Liz Warren Explains Why She Believes Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal Doesn’t Go Far Enough

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Chris White Tech Reporter

February 21, 2020 10:32 AM ET

Democratic 2020 candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren said at a CNN town hall Thursday that the so-called Green New Deal is not a sufficient policy to tackle what she believes is the biggest problem facing the world.

Americans need to focus on pushing the envelope further than what Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was willing to do when she proposed the GND, according to Warren. The Massachusetts Democrat has expressed support for the legislation in the past.

“What I want to see us do is get off an oil economy and not only for ourselves, but for the rest of the world,” Warren, a Democrat, said as she explained why the GND does not go far enough to prevent climate change.

She added: “I want to see us move entirely to green. And let me say on this, I not only support a Green New Deal, I don’t think it goes far enough. I also have a Blue New Deal, because we’ve got to be thinking about our oceans as well that we need to protect.”


The resolution, among other things, calls for “10-year national mobilizations” toward a series of goals aimed at fighting global warming. A separate fact sheet claims the plan would “mobilize every aspect of American society on a scale not seen since World War 2.””It seeks to nix oil production outright.

Recent reports suggest the GND could cost tens of trillions of dollars. Americans could be forced to pay up to $93 trillion to implement the proposal over a decade, the conservative-leaning American Action Forum (AAF) noted in a study in February.

Still, Warren is moving forward on lofty plans to wallop the industry. (RELATED: Liz Warren Pushes Bill Imposing Green New Deal Climate Goals On The US Military)

She is also supporting a ban on hydraulic fracturing, a method of drilling that involves spraying high pressure water and sand underground to make tiny fractures in rock to release gas, which can then be liquified. She proposed a plan in June 2019 to spend $2 trillion over a decade to create one million green jobs.

105 thoughts on “Liz Warren Explains Why She Believes Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal Doesn’t Go Far Enough

      • Doesn’t sound like she even went to college.

        ” to spend $2 trillion over a decade to create one million green jobs.”

        That’s 2 million dollars per job created.

        If it costs that much to create just ONE job, there has to be some badly wrong with the way you are trying to do it. Without asking embarrassing questions about who is going to create that money in the first place.

        • Doesn’t sound like she (or her publicists/followers) even went to high school.

          To wit: “She is also supporting a ban on hydraulic fracturing, a method of drilling that involves spraying high pressure water and sand underground to make tiny fractures in rock to release gas.”

          “Spraying”? You say “spraying”? You think “spraying” fluids creates hydraulic pressures that fracture large volumes of semi-porous ROCK located several thousand to maybe several tens of thousands of feet below the surface?

        • A trillion here, a trillion there, …

          How many beans must each unicorn eat to produce the amount of green energy needed to support the GND Plan?

          • She added: “I want to see us move entirely to Unicorn farts. And let me say on this, I not only support a UNICORN FART NEW DEAL, I don’t think it goes far enough. I also have a RAINBOW NEW DEAL, because we’ve got to be thinking about our oceans as well that we need to protect.”

            There, fixed it!

            I translated part of here socialist ramblings aka Liberalese, for you Ken. They are going to fix the world with Rainbows and Unicorn Farts even if it takes all or your money and my money to try.

        • There is a not-yet-built UK green energy scheme which, according to the developers own figures and mentioned in my local papers, is approx £50 million per permanent job, so $2 million is actually good.

    • And, at 2 trillion dollars for a million jobs, that is 2 million dollars per job – probably more than any of those jobs will produce in lifetime salary, let alone tax!

    • That name that tribe comes from doesn’t accept her. I believe she’s from the Imaho tribe. They spawned many politicians.

      • I have to go back to school for remedial English. Let me try that sentence again: “The tribe that name comes from…”

  1. No planes, no cars, no ships, the only trade is what you can carry on your back to market because livestock fart methane. Of course, there will be exceptions for the leaders because they have to lead, don’t you know.

    • They have to lead. Plus every now and then she likes a great big thick juicy delmonico, just dripping with blood!

    • When I started writing my current series of papers in 2019, almost nobody believed that the political situation could be as extreme as I then stated. Our core debate was still a scientific argument about the magnitude of climate sensitivity, and the skeptics kept repeating – correctly – that the alarmists’ estimates of climate sensitivity were far too high, and there was no real global warming crisis.

      The reality is that the extremists’ argument was never really about the climate – their climate argument was always a false narrative, a smokescreen for their true objective – their use of the false climate scare was always political, not scientific, and was intended to achieve totalitarian control.

      When I stated as early as 2012 – correctly – that the alarmists had a covert agenda and that nobody, not even the alarmists, could be this stupid for this long, my statement was initially rejected as extreme, even by many climate skeptics. However, the alarmists have recently proved me correct.

      Since ~late-2019, the climate extremists have engaged in a bidding war to see who could propose the most costly and ineffective “energy” programs to destroy the economies of the Western democracies. For a while, the winner was “carbon-free by 2050”, as adopted by the leftists in the USA, Canada, Britain and elsewhere.

      Recently, the Democrats in the USA have doubled-down, advocating even more extreme measures, to destroy their energy systems even sooner.

      When I first started studying this subject in ~1985, I knew the alarmists’ argument was false. Like many scientists, I assumed the alarmists were simply technically wrong. It is now obvious that they knew from the beginning that their entire narrative was technically false. Still, with huge financing from largely unknown sources they have managed to deceive the public – wolves stampeding the sheep on the way to slaughter.

      By now, even the most stupid of the global warming/climate change acolytes should realize something is amiss. Maybe, maybe not.

      As Einstein said, “Nothing is infinite except the universe and humans stupidity, and I‘m not sure about the universe.”


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      • I’d paraphrase it: “Nothing is infinite except the Universe, and human’s capacity for self delusion. I’m not sure about the Universe.”

        The army of useful idiots could be considered stupid. But the hordes of technically and scientifically trained who “believe” are more likely delusional.

        Not only delusional, but also another impediment to accepting that the Climate Conjecture is false: If you have spent a lot of time and other people’s money promoting something which turns out to be false – what happens to your job, your ego, your reputation and everything you base your self worth upon?

        That is often the hardest hurdle to overcome for someone doing part or all of a lifetime going down the wrong path.

        So one maintains one’s self delusion as to admit some doubt would appear to be akin to suicide, mentally and emotionally at least.

        To be sure the root of this Climate Cult is pure evil as Mr MacRae has detailed, but the soldiers and the lieutenants and captains and even colonels may not realize they are serving that evil purpose.

        With apologies to Elvis (in the subconscious of the Climate Cult officers):

        I’m caught in a trap…
        I can’t walk out….
        Because I’ve fudged the data, baby…

        Why can’t they see…
        What it’s doing to me…
        When they don’t believe a word I say…

        We can’t go on like this…

        • Boss:

          Two points:

          1. The leaders of this scam are not delusional – they have known from the beginning that they were lying; that they were the wolves stampeding the sheep. For proof, see

          2. Never correct Albert Einstein. That is a bad idea. Some of my older friends knew him at Princeton. Rumor has it that he was smart. Really smart!

          Regards, Allan

          • The delusion is a willful one; to claim membership in the upper middle, college-educated class, you must espouse belief in CAGW. Even if you don’t believe it. I’d hazard a guess that 99.97% of the public has never been interested enough to read the science. But social climbers have to check the proper boxes . . .

            I have taken to shocking (SHOCKING!!) acquaintences by saying, “Oh STOP repeating that happy horsesh*t, it makes you look STUPID!”

          • ” Never correct Albert Einstein. That is a bad idea. Some of my older friends knew him at Princeton. Rumor has it that he was smart. Really smart!”

            Holding him up as some sort of icon is a bad idea as well.

            I disagree with his quote on insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity”

            I think it’s the definition of stupidity, not insanity.

          • Generally, people are *very* sheeplike, and engage in wishful thinking too, even ones who are ostensibly quite smart and knowledgeable, experts even. I recently had a face to face discussion/argument with a fellow near my own age, someone who has been directly involved in certain kinds of resource developments, coal mining, etc. I made the point to him, innocently thinking that he would agree with me, that it’s a shame that Boris Johnson’s government over in Britain is scheduling the banning of regular fuel burning vehicles (including the hybrids that were supposed to be eco-friendly) in favour of having to run everything off of batteries.

            As it turns out, my interlocutor is what I might call a kind of “worshipper” of Elon Musk, and thinks it is some kind of benefit overall, if everyone could be persuaded ‘voluntarily’, to run vehicles off of obviously cheaper electric power. Futurologically speaking, for instance, he expects that eventually truckers will willingly pick Musk’s “battery pack” trucks over diesel ones, since Musk says it will be much cheaper to plug in.

            On a slightly different topic, many years ago when I was a much younger man, I was a big fan of Solar Power Satellites for supplying the world’s electricity. I trusted advocates like Gerard K. O’Neill, say, to tell me that outer space operating costs could soon go so low that those things could ever compete with what we can do on the ground? Faith in lots of batteries doesn’t seem to me much better than that, but then, hey what do I know, maybe I’m just not starry-eyed enough these days.

          • Jeff Alberts:
            Einstein actually said something different – not quite the same as you quoted:

            “The true definition of madness is repeating the same action, over and over, hoping for a different result.”

            Works for me.


            “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.”

            “I think 99 times and find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in the silence, and the truth comes to me.”

            “Everyone has two choices. We’re either full of love… or full of fear.”

            “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

          • “The true definition of madness is repeating the same action, over and over, hoping for a different result.”

            Allan, I don’t see a real difference. I still see it as stupidity, not insanity, or, if you prefer, madness, same thing.

        • Thank you Nicholas,

          I started studying this subject in ~1985 and co-authored my first paper in 2002. I wrote my concerns about the warmists’ covert agenda circa 2012, possibly earlier. It should have been earlier, but I was one of those naive scientific professionals who actually believed that most global warming alarmist scientists were honest, albeit mistaken.

          The evidence suggests that this cannot be true – the conduct of the warmists has been reprehensible from the beginning – their vilification of climate skeptics and the Climategate emails proved their deceit, and it keeps getting worse and worse. They are responsible for the squandering of trillions of dollars and the destruction of millions of lives. They belong in jail for fraud, murder and treason.

      • Climate realists know as we are putting more carbon and methane in the air and oceans year after year, the world temperature goes up and the oceans acidify, like they are presently doing. No need to look down the road on this. And at a rate of increase unprecedented in thousands of years. If a persons reads the facts/scientific measures in our present world and past tree rings and ice cores. But fossil fuel and corporate interests don’t want us to face this reality of 2020 as it is not in their financial interests. If we keep adding and adding carbon in only makes logical sense that our global temperatures will not stay the same but increase as it has since the 1950s. This is not technically wrong, it’s factually right. Sad that this “most watched climate change website” is so one sided and skewed, which explains how the fossil fuel industry keeps putting our “fake” news/facts and so many believe them.

    • But never by example.

      We should insist that any of these politicians and their camp followers act as a trial group to show that their ideas do work. The trials would never occur.

  2. Senator Pocahontas isn’t going to win the nomination. She’ll go back to Massachusetts soon and continue to serve the Massachusetts Communist Party (MCP).

    • I wouldn’t say she has zero chance but she’s way behind in the polls. link Does she think, if she does something crazy and desperate, she can catch up? Maybe. Candidates get trapped in their own silos and are thereby misled.

      My guess is that she’s pushing an agenda or jockeying for position after Bernie eventually wins. And, no, I’m not willing to bet money on that.

      • I’m pretty certain the Democrats will give an obscure cabinet post just to keep her out of the public eye. Maybe ambassador to Iceland, or better yet, Greenland ;*)

  3. And with absolutely no mention of nuclear power generation, so I cannot in good conscience take her seriously.

    • Everything you can do I can do greener!
      I can do everything greener than you!

      Politicians competing.

  4. I have seen recent comment about a social phenomena called a ‘Purity Spiral’.

    Apparently, in any group of activists, the one who becomes ‘top dog’ is the one who promises to go furthest in pursuit of their activist goals. Consequently, a bidding war starts as candidates for the top position vie for position. Much like a poker game, each candidate raises the stakes, until they become absurd.

    We are now past absurd, and into truly dangerous. And still the bidding war continues…

    • talk about digging a deeper hole;-)
      be nice if the power co etc cut all her services immediately so she can experience the reality of what she’d impose on others

  5. I propose the Red New Deal whereby we slaughter all these maniacs in the streets ala Mussolini before they destroy everything.
    Fortunately I doubt it will come to that as several elections have been won against these totalitarian scum and I cant see them beating the Donald….I can see them cheating an election win though…

      • Joel O’Bryan
        February 22, 2020 at 5:16 pm
        A snip and a ban???”

        You really don’t understand freedom of speech, do you? You also have problems with sarcasm. Please practice your “Control” issues in the privacy of your home, on your own family.

  6. And with the previous thread about the UK banning household coal and some wood, media obsession, and educational indoctrination, how can it not be abundantly clear that this Climate Emergency (TM) “movement” is gathering significant momentum? If we as a society do not want to be paying double, triple, or more for energy, food, and especially all things fossil fuel-related, we had better start coming together to combat this “movement.” Otherwise, I foresee this taxing/wasted spending/ banning “movement” steamrolling Western society and playing out over many, many decades. And, once taxes are levied, they are rarely rescinded. And, once quality of life regresses and our freedoms and liberties are reduced or even taken away, it’ll be very hard to restore the way of life we have known in Western society for a few hundred years. How can we combat this movement? Start protesting at the U.N.? Writing/contacting legislators has not worked. After Donald Trump is no longer President in 1 or 5 years, I shudder to think how quickly this “movement” will negatively change our lives and reduce our already-shrinking liberties, even if he does manage to replace a Supreme Court pick or even two.

  7. “What I want to see us do is get off an oil economy and not only for ourselves, but for the rest of the world,”

    China’s reply: pound sand

    • China’s reply – “go for it”. While Trump has been criticized for calling AGW a Russian/Chinese hoax, it is actually irrelevant if either started the hoax or not. If the dems get control and actually execute even a small part of any version of the GND, they are playing directly into the hands of Russia and China – both would love to see us cripple our economy via these idiotic policies.

  8. “She is also supporting a ban on hydraulic fracturing, a method of drilling that involves spraying high pressure water and sand underground to make tiny fractures in rock to release gas, which can then be liquified. She proposed a plan in June 2019 to spend $2 trillion over a decade to create one million green jobs.”

    Wow, that tech writer is really smart. /s

  9. “….but also for the rest of the world”.
    The largest portion of the “rest of the world” with respect to emissions are India and China.

    Before anyone agrees to destroy our economy to benefit the “rest of the world” I’d expect them to participate in CO2 reductions.

    As it stands we could go immediately to zero emissions, wreck our country, and it would not have a significant impact on the catastrophes the IPCC claims, using their own math.

    • That part is easy.
      Bomb the harbours along the Persian Gulf, in Australia and Nigeria. It will be instantly economical to use ‘unreliables’ to alleviate shortages.

      China will of course react the same as Japan, 80 years ago. They will solve the homeless problem in Seattle, SF and LA with nukes. And the world will be back in an agrarian society, just like the commies /said/ they want.

  10. Another OT here:

    At ~12:25 PM today (PST), there was a report that the 710 Freeway was blocked by an overturned coal truck!! Coal in SoCal!! I guess they didn’t get the memo from either Jerry or Gavin – how can we save the world?

    However, I expect that the copy-writer got it wrong, and the newsreader read it as written. Why would there be a truck full of coal in Southern California?

  11. “10-year national mobilizations”

    Forward Soviet!
    Bernie will be so PO’d.

    Meanwhile, Mini-Mike is courting the Hildabeast and then will hand over the nomination to her after he buys the convention.

  12. Like John F. Kennedy, Senator Warren dreams of things that never were and asks, why not? Unfortunately there are reasons why not, and good intentions do not make banish the reasons.

  13. If Elizabeth Warren truly believes what she is spouting about the EXISTENTIAL threat that AGW poses for the entire planet, she should logically and immediately make that the one and only subject of her Presidential bid. She has no reason to be taking about things like “free medical care for all”, “abolishing all student load debt”, “making income equal for all workers”, etc., etc., if the world is going to end—or at least become “unfixable” within the next 12—ooops, scratch that, now 11—years.

    And why would we ever consider allocating, say, $30 TRILLION for free medical care in the US when we know that we’ll have to spend more than $4,000 TRILLION over the next 10-20 years to “save the planet” (adding in, of course, the cost-overrun margin required for government-managed programs).

    I am willing to bet that at the next Democratic Party debate in which she participates, fighting “climate change” will NOT be the first, or even the second, issue that she focuses on.

  14. She said at the debate in Las Vegas that she believes in Science.
    “She added: “I want to see us move entirely to green. And let me say on this, I not only support a Green New Deal, I don’t think it goes far enough.”
    Maybe she should debate Dr Patrick Moore about Photosynthesis and how it creates a greener earth….
    Just Sayin. . .


  15. Ah, yes. Fauxcahontas from Taxachusetts. ‘Distinguished HLS professor’ who (trust me, I graduated from HLS many moons ago a year after Mittens—we were both actually joint programs HLS/HBS) demonstrably knows nothing about anything real. She learned more and more about less and less until finally she (as proven here) knew everything about nothing and decided that would make her a good President.

    Mittens, on the other hand, went the other way. After graduation, he learned less and less about more and more until (as proven by his taxachusetts governorship and Romneycare plus 2012 presidential campaign) he knew nothing about everything. Which, in his mind, makes him a good Utah junior Senator today.

  16. Perhaps this statement will gain the same popularity as “I have no recollection of that” and “I was taken out of context”

    I hadn’t thought about it in terms of that specific part

    If they are proposing the banning of oil production, a consequence would be that there would be no oil exports and yet she has not thought through the ramifications of this.

    It seems that they spout a word salad that will please their current audience with no thought for the consequences of those words, then it is others who cannot fulfil the promises.

  17. So she wants to appeal to AOC fans to get votes, make herself sound “better” by taking it even farther, and sticking with AOC’s “Green New Deal” tagline but changing it to “Blue” to make it seem different.

    Good gawd she’s pathetic.

    What’s next…a Blue-Green New Deal from Bernie?

  18. The Democrats, taken over by the Progressives, are a dumpster fire. If they ever come into political power again the US is finished as we know it. All this talk about ceasing fossil fuel dependency is nothing but virtue signaling hot air without an iota of critical thinking how it would be possible. They truly believe sun and wind can power the earth 100%. It’s pathetic. Unless the people can return the Democratic party to sanity they are finished.

  19. “She is also supporting a ban on hydraulic fracturing, a method of drilling that involves spraying high pressure water and sand underground to make tiny fractures in rock to release gas, which can then be liquified. “

    What an atrocious sentence.
    Hopefully “Chris White, Tech Reporter” didn’t actually write that.

  20. And altruistic Big Green will back her all the way in return for favors of course. How grandiose can someone actually get. And clueless.

  21. She ignores facts as usual. The “rest of the world” isn’t going to reduce CO2 emissions, for what good it does. Besides China and India the rest of the less developed countries are planning an all up build out of coal fired electric plants(mostly funded by China- if it doesn’t collapse from the corona virus) which will produce 3-4x what the current well-developed countries will be producing.

  22. Well the Nevada Democratic Caucus results have Pocahontas coming in fourth place this Saturday night as I write this. And she is likely to do very poorly in South Carolina’s primary next Saturday as well.

    The Faux Cherokee took Bloomberg’s scalp as a prize at last Tuesday’s debate. I have no doubt she plans a similar ambush this coming Tuesday at the debate in South Carolina. I think this debate the feminist fake Indian from Oklahoma will be aiming to take Midget Mike’s billionaire balls as a trophy before she has to drop out as her donor funding will be gone.

  23. Warren is going to need a lot more sweaters , but she won’t need her glasse to sit in the dark and shiver.

  24. Such a deal! At $93-Trillion for the GND that’s only $310,000 per U.S. citizen over ten years! Thanks Liz and AOC, I can look forward to my total enslavement for the next decade to pay for your junk, social-science experiment and never be able to retire.

  25. From the article: “She added: “I want to see us move entirely to green. And let me say on this, I not only support a Green New Deal, I don’t think it goes far enough. I also have a Blue New Deal, because we’ve got to be thinking about our oceans as well that we need to protect.”

    Elizabeth Warren is calling for a “Blue New Deal” as a means of separating herself from the other candidates.

    I think Elizabeth will be giving up the race here in the very near future, right after Super Tuesday. Sanders, Biden and Alfred E. Newman are the three winners in Nevada tonight with Elizabeth coming in a distant fourth.

    Biden’s mental condition seems to be getting worse. He claimed the other day that he had been arrested in South Africa when he was down there protesting racism, but there’s no record of him ever being arrested and noone that was with him on the trip backs up his story. He’s been caught in another blooper. Another unforced error.

    So it looks like Bernie Sanders will be the Demcrat nominee unless they screw him out of it at the Democrat convention, which isn’t out of the question.

  26. I find it curious that, when I watched, the video it was immediately followed by the Billie Eilish video of “All the Good Girls Go To Hell”.

  27. The Guardian goes with- So what if it costs whatever!

    Didn’t work for Bill Shorten and Labor in Oz last time with the line- You can’t put a price on climate change!
    You’d think with a name like Bill he’d get it a lot better than the previous lemmings going down that path. It’s like this stoopids. Some free pink batts, LED light globes, shower heads, draught stoppers and some solar subsidies is fine but don’t whatever you do start talking about carbon taxes and whatever it takes or that way to the cliff and look lively lemming.

  28. Did she walk off another private jet to make that pronouncement? Besides, lets face it, the fake Injun ain’t ever going to be POTUS. I do have to say though that I liked how she repeatedly kicked Mini Mike in the family jewels at the last debate.

  29. Democrats playing the long game. Warren spouting nonsense to make Sanders look like a reasonable alternative to Trump.

    • Well you could be right as she chopped up the Bloomer with the Metoo base so get behind another old white haired male Marxist gals. You have to contextualise the ironyng nowadays.

  30. Again, a simple question for Liz and the others – Once you eliminate fossil fuels, how do you plan on manufacturing renewables?

  31. The Green Deal, the Dumbocrats working for a Trump landslide in the 2020 Presidential election. Have the Dumbocrats never heard of the old adage “When you are in a hole the first thing to stop doing is digging”

  32. “Green” jobs are like growing food crops with digging sticks, fishing with wooden spears, and sleeping in hollow logs.

    Ditzy Cortez and Dizzy Ms. Lizzie are leading a race to the bottom — who can obliterate the modern American economy and lead us back into the Stone Age faster?

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