous standard we are offered by science writers in more and more fields.

My appeal to you is to promote the overall excess mortality in Sweden and compare it to the other European countries.
The reason for my suggestion is that the overall excess mortality is the most objective number with the fewest dependencies, although not perfect.
You undoubtedly have better sources, but I have looked at “Z-scores by country”:

Assuming it is important to maintain a healthy immune system to avoid becoming ill from not only SARS-CoV-2, but any virus and bad bacteria, I fail to understand why this issue is not emphasized to a much higher degree in public announcements.
Our generation have been told to wash hands before preparing and eating food, take a daily walk in the sun, snow and rain, eat healthy food, be happy, forthcoming, social and friendly.
Therefore I see face masks, antisocial measures and financial hardship as unhealthy to our society.

Keep up the good work.

Yours sincerely
Carl Friis-Hansen

Steve Richards
November 3, 2020 2:10 am

In the UK today, the Daily Mail newspaper reports that the government is considering issuing 4 month packs of Vit D to all vulnerable people.

Allan MacRae
Reply to  Steve Richards
November 3, 2020 3:27 am

Thank you Steve.

Isn’t it remarkable that in all the governments’ hysteria about the full-Gulag lockdowns, masking, distancing, destroying the economy and savaging the young and the poor, that it has taken over six months for these rocket-surgeons to suggest taking Vitamin D might actually be a worthwhile step to safeguard against Covid-19?

For the record, the lockdowns never made sense, as now conclusively proved by Sweden. The correct no-lockdown decision was obvious from the beginning, because Covid-19 was a relatively mild flu, significantly dangerous only to the very elderly and infirm. I reached this conclusion circa 1March2020 and published on 21March2020 after three more weeks of due diligence, because I needed to be certain.

It was not that difficult a call, which begs the question – why all the government hysteria and the enormously damaging lockdown? Are our governments’ medical authorities really that incompetent, or is there a more sinister agenda? It is clear that the lockdown has been used by leftists to damage Trump’s chances of re-election, but was this the original intent? It is certainly obvious by now that the lockdown was a huge error – the remaining question is: Was it the world’s greatest scam?

My March calls:

Isolate people over sixty-five and those with poor immune systems and return to business-as-usual for people under sixty-five.
This will allow “herd immunity” to develop much sooner and older people will thus be more protected AND THE ECONOMY WON’T CRASH.

This full-lockdown scenario is especially hurting service sector businesses and their minimum-wage employees – young people are telling me they are “financially under the bus”. The young are being destroyed to protect us over-65’s. A far better solution is to get them back to work and let us oldies keep our distance, and get “herd immunity” established ASAP – in months not years. Then we will all be safe again.


Phil Rae
Reply to  Allan MacRae
November 3, 2020 4:53 am

Alan….and the majority of commenters above!

Yes! We have seen all manner of nonsense promulgated to “destroy the virus”……..a feat that most of us know is neither credible nor even remotely possible.

Simultaneously, we have seen a concerted effort by government advisors and the mainstream media to ridicule the use of a variety of drugs like hydroxychloroquine (or other ionophores) plus Zinc, Vitamin D, ivermectin, etc. while promoting expensive patented nostrums like Remdesivir. That probable malfeasance may have been responsible for uncountable thousands of unnecessary deaths. Meanwhile, big Pharma continues to make a fortune with testing kits and huge government purchases of future vaccines that they promise and promote.

I have said since April that this viral pandemic would only “go away” after the US election was held and I’m pretty sure that’s still gonna be the case. Let’s hope your President is given another 4 years to complete the draining of the swamp.

Reply to  Allan MacRae
November 3, 2020 7:23 am

Good summary. And under-65’s that do get sick have vitC, vitD, HCQ w/ Zn plus Zpac, nebulizer w/budesonide or hydr. peroxide. HCQ study reported in recent PSI article (but too late now to save 200,000 people)

Carl Friis-Hansen
November 3, 2020 3:10 am

Пандемията от Ковид се използва умело и брутално за въвеждане на нов икономически ред
Google Translated from Bulgarian:
The Kovid pandemic is being used cleverly and brutally to usher in a new economic order
In the hope that this video is not taken down from FB very soon:
Published August 21st 2020

Reply to  Carl Friis-Hansen
November 3, 2020 5:29 pm

Thank you for this.
Now I know why the Davos Daleks hate Trump so much.
They think he is the Doctor.

November 3, 2020 4:17 am

Here in North Carolina the high rejection rates of minority ballots might also have to do with “vote harvesting”. This is where they pay a person to go door to door and have them fill out the vote by mail form for people at the house. They get paid (well) for each ballot, whether it is correctly filled out or not. So the incentive is quantity, not quality. Additionally, you also wonder how many duplicates are submitted since I doubt the ballots are checked that thoroughly and again, you get paid for each one submitted. Democrats scamming Democrats, the American way.

Tim Gorman
November 3, 2020 4:36 am

I don’t know what the CDC thinks it is doing with this guidance. If people are too ignorant to be able to vote by mail it is highly unlikely they will ever read anything published on-line by the CDC and be able to understand it.

Carl Friis-Hansen
November 3, 2020 5:17 am

“The moment for change is now”
is a message from Oct 12, 2020 where doctors from all over the world argue for freedom. It is with “fake” warning on FB but can be seen, so far, here:
As I understand it, they want to establish a Nuremberg trial in the near future to condemn the doctors who played along with lock-downs, the “ban” on HCQ-Zink, etc.
Most of the participants at the meeting were from Germany, Sweden, Ireland, UK, Denmark and The Netherlands.

Melanie Green
November 3, 2020 5:44 am

CDC criminals

E. Martin
November 3, 2020 8:08 am

CDC leaders are part of the “Swamp” — but this will probably be corrected after today’s election.

Kevin kilty
November 3, 2020 8:39 am

The CDC injured its reputation in 1976. This is simply a repeat with slight modifications to the script, and it is an entirely predictable outcome of having a lot of mediocrities having to handle the first important task in their lives.

Doug Huffman
November 3, 2020 9:33 am

Remember Ansomia – loss of sense of smell – and Dysgeusia – loss of taste sense – as CoViD-19 symptoms? I got a great instructional video forwarded yesterday touting the advantages of personal testing using wine as a challenge for Ansomia / Dysgeusia.

None of the Karens around me have been able to rationally dispute the validity of the test. Combined with other indications – infrared thermometer >100.4F, and it seems a good suite of common sense home testing capabilities.

November 3, 2020 9:47 am

Reply to  icisil
November 3, 2020 1:46 pm

The Covid-19 death toll is undercounted, not inflated.

In the U.S., the counted victims are people for whom the diagnosis was certain (generally confirmed by testing), and many victims who die outside of a hospital still are not counted as Covid-19 deaths. That means the actual death toll is higher than the reported death toll. In the early stages of the epidemic that problem was even worse.

There are some people who believe that the number of people who die “with Covid,” but not “from Covid,” greatly inflates the number of reported Covid-19 deaths. They are wrong.

The vast majority of people who die with the virus die of the virus. Here’s how we know it:

On an average day, when there’s no epidemic, 7000-8000 Americans die of all causes. If 2% of the American population is currently infected with Covid-19, right now, then you would expect that (very roughly) 2% of those people who die today of other causes happen to coincidentally also be infected with COVID-19. 2% of 7500 is about 150 people.

That’s a rough estimate of the approximate number of people who die on an average day in the United States, from some other cause, while coincidentally infected with Covid.

However, that includes deaths from many causes which are never attributed to Covid-19. Automobile accident, suicide, murder, fire, drowning, etc., are never attributed to COVID-19. Those deaths are not attributed to Covid-19 even when they probably should be, e.g., when neurological effects of Covid cause dangerous behavior, which results in a person’s death, as was probably the case with George Floyd. It also includes many people who die outside of hospitals, and were never tested for Covid, so they are not counted as Covid deaths. (Depending on whose statistics you believe, between 35% and 60% of American deaths occur in hospitals.)

If half of those 150 were misattributed to Covid-19, because of a coincidental positive test result, that would be only 75 cases.

Compare that to the average number of detected Covid-19 deaths per day in the U.S. (average of 817/day, calculated over one week, Oct. 21-28). 75 is just 9.2% of 817.

So the answer is that only a few (less than 10%) of the daily approx. 817 deaths in the United States attributed to Covid-19 could possibly have been people who actually died from another cause. That’s not enough to affect the statistics very much. It is almost certainly less than the number of undiagnosed Covid-19 deaths, which occur outside of hospitals. That means the reported number of Covid-19 deaths (236,900, as of a few minutes ago) is an undercount.

BTW, if you want to learn about Covid-19 vaccines, Florian Krammer’s “tweetorial” is a great place to start:

Tweet #1:

Tweet #138 (the last tweet):

Whole thread, unrolled by ThreadReaderApp:
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Reply to  Dave Burton
November 4, 2020 3:14 am

“Those deaths are not attributed to Covid-19 even when they probably should be, e.g., when neurological effects of Covid cause dangerous behavior, which results in a person’s death, as was probably the case with George Floyd. ”

LOL what planet do you live on? GF died of fentanyl overdose.

Reply to  icisil
November 4, 2020 11:21 am

icisil, fentanyl overdose kills people in their sleep, by impeding their autonomic breathing. Floyd was awake, not asleep, when he was arrested.

It is certainly possible that Fentanyl contributed to his death, by interfering with his breathing, when he was unconscious. But even if that was the case, the primary cause of death was Derek Chauvin’s knee, which rendered Floyd unconscious.

Covid-19 often has neurological effects, and might well cause someone to “act crazy.” It might also lead someone to self-medicate with pain killers, like fentanyl, especially if his judgement was impaired by the effects of the disease.

Floyd’s behavior was very out of character for him. He had a checkered past, but he’d had a clean record for the last decade. It is highly probable that his Covid-19 infection began the chain of events which lead to his “crazy behavior,” and death.

Reply to  Dave Burton
November 4, 2020 5:46 pm

GF swallowed the evidence when he was stopped. There’s a picture of him with a white pill on his tongue while he was in his car talking with the cops. The coroner said he had a lethal dose of fentanyl in his blood. He said he couldn’t breathe probably half a dozen times while he was sitting in the police car before they took him out and put him on the ground. ODing on that high of a dose of fentanyl can cause lung edema or the diaphragm muscles to seize up, so you can’t breathe. It had nothing to do with covid. Quit spreading your unsubstantiated nonsense, please.

Reply to  Dave Burton
November 5, 2020 6:16 am

icisil wrote, “The coroner said he had a lethal dose of fentanyl in his blood.”

Now you’re just making stuff up. The coroner’s autopsy report said that the fentanyl level in his blood was 11 ng/ml, and it also said that, “It is reported that patients lost consciousness at mean plasma levels of fentanyl of 34 ng/mL when infused with 75 mcg/Kg over a 15 min period; peak plasma levels averaged 50 ng/mL”

icisil wrote, “There’s a picture of him with a white pill on his tongue while he was in his car talking with the cops.”

What picture? Where’s the link? Did you just make that up, too?

November 3, 2020 1:14 pm

NC State officials (mostly Democrats, from Gov. Cooper on down) have done a catastrophically bad job of managing this epidemic. They make it hard to get tested, and even when someone does get tested — even a symptomatic patient! — in North Carolina, he’s likely to have wait about five days before he’ll be told whether his test result is positive. (Four-and-a-half of those five days are completely unnecessary.)

In that time he’ll doubtless infect many other people.

Plus, NC officials are not doing contact-tracing, and they are making no discernable effort to identify, notify & test the people that Covid patients come in contact with.

Of course, the Republican-run States have also done terrible jobs of managing this epidemic. But it is hard to imagine any of them doing worse than NC’s leaders.

Pat Haremet
November 3, 2020 1:41 pm

Consider that the CDC, like most government agencies is populated by unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats. They continue to get regular raise even if they are completely wrong and potentially harmful in their edicts.

Bureaucracies have a place in being standard holders (NHSTA, EPA) and unbiased sources of information (USDA, CDC). They are supposed to be relatively small agencies with limited powers with the decision makers being elected officials. Of course elected officials pass the responsibility to the unaccountable bureau to cover their rear end, so these agencies grow in size and, apparently, power.

I don’t think we should take orders, or even advice from unaccountable gov’t officials.

Curious George
November 3, 2020 5:58 pm

I am looking for a total mortality data and can’t find it on the CDC website. Simple data – this many people died in the USA of all causes in the first week of 2019, in the second week of 2019, …, in the first week of 2020, … up to now. Can’t find it. I may be thick, or it may be well hidden, or both.

Reply to  Curious George
November 4, 2020 12:43 am

See worldometers

Just Jenn
November 4, 2020 5:50 am

Does anyone remember when the CDC would recommend something and people would be like, “uh..yea, that’s nice in a perfect world that might work”? It really wasn’t that long ago. A decade maybe.

Then something happened with the FCC and they started allowing Big Pharma to advertise directly to customers.

And all of a sudden, the CDC went from “recommending” to “rule making” usually backed by whatever Big Pharma wanted at that particular time.

Politics aside from the CDC because this pandemic, plandemic, scamdemic or what ever you want to call it is not political, it’s profit driven. Find out who profits from it and you’ll find out why statistics have disappeared from the CDC, why policies have shifted 180 degrees from where they were before in some cases less than a month, and who are the true profiteers.

Never forget that fat cats use politicians like puppets. And good puppeteers stay hidden behind the screen, not in front of it.

This is the first freaking pandemic I’ve been able to witness in real time without an active antibody test, without accurate testing and with massive amounts of misleading information. Masks/no masks–just look at that one, just that 1 aspect and read about recommendations/non recommendations being spouted at the time. Look at the massive amount of conflicting articles, questioning if masks are effective, finding only N95 masks to be effective but of course in “short supply” and then mask mandates with supply shortage, driving demand and higher prices. Those of us that realized cloth masks were better than nothing and can sew hit the fabric stores before they too were shut down, leaving only the mega giants open with no competition and inferior cotton woven cloth for protection. Those that weren’t were forced to pay exorbitant prices on regular paper masks (stores had to eat the money to pay for complimentary ones to the public because they couldn’t buy a mask). And why all the pomp and circumstance for something as simple as a mask? Because pharma doesn’t control the textile market.

Regardless of where you sit on the political agenda fence–look behind the screen to find out who is really behind this and it has nothing to do with a New World Order, Socialism, Marxism, Left, Right, Red, or Blue–it all is colored GREEN.

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