Actress Emma Thompson Flies 5400 miles to Join Anti-Airport Climate Protest

Emma Thompson
Emma Thompson at the premiere of The Love Punch at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. By Justin Harris – Flickr, CC BY 2.0, Link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Actress Emma Thompson flew from LA to London, to give her support to protests demanding the end of mass air travel.

Police told to use ‘full force’ of law against Heathrow climate change protesters

Heathrow is “working with the authorities” to address any protests which could “disrupt the airport”.

By Ceren Senkul, news reporter 
Friday 19 April 2019 07:06, UK

Police have been given the green light by the home secretary to use the “full force of the law” against climate change protesters who are planning to disrupt Heathrow airport

Extinction Rebellion has been holding demonstrations over several days in key parts of London in order to get the government to take action on the “unprecedented global emergency”.

Actress Emma Thompson joined the protests in London after taking a 5,400-mile flight from Los Angeles in the US.

She said: “I absolutely wanted to be arrested on my 60th birthday but I didn’t quite manage that.

I’m so proud and thrilled to be part of Extinction Rebellion.”

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Flying 5,400 miles to join an anti-flying climate protest.

The message couldn’t be clearer. People like Emma Thompson don’t want to shut down all air travel, they just want to shut down YOUR right to travel by air.

138 thoughts on “Actress Emma Thompson Flies 5400 miles to Join Anti-Airport Climate Protest

  1. Pathological celebs and celeb-media are the puss-oozing ulcer on the posterior of Western society.

    • Even 16 y.o. Gretha understands that you can’t fly everywhere when you are protesting fossil fuels are leading to mass extinction of life on Earth.

      Not only is this individual flight stupid beyond belief but a quick look at her annual air miles tally would show how hypocritical her support of “extinction rebellion” is.

      “I absolutely wanted to be arrested on my 60th birthday but I didn’t quite manage that.”

      Sadly, stupidity is still not illegal in most jurisdictions.

      • I wouldn’t count on young Gretha’s understanding of how airplanes work – she is coming to London next week and I’m pretty sure that she isn’t planning on walking.

        • No flying, or Gaia forbid, power-boating. Gretha’s going to row. It’s a mere jaunt across the North Sea to London from Sweden. Of course, the waters may be chilly & stormy, and her rowboat may get swamped and kill everyone, but hey! No one said the Neo-Primitive World of the Future was supposed to be easy,

          • And d’ya wanna bet their airline food is all wrapped in … *gasp* … plastic!!! Ohhhhh mammmmaaaa … The Horror, The Horror.

      • “I absolutely wanted to be arrested on my 60th birthday ”. Shame the absolute couldnt have arrested her permanently.

    • Actress Emma Thompson is a Harop Marxist – see definition below.

      Marxism made simple! For examples, consider current political cesspools Zimbabwe and Venezuela – and there are almost 100 similar failing leftist states.

      The fearless leaders are Groucho Marxists – they want power for its own sake at any cost, and typically are sociopaths or psychopaths. The great killers of the 20th Century, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, etc. were of this odious ilk – first they get power, then they implement their crazy schemes that do not work and too often kill everyone who opposes them.

      The followers are Harpo Marxists – the “sheeple” – these are people of less-than-average intelligence who are easily duped and follow the Groucho’s until it is too late, their rights are lost and their society destroyed. They are attracted to simplistic concepts that “feel good” but rarely “do good”, and politicians’ promises of “lots of free stuff”.

      One can easily identify crypto-Marxists – they are Democrats, Liberals, Greens, Socialists, Labourites, and today’s self-styled “Progressives”.

      Almost 100 countries are now descending into the Marxist cesspool. Apparently, the untimely deaths of over 200 million innocents in the 20th Century were not enough. Do we really have to do this all again?

      The great American statistician and philosopher George Carlin explained the appeal of leftist politics as follows:

      Carlin said: “Think of how stupid the average person is; and then realize half of them are stupider than that!”

    • See my latest paper for insight into this global radical-green fiasco:


      It is critical for the radical greens to continue to incite climate hysteria to maintain their momentum-of-fear. Their minions are suffering from crisis fatigue, and even the slowest ones are starting to realize that there is NO dangerous global warming and NO wilder weather crisis. Yes, it’s a gigantic scam, and even the dummies are starting to realize that.

      There is ever-increasing scientific evidence that refutes their global warming (aka wilder weather) falsehoods. The radical greens are now fighting a rearguard action to delay long-overdue trials for their crimes against humanity.

    • Just another Hollywood/Show-Biz airhead whose “contributions” are best measured by Botox CCs and cup-sizes. She’s undoubtedly too dense to understand the hypocrisy and irony of her stunt, Of course, the same denseness probably precludes her ability to understand the meanings of the words “hypocrisy” and “irony.”

      • And a whole lot of hand sanitizer … besides, cellulose is an actual renewable fiber … no soup for poorly educated washed-up old musos.

      • To be 60 and as still as dumb as that is bordering on unbelievable I can’t believe she is 60 though.

        • It’s easy to stay looking good when you have tons of money.

          Sadly money can’t buy brains. You have to make do.

          • Sure she does, ironies work at the dry cleaners and get the wrinkles out…

            If she had a clue she’d be protesting official temperatures being measured at airports, where UHI effect is quite strong.

        • That picture is six years old. She’s a bit more rugose now.

          [The mods have (admittedly) never seen that word used before for such a wrinkled but verbose subject. .mod]

          • Then you don’t shake hands with anyone from poor cultures or third world countries?

            In quite a few cultures shaking hands or offering food with the left hand is considered an insult or disrespectful; as that is considered the “dirty” hand traditionally used for unpleasant toiletries.

        • When you use TP you’re fingers are about 50 microns from stinky poopy. Ewwwww! So uncivilized. Add on bidets can be had for as little as $20-30. Trust me, you will thank God for these things.

      • Ridiculous. I was taught to always use three. One swipe up, one swipe down and one across to polish.

  2. Emma must secretly be a Trump supporter. She and her whacko ilk are playing right into his hands. You go, girl! Don’t go changin’.

    • ……. there is an energy-related school of thought that could come up with a theory that the Russians bought her a first-class ticket.

      • There were two demonstrations in London yesterday, one dignified, non-disruptive and justified by people whose lives have/had a point, protesting about a British trooper being tried for a supposed crime 46 years ago.

        The other was the complete opposite led by a luvvie on a huge ego trip.

        No prizes for guessing which was which.

  3. In fairness to Emma, her flight was seated on a pink unicorn powered by volunteer butterflies. She only found out about the event by, not by any electronic devices but by a string of birds passing on the message.

    So don’t have a go at dearest Emma, she was true to the movement.

    Power to the people!

    (As long as the power is renewable, not manufactured by dirty fossil fuels, and uses rare earth mined by minors)

  4. Her publicist probably put her up to it, with a languishing career, bills to pay, and no one calling her for movie roles.

    • Exactly this is attention seeking behaviour needed to keep an old dame in the spotlight for roles as a minor supporting cast member.

    • And she missed out on marrying her flatmate, which would have given her a father-in-law who talks to trees! Maybe Billy has brains!

  5. I’ve never heard of nor seen Emma Thompson before, not seen her in a movie so I looked her up. She does have a rather self-indulgent wiki page (and I’m not saying she wrote it … just saying it reads like she did.

    “ … While there, she had a “seminal moment” that turned her to feminism and inspired her to take up performing. She explained in an interview in 2007 how she discovered the book The Madwoman in the Attic, “which is about Victorian female writers and the disguises they took on in order to express what they wanted to express. That completely changed my life.” She became a self-professed “punk rocker”,[18] with short red hair and a motorbike, and aspired to be a comedian like Lily Tomlin. … ”

    It’s pithy stuff.

    • First saw her in her 1989 role in ‘The Tall Guy’, she played the visual candy to Jeff Goldblum’s protagonist, whilst Rowan Atkinson was playing it all for laughs.

      She has become quite adept at ‘pretending’, hasn’t she?

      • “She has become quite adept at ‘pretending’, hasn’t she?”

        That’s really all that any actor is, isn’t it? Pretending to be something they’re not. The etymology of the wordhypocritebegins with their profession.

      • Aye, WXcycles, happy debunker and icicsil!
        “Pretending” is the skill for which they are employed and excessively rewarded.

        Only far too many of them lose the ability to discern pretend worlds from reality. Reminding us of lost soul trippers during the late 1960s and early 1970s. When people took the heavy LSD dosage sugar cubes or Orange Sunshine trips and were unable to recognize when reality returns.

        Add in Actor/actress feelings of entitlement to the glory and adulation that is given to stars during their career peaks.
        Afterwards many actors/actresses experience entitlement desires that force them to ever more outré acts until many finish their lives on Earth with flamboyant suicide. e.g. Lupe Vélez

        No attention should be paid to actors or actresses unless they have repeatedly proven an ability to recognize and respond to reality as normal persons. i.e. they do not rush to be centers of attention for fads, fashion or ’cause célèbre’.

        A problem not restricted to the actor/actress career paths. Many politicians, news broadcasters, lawyers, victims experience the same severe sociopathic personal problems.

  6. I don’t get it. How could people like her be so blatantly hypocritical? What exactly is going on in their heads? “Modern lifestyle is destroying the Earth, but I don’t want to get rid of it”. Are they just that stupid or just psychopaths or something? Because if you truly believe that flying is destroying the Earth, then your moral duty is to do everything you can to stop that. If you still fly knowing that it’s destroying the Earth, you are an evil psychopath. If you however don’t believe your own doomsday prophesies, you are just a charlatan. So which is Emma Thompson?

    • It’s in the logic of all great leaders of planned economies. The truly smart chosen few know how to bring about Utopia for the masses. In everything our enlightened ones fly high above the rest of us, directing the movements of the millions far below. Today more than ever that flight is literal as well as figurative. It’s the redirection of the huge number of actions below that turns the world.
      The activities of those few selected sages are insignificant in themselves, and their immense sacrifices deserve outsized compensation.

      I for one am thankful for my Emmas, my Chers and my AOCs and I would never want to waste precious resources seeing them waiting in line or taking a train or living without air conditioning. I am grateful for all their wisdom and for their saving all our lives.

    • “I don’t get it. How could people like her be so blatantly hypocritical? ”

      Hypocrisy is what they do for a living. Look up the origin of the word “hypocrite”. It comes from the Greek word for actor.

  7. It’s fine, she’s planted a couple of saplings which will ne pelletised next week as fully mature trees and be sent from America to be burnt at Drax. Two lots of CO2 saved in one go. No problems with that at all.

  8. “demanding the end of mass air travel” — It’s not clear how much to read into this, but as written, it fits.
    End air travel for the masses; it should only be for the jet set. You know, the rich and famous and those building their legacy of saving the world.

  9. This is actually good.

    People will give lip service to CAGW until they realize the sacrifices that will be demanded of them. That’s when you get the Yellow Jackets.

    When people begin to feel the pinch, they will become much more willing to stand up to the loony left bullies. Until then, they just go along with the CAGW crap because it doesn’t make waves.

  10. “I’m so proud and thrilled to be part of Extinction Rebellion.”

    Wow, errr…ok then if you say so. Just remember you will become a laughing stock down the road 🙂

  11. “Actress Emma Thompson flew from LA to London, to give her support to protests demanding the end of mass air travel.”

    She doesn’t see herself as one of the masses any more.

  12. Another way of looking at it is she is making us realise that we need to vote
    for someone like President Trump.

    Keep up the good work Emma.


  13. This is what happens when a society gets too affluent without any sense of how they even got there. It’s only this level of affluence that permits this degree of self-indulgence combined with this level of ignorance. One really wishes one could beam these people back 100 years to endure what even well-off people had to before inexpensive and well-distributed energy was the norm.

    • Even in one’s own lifetime things change. I well remember the Arab oil shocks. link There were pictures in the news of cars lined up around the block hoping to get some gas.

      Gas got expensive. People started driving tiny cars. In fact, you could no longer get a car that could tow your Airstream trailer.

      Everybody was working on alternate energy. The hippies were building methane generators in their farm yards. There was a big push in solar panel and battery technology.

      Things went up and down after that. Then we got fracking. Now everybody drives huge pickup trucks and all thoughts of fuel economy have evaporated from their minds.

    • True. Most of these youngsters that are enamoured with socialism were’t even born when the last great symbol of failed socialism, the Berlin wall, went down They are only vaguely aware of what (and how bad) the Soviet Union was. Somehow, the current proof that socialism doesn’t work–Venezuela–doesn’t register.

      • What is their excuse for not noticing Venezuela? From 1999 when Chavez was elected, it went from the richest country in So. America to the poorest by 2019 with the people savaging in trash bins for food, eating their pets and the zoo animals while the streets are littered with Bolivars as they are too worthless to bother picking up.

      • Or they never reconcile the fact that roughly half of the world’s population would like to escape the world’s various worker paradises wish to come here and be oppressed here.

    • I don’t know who said it but it sounds about right. Emma Thompson has contributed to several very good movies particularly when married to actor/director Kenneth Branagh. They had a nice creative period in the late 80’s early 90’s of the last century. Celebrity. I guess you miss it when its gone.

    • I have a lot of respect for the opinions of actors.
      What do Rin, Tin Tin & Lassie think?
      Beethoven V???

      • Has Pee Wee Herman published his book of wisdom yet? How long must I endure this wasteland of life without his tome to quench my parched thirst?

    • “I think gay marriage is something that should be between a man and a woman” – Arnold Schwarzenegger.

      Need I say more!!

  14. She probably thinks that the environs of Heathrow Airport are likely to be relatively free of manure-spreading equipment. There is another photo opportunity here if someone can devise a muck-spreader that looks like something else.

  15. She was once at a protest on a farm. GMOs or something. The farmer shooed them off with his muck spreader (liquid manure). Very funny.

  16. David Attenborough and the BBC are still fanning the flames by pouring out wildly inaccurate claims that the world is collapsing. You would think someone in authority would tell them to stop it…

      • Says the petition is for British/UK citizens only.

        Ignoring the minor fact that the BBC force this nonsense upon the entire world under their false ‘open and honest’ BBC imprimatur. That should give any inhabitant of Earth the right to protest and sign that petition.

  17. Heathrow is a major hub. Whatever happens there spreads like wildfire in a matter of 10 – 20 minutes. Worldwide.

    It serves more than 80’000’000 (eighty millions) passengers per year of which 94% international.

    Blocking it is a suicidal public relations move with hundreds of thousands of stranded passengers having a story to tell ant 1.7 million of tons of annual cargo owners to confirm.

  18. To be entirely fair with the silly old moo, she was actually (just) returning home when she flew LA>London

    Her (whatever the word) is nailed by the fact she went to LA in the first place = as a celebration of the birthday of her ‘other half’ or possibly actually her own 60th, as she says.

    Thus we see her priorities, having a (birthday) party is more important than being extinct.

    I wonder if that’s where the dinosaurs went wrong – they were all happily getting drunk as skunks and didn’t see the dirty great boulder descending upon them. (In time enough to get out the way)

    I do like Piers Corbyn’s placard – about CO2 being The Effect and not The Cause.
    That has always been my assertion.

    Brings us back to the dinosaurs (no, not Emma) and their sky-borne boulder.
    Its just that our boulder is actually coming up out of the ground – in the shape of Soil Erosion.
    High fertility soil is being turned into and replaced with sand, stones and bare rock.

    And here we are, high as kites on sugar, carbohydrate & booze (as recommended by our doctors) and looking up into the sky at the magical and omnipotent CO2 molecules.

  19. 5400 miles in First Class too, suppose its a step in the right direction as she has previously flown on Private Jets.

  20. shes got as much cred as branson planning thousands more flights and planes to haul em while stating how green he is.
    i dont support this crowd of utter fools but personally i see the masses flying as stupid needless crap in our atmosphere for some entirely un needed holiday they could well spend at home, and a massive disease vector for all.
    and the money spent is disgusting.

    • Before long you can only get to New Zealand by proa, if the wind is right of course else you must peddle. Those greenies better be at home when modernity disappears.

    • No, she just paid her first class ticket, as she is too old to fly economy, and then added something to buy her carbon indulgences.

    • Yeah, we might be criticizing Emma too soon. She may have contacted Al Gore and bought some Carbon Credits from him to offset the CO2 produced on the flight. Surely that’s what a responsible Alarmist would do.


    “Unfortunately some times I have to fly.” No you don’t need to, you choose to.

    “Everyone has been asking for clean energy for decades…..and it’s been ignored for decades.” It can’t exist on the scale demanded with current technology.

    “Where is the hypocrisy , I would fly cleanly if I could?” We’d all do that.

    Tantamount to asking “Why don’t you physicists change the laws of Physics as that would meet our demands?”

    Pathetic, out of touch with reality.

    • Charity, please, give her a break. She’s an actress for heaven’s sake, she is supposed to live in a make-belief universe, not live in the real world.

      • Yeah, OK, but why don’t they come with a mandatory mute-button, or else get heavily fined when they try to talk about the real-world and thus lower the IQ of the whole planet?

    • “Clean” energy has been available since before the dawn of man. The Phoenicians used wind power to cross the sea. Jewish slaves in Egypt made bricks from mud and straw, baking them in the sun Romans used aqueducts to carry alpine runoff to the lowlands. Mankind worked diligently for thousands of years to develop those sources of energy, with only modest success. Then fossil fuels began to be widely employed. The energy density of fossil fuels outclassed by orders of magnitude all other sources. It was this cheap reliable energy that created the affluence that built our modern world, fed the world, and doubled our lifespans over a period of only a few hundred years.

      Why haven’t all students been taught this in elementary school?

  22. Headline from Paris in 1789:

    “Marie Antoinette cuts short a spring holiday celebrated with pheasant & deer hunts and lavish feasting on cheeses, confections, rich desserts & champagne, to ride her gilded coach-and-four with ten-coach royal retinue into poverty-stricken villages to offer dietary advice.”

  23. There is no hypocrisy here, because in the future she will take an electric high-speed train to Europe.

  24. It is hard to imagine the disconnect in these people. Emma Thompson probably flew first class (don’t want to mingle with the peons in coach). They have no scruples, only a desire for money and a want to feel important.

    “Where you are going, Emma?” “I’m flying to London to protest flying.”

    “GUN VIOLENCE IS WRONG! Now excuse me because I am the lead actor in a movie glorifying gun violence.”

  25. Emma’s image comes from being an actor that evokes empathy. She seems willing to throw that away by acting peevishly, impulsively and stupidly in a way that cannot be ignored.

  26. Emma (look at me, look at me!) Thompson joke – note she used to be married to a fellow luvvie called Ken:

    Emma (returning home) : Darling, I’m ho-ome.

    Ken: Welcome home darling.

    Emma : Where are you darling?

    Ken: I’m in the kitchen darling.

    Emma : Ooh super darling. Can I be in it too?

  27. A real disconnect with logic here. Has anyone noticed that almost all climate and environmental activism has the goal of harming civilizations, groups or individuals. almost no effort is expended on actually doing something of benefit to the planet and its environment.

  28. You truly cannot make this stuff up.

    But even worse she says ““I absolutely wanted to be arrested on my 60th birthday but I didn’t quite manage that.”
    C’mon honey, anyone can get arrested anytime they want, the caveat is that you really have to want it.

  29. To be fair, you should mention that she lives in England. She flew home after a job in California.

    From the story it looks like she flee to England just to demonstrate against aviation.

  30. The average annual temp in California is 21 Deg C. In England the average is 17 Deg C. (GIYF)
    Emma Thompson, who lives in has a house in London, berates us with the alarm of having to live in a world where the average temperature will be 1.5 – 2 Deg C higher than now within 50 – 100 years.
    It makes me wonder how she survives the transition from CA to UK and back again; bearing in mind that she also berated the English for living in a cold and wet climate I assume she prefers the CA warmth.

  31. Emma Thompson, another aging thespian with a fading career trying to remain in the public’s eye by latching onto a demonstration that is in the news.

  32. Memo to Hollywood: About 99% of us don’t see your bubble-headed bimbos as “thought leaders.” I don’t know who’s paying these professional clowns to act out, but by their very actions they call the entire “movement” into question. Thankfully!

    The further this peformative hysteria ramps up, the more CAGW as a political tool is discredited worldwide.

  33. She does like to travel, spends half the year in Scotland, trip to the Arctic, file premiere in New York, trips to LA, …

    Do as I say, not as I do …

  34. Actors make a living by reading words written by people who are cleverer than they are. Now they are doing it in their spare time as well. Their love of the public adoration while they virtue signal negates their ability to detect that they are being used.

  35. Am I the only one here who never heard of Emma Thompson until she started saying things that were extraordinarily stupid even for an actress? I suppose that is one way for a fading star to extend its life?

  36. Who in their right mind would believe anything uttered by someone who is paid a lot of money to pretend to be somebody else?

  37. …..The message couldn’t be clearer. People like Emma Thompson don’t want to shut down all air travel, they just want to shut down YOUR right to travel by air……
    On the contrary if you read more the message is much more complex. It says to travel by air you must justify it by owning large amounts of land to plant trees or produce renewable energy. For this you collect huge subsidies from the poor or middling income citizens so they actually pay the extra cost of air travel after the medieval indulgences to the cult church of climate change have been paid. She does not just want to have the right to travel when you do not, she is demanding as of right being a landowner that we all pay the extra costs of that policy for her to carry on as normal while we live in suffer a feudal lifestyle restricted to walking range of your birthplace.

  38. ‘Actress Emma Thompson flew from LA to London, to give her support to protests demanding the end of mass air travel.’ and I agree with this: ‘People like Emma Thompson don’t want to shut down all air travel, they just want to shut down YOUR right to travel by air.’ People like Emma Thompson are saying “Let them eat cake”.

  39. Dame Emma Thompson flew 5,400 miles ‘by aeroplane, not unicorn’
    from LA to London to protest against mass air travel, that is:
    against air travel for the masses – which (obviously) does not include a Dame.
    Jings! Whit an actress…

  40. Emma Thompson has a daughter named Gaia. Gaia Romilly Wise. born December 4, 1999.
    Also an actor.

    “Gaia has an older brother named Tindyebwa Agaba Wise. Tindyebwa, a former child soldier from Rwanda, was adopted by Emma Thompson when he was 16 years old.”

    Whatever the cause, Emma is all in. Nothing I could find about any science background though.

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