Furious Farmers Defy Army Roadblocks in Dutch Anti-Green Protest

Dutch Anti-Climate Farmer Protest. Image source Breitbart

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Farmers in the Netherlands have reacted with fury to government demands they cull their herds to help Holland meet their nitrogen emission targets.

Incredible Pictures: Thousands of Tractors Shut Down Highways in Farmer’s Anti-Green Madness Protest

Thousands of farmers shut down highways in a go-slow protest converging on the Dutch capital Monday, as they protested being victimised by a government trying to meet European Union emissions laws by cracking down on agriculture.

The day of protest is the thirds of its kind and follows another at the start of October. At the time, Dutch media reported the protests were against a call by the government that herds of animals reared for food should be culled so the nation could meet its European Union-imposed nitrogen emission targets.

The Dutch police and army, on the instructions of the centrist-globalist prime minister Mark Rutte, attempted to shut down the main roads leading into the capital Wednesday, but using the off-road capabilities afforded by driving a tractor, the protestors simply drove around the blockades, Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reports. Rutte called on farmers to “keep the peace” and follow the instructions of police.

Read more (Lots of pictures): https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2019/10/16/incredible-pictures-thousands-of-tractors-shut-down-highways-in-farmers-anti-green-madness-protest/

Telling farmers to cull herds built up over generations, destroy their own livelihoods, just to please some bureaucrats in the EU and meet absurd nitrogen emission targets. Yep, that was always going to work.

The EU nitrogen targets are a heavy handed out of touch bureaucratic effort to tell farmers how to manage their fields. Just as it was in Soviet times, city based EUSSR bureaucrats believe they have a much better understanding of farming than the people who actually work the land, and have no qualms about setting unrealisable targets and making unreasonable demands.

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  1. That is flat our fascism from the EU bureaucrats trying to micromanage the economy.
    Somewhere John Galt is shrugging.

    • Exactly what I thought as I read the story. They are destroying the farmers ability to produce, and will swoop in to nationalize agriculture on account of the farmers obviously not doing their brotherly duty of producing food. Who’s John Galt?

      • From that’s farming.com 9days ago:

        List of demands from protesting farmers:
        “We do not want forced further reduction of livestock”
        “We want strictly independent measurements of CO2 and nitrogen by an independent party that is supported and accepted by the entire sector. No calculation tools.”
        “We want the policy on plant protection products to be based on scientific facts, not on assumptions and emotion. And that clarity about this comes to the citizen.”
        “We want unworkable rules to be reviewed in co-ordination with the sector.”
        “We want clarity for the long-term in co-ordination with the sector.”

        • Brexit can’t come quick enough, get us out of the Common Agricultural/Fishing and all other “Common” policies. All things are not the same across Europe but the bureaucrats can’t and won’t see that!

          James Bull

          • Spot on! Last night’s German / Bavarian TV Countryside program themes much of this rubbish too – NEXT TUESDAY, farmers will take to the roads too, all over Bavaria and Bonn. ” without farmers, the Land will Die” was one of their slogans.
            They are appealing to ALL farmers since , I understand, their Farmers Union does NOT stand up for them. ( I understand that there like in UK, the Union followss the Gravy for the Benefit of the big “farmers” ).

    • You have limited imagination. Many things are likely to make them angry but threatening their livelihoods is a lot more dangerous than taking their AM radios.

      • Kerry should have said GPS instead of AM radio. That would hamper all but the poor farmers who can’t afford auto-piloted equipt.

          • “Or the glorious fun of working 12- to 16-hour days when the weather is amenable!”

            It’s always nice to see people who’ve never been on a modern farm spout nonsense as if farmers still farm the way they did in 1900.

          • Ken, farming is not an occupation where 9-to-5 hours will do, however modern and mechanized it might be. Farming is and always will be dependent on weather,

            I gather you are a city boy.

        • “It isn’t for the mountains of cash they make at the market.”

          Uhhh…. false. That is the ONLY reason people go to work at all. And that’s a GOOD thing. Farmers only make a mountain of cash by feeding the rest of us who are happy to pay others to grow our food for us.

          • All the farmers I know have second jobs to pay the bills. I lease acreage to the farmer whose property is north of me, and his family has farmed that land for over 200 years. He is barely able to pay taxes on his property and keep his vehicles running. Believe it or not, some people do what they love, it’s not always about the money.

            My brother’s in-laws are all farmers, and the only decent money (per hour) that they make is on their secondary jobs as carpenters and truck drivers. None of them are what anyone would ever call wealthy.

          • Well, Ken,
            You exposed yourself as a clueless non-farmer!
            Your view of the profession is so opaque that it’s comical!
            I raise cows and fruit trees!
            What do you raise except questions about your integrity or knowledge on the subject?

    • Its a beginning of starvation of the masses in the name of “saving” the planet.

      Banning fossil fuels will have the same effect ie make farming impossible, make it impossible to import food, kill distribution of food and other essential and therefore kill the economy so people starve.

      • For now, the refrain “we have to eat the babies” is satire. But, for how much longer. Just look back at the Holodomor to see. We’re all Kulaks now.

        • Or just stop following the laws made by these idiots. Society is a contract. We agreed to the contract when laws were fair and equitable. We don’t have to agree to the contract when they are not. But it looks like the farmers have already figured this out, so good for them.

      • The government financed and run climate movement, and make no mistake it is a movement with socio/politcal roots, has from the beginning, been about population control and the control of limited resources.

        The wealthy elites have bought the politicians to appoint the bureaucrats to carry out their takeover plan of the citizenry despite any and all protests. they then used the bureaucrats to brainwash the Children and enlist them in the army of activists to hand over control to central planning.

        Note that the government will send out the police to proactively stop farmers from protesting the government. But the government only sends out police to clean up when the activist children protest the people.

    • Note that the NY times ran this story, but took it from their website soon after.

      It also seems to me that both the EU and the Dutch government are insane!



        • I thought it was an objective evaluation of their mental state!

          What government would be so brash as to put unsubstantiated limits supporting a silly environmental religion above the survival of its citizens??

          The EU makes Greta Thunberg look like Einstein by comparison and remember Einstein’s definition of insanity?

          (I use my pseudo name for a reason!)

          • They are using a young girl for political purpose. I hope she lives long enough to see she has been used. 500 scientist said the weather is always changing .
            And God said, all The earth is mine and all the gold and silver and all that is within it.
            He has not given the lease to any one . No one can save the planet , it’s not going any where , it’s the shedding of innocents blood that is destroying the planet. I get really annoyed to hear pastors , jumping on the bang wagon singing the sane tune on Climate change. Surely the elect will be deceived . I wonder What book Are the reading? , it’s not written in the bible !

    • War is coming, worldwide. The insanity will peak and the sane people will have to remove the insane.

      • Foooh, may-be. but at peak insanity, will there be enough resources in the hands of the Sane to remove the insane. ( implying too that there are too many ‘sane’ DumLibs around to be just more gadflies)

  2. Any politician can calculate a number. It takes a farmer to show him just how big sh*tload that is.

    Typical politician: to stop protests from heading to the capital they block the road… as if farmers needs roads to drive tractors. It’s an indication of how utterly out-of-touch these idiots are.

    • Our government can’t successfully run the post office. Can’t imagine them running anything as complex as a single farm let alone an industrial sized farm system. We would certainly starve.

      They seem to think we should eat grass.

      Why should we expect any other government to be successful? There are plenty of past and present examples of total failure and starvation.

      I just hope voters put a cork in this before the 2nd amendment folks do.

  3. Where will the govenment workers get their near from? All imported right? Because other countries can do.as they please, yet dutch farmers have to save the planet themselves 😐 Honestly This is all very depressing now… The greens have mass media and try to control everything, all while the common man/woman have to suffer the constant climate change rubbish. The u.n. and ipcc are cancerous, they fly and drive everywhere, they even gave the recent ice levels report from Monaco 😐 Wasting our tax money on ugly windfarms etc etc.. Its boring and depressing.

  4. I hope the police realize that with some of the four wheel drive tractors in that parade, up and over was another completely viable alternative at the road block.

  5. Way to go farmers!!!

    Meanwhile, North Dakota farmers who were accused of contributing to the global warming suffered an early nasty blizzard that destroyed crops and caused general havoc. At least the warming could be warming, you know. That was and IS the theory, no matter how much the cult tries to lie its way out. We want our promised warming, Michael Mann, and we want it NOW!

    • Cold off of the NWS :

      9 AM EDT /8 AM CDT/ FRIDAY…

      * WHAT…Low temperatures of 30 to 35 degrees away from Lake
      Michigan. Expect widespread frost and possibly a light freeze
      in localized colder drainage areas late tonight into Friday

      * WHERE…Portions of northern Indiana, southwest Michigan and
      northwest Ohio.

      * WHEN…From 2 AM EDT /1 AM CDT/ to 9 AM EDT /8 AM CDT/ Friday.

      * IMPACTS…Frost could kill sensitive outdoor vegetation if
      left uncovered. Late season crops not harvested may be damaged
      or killed.

      • Friday, 18 October. Heavy frost Cincinnati. Scraped the windshield this morning.

        Time to get out the swampers Yooper?

  6. The analogy to the USSR is right on the spot. EU bureaucrats are the equivalent of the old politburo

  7. Nitrogen leeching into deep reservoirs flowing underground to the ocean from the southern alps in New Zealand is a becoming a real problem. What was pure drinking water, the best available, is now becoming of great concern. Applied fertilizer during rapid dairy farming expansion is a real problem.
    How to address it is the key question.

    • Hey Martin there is nitrates in the water as it runs off the alps from vegetation decomposition and other naturally occurring elements like autumn leaves in river beds.

      Sure agriculture adds to the nitrate levels as the food it produces keeps the rampant growing population alive…..but you will surely eat more nitrates from your garden veges than you could ever achieve from the water you drink

    • Dairy farming in NZ ALPS?

      Must be pretty good farmers over the ditch. We use mostly flat ground here.

      • Nope. The water from the alps flows underground through wide alluvial plains to the sea. The nitrogen contamination occurs on the plains.

    • “Applied fertilizer during rapid dairy farming expansion is a real problem.”

      You apply fertilizer to cows? I learn something new every day.

        • I thought the cows provided their own fertiliser as a by product of the wonderful milk and meat they make for us from plain old grass? It worked that way when I grew up, anyway… That’s why wellies were required wearing for country walks.

        • I’ve never seen anyone fertilize range land. Cows don’t use the loo, they go right on the grass. Then there are prescribed burns.

      • I believe it comes out of the cows ?

        A few years ago the main worry was that Holland may be getting near to floating on Cow and Pig schist. So this new approach seems to be a re branding of an existing problem. I doubt the new packaging will have any effect, as anybody who has driven through the Netherlands will realise how seriously they take their farming activities.

    • Off topic Martin Cropp. We are talking about methane. Not nitrogen in the aquafers. You are trying to conflate two different elements. Many northern hemisphere readers here have little understanding of our pastoral ways of feeding cows and other ruminants.

    • To the best of my knowledge, Earth’s atmosphere 1s 78% (780,000 ppm) nitrogen and the nucleotides that make up human DNA also contain nitrogen. Without nitrogen, there is no life.

    • You ridiculous blather is pretty funny to read, given how wrong you guys have ALWAYS been. You never consider the obvious fact you are wrong. Once your predicted environmental catastrophe is proven false and everyone who believed it stupid, rather than face the fact you’re stupid, you simply move on to the next made up environmental catastrophe fad.

    • wtf?
      you have decent soils and pastures dont get much fertilisers anyway
      and with all the cowpoop shouldnt use any
      if its going underground to oceans then how is that a drinking waterproblem as youd use lakes n rivers anyway
      NOT borewater like aussies have to

      if you go full retard and try n ruin the dairy and lamb producers kiss your asses and economy goodbye
      ardern already screwed any oil/gas income for you all

    • In the Netherlands at more than 200 locations groundwater is extracted for drinking water production. Between 2000 and 2015 at 89 of those locations higher doses of fertilizer were measured than allowed (50 pm/l, WHO norm). In recent years 21 locations were closed as it became to expensive to purify the water. The WHO norm of 50 pm/l is probably to high, as it is described that already below 25pm/l (EU norm) risk for cancer is increased. (Carla Koen in NRC-H, October 17, 2019).

    • First off, can we have a link to what is happening. Next, Im a farmer, I graze sheep and cattle. Fertilizer is really REALLY expensive. What one can buy for $30-$40,000 is a surprisingly tiny pile. There is NO WAY that I would waste it on a watercourse. The idea that the tiny pile of it I can afford would make any negative impact on “the environment” is not sensible. One of the only ways I can tell that the superphosphate is doing any good at all is that the kangaroos are thicker on the ground where we put it. I think the use of superphosphate is one of the “wars” that go along with the hole in the ozone layer, cholesterol in food, Great Barrier Reef dying, CO2 causing global warming etc etc etc. I can see how cesspits from dairy farms located on river banks can cause a local problem. That superphosphate would contaminate a whole aquifer system I would be very skeptical of unless there was very good direct evidence, not the sort of evidence that set off the Montreal Protocol. Farmers just cant pay for the amount of wasted super it would take to contaminate any thing on a landscape scale.

      • Thick Kangaroos, eh? 🙂 Oh I know what you mean and fully agree with most of what you say. Crikey, we even were told that the freshwater algae growing in mounain streams was caused by excess fertiliser use! Eh? up in the rockie mountains where only trees grow? This is the nonsense that is promoted without question …. like the ozone hole etc. Acid Rain also springs to mind – no word of the serious densely planted conifers monocultures. Some of these plantations were instigated through necessity afer the Wars, but later, were a form of TaxHaven… not realising it was a(“carbon”) Bank. Then they burnt hydrocarbons to ear them down again to give us mosquito & Midge infested Bog. But now we are encouraged to plant trees again – Where?

  8. My very first thought in the ’90s when Global Warming started to become an issue about curbing world-wide CO2 emissions was, “Who’s army is going to force people to stop burning things? Fire is the hallmark of our species, and we have to stop using it? You’ve got to be kidding.” Well they’re not kidding and resistance is going to happen when they actually try to legislate this crap.

    • That’s the thing, though… they are serious about ending the hallmark of our species, fire.

      Fire is an oxidative process, combining oxygen with some other molecule(s) to produce energy.

      All animal life is also an oxidative process, combining oxygen with some other molecule(s) to produce energy.

      Is anyone surprised, then, that the climate kooks are essentially a death cult bent on destroying life?

      “Fire bad!” LOL

  9. Looks like it’s time for someone to post some of those “You have two cows. Under Socialism ….” analogies.
    (Maybe we need a new one for “Under Environmentalism, you just “bought the farm””?)

  10. Farmers are realists.

    Greta’s plan (‘climate’ emergency …. Dutch implementation …. Forced Dutch CO2 emissions, 95% by 2050 … that will require shutting down country and agriculture industry for no purpose


    THE HAGUE (Reuters) – The Dutch parliament will approve a law requiring the Netherlands to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 95 percent by 2050, compared with the level in 1990, lawmakers representing 75 percent of the seats in the Dutch Lower House said on Wednesday.

    The law also targets a 49 percent reduction in emissions by 2030, and requires the electricity supply to become carbon neutral by 2050.

    The proposed bill, expected to come into effect next year, did not give an estimate for the cost of reaching the goals, nor an indication of how they might be achieved.

      • Until they discovered electricity and diesel and now the windmills just look pretty for the tourists.

        • our ancestors used their windmills for non-time-critical work such as pumping water and milling grains.
          A larger windmill generated 15HP saving 60 acres of land otherwise needed for horsefood.
          Funny is that the windmills appeared outside the economic center (Amsterdam) . The guilds blocked the mills because they destroyed labour.

    • The obvious failure of such a law will ultimately lead to the Brussels’s Marxists demanding the European governments then abolish private farming and enter into collectivization of farms and agricultural holdings when they face the stiffest resistance to their thinly-veiled Marxist demands.
      We know how they think because that’s exactly what Stalin did starting 1928 when the Moscow’s communists were unhappy with rural farmers from the Ukraine to the Urals not giving up their grain harvests essentially for free to the city workers and urban dwellers. The effect of the collectivization efforts was of course opposite of what was the stated intent. The outcome was control of the rural population (aka, the peasants, which today’s Leftists see these Dutch farmers in the same way) and smashing their resistance to centralized control, through control of the then limited food supplies, with the outcome being mass starvation.

      “Between 1929 and 1932 there was a massive fall in agricultural production resulting in famine in the countryside. Stalin and the CPSU blamed the prosperous peasants, referred to as ‘kulaks’ (Russian: fist), who were organizing resistance to collectivization. Allegedly, many kulaks had been hoarding grain in order to speculate on higher prices, thereby sabotaging grain collection. Stalin resolved to eliminate them as a class. The methods Stalin used to eliminate the kulaks were dispossession, deportation and execution. The term “Ural-Siberian Method” was coined by Stalin, the rest of the population referred to it as the “new method”. ”

      “During the Famine of 1932–33 it’s estimated that 7.8–11 million people died from starvation. The implication is that the total death toll (both direct and indirect) for Stalin’s collectivization program was on the order of 12 million people.”


      History will repeat itself for Europe with Brussels being the Moscow of 100 years ago if the people stand idly by whilst the power hungry Marxists there scheme their coming plunder of the West’s energy and now clearly their domestic food production.

  11. What if Dutch farmers went on strike?

    Seriously, just how utterly stupid are those politicians, that they don’t have even a faint idea of how agriculture works?

    • Now there’s a thought. Stop taking cattle to slaughter for a few weeks and leave the harvest in cold storage for a while. Then just wait for the fun to begin.

      • I have said to famers I know, join together ban ALL off farm sales bar to hospitals and schools for just a week ,maybe a fortnight
        it would bring a nation to attention PDQ!
        and the mil takeover to run farms laws
        ha ha ha yeah sure we have nowhere near enough mil people or machinery able to replace what farmers do in a day let alone any longer than that.
        and youd be damned safe in betting exreb n and the rest couldntm get their bums in gear to go work either

        • Quite agree with you – i’s been said manys a time before over the farm gate or tractor bonnet. Sadly the bonnet is too high to lean on and few farmers actually drive them and have time for a thursday night natter. Rush rush rush. can’t see the wood for the trees………

    • It would give the Marxists from Amsterdam to Brussels the excuse and the claim to a moral high ground they want to seize the farms under a “collectivization for the common good.”
      And starving city dwellers would cheer it on-wards.

    • Sara,

      “…they don’t have even a faint idea of how agriculture works?” and neither do the IPCC.

      According to the UNFCCC, who dictate the rules on how to calculate emissions from livestock, this makes them (livestock) the second largest ‘emitters’ of CO2 after energy.

      These in theory they are meant to be ‘net emissions’ but in practice they only calculate emissions of methane (CH4) which rapidly breaks down in the atmosphere into CO2 and water vapour, but do not offset this by the CO2 that was captured from the atmosphere by the plants that the livestock ate.

      For every tonne of methane emitted by livestock, 2.75 tonnes of carbon dioxide has already been sequestered from the atmosphere by the plants the livestock ate.

      This is part of the well accepted ‘carbon cycle’, and ignoring it highlights their ignorance, or more likely their hidden intent.

      Livestock, if the carbon cycle was correctly calculated would be at least ‘carbon neutral’ and probably slightly ‘carbon positive’.

      Carbon dioxide however is essential for all life as we know it, including our own.

      More of it is in fact highly beneficial.

      • One more fact, if the livestock don’t eat the vegetation, wild life, or termites will, or it will rot.
        No matter what happens it is going to give off it’s CO2 regardless.

  12. The widespread conflict and violence that is coming fast is the result of bone-headed politicians listening to and believing lunatic fairy tales about how the climate works. When society starts to break down, the politicians will blame their victims for the disorder and cease only when they are swept from office or defenestrated by the angry voters.

  13. I don’t know what the Dutch translation is for “Can you eat Cucks?”, but their farmers have clearly woken up and may know the answer.

    (Perhaps “Let them eat Cucks” is the answer).

  14. The people want green, not Green, including rumors of ozone holes, obfuscation and shared environmental disruption, prophecies of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming, and other industry maneuvers. They are anti-Greeen with a capital “G”, and pro-green… life.

  15. I live i nthe Netherlands and the only thing that keeps going through my head is “where the hell did these regulations come from in Brussels, and why did nobody sanity check them ?”

    It’s almost as if they were tailor made to destroy agriculture and development (a lot of building permits (ironically including the renovation of the government seat) is being put in jeopardy by these rules … and why are they are problem ?

    Because some activist won a court case forcing the government to act on them.
    Exact same tactic as the “Urgenda” case forcing the government to confirm to impossible co2 emissions targets

    • I share these thoughts.
      Spineless politicians could not resist activists.
      Moral superiority and raising panic are the new weapons to gain power.
      Our democracy fails.

      • You think that you are the only ones with that problem? Welcome to BREXIT land – you need a Nlexit – Why do you think so many of us are so fed up with OUR OWN Politico /MSM elites always “cheerleading” an undemocratic ‘thing’. ?

  16. These great farmers know that when push comes to squeeze then lily-livered politicians, like their farm animals, are just full of pi$$ and wind, and they will capitulate.

    More power to these farmers 🙂

      • Last time I had some in the freezer, it had turned rancid before it was cooked. Mind you I was warned that with rich lefty politicians the fat/lean ratio means that this will often happen, especially when incorrectly stripped of moral high-handedness.
        I was looking forward to some cassoulet de politician stewed in humility sauce served on a bed humble salad, and a compote of compromised sweet nuts to off-set the sourness of the meat.

  17. Everyone wants to save the world until they are asked to actually do something contrary to their lifestyle instead of just agreeing. This, along with the yellow vests, are just the beginning of push backs. Did they really believe it possible for people to forgo their standard of living for some unproven theory? I’m waiting for people to actually start challenging the AGW dogma instead of believing it because the MSM and politicians say so.

  18. So here we have Dutch farmers and livestock owners protesting government policies that were being driven down from Brussels EU bureaucrats. This Dutch farmers protest is a loosely organized, grassroots (bottom-up organized) protest. Those are the hardest for governments to deal with since there is no one organizing voice.

    France had its Yellow Vest, aka gilets jaunes, protests that started in November 2018… that also was originally the rural folks upset at proposed fuel tax hikes. The gilets jaunes movement eventually morphed into protesting a lot of other things, but the original trigger were the EU’s Climate Change policies from Brussels to cause Macron’s government to propose the higher fuel taxes that would severely penalize France’s rural dwellers.
    What was considered “unique” about the gilets jaunes protest movement for France was that it was a grass roots, bottom-up protest. Macron finally had to concede by delaying and then cancelling the fuel tax increase, although the protest was also wanting his resignation that didn’t happen obviously.

    “Typically, French protests on the left have been organized or supported by major labor unions, and protests on the right (such as the marches against the legalization of gay marriage in 2012) were typically organized by Catholic groups.”


    These governments do not know how to handle these grassroots protests. These grassroots protests are a far more serious threat to elitist’s attempts at globalization and control of the populace through energy and food production than the stupid childish XR gluing themselves to trains and streets and looking like idiots to the world. We saw similar grassroots uprisings in the US with the Tea Party movement in 2009-2010, that helped turn the House of representatives back to Republican control.

    Except for Germany where German’s simply rolled over for their government’s two decades-long destruction of domestic farming/food production and outsourcing their agriculture produce needs to other countries, there are lessons occurring everywhere that the Socialists are ignoring in their quest for globalization of the Marxist policies.
    The Brussels Marxists simply seem to think the rest of Europe would follow like Germans did. To the east, Hungary’s President Orbán has recently threatened use of force to stop Syrian War migrants flowing from Turkey into central Europe, that has probably also set off alarm bells for the Brussels Marxist bureaucrats.

    Now with the UK maybe in the final stages of Brexit, the EU is actually looking shakier than it did during the Greek financial crisis.

    And the in the US, the Democrat’s demand for economically destructive Green New Deal destruction of affordable energy will likely end up re-electing Donald Trump.

    Somewhere you think they have clue light turn on. But unlikely.

    • Also, take into account that 61.6% of Dutch voters rejected the European Constitution, as well as 57% of French voters. France and The Netherlands are part of the European Community, despite the fact that its constitution was rejected by their citizens. (or should I use a different name instead of citizens?)

  19. “The EU nitrogen targets are a heavy handed out of touch bureaucratic effort to tell farmers how to manage their fields. Just as it was in Soviet times, city based EUSSR bureaucrats believe they have a much better understanding of farming than the people who actually work the land, and have no qualms about setting unrealisable targets and making unreasonable demands.”

    The same is true of city-dweller environmentalists who never spent one day in the hot sun tending plants. They think they know the best way to grow crops. In fact, the only time they ever stayed in the hot sun was probably on days they want a tan. All the other times, they spend pent up in a concrete enclave where the food just magically appears even when it is not in season.

  20. Cull your farm animals to satisfy EU loonocrats dictats?

    What is this, the Dutch Delinquisition?

    As for the police road blocks and brain dead Extinct Rebels, in the famous words of the one time Governor of New South Wales, “run the bastards over”.

    • Just culling the EuroPrats would be a satisfactory solution. Failing that just start a NEXIT movement in the Netherlands.
      The UK has shown up all the possible problems with leaving the EU. First thing to do is to clear out all the EuroQuislings and those who suck on the EU money teat from your countries establishment. This will make negotiating leaving the EU much less difficult.

  21. I was there yesterday in The Hague, the farners respected the road blocks.

    Btw it was a police road block, but military trucks were provided to block The Hague city center entry for agricultural vehicles. As police did not have the needed equipment themselves.

    It eas a nice oarty with overwhelming support from the “towns people”.

    • My main source of surprise was to hear the Dutch have a military. I wonder if service is still compulsory. I was found to be “voorgoed ongeschicht” due to my myopia. Forever unsuitable. I had better things to do with my time back then, so it was just as well.

      • Search “dutch farmers youtube”

        Seeing this happen gives me some relieve of my frustrations caused by the climate idiocy. As I live in The Hague, I notice a heart-warming solidarity with the inhabitants about these protests. It makes you wonder if some common sense is going to return at last. Let us hope so.

      • John,
        I traveled without problems by train to The Hague to attend a presentation about geothermal energy. I walked from the central railway station to the royal institute of engineers KIVI. On Koekamp was a gathering of a few thousand farmers who listened to speeches of politicians from parties who are on their side. There were fastfood trucks and there was beer and a lot of mostly jolly farmers. The entrance of Lange Voorhout was blocked by military trucks with riot police lined up in front of them, the farmers stayed away from the police line. On Malieveld there were hundreds of tractors parked. It was a well organized demonstration. Pity that the Cirque du Soleil show had to be cancelled, because their tent is on the Malieveld too.

  22. Just try to take away a subsidy or tariff protection though and there will be instant revolution.

    • Subsidies and cash payments will be used to get compliance. Of course later when the food is gone or too expensive to buy there will be an emergency for the EU to correct. Sheer madness

  23. Q. Why are politicians brains worth so much more that farmers brains?

    A. Politicians brains of course.

    Do you realize how many politicians you need to make up a kilo of brains?

  24. Och munn, It’s NOT ONLY in the Netherlands, but also in Germany,and to some extent, here in the UK, that we have to comply with lot of this nonsense: partially OK in terms of soil-borne pollution via run-off into streams, BUT farmers generally wouldn’t want to be wasting their valuable fertiliser resources. Catch & Hammer the cowboys, OK, but not rule with a heavy fist. Seasons ( Note: – not climate) change annually and to set operations by a calendar date is just nonsense. Reminiscences of a soviet era etc etc as mentioned all above.

    • I have no idea. Three quarters of the atmosphere is nitrogen. There are lots of nitrogen fixing plants. Maybe those plants should become illegal.

      It sounds like ‘carbon pollution’ which is a dog whistle for atmospheric CO2. ie. complete BS propaganda

        • As Jaap Titulaer points out below:

          And apparently some idiot lawyer changed the limit per hectare from ca. 30 kg per hectare to 1 GRAM per hectare!

          I’m pretty sure the natural nitrogen concentration in the soil is way more than 1 gram per hectare.

    • They’re worried about ammonia. BFD so far as I’m concerned.

      It probably oxidizes to NOx and falls in the rain as fertilizer.

      Meanwhile soil bacteria fix about a gazillion tons of nitrogen per year, turning N2 into ammonia, right there in the ground. Where, of course, some of it wafts up into the air.

      Maybe Brussels will pass a law against Azotobacter.

      • Perhaps ban N fixing crops…..goodbye peas, goodbye soybeans [at least that would mean the end of the soy latte], goodbye shamrock

  25. Here is the real story: the Dutch are already at or below the EU target levels!!\
    Have been since a few years after a 25% decline in less than a decade.
    So there is no crisis. That is the sick part of this shit show.
    But the stupid politicians do not have relevant degrees, so they did not understand the RIVM data.
    I’m sorry but even with a non-Beta degree or non-university degree: how can you NOT understand the basics???

    You see, at the same time, they had a related law kicked out by the supreme court (RvS). That was a typical NL law that was aimed at allowing certain officials to grant permits to simply circumvent all rules (unnecessary because NH3 was already declining enough.
    But they thought they really needed that.
    And apparently some idiot lawyer changed the limit per hectare from ca. 30 kg per hectare to 1 GRAM per hectare! An issue with a few zero’s….
    Maths is difficult.
    But anyways, it was destroyed by the RvS. So now the stupid politicians thought they had an issue, oblivious to the fact that the RIVM data showed that the goal had already been achieved!

    Calling upon science, which they do not understand, and after ordering the ‘independant’ (scientific) RIVM to shut up and follow their marching orders, they decided that a lot had to be done.
    Because there is a CRISIS! (There isn’t but, you know alphas).

    So they decided to withdraw (unilaterally) any permit already granted to farmers. At least any space ‘not used yet’. Oddly enough that pissed of the farmers (…).
    So you have a permit for 100 cows, but you only have 70, natural growth in existing stables will bring that to 80 soon, and you have the permit for 100 because you are going to replace your stables to newer and slightly bigger ones. And the bank wants to see a permit before you get the loan, so you have the permit,
    And then the government suddenly pulls the plug. That is unlawful, and they would lose in the courts in say 5 years time, but by then you are bankrupt!
    Hence the farmers are pissed.

    People like me have been working on it and a presentation by experts in parliament left the politicians in great confusion.
    They had just been told that their suppositions as to the technical details were wrong (no crisis, models are wrong by 30% at national level and locally up to 100%, etc) and the second group were the lawyers, who explained that the actions they were taking would not stand up in court (true, but only after many years of litigation).

    So that is what happened.
    We’ll hear on December 1st what the next plan is. some of the politicians have now been educated, but it’s a long road ahead because it seems we have to start with the basics.
    How can you NOT understand this:
    (the dotted line is the EU-limit.)

    I hope they have read my posts and similar explanation by people who have actual relevant degrees from the world’s top 50 universities.
    If not, well …

    • Jaap Titulaer

      Brilliant to hear that the farmers are being listened to and may be able to carry on earning a living… I am a vegetarian from birth due to religion, but I’ve never had a problem with anybody eating, meat/fish/eggs…

      • Yikes,
        He’s describing a Catch 22.

        Poor Science understanding related to policy decisions without due diligence!

        I’m off the Climate Etc to see if the comments are more insightful.

    • Well done, this is a great 2nd day follow up article. Consider submitting an article here so it can vetted and tweeted around the world.

      Also, consider submitting your research to the EU directly to give them a chance to correct the issues. If they ignore the research the news headlines will demand EU member nations to respond.

      • Jaap Titulaer,
        Please post a link or two to similar explanation[s] so I can forward comments to the Breitbart author “Oliver” to improve his “Twist”.

        Your framing of the issues is far more insightful.


  26. I wonder how long it would take before the Extinction Rebellion clowns began to complain about disrupted infrastructure if the farmers were to keep this up.

    “….’cause the taxes on the farmer feeds us all”

  27. Oh, well, after all only about 80% of the air we breathe is N2. Good luck regulating that.

    That’s why they tax N2O emissions in a scheme that Ponzi would be proud of.

  28. NH3 is an invisible gas. Hence it is a mysterious boogie man and the knee-jerk superstitious Dark Age moron ruling class is weepingly afraid of it.

    NH3 cannot be measured with any precision or accuracy because it floats around in swirls and plumes and dissipates into the entire atmosphere and dissolves into the rain.

    But you can’t see it. Is it there? Maybe… Panic attack! Let’s shut down the farms. Kill all the cows! Ban milk, cheese, ice cream. The peasants can starve to death, and that will SAVE THE PLANET from all the boogie men.

    Hooray for the brave bureaucrats. But what they don’t realize is if the peasants get hungry enough, they will EAT the bureaucrats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Hot sauce futures are on the rise.

  29. Brexit is a great idea, and I strongly hope it comes to pass. Extending it to the other nations and disbanding the EU would partially correct the evils the EU has accomplished, so I’d be for that also. The whole idea of delegating home rule to a bunch of bureaucrats from halfway across the continent should be horrifying to any freedom-loving person, but I suspect the whole of Europe has been led to this situation by honey-tongued Communists. The Netherlands tractor rebellion is a good sign, but much more needs to happen!

  30. If the tables were turned and these farmers were instead, climate change protesters, would the Army have been called in? Seems to me that left wing protesters get more free passes.

  31. Instead of the traditional execution of being pulled apart by 4 horses perhaps we will get to see the green politicians pulled apart by 4 tractors.

  32. We need a strong anti-green movement. People need to know that they are not alone when they ignore the global warming fallacy and other deceptions that fill elite’s pockets.

    Did you see how little critics Greta got? We are too submissive against bullying. Let’s fight back.

  33. Nitrogen is not a pollutant, Nitrates in ground water are.
    Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, carbon (particulates) in air are.

    See how they confuse and rule.

  34. Contrary to what the Greens might think, farmers love and care for their livestock and telling them to destroy their herds is like killing a family member.

    When my father in law sold his herd, he cried for days: much more than when either of his daughters got married.

  35. The members of the 2e Kamer (or dutch congress) don’t know how Lucky the have been. I have heard that the first plans included pumping a couple of Thousand gallons of manure in too the main room. I think that the farmer where concerned with the wellfare of the politicians because of the lack of shit for them to play in LOL

  36. The frustration is more about nullifying previously granted permits by the courts, ruling that government used an inadequate assessment model to calculate emissions. But foremost the farmers feel provoked and rightly so that no consistent agricultural policy has been in place for decades. Cattle numbers have been cut by over 70% the last four decades whereas other nitrogen sources have risen by magnitudes and still the pressure is on the farmers. Furthermore, The Netherlands have so many assigned protected natural areas that it is almost impossible to be further than five miles away from the nearest nature reserve! Thus numerous farmers have to comply with highly restrictive emission thresholds that apply in the vicinity of natural areas. I believe the main cock up lies with the court,the court should never have questioned the accuracy of the assessment model,for which no better alternative is available, but only have looked the overall decision making. The national courts are not there to impose international treaties on citizens.

  37. the Dutch farmers have been bombarded by new rules and registrations for decades, forcing them to invest.
    A huge gap has grown between the city- and the rural populations.
    60% of the soil in the Netherlands is the property of farmers.
    The Netherlands is densely populated and also short of houses.
    So it is not hard to imagine, that government and banks wants to buyout farmers with public money and sell the ground to project developers. The climate- and environmental laws make this all possible, superseding democracy and honest government.

  38. Just to complete the suggestion made above:

    Socialism: You have two cows. The government takes one and gives it to your neighbour.
    Communism: You have two cows. You give them to the government, and the government then gives you some milk.
    Fascism: You have two cows. You give them to the government, and the government then sells you some milk.
    Nazism: You have two cows. The government takes both and shoots you.
    Capitalism: You have two cows. You sell one and buy a bull.
    Climatism: You wish you had two cows.

    • Soviet-style Communism: You have two cows. The government takes them, and then makes you wait in a long line for some milk.

    • The one I heard was –
      You have two bovine animals, in California.
      You have a cow and a bull.
      The bull is depressed.
      It has spent its life living a lie.
      It goes away for two weeks.
      It comes back after a taxpayer-paid sex-change operation.
      You now have two cows.
      One makes milk; the other doesn’t.
      You try to sell the transgender cow.
      Its lawyer sues you for discrimination.
      You lose in court.
      You sell the milk-generating cow to pay the damages.
      You now have one rich, transgender, non-milk-producing cow.
      You change your business to beef.
      PETA pickets your farm.
      Jesse Jackson makes a speech in your driveway.
      Cruz Bustamante calls for higher farm taxes to help “working cows”.
      Hillary Clinton calls for the nationalization of 1/7 of your farm “for the children”.
      The Governor signs a law giving your farm to Mexico.
      The L.A. Times quotes five anonymous cows claiming you groped their teats.
      You declare bankruptcy and shut down all operations.
      The “cow” starves to death.
      The L.A. Times’ analysis shows your business failure is Bush’s fault.
      The NY Times’ analysis shows your business failure is Trump’s fault.


  39. By the way, it’s not really about Nitrogen emissions, although that’s how they call it (‘stikstof probleem’ = nitrogen ‘problem’ …).
    When I first heard that I was a bit perplexed. I mean nitrogen is the major component of air, so how can that be an issue? But it is about emissions of Nitrogen-based substances, one of which is ammonia (NH3). That’s what the farmers’ demonstrations were about.

    The other is NOx emissions from combustion processes.
    And that is related to ‘fijnstof'(fine dust) which are small particle by-products of combustion engines, such as soot, NOx and SOx (etc).
    That has to do with the simple fact that we’re the most densely populated country in EU (together with BE and NRW part of DE). And NL compounds the issue due to our BPM tax on cars, which means cars cost about 75% (or so) more than in other EU countries. The result is that many people buy cheaper and second hand-cars (relative to BE or DE), and the average age of cars in NL is more than 10 years old. We have about as many new cars (age 0-1) as we have cars older than 20 years … And after 10 years the engine will produce more exhaust waste by-products, will leak a bit, use more oil (etc). And the catalyst in the car is out of warranty by that time and is much less effective.
    Our real science deniers deny this, of course, and claim that we do test the exhaust of old cars, but of course, the norms are a joke.
    Same for safety, let’s see how quickly a typical 10+-year-old car can stop when it travels 50 kmh, against a 1-year-old German car while driving 100. It is not even a competition.

  40. According to NASA, the gases in Earth’s atmosphere include:
    Nitrogen — 78 percent
    Oxygen — 21 percent
    Argon — 0.93 percent
    Carbon dioxide — 0.04 percent
    Trace amounts of neon, helium, methane, krypton and hydrogen, as well as water vapor.

    Methane (CH4) is a Greenhouse Gas, but, as shown above, only trace amounts. What should ALSO should be noted is Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is 0.04%. Wetlands, ruminants, and rice paddies are all contributors to methane (CH4), producing microbe and are some of the major sources of biogenic methane.

    You will hear many climate protesters demanding people stop eating Beef to help reduce the trace amounts of CH4 in the atmosphere BUT how many protesters have you heard demanding that a much bigger polluter than Beef production, RICE (grown in paddy-fields), be stopped or curtailed? Let me have a guess …ZERO! Why? Because it doesn’t suit their modus operandi in recruiting many Vegans and Vegetarians to their ranks.

  41. Scientists need to understand they help create these situations when they choose activism over science.

    You can’t serve two masters.

    In the end it won’t work out for those of you scientists who think they can manipulate the Machine. It won’t work. Either you’ll be forced out by rising populism as they ignore your falsehoods, or else if the Marxists temporarily win you’ll only be around until you’re no longer politically convenient.

    Either way you’re just scapegoats. You’re enjoying the celebrity now but you don’t even realize you’re being fattened up like pigs for the slaughter.

    You better wise up.

  42. It isn’t just farmers who are being hit by all these senseless and unachievable collective limits on emissions like NH3, NOx, SOx and PM2.5, which have been driven by the UN and are being policed by the EU. (National Emission Ceilings directive, of 2016 if I remember rightly). That’s exactly what is behind the UK government’s moves to ban petrol and diesel cars by 2040 – which they’re trying to bring forward to 2030.

    What we should be culling is all the politicians that promoted, supported or agreed to these policies.

  43. There is humor in this, the farmers simply drove off road and proceeded.
    The old saying a liberal is one whose interests are not at stake seems to apply here. Obviously the bureaucrats attempting to destroy farming and livestock are not at risk.

  44. Just one small point for those who know little of Farming in the UK. In 1979 bread making wheat sold for £150/tonne. In 2019, the same product sells for the same price – £150/tonne. Can anyone list any products that sell for the same price as 40 years ago? This is a measure of the hard work, investment and increased productivity of our farmers. And we enjoy cheap food in addition, with support from taxation, i.e. by progressive taxing rather than regressive high food prices. Respect to all involved! I write as a former BBC TV farming producer.

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