A Message from Mother Earth to Nancy Pelosi

Reposted from American Thinker

By Clarice Feldman

Thunder shattered the evening quiet and lightning lit up the sky outside my office. I stayed at my computer feeling secure that the surge protector would manage the extra load. Suddenly my screen lit up with a strange message:

Speaker Pelosi:

This is Mother Earth and you’ve defamed me, something I will not tolerate. This week you said, 

“Mother earth is angry. She’s telling us with hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, fires in the West, whatever it is… the climate crisis is real and has an impact.”

How dare you speak in my name? How dare you defame me to deflect from the miscalculations and loony policies of your California Democrat colleagues

In ancient times I was known as the Goddess of Fresh Water and Fertility.

I gave California plenty of water to nourish the land and people, I gave you rain, but you threw it away, letting it drain into the sea instead of capturing it and treating it. Not only would you have lots of water if you did this, but you’d save money and electricity costs of pumping the water in from other states. What dams you do have, you let deteriorate so they pose an extreme hazard to those living near them, and you  have not built adequate water storage facilities.  Victor Davis Hanson, a true friend of mine, lays it out clearly

Just as California’s freeways were designed to grow to meet increased traffic, the state’s vast water projects were engineered to expand with the population. Many assumed that the state would finish planned additions to the California State Water Project and its ancillaries. But in the 1960s and early 1970s, no one anticipated that the then-nascent environmental movement would one day go to court to stop most new dam construction, including the 14,000-acre Sites Reservoir on the Sacramento River near Maxwell; the Los Banos Grandes facility, along a section of the California Aqueduct in Merced County; and the Temperance Flat Reservoir, above Millerton Lake north of Fresno. Had the gigantic Klamath River diversion project not likewise been canceled in the 1970s, the resulting Aw Paw reservoir would have been the state’s largest man-made reservoir. At two-thirds the size of Lake Mead, it might have stored 15 million acre-feet of water, enough to supply San Francisco for 30 years. California’s water-storage capacity would be nearly double what it is today had these plans come to fruition. It was just as difficult to imagine that environmentalists would try to divert contracted irrigation and municipal water from already-established reservoirs. Yet they did just that, and subsequently moved to freeze California’s water-storage resources at 1970s capacities.[snip] The Green dream was not simply river restoration and beautification, however. Bay Area environmentalists also believed that vastly increased freshwater inflows would help oxygenate the San Francisco Delta, thereby enabling the survival of the Delta smelt, a three-inch baitfish, while ensuring that salmon could be reintroduced into the San Joaquin River watershed.

Ah yes, the delta smelt must be saved, even if the earth dies and the people on it must starve or flee to better-managed places.

You let rich donors and green nitwits destroy what I gave you, picking a species here and there to “save” at the cost of human lives and welfare, and you are very selective about it.

While ignoring the high energy demands of aluminum and glass production, you covered the land in solar collectors, unconcerned about the amount of water needed to keep them functioning: 1200 million gallons of water a year for just two of California’s solar power generating facilities.  Nor have you considered the cost to bird life — 6,000 birds a year are fried in midair over just one of your plants in the Mojave Desert. And then there are the bird-pâté-creating wind farms. The Altamont wind farm in your state  alone has killed tens of thousands of birds since put into operation.

So save the Delta smelt, but ignore the kestrels and bald eagles? Like everything else I, Mother Nature, gave you, you have mismanaged it, responding instead to the rich but dumb donors who replenish the coffers of your “green” supporters and those who hope to profit from government-sponsored projects which promise far more than they deliver, while underplaying the costs to consumers and to the earth itself.

You let your forests get overgrown so they cannot help conserve water supply. The overgrown forests reduce forest supply, preventing water from seeping down into groundwater aquifers and reservoirs. In fact, it is  you and your Democrat colleagues — not climate change — that harm the forests I gave you.

I gave you lush forests to provide you and all animal life with shelter. What did you do? You managed it badly, refusing to clear the undergrowth. You blocked timber harvesting, underbrush removal, and controlled burns, leaving the forests with an excess of dried biomass so every lightning strike creates a danger of vast fires. You turned the hillsides and canyons of Southern California into tinderboxes and now from San Diego to Seattle the skies are dark with soot from forest fires that need not have been so disastrous. Doubt me? You shouldn’t. 

“The U.S. Forest Service used to be a profitable federal agency,” McClintock told Grimes.

Up until the mid-1970s, we managed our national forests according to well-established and time-tested forest management practices. But 40 years ago, we replaced these sound management practices with what can only be described as a doctrine of benign neglect. Ponderous, Byzantine laws and regulations administered by a growing cadre of ideological zealots in our land management agencies promised to save the environment. The advocates of this doctrine have dominated our law, our policies, our courts and our federal agencies ever since.

But these zealots have not protected the forests. They have destroyed them. The consequences are far-reaching.

Did you or Governor Newsom look at the North American fire map? James Woods did and asks why does “climate change” stop at the Canadian border? I gave you  ample supplies of oil and natural gas which you’ve done everything possible to refuse, instead stupidly buying electricity from elsewhere and pretending that solar energy and windmills will supply the difference though, of course, they cannot. (I must say with the electrical grid now holding on with a wing and a prayer and rolling blackouts  I’m laughing at folks who cannot fuel up their electric cars. Like Iowahawk, I suppose they can cut just cut holes in their floorboards and peddle along by foot like a Fred Flintstone car.  Oowners who doubtless fought to close the very clean San Onofre nuclear power generating station to save the planet while using electricity provided from outside the state produced by the very fossil fuels you abjure.)

Don’t  imagine  I’ll venture into a California courtroom to sue you for defamation. I have other plans.

Mother Earth

108 thoughts on “A Message from Mother Earth to Nancy Pelosi

    • Mother Nature reminds Pelosi that it is Her Choice, not her Choice. Progressives need to lose their relativistic religion (“ethics”).

    • Hhahahahaha,…. I have other plans. — Mother Earth.

      I told those idiots and I”m telling you: DON’T mess with Mother Nature. She’s cranky.

      That old aphorism: ]As the sowing, so is the reaping] fits in quite well here. Something about ‘Ye shall reap what you sow’ – something like that.

      I’m going to go clean up the kitchen now…. and giggle.

    • Mother Earth is angry at you, Nanci. You fly around in huge private jets that are not powered by green electricity….you use tons of hair dye per week that is not environmentally friendly, and you are worth over $100 million but refuse to help the poor homeless and illegal aliens whom you urge to vote for you. You are a bad person Nanci.

  1. I think Speaker Pelosi might be a witch, because she is from Kalifornia and that is where the fires are. In olden times, the way to tell was tie a millstone around her neck and throw the witch in the mill pond…if she floats she is a witch, and must then must be hung or be burnt at the stake. If she sinks, then I guess she wasn’t a witch. Or something like that. Extreme Sarc/Comedy

    From Monte Python…

    – Crowd: A witch! A witch! A witch! We found a witch! We’ve got a witch! A witch! A witch! We have found a witch. May we burn her?
    – How do you know she is a witch
    – She looks like one.
    – Bring her forward.
    – I’m not a witch! I’m not a witch !
    – But you are dressed as one.
    – They dressed me like this. – No, we didn’t.
    – And this isn’t my nose. It’s a false one.
    – Well? – We did do the nose.
    – The nose? – And the hat. But she is a witch !
    – Did you dress her up like this? – No, no!
    – Yes. A bit.
    – She has got a wart.
    – What makes you think she’s a witch?
    – She turned me into a newt!
    – A newt?
    – I got better.
    – Burn her anyway!
    – Quiet! Quiet!
    – There are ways of telling whether she is a witch.
    – Are there? What are they? Tell us. – Do they hurt?
    – Tell me, what do you do with witches?
    – Burn them!
    – And what do you burn, apart from witches?
    – More witches! – Wood!
    – So why do witches burn?
    – ‘Cause they’re made of wood? – Good!
    – How do we tell if she is made of wood? – Build a bridge out of her.
    – But can you not also make bridges out of stone?
    – Oh, yeah.
    – Does wood sink in water?
    – No, it floats. – Throw her into the pond!
    – What also floats in water?
    – Bread. – Apples.
    – Very small rocks. – Cider! Great gravy.
    – Cherries. Mud. – Churches.
    – Lead. – A duck!
    – Exactly.
    – So, logically–
    – If she weighs the same as a duck…
    – she’s made of wood.
    – And therefore?
    – A witch!
    – A duck! A duck! – Here’s a duck.
    – We shaIl use my largest scales.
    – Burn the witch !
    – Remove the supports!
    – A witch!
    – It’s a fair cop.
    – Who are you, who are so wise in the ways of science?
    – I am Arthur, King of the Britons.

    • It stops at the Canadian border because Canadians pay a carbon tax and the government has used the revenue to fix the weather already.

      Not only did Canadians vote in favor of the climate tax, they will soon vote for more.

      Canadians, they smart.

    • Because our politicians are somehow even more retarded than California Washington Oregon?

      Blind luck as weather favorable to us although two years ago was bad fire season which was clearly climate emergency yet two years since with no fires it’s just weather

      Hopefully that is all clear

    • Its a bogus twitter graphic. It is however true that BC’ fires under roughly the same weather conditions are far less than Washington and Oregons. Better forest management and no arsonists, 4 of whom have already been identified and arrested in US as ‘formerly peaceful’ protesters.

      • There are a few things in Canada that you don’t mess with. Health care is considered to be a sacred trust. Similarly, environmentalists would get smacked down smartly if they tried to impede the forest industry.

        Folks used to denigrate Canadians by calling them hewers of wood and drawers of water. Well, not only does that not bother most Canadians, it has become embedded in the national character.

        Most Canadians probably have never met a logger. On the other hand, I would say that most of them know someone who spent a summer or two planting trees.

      • Yes.

        Canada has Lumberjacks and they’re okay. They sleep all night and work all day.

        Apparently… 🙂

  2. Dear Mother Earth,
    Thank you for all the wondrous gifts you have bestowed on Humankind! I particularly enjoy orcas and eagles and hummingbirds; and a day spent exploring on horseback is near impossible to beat!
    I want to apologize for my shortcomings and failures; I tried warning friends and family in California for many years that the Green Movement was changing from pro-environment to anti-human! Few believed me then, although a decade or more later the reality is becoming obvious to most rational minds! I am especially sorry that I could not convince more that this anti-human sentiment is more a religion than a philosophy as it requires so much to be taken on faith!
    I promise to renew my efforts to help lead others to the Truth of a natural and scientific humanitarianism that weighs the pros and cons of decisions without resorting to invisible, magic gases! Please grant us four more years for our current president to battle the forces of chaos and evil that would enslave and impoverish Humanity with their dark religious cult!

    • AB
      For your shortcomings and failures your penance shall be to say three “Hail Gaia’s” and to wear a mask when you leave your house.
      Mother Earth

        • AM
          What with Halloween coming up, and costumes on sale, I’ve been thinking of looking for a Lone Ranger style mask to wear as a practical joke. “But, I am wearing a mask!”

          • Clyde,
            Since I now self identify as a Native American lesbian woman, I could go along as your politically correct Tonto! Or should that be Tonta?
            Of course I wouldn’t have to wear a mask due to my victimhood privilege!

    • “Please grant us four more years for our current president to battle the forces of chaos and evil that would enslave and impoverish Humanity with their dark religious cult!”

      Amen! 🙂

  3. Don’t imagine I’ll venture into a California courtroom to sue you for defamation. I have other plans.

    Mother Earth.

    And I (Mother Earth)
    AM A B!TCH !

    (See you in November )

        • If you think she’ pretty.. go for it…. . get that beer goggle script fixed first, though..

          …. but the outside is a crumbling facade on a deep, dark, ugly, rotten persona, right to the very depths where a person’s soul would normally be.

          Just your type.

          • Fraud
            Fair enough to judge what she says and does, but commenting on a womens looks as a form of criticism is for lowlifes. If you think that is acceptable you qualify with flying colors.

  4. Pelosi is a “burden” h/t Obama. Planned Politician (PP)? Selective-Congresswoman? Cosmic karma. Her Choice, not to be confused with her (i.e. anthropogenic) Choice.

    • Nancy Pelosi is holding the American people hostage, refusing to extend unemployment benefits and other funds to help people through the Wuhan virus pandemic, until the Republicans agree to her two TRILLION dollar bailout of Democrat states like New York and California, who have bankrupted themselves over the years with their insane economic policies. Now, Nancy Pelosi wants all American taxpayers to bail these Democrat states out or she is not going to make a deal.

      There is money in the Republican Senate bill for all these states, to fund essential services such as police and fire and hospitals. The Democrats pretend that if the Republicans don’t bail out the Democrat states to the tune of two TRILLION dollars, that this will cause essential services to be cut but that’s just a lie. Those costs are covered in the Republican bill.

      Nancy is holding up payments to people hoping that she can worsen the situation and blame it on Trump and make it harder for him to be elected. Apparently, it doesn’t matter to Nancy how many millions of people have to suffer as long as she can injure Trump.

      Other House Democrats are starting to feel the pressure from back home about the lack of help coming from Congress and are complaining to Pelosi, so there is a possibility that she will make some kind of deal in the near future. The longer she holds out, the worse it will be for the Democrats. It is obvious who is holding up the show.

      Oklahoma’s lone Democrat member of the House of Representatives is currently trailing her Republican opponent in the polls. A Republican win here, which looks likely, along with 16 more Republican wins will put the Republicans in charge of the House and Nancy Pelosi can go fish.

      We need to focus a lot of attention on getting the House back in Republican control. Just in case the Democrats manage to undermine the November election and tie it up in the courts for months. If the issue isn’t settled by Jan. 20, 2021, then the House Majority leader becomes the president, and we damn sure don’t want that to be Nancy Pelosi.

  5. California needs to move right! It does not mean the right has all the answers, it just means you have gone too far left and are starting to turn in circles….move right!

    • California politics is controlled by the unions and they are all democrat biased. I don’t believe there will be a right turn so to speak. I arrived in California in 1973 to teach at UCLA; back then it was pretty clean, not much in the way of homelessness, not many illegals,many republicans in office. We lived in west LA; very nice. Now as you can see in the news every day huge problems.

      • “Now as you can see in the news every day huge problems.”

        Yes, the Left ruins everything it touches. It’s demonstrable.

  6. Mother Earth composes in English nicely. Amazing!

    Mother’s plans for California include more fires and following mud slides.

    Nancy Pelosi, bless her little heart, is 80 1/2 years old. May she live to be 100 so she can witness the mess she is helping create.

  7. Saw it there before here. Some context. Clarice is a now retired lawyer in the DC region. She has a sharp mind and sharper tongue. As exhibited here. She mostly posts on AT, as I now mostly post here.

  8. A magnitude 9+ earthquake somewhere along the San Andreas fault sometime in the next 5 years will confirm that Mother Nature takes precedence over Nancy Pelosi, the “mother”.

    • There is a concocted story line out there about how climate change causes earthquake. Completely ignoring the fact that earthquakes are predictable (with probability). The prediction is based off past history and climate change doesn’t enter into it. The story says that warmer temperatures trigger earthquakes forgetting the fact that earthquakes originate miles under the earth and it would take eons for the surface heat to penetrate that far.

      I do agree that a 9+ earthquake might take their mind off climate change for a while as even a 7 is pretty destructive. I have seen a couple of them and it’s amazing just how much energy can be stored in rocks and how it continues to be released weeks after the main event.

    • A magnitude 9+ in the San Andreas fault could see much of western Cal slide into the sea. The tsunami would be big enough to go almost around the world. Not a lot of fun for many people.

      • The San Andreas is mainly a sliding fault, so very little vertical displacement. Therefore small, if any, tsunami. Worse luck.

        • Anywho, San Fran is east of the San Andreas, so even if the San Andreas did cause part of CA to fall into the sea, we’d still be stuck with the city and San Fran Nan.

  9. Hm – she is starting to sound like Dr Bob Brown, a previous Greens party leader here in Australia, who made this amazingly strange speech to his faithful just before he retired: https://greensmps.org.au/articles/bob-brown-delivers-3rd-annual-green-oration.
    It starts:
    ‘Fellow Earthians,
    Never before has the Universe unfolded such a flower as our collective human intelligence, so far as we know.
    Nor has such a one-and-only brilliance in the Universe stood at the brink of extinction, so far as we know.’ ,
    and goes downhill from there. Worth a read to understand how seriously loopy these folk are.
    And the acolytes all sat and listened to this pile of codswallop!

    • By no means am I going to read/listen to Brown’s speech, based on what you said, but I am curious: did he happen to mention the Vogon Constructor Fleet and their likely future impact on Earth’s climate?

      • Gordon D – Sorry – no Vogon references that I noticed!
        I was curious to read it after I saw the ‘Fellow Earthians’ salution, because I couldn’t believe that any politician could spout such lunacy. (BTW It was not made in a public forum – he was preaching to the converted.) If I want to see a Greens supporter squirm, I ask them if they have read it, and what do they think of it. But IMO it pays to know your enemy…

    • Yes. Bob was one of a kind, fortunately. But did you see The Rest?
      For ten years after the election of the Howard government in 1996 Bob Brown was the de facto leader of the opposition in the Australian parliament, without even being in the House of Reps. The nominal opposition just left it to The Greens.
      I never saw the like of it, before or since.

  10. A couple of weeks away from a presidential debate, I’m wondering will the debate even happen?

    I won’t call it a prediction, but here’s the scenario that I think would be the most likely way Biden backs out.

    Trump will make a comment or a tweet that will be nothing much different from anything he has already said many times in the past. The media will pump up the volume to 11 over the outrage. BLM spokespersons will demand that Biden not dignify Trump by debating. Maybe Twitter suspends Trump’s account as part of the drama. Then Biden will “honor his commitment to BLM” and will “reluctantly” drop out of the debates, even though he was “so looking forward to kicking the crap out of Trump”.

    If something like that is in the cards, it will probably be executed this coming week.

    • What I think Trump will do as the election draws near is he will follow Biden and challenge him to a debate in front of Air Force One


      at Press briefings he will offer Joe the stage with him.

      There will not be a debate though. Joe is incapable of speaking for more than 2 minutes without dementia creeping in. It’s very sad.

      • Derg,
        I think it depends on how recently he received his injection and what strength it was! They have to be very careful as the election nears not to overdo his medications and send him off into a state of dementia with no return possible.
        Unfortunately, the more they pump him up, the greater the chances become for just such an outcome or worse! This is elder abuse, plain and simple, but his family is too mercenary from their decades long siphoning of money from the public trough! They’ve probably been promised a few boatloads of cash if they can prop him up into the White House where Kamala and the squad can take over! Ugh,I shudder whenever I consider that possibility!

      • Sometimes I feel sorry for Biden and his dementia. Then I remember that he has been in politics for nearly 50 years, and has used his position to greatly enrich himself and his family.

        I don’t feel so sorry after that.

        • Biden was also involved in trying to steal the 2016 presidential election for the Democrats, undermining the election process and the U.S. Constitution in the process.

          The techinical term for Joe Biden is: Traitor to his country.

          That’s another reason not to vote for the guy. Probably the best reason not to vote for the guy. We don’t want to put a courrpt, criminal in the highest office in the Land. That would be a disaster.

        • MarkW: Yes, and they have Joe trained to open every answer with a stall while the answer is fed to the teleprompter. What could go wrong? JOe- “Well, Anderson, that’s a real interesting question…… I’ve given it alot of thought…… and here’s the answer…….. “Do Not Remove under penalty of federal law” oh, wait, that was stuck to my shoe, Jill always tears those off, hey, is that a problem? For her I mean? I don’t want her in any trouble, she makes the best creamed corn…….. I’m sorry, where were we, Wolf?

    • I think he’ll get out of the debates by testing positive for cvd-19, and of course he and the MSM will blame Trump. Should be good for a laugh.

  11. Mother Nature has but one Commandment: “My Way!”
    “I am merely the Oracle of Truth. I listen to no prayer, I neither damn nor bless. I am the model Oracle: Although always true my answers may be misleading. My priests and priestesses use a ritual to dispel misleading answers. They call it the Scientific Method.”
    “I am the nurturer of all life and kill you each and every one. It is my way.”

  12. This is reminiscent of my favourite Guardian article on 19 August 2011-
    “Aliens may destroy humanity to protect other civilisations, say scientists.”
    “Rising Greenhouse emissions could tip off aliens that we are a rapidly expanding threat, warns a report.”
    “ ……when they see what a mess we’ve made of our planet, extraterrestrials may be forced to take drastic action.”
    Even tops “Mother Earth angry.”

  13. Like most in the lefty elite ivory towers Pelosi only voices concern for others when politically expedient to do so. To most of the godless socialist/communist left ordinary people are just more animals and not human beings in God’s image. Animals to be used and abused.

    • Oh my, how offensive! I’m sure that if St Nancy sees this, she will fit you into her prayer intentions right after she finishes praying a few decades of the rosary for Trump as she does every morning right after she attends daily mass.

  14. She really is the epitome of an atrocious politician, and human being.

    “I believe in natural gas as a clean, cheap alternative to fossil fuels.” – Nancy Pelosi.

  15. As Pelosi was actually quoting the Pope’s Encyclical, Laudato Si’, also quoted by Biden, which was written by Sir John Schellnhuber, CBE, its far more than mere defamation.

    I wonder what other plans?

  16. How DARE you speak in Earth’s name? We used to have Elvis impersonators, now we have a bad Earth impersonator… FYI you can calm down, Pelosi is with you, she is only paying lip service to the Green stuff ‘cos people are increasingly realizing we’ve a problem.

    To the rest of you: I understand that you’re mostly ignorant in scientific matters, no problem with that. Most people are like that, most science doesn’t affect you anyway. But it amounts to stupidity and the denial of reality if you deny SOME science, AGW included. Please listen to actual scientists (not hacks from Heartland Institute and the like).

    • Poor nyolist, you have zero credibility to talk about science.

      Brain-washed gullibility doesn’t count.

      Come on petal.. what do we “deny” that you can provide solid scientific evidence for.

      And why are you impersonating a gnat’s fart ?

    • “realizing we’ve a problem”

      Apart from very lax forest management, and some really dopey far-left agitators, hooligans and firebugs…

      ….. what “problem” do you “imagine” we have.

      Certainly there is nothing untoward in the global climate.

      And certainly there is no evidence humans have caused any of that climate normality.

    • The Heartland Institute has antibodies for the CAGW VIRUS. Worth looking at it could help with mental problems .

      • “The Heartland Institute […] could help with mental problems”
        Oh, that was the reason you went there! Now it’s clear. Wish you a quick recovery, perhaps one day you become a productive member of society.

        • Poor nyolist… You on the other hand, will NEVER be anything but a complete wastrel..

          …. so brain-hosed that what might have once existed has turned to a fetid stinking green ooze, incapable of rational thought.

          Come on, sludge-for-brains… what do we “deny” that you can provide solid scientific evidence for.

        • Fascinating, according to the progressive, the only way to be productive is to worship government and spend all your time demanding more free stuff.

          • “Fascinating, according to the progressive, the only way to be productive is to worship government and spend all your time demanding more free stuff.”
            Interesting train of thought. I only advised accepting science. Apparently that makes me a progressive and productive. I accept this, thank you. The rest has the usual flimsy connection to the former that only exists in the conspiracy theory stricken brain of rigth wingers.

          • “I only advised accepting science.”

            Well how about presenting some actual science

            Start with some actual empirical evidence of warming by atmospheric CO@

            You DON’T HAVE ANY SCIENCE

            You don’t have a clue what science is.

            It is noted, yet again, that you take the headless-chook evasion routine on this question….

            What do we “deny” that you can provide solid scientific evidence for?

            As always the far-left nutters are UTTER FAILURES at any sort of science.

    • Nyolci, the wind may not blow your way of ignorance forever:

      The question that The Heartland Institute raises — via the hundreds of scientists we worth with across the globe — is that human activity is not the main driver of climate change. That is what the data shows, including NOAA’s. They just don’t like to admit it. Legates, hopefully, will not let them get away with more alarmism via hiding the pea.

      In the future you may even read some real science NOAA.

      See more in later article here on WUWT.

      • “That is what the data shows, including NOAA’s”
        Bullshit. The basic mechanism, the Greenhouse effect is not even Climate Science, that’s quite basic Physics, settled matter, belongs to the part of Physics you’d better avoid disputing, whether you like it or not. For the rest, perhaps fifteen years ago there was some minuscule room for dispute ‘cos the trends were/are quite slow and the error bars were/are big but nowadays the effects are obvious and in line with predictions.

        • but nowadays the effects are obvious and in line with predictions.


          Oh, wait, you were serious?


          So what predictions would those be?

          Ice free Arctic? Hasn’t happened.

          Snow being a thing of the past? Uh-uh.

          More Hurricanes/More intense Hurricanes? Nope, that hasn’t happened either.

          Wide-spread Famine? Again Nope.

          Every “prediction” the CAGW cult has made than can be checked, has failed to come to fruition. Every Single one. And yet, with that record of failure, useful idiots like you keep parroting the propaganda talking points and have the nerve to accuse others of ” stupidity and the denial of reality”. You are pathetic.

          • Bwahahahahahahahahaha.

            Since you didn’t managed to read/inderstand it the first time:

            So what predictions would those be?

            Ice free Arctic? Hasn’t happened.

            Snow being a thing of the past? Uh-uh.

            More Hurricanes/More intense Hurricanes? Nope, that hasn’t happened either.

            Wide-spread Famine? Again Nope.

            Every “prediction” the CAGW cult has made than can be checked, has failed to come to fruition. Every Single one. And yet, with that record of failure, useful idiots like you keep parroting the propaganda talking points and have the nerve to accuse others of ” stupidity and the denial of reality”. You are pathetic.

        • Basic physics predicts less than 0.7C warming for a doubling of CO2.

          As to the predictions, according to what we’ve been told over the last 50 year, is that we all should have been dead by now, many times over.

          All of the models run hot, most by 3 to 5C.

          • “Basic physics predicts less than 0.7C warming for a doubling of CO2.”
            First, I would like to thank you for the non-ceremonial acknowledging of the fact that CO2 increase can be a cause of warming. Most deniers are only able to parrot the reverse which they seem to incorrectly base on a partially incorrect reading of past warming periods.

            As for the warming, perhaps this number is correct, I haven’t checked the details. Anyway, this gives the single most important forcing that gets amplified by numberless feedback paths. Please keep in mind that 0.7C is in the range we have already experienced if we take the 190s as a base line.

            “As to the predictions, according to what we’ve been told over the last 50 year, is that we all should have been dead by now, many times over.”
            Hm, even a cursory look to the relevant scientific literature tells you your claim is false. Please check it.

            “All of the models run hot, most by 3 to 5C.”
            Well, no. The latest and best models give you a 90% (or 95? can’t remember) confidence interval of 1.2 – 5.x.

          • Again.. your TOTAL INABILITY to present any actual empirical evidence for warming by atmospheric CO2 is quite hilarious.

            You do know that it has NEVER been observed or measured anywhere on the planet, don’t you nyolist !

            It exists ONLY in models.

          • “Again.. your TOTAL INABILITY to present any actual empirical evidence”
            Apart from the vast bulk of observational evidence, @MarkW has just acknowledged that warming is inevitable due to even simple basic Physical considerations. Please respect him.

            “It exists ONLY in models.”
            How about the so called “instrumental record”? Unfortunately, your denial of reality is not your business, it will bite US too. Good god, why do we have to fight with idi0ts?

          • Poor nyholic,, your manic EVASION is quite hilarious

            Produce the evidence .. OR DON’T

            stop wasting bandwidth and making a FOOL of yourself.

            All your silly evasion tactics are doing is reinforcing the FACT that there is no evidence of warming by atmospheric CO2.. Thanks. 🙂

            There is no evidence of CO2 warming in the most accurate, least tampered temperature record.

            The highly beneficial warming has come ONLY at El ninos.

            No warming from 1980-1997,

            No warming from 2001-2015

            Since El Ninos are NOT caused by any human effect whatsoever, that PROVES that atmospheric CO2 is NOT the cause.

            Again, thanks for pointing to the real science that shows human CO2 has no effect.. 🙂

            STILL waiting for that empirical science showing warming from atmospheric CO2

            Don’t be EMPTY all you pathetic life. !

          • “why do we have to fight with idi0ts?”

            In your case its shadow boxing

            and you are LOSING badly !!

            Stop hitting that mirror so hard , you will hurt your forehead.

    • I’m still waiting for you to demonstrate this alleged problem that has your panties in such a knot.

      Everything that has happened weather wise in the last 50 years is well within the range of normal.

      PS: Why do progressives have to work so hard to convince themselves of their moral and intellectual superiority?

      • Because they forever keep getting one thing wrong. If I could put my finger on just that one thing ….. it would be everything. They can’t even get what they call themselves right:

        progressives = medieval nitwit Luddites

        liberal = totalitarian wannabe

  17. This is a brilliant piece of writing and more effective as a rebuttal to the alarmists than trying to argue with them on science (they’re impervious to reason) – I hope you won’t mind me slightly re-writing bits of it to suit U.K. residents and sending it to some friends who are trying to kick back against the hysteria.

    The line about the amazing ability of climate change to stop exactly along the line of theCanadian border is really telling. What you need is a friendly millionaire to pay for this to be published as a page advertisement in a couple of national newspapers so it gets more circulation.

  18. This response to Pelosi is a really good idea that deserves fuller treatment. I liked what Ms. Feldman says about Greens’ water management failures. But the full indictment of Dems is much longer and even more damning. Taxing people’s labor is “unnatural” beyond a certain point; and surely Mother Nature weeps at the inhumanity of homelessness on display across the city streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles…

    • The immorality of liberals is on trial over the next few months. Let the Great Litigator (whoever she is) hear all the charges:

      It’s an affront to Ma Nature for her children to forever carry a cross of “victimhood”; she didn’t foster our families for millennia just to have us turn our backs on them; governments are not surrogates to provide the ethical codes of behavior which should be learned in families – they cannot teach and raise our children to be good…

  19. Cascadian Megathrust triggers San Andreas Big One. 600 to 700 mile long Full Margin Cascadian Megathrust Tsunami destroys everything west of I-5. Entire west coast in shambles.

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