President Trump Trolling Climate Change Activists Again

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Gets them every time.

Dear Mr. President, that’s not how global warming works

By Deanna Paul
January 20 at 3:20 PM

Sunday morning began with a stern, concerned warning from President Trump to thousands of Northeasterners expected to be affected by a massive weather system:

“Be careful and try staying in your house,” the president tweeted. “Large parts of the Country are suffering from tremendous amounts of snow and near record setting cold. Amazing how big this system is. Wouldn’t be bad to have a little of that good old fashioned Global Warming right now!”

It’s far from the first time a Trump tweet turned acidulous; some climate scientists refuse to humor his mockery as a real discussion point. Others are more aligned with the approach taken by Jason Furtado, an assistant professor of meteorology at the University of Oklahoma.

“One down day on the Dow Jones doesn’t mean the economy is going to trash,” he said. “One cold day doesn’t suddenly mean that the general trend in global climate change is suddenly going in the opposite direction.“

Climatologist Gavin Schmidt, director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, voiced concern that the general public connects with “global warming” merely as a breaking-news headline or in the wake of a natural disaster.

“A wildfire or massive rainfall dumped in Houston makes headlines, and if you only look at headlines, you won’t know about the incremental changes or the thresholds being crossed and pursued,” he said.

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President Trump’s tweet;

Climate change activists simply cannot seem to handle even a joke which contradicts their obsession, without getting riled about it and providing long boring monologues about why they disagree with whatever was said.

166 thoughts on “President Trump Trolling Climate Change Activists Again

    • Your need is greater, so you get first priority. But after Trump rams a real Brexit through, we need to borrow him here in Australia to straighten out our sad conservative party.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I really wish Mr Brexit was in charge!

      It was amazing that we won the referendum against the massed doom-mongering of the global establishment. But from day one I assumed the establishment would do all it could to betray the will of the British people. Sadly it seems I wasn’t wrong. I’m passionately hoping for a no-deal Brexit. Among many other benefits it would make us instantly £39 billion better off and we could immediately start to make free trade deals all around the world. There’s one other benefit: it would quickly show that the doom-mongering about no deal is just that: doom-mongering.

      Here in the UK it’s freezing cold.
      Mr Trump is right. There’s a big problem with global warming: there isn’t enough of it!

      • Swamps are persistent phenomena they appear wherever bureaucrats congregate they grow at alarming rates and they cannot be drained. They resist removal by taking on a life of their own and fight back against any effort to remove their life force. Survival is guaranteed so long as other peoples money exists to feed it.

      • Here’s why:

        VOLUME 6 ISSUE 1 (JANUARY 2019) ISSN : 2278 – 859X
        “Why Greenhouse Gas Theory is Invalid” by David Bennett Laing



      My “Cold Curse” on the East is still working, but the best is yet to come. Brrrr!

      Happy New Year! It’s going to be a cold one!

      Fully ~85% of global primary energy is from fossil fuels, unchanged in decades – and essential for the survival of you and your family.

      Fair warning: I’m calling down another very hard winter on the US Northeast, extending up into Canada.

      The reason I’m doing this is that you deserve it. You continue to bleat about global warming, in a world that is about to get colder.

      You continue to blather on about climate change and the need to eliminate fossil fuels – do that tomorrow and most of you will be dead within a month or two.

      Fully 85% of global primary energy is fossil fuels and that number has not changed significantly in decades. Fossil fuel energy provides almost everything you need to survive in this complex world. It IS that simple!

      So enjoy the bitter cold and snow this winter, good people, and maybe you will actually learn something.

      Cold kills far more people then heat in the world today, probably about 2 million excess winter deaths per year.

      Bundle up!

  1. Now if the storm was freezing rain and knocked out power in 12 states, then the media and climate change experts would be saying this WAS climate change in action.

    Wonder how the solar panels are doing under the snow. Also wind turbines, do they operate in snow storms? Anybody know if the blades ice up?

    • Some Wind turbines have heaters on the blades to prevent icing. Another unaccounted for leaching of electricity from the grid.

      • I have seen a picture of a helicopter spraying de-icing fluid on wind mill blades.
        Kind of spoils the economy for the owner.

      • NO problem there, all 16,000+ broken wind mills (wind turbines) are already paid for ….. so the only additional taxpayer cost will be the 100 year rent/lease payments for the turbine sites.

    • That is the problem leftist main stream media has wanted to play weather events as evidence of climate change so it cuts both ways. I don’t think the jibe was at climate scientists as much as at main stream media.

    • Look out for ice bombs, that are thrown hundreds of meters at teriffic speed as the frozen windmills start moving again. It is common here in Norway, where the operators warn locals to stay away from the windmill especially during icy weather.

      • an “added bonus” after not killing birds n bats for a while?
        they then kill any stock or people around instead?

    • Everybody knows that windmills dont care about snow or wind since they are actually fueled by SUBSIDIES.

    • Some wind turbine blades include pneumatic (inflatable) bladders positioned on leading edges of their blades to shed the ice. The bladders lie flush against the surface of the blade when not in use. When covered in snow or ice build-up they inflate slightly and break off and shed any ice that has accumulated.

  2. Yes it does. When you predict warming resulting in the end of snow and there is record, continent-wide snow, your prediction is invalidated. Climate as usual in the face of predictions of doom does not invalidate the climate.

    • He’s probably serious and why shouldn’t he be? It was just -62C in Oymyakon Russia, I’d hazard to say they could use some warming too.

      • Apparently not, so please explain the difference, since these same people were blaming President Trump for hurricane Flirence

      • Hunter, don’t you know by now, weather isn’t proof of climate change when it doesn’t conform (or can’t be made to confirm) to the narrative but weather is proof of climate change when it does conform (and can be made to conform) to the narrative. Humpty Dumpty’s “words mean what I say they mean no more no less” is the perfect example of climate alarmist thinking.

    • The merest suggestion that there may be benefits to a bit of warming, if it occurs whatever the cause, is heresy to the cultists.

  3. “Threshold” is just “tipping point”. Any advocate needs to point out what they are and where we are in relation to them.

    • ‘Threshold’ is just setting a record. Just based on statistics, there will be a certain number of records set somewhere in America every year.

      Suppose that the met station at Pingahooney Gulch moved twenty years ago. That means that, on any given day, there is a four in twenty chance of setting a record for that day. It could be the warmest for that date. It could be the coldest for that date. It could have the most precipitation for that date. It could be the windiest for that date. In other words, there will be a bunch of records set for Pingahooney Gulch every year.

      The fact that, somewhere in America, a threshold got crossed, proves nothing. Well, actually, it proves that the real deniers are those who deny natural variability.

  4. Climate Change activists share many characteristics with Leftists, one being the utter absence of a sense of humour.

    • I am becoming more and more of the view that Lefts do not have a sense of humour because they have never needed one.

      Humour is one of the methods used for defusing the Fight/Flight response with strangers. Make a joke, have a laugh, defuse the tension and conclude that the new stranger is not currently a threat and instead possibly someone who can be allied with for mutual gain.

      For a Right there is an understanding that in the Real World(tm) you are not going to agree with everyone but will still need to work with these people.

      For a Left there are people who agree with the Correct Answer and people who are Wrong. Despite what they like to publically state, Lefts tend to be very narrow minded and openly hostile to conflicting points of view or ideas. Rights accept you have a different view, but also understand there is a need to occasionally ally and work together. Lefts don’t. Wrong people are not to be talked to, befriended or allied. They are Wrong. So having decided these Wrong People are never going to be someone they are going to interact with, they never feel the need to try and relax them during social encounters by telling jokes.

      They feel they don’t need jokes so they don’t learn jokes and they end up not understanding the mechanics of jokes.

      I’m a bit chicken or egg on which came first. Do Lefts lose humour through lack of use? Or to humourless people drift towards the Left after they find they struggle to form social bonds with strangers? Not sure yet, but I do honestly believe that Left and Humourless are very closely linked.

      Or… I might just be pranking you 😀

      • Well said Craig.

        A saying I like is that

        the Right think the Left are wrong.

        The Left think the Right are evil.

        • I don’t know, John. The more I see of the Left, the more I am convinced they really are Evil. At least, those who lead it.

          The current thing flaming through the Left via Twitter is a case in point. If you haven’t heard of the Covington Catholic students in Washington DC, it is a textbook affair of the Left spreading lies and not caring who they hurt. Trump Derangement Syndrome is driving them further and further into this madness.


          • In the minds of Leftists, the ends justify the means in their quest for Utopia on Earth. The tens of millions dead are merely a necessary evil.

          • Latitude: Good spot. Shame on school and diocese for throwing their kids under the bus. Daily Mail is obviously avoiding updating the story to show student’s version verified by video. Phillips almost certainly sent an advance party of activists to yell at white catholic kids so he could move in with his “peace song” in kid’s face. Kids responded like it was ordinary DC street theatre (worst mime act ever). Phillips interview is completely debunked by video, virtually not a word of truth to Phillips’ version, IMO Phillips set this up hoping for better video of white oppression, when all he got was kid “smiling” and staring him down, he clipped the rest and ran with it.

        • Evil is rooted on control over others…
          Most crimes exhibit this – assault, robbery, murder, fraud – etc…
          “Government is a necessary evil”

          Hummm? Now who really is evil?

      • You’re not wrong about liberals. Watch this PragerU video where the guy asks conservatives and liberals if they would consider having someone from the opposite side as friends. The differences couldn’t be more clear. It’s worth watching to see the difference between both sides.

        PragerU – Would You be Friends with a Democrat

      • The “comics” whom today’s leftists-social-communists adore and honor have only one “joke”: Insult and hate rubes, conservatives, and Christians.

        • The same “woke” people who are outraged by any ethnic humor, parodies of sexual orientation, etc….

      • Craig,

        I’m a liberal, and I have a sense of humor. I laughed at the absurdity of your comment.

        • Thanks, Kristi.

          The very fact you have to assert you have a sense of humour shows that you haven’t actually got one.

          You’re (inadvertently) funny, and add greatly to the gaiety on WUWT.

        • Extremists, no matter what they are extreme about, are nearly all suffering from humorectomies.
          They remove their sense of humor to enable more room for smug moral outrage for anything regarding the focus of their extremism.
          So what the extremist finds funny is the destruction of the object of their hatred and rage.

        • kristy,
          tell us a funny (benign) joke….

          O.K. i’ll start.

          Old jewish guy sitt’n next to the hotel pool.
          Kid walks by and says “Hey old guy, how’s the water?”
          The kid hears him say “Luke warm” as he walks on by.
          Kid jumps in; then immediately jumps out, shivering,
          “What’s wrong with you? It’s Freezing!”

          “Sorry kid, it loook warm to me?” (with good accent).

          Show us your good humor Kristy….

          • Do you know any abortion jokes?

            Actually, maybe we should find common ground. Both left and right use natural gas to heat their homes and to make hot showers possible. The right support everyone’s right to these life improving fuels. The left want to take away your right to do so.

      • You can’t be nurturing (brainwashing) the younger generations to be “PC lefty liberal greenie warminists” ……. and at the same time nurturing them to have “a sense of humor” …… simply because the two are contradictory of each other

    • Why they have no sense of humour:
      There is some indication that if one looses, say a sense of sight, then another sense, say hearing, will become more acute to help the person cope.
      Likewise, when a person’s sense of alarm festers uncontrollably, then another sense, like a sense of humour, degrades precipitately.

      • Not to be too picky but loose is what your shoelaces are when they come untied. Lose is what happens of you don’t win. I am pretty sure you meant loses.

        [Not to be too picky, but the mods note that one can quickly lose a loose shoe due to a too loosely laced lost lace. .mod]

    • It is difficult to joke in the left. Because every ridiculous belief must be taken seriously. If someone believes they can talk to trees, litteraly, you must agree with that person that it is a fact.

      • I must add …
        “There is nothing wrong with talking to trees.
        It is when you believe that the trees are listening that things begin to go wrong.
        Things are worse when you think the trees can talk back.
        But when you listen to the trees when they talk back, it is too late.”

  5. Well, it’s not like it’s been just one day. This winter has been harsh in the US and Europe and this is not the first time there has been major snow or cold. Last winter was not fun either. And right now in Portugal we are a good 4-6C colder than usual this time of year. The summer just past was a bit on the cool side too, locals were going to the beach in long johns….(S/)

    • We have not seen any Seville oranges yet in our (UK) store. Is there a problem back in Spain? Usually by now I have been co-opted onto peel slicing duties for my wife’s marmalade making sessions.

      • I bought some last Thursday in Limoges, I was prompted by a comment on Ken Bruce on Tuesday about making marmalade listening to Popmaster. They were smaller than last year and made particularly sharp marmalade. I would have a check again.

    • Trump ought to make an offer to Rep. Ocasio that he will place some solar panels on the southern border Wall to help Ocasio’s Green Initiative if Ocasio can talk Nancy Pelosi into making a deal.

  6. The alarmists really don’t take humor very well, but then again ridicule is a powerful weapon, and one that the left doesn’t own, much to their chagrin. They deserve all the mocking, ridicule, and sarcastic scorn that cannot be directed at them.

    • Make that………”and sarcastic scorn that CAN be directed at them.

      Note to self…..check with editor before hitting send.

  7. The tremendously great thing is they cannot shut his speech down like they do with so many others. Such great political popcorn and they deserve to have their so-called science (computer models e.g. video games) rubbed in their faces.

    And if the planet was really as warm as it has been in the past we would not have an entire continent under a couple miles of ice but that may be more of location, location, location.

  8. There is the well-known carbon dioxide cycle.
    Rock to the air and water, volcanoes to the air. Then CO2 into the oceans and into sedimentary rocks. Then erosion and around and around.
    There seems to be a cycle for warmunist emotions. At the top is fear the the Earth is “going to fry”.
    Fear–then when the physics is explained, there should be a smile and a sigh of relief.
    It is anger that the catechism is explained away.
    Then, as the promotion is always pumping out false data, there will be headlines about “Record Heat!”.
    Then they are relieved that the threat is really there. After all, “Climate change is real!”.
    Then back to chronic anxiety about warming.
    It must help to be neurotic in the first place.

  9. I love Donald John Trump, and, despite the fact that I’m a furloughed federal employee, I’m not ashamed or afraid to say it!

    • I would look for another job. Next week Monday or Thursday depending on who you talk too furlowed employees not required can be permanently laid off. Unfortunately simce the democrats refused to pass several proposals to pay furloughed workers while negotiating the wall, Trump might be forced to do that.

      • Not true. There are two types of “furloughed” employees. Those furloughed due to a government shutdown are in no danger of losing their jobs. Those “furloughed” through a formal employment furlough announcement are on notice and can be permanently let go. Big difference.

  10. I reckon there is only one way to respond to the AGW conjecture –
    (ps – AGW is purely a political construct, conjecture. Not a scientific theory’s backside)

  11. Sammy Davis Jr, when he performed in winter at Harrah’s Tahoe, looked down at the stage floor and yelled “Hey you down there! Send up some heat!” Big laugh every time. A hysterical warmista would call that “black humor” and be correct in one sense, anyway.

  12. In order to re-orient the climate change freak show back to reality, this would be a great time to shut down all fossil fuel transmission and distribution lines down the northeastern seaboard for a week or so. The clowns would then realize the importance to society.

    • Good idea, except for all the dead people that would result. That would not be nice.

      Although modern heaters (the big whole of house ones used in North America, at least) are powered by gas, they still rely on electricity for their control system. That means no electricity, no heat.

      • Hmmm. Really? My gas hot water heater has no connection to electrical mains. Its control system is powered by a thermocouple (?) heated by the pilot flame. Now, a forced-air heating system is useless without its electric blower. But I have both forced-air gas and a simple convective wall-mounted gas heater, the latter only for emergencies and will only heat half the house, and slowly.

      • Rather: Gas pressure = gas flame in burner = Very hot air in heat exchanger.
        No electricity = Very rapid safety trip on excess temperature in heat exchanger!

        The power is required for the controls (thermostat) but more important, it is required for the fan to blow the circulating house air through the heat exchanger! No blower = No moderation of energy in heat exchanger (no exchange of heat from burner air + combustion air to household circulating air = excess temperature in heat exchanger = safety circuit trip of burner = No heat into house.

        A hot water heater does NOT need any pump or fan to circulate hot-warm-cold water around in the hot water tank, and street pressure (from the storage tanks in all city systems) keep water flowing through the heater when the hot water faucet is opened.

        • But power IS required at the pumping station for water pressure (or to pump water into holding tanks, where gravity is used to maintain pressure). Electricity is also needed to run the water purifications system. So no power to water plants, no water, hot or cold.

          • If your area has water towers, or elevated ponds, water pressure is maintained by gravity feed. Electricity is needed to keep the towers/ponds full.

  13. We got a lot of icing last night here in central Indiana and this afternoon I went to the store. How beautiful! Looking across the ice encrusted growth in the fields to the ice covered trees beyond in the sunlight. Like all of nature covered in diamonds. BTW the full eclipse of the “super moon” occurs tonight for those that have clear skies.

    • Temperatures are dropping to the low teens tonight, for us.

      i.e. no clouds full of water vapor to hamper the warmth escaping to space.

      The question is how long can we watch the eclipse?

  14. The left is so easy so troll. It’s like taking candy from babies. They are so ignorant, yet so righteous.

  15. “One down day on the Dow Jones doesn’t mean the economy is going to trash,” he said. “One cold day doesn’t suddenly mean that the general trend in global climate change is suddenly going in the opposite direction.“

    Ah, but just one hot spell, big storm or forest fire and ….

    • Serge, you know its only climate if it is unusually warm. Unusual cold is just weather – unless it is a catastrophic blizzard in which case it becomes climate again.

      • a catastrophic blizzard in which case it becomes climate again.

        Well, only if that is caused by a melting Arctic Ocean.

        • Although some people would say that you don’t really see any melting in the Arctic in these January days even with Global Warming…

    • Jason Furtado, an assistant professor of meteorology at the University of Oklahoma.
      “One down day on the Dow Jones doesn’t mean the economy is going to trash,”
      University of Oklahoma. must not have a history department

      Black Thursday, October 24, 1929.

      Mods, Jason’s title is misspelled needs a hyphen between the second “s” and the “i”


      [Would not a period be as effective as a hyphen? .mod]

  16. well we’ve got a week of 10-20 F below, in the mornings, on tap. same as it ever was. should happen less per the theory.

  17. On humour,Gang Green takes itself very seriously.
    10/10 was their best effort,carefully researched and group tested.

  18. Here in Chicago IL 8 inches of fresh snow, polar vortex visiting soon with double digits F below zero and winter snow tally running above average this season. It looks and feels like winter but I’m nice and warm with my natural gas furnace with my gasoline powered SUV. Life is good. I’m not alone look at these stats:

    US Record daytime high temps decreasing:

    US day time highs are actually decreasing since the 1930’s:

    US Record low tornadoes 2018:

    Also just recently broke the longest days between US hurricanes cat 3+ Landfalls, record corn and soy beans harvest, US droughts decreasing, US forest fires burned area decrease, record North American Fall snowfall, and highest recorded high temp on all continents ( except Antarctica) occurred before 1950 when fossil fuels usage increased, generally very clean air and water for US, record US oil/gas production due to fracking and all of this with increasing CO2!

    Check out this web site with over 300 million people who has visited this site to verify these stats

  19. The global warming enthusiasts keep saying that a coal fired power plant can reduce their emissions to zero by burning trees or biomass. If you are responsible for any combustion power plant contact me so that you can keep running, and eliminate your emissions.
    r-l-hood @

    [Left up, noting advertisement without evidence. .mod]

  20. Amazing how many supposedly educated people spend their energies trying to depict Trump as the most ignorant person on earth and then in their next breath try to prove they are less intellectually endowed than he. Trump seems to be the first major world leader to actually state the obvious, that the global warming/climate change/extreme weather form of Armageddon is just a pipe dream of radical liberals and not a justification for radical change in the political economic system or an excuse for denying to the poorest nations the chance to build stable reliable electrical networks and to leap out of poverty. Trump wins this round hand down and Gavin Schmidt keeps digging a bigger pit in which to bury his own reputation.

    • Andy

      “Trump seems to be the first major world leader to actually state the obvious”

      This is a principal trait of Trump’s. He states the obvious not only about the Earth’s climate but about every topic he touches.

      Stating the obvious is not politically correct (suitable to the Left) because it shines the light on a lot of things including a lot of Leftwing delusions. This gives the Left another reason to dislike Trump. They don’t like reality being thrown in their faces. They like living in their delusional dream world. Although I don’t see why, because their delusional dream world is not a dream it is a nightmare of delusions. I guess it is not that they have a dream world they live in and want to remain in, it’s that they reject harsh reality and don’t like it when it is shown that is what they are doing.

      I imagine a scene where Trump is grabbing the shirtfront of your typical Leftist with one hand and is slapping him gently over and over on the cheek and saying, “Wake Up! Snap out of it! Look at the *real* world!”

      Leftists don’t like looking at the real world. They have a different version in their heads put there by God knows who. We need to snap these poor deluded souls out of it. Trump is showing us how. 🙂

  21. Meh!
    Washington Post?
    Washed up paper.

    Lost all honor and all credibility. Now it is truly not worth the paper on which it is printed.
    Gavin is not far behind.

    • WaPo = Amazon Post, a vanity paper of the formerly richest man in the world, whose purpose is to keep America safe for oligarchs and the political party they own.

  22. Coming soon to a peer-reviewed science article near you: CO2 proven to be a bipolar molecule – higher levels in atmosphere now cause both hotter hot temperatures and colder cold temperatures.

  23. Hansen admits the decade of the 1930s is the hottest for the US, but says US only represents 2% of the surface. Why is it that every statement quantifying climate metrics by warmologists is built on something other than the truth? The % LAND area is 6%, three times as much (hmm…same tripling of ‘projected’ temperature anomaly from 1995). Moreover, the thirties were the hottest decade in the NH and in South Africa, Paraguay, Ecuador… and their temperature plots are ‘carbon’ copies of each other (a validation that will be needed to descamify the data when the teetering clime syndicate self destructs) before the massive adjustments. Here’s Capetowns which looks like that of the US, and all the others mentioned:

    Answer to the Why? question. To an old poker player it is a ‘tell’: exaggeration reveals the pervaricator’s own doubts about the ‘hand’ he is extolling.

  24. ““A wildfire or massive rainfall dumped in Houston makes headlines,…” sez Mr Schmidt of GIZZ.

    Comrade Schmidt will never admit that is a lie, that wind-driven wildfires or heavy rainfall from a stalled out hurricane are not evidence of climate change. But he’ll beat that dead horse as long as they can.

  25. Leftists promote Man-made Global Warming dogma as a religion. In this they are devout. A fundamentalist religion cannot tolerate humor, especially towards its deeply held beliefs. That would be blasphemy.

    Lack of humor is just one example of quasi-religious bigotry on the Left.

    There are many other ugly parallels between progressive climate belief and fundamentalism.
    They have their saints (Gore, Hansen) and their devils (Trump, Watts). They have their gospel (IPCC), they preach the Apocalypse, they want to “save the planet”, and they shun unbelievers as infidels.

    I used to think AGW was a giant conspiracy. I now think it is more a mass delusion, a spiritual cult.

    Unfortunately reason has little effect on “true believers”. When confronted with contradictory scientific information they usually double down on their fundamentalism.

    Sad that Western civilization has come to this.

  26. Trumps statements show he is almost completely ignorant and or misinformed on the topic of climate. Why would any site or group want to align themselves with these mindless statements, that do nothin more than show the world his lack of understanding on the topic.

    • Why would anyone want to destroy billions of people’s lives, destroy economies and nations across the world, just to “perhaps” avoid the POTENTIAL BENEFIT of a potential 0.05 degree increase in temperatures … IF the theories of self-proclaimed “climate scientists” are right? And, thus far, EVERY prediction they have has been wrong.

      • RACookPE1978 “And, thus far, EVERY prediction they have has been wrong.”
        They said the climate would warm…. it has (.9 C).
        They said ice would continue to melt ….. it is (both glaciers and ice sheets are retreating).
        They said the pause would be temporary… it was (a distant memory).
        They said sea level would rise… it has (Global sea level rose about 8 inches in the last century. The rate in the last two decades, however, is nearly double that of the last century and is accelerating slightly every year.)
        They said the oceans would become more acidic…. they have (30% more).

        If you are going to say dumb stuff that is easily disproved, you should be called on it otherwise the genuinely curious who come here, will get a distorted/false view. In fact perhaps Trump has visited, if so, it would explain a lot.

        • And every one of those changes began before CO2 was increasing (the trends you mention began about 1650, continued through 1850 (the convenient start of “man-made global warming”, continued through the 1970 low point of the 66 year short cycle, then continued through the last years from 1970 through 2000-2010-2018. See, when CO2 was steady, temperatures decreased, were steady, and increased over a 66-70 year cycle, with global average temperatures (and ALL of the “symptoms you mentioned) tracking a longer 1000 year cycle from 1000 BC through today.
          When Co2 was increasing – and it has increased to our benefit the past 80 years from 1938-39-40 to 2019 – global average temperatures has decreased, been steady, and increased!

          See? No effect from CO2 increases at all!

          • To get 0.9C, you have to stop measuring at the peak of the latest El Nino, and ignore the 3 years since then.

          • MarkW

            To get 0.9C, you have to stop measuring at the peak of the latest El Nino, and ignore the 3 years since then.

            Actually, it is even worse that that. The last actual “measurement” I read showed the global average temperature anomaly was 0.21 degrees, measured from the “original” Global Warming Hysteria Start Point of the mid-1970’s. Which was the lowpoint of the 66 year short cycle in the late-1970’s. Before the alarmist community pushed it back conveniently 130 years (two entire 66 year cycle troughs!) to the not-yet-measured-accurately 1850’s.

            So, 0.21 degrees “increase” in global average temperature. While the CO2 levels increased from 280 ppm to today’s 410 ppm.

          • “See? No effect from CO2 increases at all”
            Sorry, you are just wrong.

          • RAC, it’s even worse then that. They measure the start of the temperature rise as the bottom of the LIA, and then declare that even though CO2 wasn’t rising at the time, it was still causing the warming.

        • Simon.
          I guess you accept the data fraud that has been used to advance the Climate Change alarm then.
          Tony Hella has shown NASA and NOAA amend data to maintain the narrative. Tony has strong evidence from both NASA and NOAA of their changed data.
          Most people accept the climate changes. Most people accept humanity is capable of polluting the environment and we must cease doing that where ever we can.
          Most people with a minimum of scientific study realise CO2 is not a pollutant and is not contributing to the climate changes that happen.
          If the crime of being a green house gas was so heinous it must be dealt with, then water vapour would be the number one villain of the peace.
          I think we all know why CO2 is unfairly put in the climate change role. It has nothing to so with science and everything to do with politics and de-industrialisation.
          CO2 is good for life and good for the planet we need more of it.

        • Ah yes, a simple answer from simple minds.
          It’s warmed, therefore it must be CO2.
          For simple minds, the beginning and the end points are the only ones that matter.
          Yes, CO2 levels and temperatures have increased over the last 150 years.
          However minds that are capable of understanding somewhat past kindergarten age look at what happened between the two end points.
          Those minds see temperature going up, down, and even staying the same for a couple of decades, all while the magical gas was going steadily upwards.

          Those minds are capable of recognizing that the world is a lot more complicated than the simple minds are capable of dealing with.

    • Simple Simon once again shows how Alarmist ignoramuses lack a humerus bone (aka the “funny bone”) in their body, and fail to either understand or appreciate sarcasm and mockery.

      • I also notice, that once again, Simon is incapable of refuting anything, he just whines and insults those who fail to worship as he does.

    • Funny isn’t it.
      Every heat wave is proof of global warming.
      However every cold wave is just weather.

      Trump’s ridicule of the activists brings out the anger amongst the usual trolls.

      • MarkW
        If Trump is your poster boy/authority on climate. you have a serious problem with credibility. Just saying.

  27. The war against energy and hence capitalism continues. The tragedy is, the side losing the battle have not even realised they are at war.
    The next few years will bring matters to a head. The loss of energy infrastructure is now so severe and at the point here in the UK, where a real winter will give rise to deaths from cold and cold associated events which even the MSM/left will not be able to ignore.
    The severe winter of 1963/64 was survivable because the energy supplies in the UK were significant and well distributed. Filling stations were in every village, all electricity was coal fired and nuclear supported. The railways were still running into every corner of the country, powered by diesel and the last vestiges of coal fired steam engines.
    Today the electricity supply is fragile. There are no village filling stations for vehicles. The rail system does not supply urgent resources to remote places, and there is a just in time supply of all essentials, via fewer and fewer outlets, now mostly large supermarkets.
    If we get a testing winter the UK will not handle it well.
    We need more energy and we need more places that sell accessible energy i.e. more filling stations.

    • Rod Evans
      “We need more energy and we need more places that sell accessible energy i.e. more filling stations.”

      Indeed, yes.
      One of the reasons that filling stations close is the need to ‘upgrade’ their facilities, most notably the underground tanks – thanks to legislation, some [Hah!] of which emanates from Brussels . . .
      Barriers to entry are gradually raised.
      Big companies gradually tighten their hold on the market.

      And I hold Oilco stock in an ISA and individually.

  28. My left and right feet exist happily most of the time. However, when they meet and argue I wind up flat on my face in the proverbial.
    The one thing they do need to agree on is the direction of travel.

  29. I am resigned to wait for the headline that claims the record cold I am experiencing in the Northeast US is caused by Global Warming.

  30. There’s a certain symmetry between his tweet and the constant “This is the type of weather event you can expect with global warming” headlines that you hear. The main difference is that one is meant as a joke, and the other is meant as a deception.

    And journalists don’t get that in either case.

  31. Trump could have tweeted “These are the types of snowstorms you can expect with global warming” and it would have been just as funny.

  32. It gets the greenies riled up over here in the UK too.

    A friend of mine, who has been taken in by the CAGW hoaxers (hook, line and sinker), expressed his appalled disappointment that ‘President Trump is so ignorant he is confusing weather with climate again’.

    I pointed out that he is just winding up the alarmists, by giving them a taste of their own medicine: After all, what do they do every time there is a heat-wave or natural disaster..? Very funny it is, too.


  33. I think in stating that extreme winter conditions is just weather you are also admitting the extremes
    of Florence (the storm), Houston rains, and the conditions contributing to California wildfires, are also just weather as usual.
    Of course that is a logical assumption but those three events are often used as evidence of climate change in spite of the fact that they are neither unusual or unprecedented.
    I am certain the climate is changing as it always has and always will and extremes may be symptoms but they are certainly not evidence of a significant contribution by CO2.
    The extent of damage and costs associated with these extremes is also not a measure of their strength but rather a measure of perhaps unwise human development. We do tend to get complacent due to the infrequency of these extreme events.
    If we are wanting find a location totally free of dangerous weather events your choices are extremely limited and perhaps non-existent.
    What is seldom considered is that climate change could as easily save you as destroy you.

  34. Jason Furtado (assistant professor of meteorology at the University of Oklahoma):

    “One cold day doesn’t suddenly mean that the general trend in global climate change is suddenly going in the opposite direction.“

    but would you recognize & acknowledge if an reversal in the trend has occurred – or would you be a denier

  35. From the article: “Climatologist Gavin Schmidt, director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, voiced concern that the general public connects with “global warming” merely as a breaking-news headline or in the wake of a natural disaster.

    “A wildfire or massive rainfall dumped in Houston makes headlines, and if you only look at headlines, you won’t know about the incremental changes or the thresholds being crossed and pursued,” he said.”

    What “thresholds” are being crossed, Gavin?

    Gavin implies that he sees CAGW showing itself in our current weather. Gavin should provide some evidence of this happening.

    I don’t expect Gavin to provide any evidence because he doesn’t have any evidence for this. All the evidence says just the opposite: The weather is not more extreme now than in the past.

  36. Most people aren’t evil they’re just gullible. They have been taught bullshit for the last 30 years and they believe what they are taught.

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