“He’s Probably Senile” – Homeless Man Trashes California Governor’s Climate Action Efforts

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Climate Depot – CFACT have published an interview with a homeless man who is furious that Governor Jerry Brown prioritises climate action over sorting out the problems faced by people like himself.

According to the video description, Gerry Damiano, the person interviewed in the film, has been homeless for two years on the streets of Oakland, CA. This is what he had to say about Jerry Brown’s Climate Action Summit held in San Francisco in Sept of 2018.

I wonder how much money could be raised for the homeless by selling all the private jets owned by the climate delegates who attended Jerry Brown’s conference?

Or perhaps we could raise money for the homeless by cutting the excessive air travel budget of the United Nations Environment Chief Erik Solheim.

67 thoughts on ““He’s Probably Senile” – Homeless Man Trashes California Governor’s Climate Action Efforts

    • They should be made to live in one of these camps for a year. They would learn far more about the future which awaits their “grandchildren” than messing around with climate models.

      This guy is very lucid and speaks well. They should put him in charge.

      I really did not realise the US was this bad. Here in Europe there are a few Romany gypsy camps living in conditions like that, and sub-saharan African economic migrants piling up around Calais , oddly wanting to go to Britain.

      Wow , this is like a scene from a third world country.

      • thats why the local govt an police forces were going in and trashing/destroying such sites
        to try and hide the real and growing problem.
        making it illegal??? to offer a homeless person a meal?
        to offer them a bed
        some of your states regs are downright disgusting in their lack of care.
        remembering quite a few people lost jobs after the gfc that banksters walked away from with bonuses…
        some are homeless because your nutty health system forces people to sell their home to pay doc n hosp bills
        overpriced underserviced and frankly criminal health funds an pharma linkages to it all.
        throw in an absolute A$$hole like brown and seal the fate of too many decent people.
        hey my nations not perfect
        but if you need care homeless or not, you do get it for free. we all pay a small 2% when working to fund it.

  1. Gerry puts his finger on it when he says that the “Earth’s gonna do what it’s gonna do”. Governor Jerry ‘Moonbeam’ Brown does indeed show clear signs of senility. California would do better with Gerry as Governor.

      • Not quite as good as : “Teresa Heinz Kerry … wife of John Kerry, … advocated an unusual remedy for arthritis while discussing health care at a campaign stop in Nevada. “You get some gin and get some white raisins — and only white raisins — and soak them in the gin for two weeks,” she said. “Then eat nine of the raisins a day.”

        The unkind thought that explained a lot about her behavior.

    • Moonbeam ought to give him a “renewable energy sector” job along with all the homeless. That should keep them from biting the hand that feeds them.

  2. The reason governments like climate change is that it provides a larger but invisible (and imaginary) context that hides their real world governance failures.

  3. There are many who agree with this man’s view of Climate Change spending in California. None …. as in zero … spending on wind and solar energy will benefit lower income people. The ‘expanded job market’ that was supposed to follow renewable energy adoption in California never materialized beyond a few installers and is decreasing as subsidies dry up. Moonbeam is on a megalomaniac trip and really believes he is saving the world but it’s at the peoples’ expense.

  4. Imagine what could have been accomplished with all the $trillions spent on all the aspects of global warming…

    …we might not even have hormones in our water by now

  5. Governor Moonbeam has regained his moniker.
    He is a modern age mad King Ludwig, except we’ll have no castles to attract tourists.

    • And after the election we get Gavin Newsom, who, apparently, makes Jerry look like a Conservative.

      • A bullet train ridden by a fraction of 1% of the travelers, costing 10+ times what the fair charged will be to operate it. Choo-choo trains are a 19th century “solution” to 21st century problems.

        • I wouldn’t agree with that – the government simply subsidizes all the other choices lavishly.

          Think the airline industry is “profitable?” Only on the backs of the taxpayers. The airlines don’t build, maintain or pay taxes on airports, don’t pay for the air traffic control system, and get aircraft R&D essentially free from government military-related research. Part of the FAA’s mandate is to PROMOTE air travel – why should the government *promote* one mode of travel over another?!

  6. Blame the Media,if they actually did their job they would highlight the plite of the homeless and many other truly worthy causes, but they, or perhaps its the readers viewers would much rather polish their halos before going to bed.

    Homeless is not in the eyes of so many as the kind of news thtat they want to know about, sad but true,


    • And from a country that is No.1 in coal exports and No.2 in uranium exports. But she’ll be right mate so long as the sun shines and the wind blows. No worries.

  7. Not a problem. All we need is another study funded by the government social services division showing that homelessness is caused by global warming and carbon in the air.

    Then the Jerry Brown climate laws will be helping the homeless. Problem solved!

    • The far-left is winning, especially in the developing world, where over 100 countries are pseudo-Marxist dictatorships, based on their leftist phony rhetoric, but are actually just military dictatorships, run for the ruling elite and their armed thugs – see Zimbabwe and Venezuela.

      The left takes political power by promising imbeciles lots of free stuff. Then they destroy the economy, create widespread poverty and live like kings atop a ruined state – because you can’t be kings without lots of peasants.

  8. We have to appreciate that the Left believe there should be far fewer people on the planet so they care little about people. People in general are the problem. Homelessness is just not their concern. In fact if living rough lowers reduces the longevity of thousands then the greens see that as at least not a bad thing.

    • True Edwin. The left want to depopulate the Earth – many are on record in writing. See

      I served from 2002 to 2017 on the Board of Directors of the largest homeless shelter in Canada – some say the largest in North America. We doubled in size in those years from 600 to 1200 beds per night, and served 1.5 million free meals per year. Most of our clients are mentally ill or substance-addicted.

      In those 16 years I learned a bit about the homeless problem, mostly by observing, and asking staff who worked full-time and knew a lot more than me.

      Competent people like Gerry Damiano, the person interviewed in the film, can usually still find a job here, even though our governments have badly mismanaged our economy – but not as badly as Moonbeam Brown has californicated his home state.

      It amazes me how we can elect such demented people to lead us – Moonbeam is the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland – he is batshit crazy. Most of the Dems appear almost as demented these days.

      I am watching with dismay as the Kavanaugh farce unfolds. Based on my understanding of the law, which is considerable, these two women accusers are fabricating their stories to do the most harm through deceit and delay tactics. I believe their stories are deliberate, carefully crafted falsehoods.

      I believe these two women accusers have agreed to lie to prevent Kavanaugh from reaching the Supreme Court. Their Alinsky tactics have a common theme – “No lie is too big, if it serves the cause”.

      But there is a greater cause that the left is destroying with their vile tactics, and that is democracy and freedom – the left have become traitors to the nation, and they belong, not in power, but in jail.

      • Our American Founding Fathers rightfully feared democracy as mobocracy. They read their classics, such as Aristotle Politics IV (Bekker) 1294be. Only the tyrants practiced majority rule, while the citizens elected volunteers by lot.

      • “But there is a greater cause that the left is destroying with their vile tactics, and that is democracy and freedom…”

        Worse, they are destroying the Rule of Law in favor of the Rule of Rulers. The presumption of innocence requiring the State to prove guilt has been abandoned for the presumption of guilt requiring the accused to prove innocence. Truly a throwback to medieval times.

        • It’s worse than that, they have also abandoned the very concept of people being equal before the law.
          One rule for the elites, no rules at all for the masses.

        • Well said James B.

          Rule of Law is being destroyed and that is the very basis of our prosperity and our success.

          Magna Carta (1215) is the basis of law in all the English-speaking world, including the USA.

          Magna Carta, especially Clause 39 and 40, is being destroyed by leftist extremists – they belong in jail, because they are traitors to civilization.

          Best, Allan



          However, look at the most successful and free countries in the world: the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand – all based on the British principles of freedom and justice, first established 799 years ago by Magna Carta in 1215. We owe much to British concepts of justice and Rule of Law.

          In the absence of Rule of Law you have chaos and poverty – as evidenced by about 90% of the ~200 countries in the world that are cesspools, where life is brutal and all too often short.

          Best, Allan


          Last year marked the 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta. I suggest these AG’s and Al Gore should actually read it, probably for the very first time.

          Magna Carta is the source for our Rule of Law, and the peace and prosperity enjoyed by all the nations that benefit from it. Rule of Law is now under threat from scoundrels and imbeciles.

          Cl. 39 and 40 of Magna Carta read as follows:

          [39] No free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possessions, or outlawed or exiled, or deprived of his standing in any other way, nor will we proceed with force against him, or send others to do so, except by the lawful judgement of his equals or by the law of the land.

          [40] To no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay right or justice.

          Regards to all, Allan

      • So far, every person named by Ford as a witness to the assault has denied that it ever took place.

        The one woman who has come forth to support Ford’s account stated that the next day the whole campus was talking about it.
        In Ford’s statement she says that she told no one. She also says that the assault took place during summer break, so there wouldn’t have been anyone on campus the next day to talk about it anyway.

        • Kavanaugh’s accusers are just like President Trump’s sexual assault accusers: Lots of accusations but no corroborating evidence.

          This is a typical smear job/character assasination by the Democrats. Nothing is sacred to them but getting and keeping political power and they have no problem leveling false claims at their opponents to get what they want.

          Neither one of these women is sure Kavanaugh was even involved. This is really a travesty of justice being perpetrated by the Democrats. They are the enemies of freedom and the rule of law..

          • If they win this fight, the only nominees that will pass from now on will be those approved by the Pelosi/Waters wing of the Democrat party.

  9. This speaks volumes about the dems promising everybody that they’re on their side and then ignoring them to pander for more splinter groups to assimilate. The middle class which bears the majority of the tax burden has found itself ignored as the progressives work to even out things for everyone with a global economy regulated by unelected bureaucrats. The poor are not alone in their abandonment.

  10. Well Gov Moonbeam is just following the money trail laid down by his master Tom Steyer.
    Steyer has all of Sacramento’s Democrats on a leash addicted to his money.

  11. I hear California has more homeless than any other state. The long row of ‘informal housing’ is shocking.

    I agree that Gerry’s idea for public expenditure priorities is better than Jerry’s. Where’s Michael Moore when you need him?

    Oh, yeah…

    • I’ve heard, but have not verified, that many locales ship their homeless to california to solve their local problem

      • Cube, that has been true in the past and maybe to some extent now, however, a bigger problem is that welfare benefits here are much larger than elsewhere and much easier to obtain. Because of this those on welfare come here in droves. Also, because the cost of living, especially housing, you can have a $100,000 dollar a year salary and still be unable to afford or even to find decent housing.

      • Cube, welfare benefits are so high and so easy to obtain that people come here in droves on their own. Also, the cost of housing is so high, you could make what most would consider a good salary and still not afford a place to live.

    • Washington State (USA) is getting much worse in this regard. There is a huge homeless camp a few miles from where I live, that used to be a large empty lot. Now it’s packed with shabby tents and shuffling people … very sad. I used to hand out coupons for a free meal and shelter at the Millionaires Club. The homeless throw them on the ground and ask for cash. They want cash to buy drugs and booze.

  12. Brown and the Legislature is owned by special interests. Just this week, the utilities got to rape the ratepayers for the fires they cause. It was supposed to protect the public utilities from going BK from lawsuits but it will actually benefit SDG&E stockholders more. And we have to pay those overpensioned and overpaid CALPERS and CALSTRS state employees who are racking up an increasing deficit of 8 Billion a year. Illinois is nothing compared to the coming shitstorm here in Cali. The problem with the homeless is they have no lobbying power like the public employee unions we support. That’s OK. We will all leave the state after Newsom starts increasing property taxes and repeals Prop 13 to pay for the pensions. See them at http://www.transparentcalifornia.com and http://www.publicpay.ca.gov

    • Funny you should mention crap. For anybody that doesn’t know, San Francisco has a phone app that lets citizens report piles of crap and needles on sidewalks and streets. I know in one week in July that there were more than 1600 reports on that app alone. I have also heard that the city can’t keep up with the mess.

      Now that California is about done as a state, it gave us the gift in Arizona of Proposition 127 this year. It would amend the state constitution to require all power companies to produce 50 percent of their electricity through renewables. It is being sold as a switch to affordable, clean, energy. A California organization was given $8 million to get it on our ballot. If it passes Arizona will start down the path of its destruction as a state.

      • It is interesting how many Californians move to other states to get away from the results of their voting but take their belief systems, those that caused the problems they’re trying to get away from, with them. This total lack of insight and logical thinking soon leads to them destroying their new home as they did their last.

  13. One third of all US poverty is in the State of California . . . thank you Jerry Brown!

    I wonder if Jerry Brown ever visits Skid Row in Los Angeles. After all, it is practically under his nose and he could walk there if he wanted. Instead, he lives in his little bubble surrounded by security in his gated castle community and only emerges to lecture and preach to us how virtuous he is.

    “Skid Row is a vast sea of broken people, rats and sewage.”

    Check it out yourself:


    Skid Row: a Hell of Homelessness

    Katie Hopkins on LA’s Skid Row: “A human catastrophe” (Part 1)

    An LAPD Officer On A Friday Night On Skid Row | On the Streets Ep. 8

    Has Jerry Brown ever said a word about this massive problem? Not to my knowledge, but then again it must be hard to see it through his blacked-out limo or from his private jet as he flies to yet another climate junket to lecture us about the evils of driving our cars and flying around like he does.

    Sorry Sasha, videos too long , but I see your point and the gist of what you are saying, has been retained. MOD

  14. and what does everyone else make of Mr Damiano.,

    I see someone with self confidence, someone who has done his research and is clear on the facts. I’ll lay down good money to say he does not drink or do other mind bending drugs.
    I see someone whose waist size is less than 37 inches – someone who has worked out that eating fat, as often discarded, is actually a very effective weight control strategy.
    Are not the high fat foods, classically streaky bacon and belly pork, quite inexpensive.
    By necessity, he’s worked it out – that eating fat keeps you alert, clear headed and sane.

    I see someone who is *not* a sugar eater and as such, recognises the ‘senility’ that eating sugar causes.
    Why else is Alzheimer’s now often referred to as Type 3 Diabetes?

    At what point/age does the disease start?
    Scary question innit?
    *Please* tell me it is *not* at age 3 or 4 when children are introduced to soda-pop, candy and ice-cream – usually as a reward for eating vegetables = things they *instinctively* know to be wrong.

    No. Money is not the solution to Mr Damiano’s problems. He actually already does know the solution and is practising it daily in his diet, even though he doesn’t know it.

  15. If you give the money to homeless people, in five years most of them will be homeless again. But if you use the money to build windmill, that will generate a little bit of power for maybe TEN years. And the homeless people can live in the windmills!

  16. Wow.

    I look at that man, listen to what he says, and thank all the gods ever invented that I have never, ever been remotely tempted to go anywhere near California.

    What a dump.

  17. I don’t believe Brown is senile, though it’s certainly possible. No, I believe the more technical term for what Brown has is “cray cray”. His Moonbeamship has left the planet. Nothing he says or days has any connection to reality.

  18. I used to work for the National Water Quality Lab (part of the USGS). We weren’t awash with money like some other federal agencies. We were a “fee for service lab”‘ At the beginning of each fiscal year, we’d receive some start-up money from the federal government, but we’d have to pay that back and make enough money to stay afloat with the services we provided. So we had to be frugal. Going to a conference was a rare event (and in many cases when travel did occur, it was paid for by another agency). So teleconferences were a big thing — and this enabled almost anyone who needed to or wanted to virtually attend an event to attend.

  19. I’m so old I can remember when the Left criticized the Apollo program because of the problems of homelessness and hunger.

    1) The Apollo program had a chance of achieving its goal and that goal was material to the world.
    2) How many trillion dollars have already been spent on increased utility bills, subsidies and assistance to kill CO2 in California? (California used 256 billion kwh (electricity only) in 2016 alone .http://www.energy.ca.gov/almanac/electricity_data/us_per_capita_electricity.html)

  20. Perhaps Jerry Brown drives it, but the US largest Metropolitan Planning Organization, Southern California Association of Governments, SCAG, is in Los Angeles. Extract from the introduction of SCAG Overall Work Program (OWP) 2018-2019:

    Without an infusion of sufficient funding, the region will not be able to demonstrate attainment of health-based national air quality standards and public health and economic growth in the region will suffer as a result.

    Hard to decode. If it means the mandate, funding and supervision are currently federal, perhaps they could be delegated back to the states and their own electorates and taxpayers.

  21. I first visited CA in 1970 on a triumph tiger on a ride from Cleveland, Ohio to LA. What a beautiful place it was. Over the years on business trips I had an opportunity to watch it grow and deteriorate under the leftist philosophy. You get what you incentivize. Free stuff has attracted all the wrong people. Those with a socialist bent have over run the state and elected idiots like moonbeam. I’d give it back to Mexico or maybe Canada and Washington, Oregon, New York and that entire northeast coast thing too.

  22. The suggestion that the (homeless) ‘problem’ lacks only money (spent on wasteful government frills and extras) for a solution is vapid at best. It’s a SOCIAL problem! Government flunks solving social problems over and over, and, of course, wastes enormous amounts of taxpayer money as its solutions fail!

  23. It’s sad that a seemingly intelligent and well presented guy like Gerry should be forced to live in such awful
    conditions. Could we do something to help him?
    And has anybody sent the video to Jerry Brown?

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