Ben Santer Protests Canadian Climate Budget Cut

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his wife Sophie Gregoire, and daughter Ella-Grace wave as they board a government plane in Ottawa, Monday August 29, 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld
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Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to climate scientist Ben Santer, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has so far not renewed “The only dedicated program funding climate and atmospheric research in Canada”.

Climate researchers press Trudeau to renew Canadian Arctic research program

By Brian Owens Jan. 22, 2018 , 11:45 AM

The Canadian government should renew funding for a soon-to-end Arctic climate and atmospheric research program, a group of more than 250 international climate scientists is arguing in an open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“There is a crisis looming for Canadian climate and atmospheric research that will be felt far beyond Canada’s borders,” the letter states. Extending funding for the 6-year-old Climate Change and Atmospheric Research (CCAR) program, which is set to end this year, would help maintain the country’s scientific and political leadership in the field, the authors say.

CCAR, launched in 2012, provides CA$7 million per year for seven research networks studying the physical processes underlying climate and atmospheric behavior. Among other activities, the networks monitor and model tiny particles known as aerosols, biogeochemical trace elements in the Arctic Ocean, and atmospheric temperatures in the high Arctic.

So far, the Trudeau government has been mostly silent on CCAR’s future, frustrating scientists concerned about the program’s fate. It has given one part of the program a temporary reprieve; In November 2017, the government announced CA$1.6 million in funding for the Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Laboratory, located on the remote Ellesmere Island in Canada, to keep it running until 2019.

Santer says international climate researchers are looking to Canada to provide leadership as climate science is sidelined in the United States. “The scientific understanding of the nature and causes of climate change are under concerted attack [in the United States], and our work is being dismissed as a hoax and conspiracy,” he says. “So we look to other countries like Canada for leadership—both political leadership, which Trudeau has said he will provide in this leadership vacuum, and scientific leadership.”

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The following is the open letter sent by Ben Santer and the other climate scientists.

Given grossly wrong climate science predictions that this winter would be warmer than normal, perhaps even Prime Minister Trudeau has had enough.

77 thoughts on “Ben Santer Protests Canadian Climate Budget Cut

  1. Maybe Tides Foundation should divert funding used to interfere in Canadian elections towards funding the collection of climate data.

  2. Free money from the US has been turned off. There are huge number of “scientists” who do nothing. They are going to find out what the unemployment line looks like.
    The destroy Trump media is going to go ballistic. Expect more smears.
    The US economy is at the beginning of a huge boom.
    The US Democrats are being destroyed, not by Trump, but by the expectations of their pressure group support base. As the US economy improves their base will disappear.
    Liberal governments everywhere are in electoral trouble. As funds disappear from their banks (on the way back to the US) debt will bite their false economies.
    US financed countries, pressure groups and dictatorships are going to run out of free money.
    The prospect of war with North Korea grows daily.

    • “The US economy is at the beginning of a huge boom.”
      It seems the Tump tax cuts in for the U.S. will also spur economic growth for the Global Community.
      IMF: Trump tax cuts will boost global economy
      ” The International Monetary Fund said Monday that it expects global growth of 3.9% this year and in 2019, an increase of 0.2 percentage points over the rates it predicted in October. It would be the quickest expansion since 2011.
      The fund said that changes to the U.S. tax code approved in December were responsible for roughly half of the boost to growth.
      “The revision reflects increased global growth momentum and the expected impact of the recently approved U.S. tax policy changes,” the group said in a report published ahead of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.”
      end excerpt

      • Calm before the storm. When it goes down this time it will be much harder to pick it up. Cause? Repackaged bad debt, again. The banks are out of control and above national policy control.
        Global economy means global rules, which requires global rulers working in the public interest, which requires a global federation of some sort. Obviously the UN is not that. Everyone wants the benefits of working in a global culture and economy but is afraid of implementing the controls necessary to discipline it. The banks are miles ahead of the public in this awareness. In the absence of a global currency, the money changers rule the world. They are the last on Earth to let go of that influence. Politicians think they ‘are clevah’ and are going to ‘win’ at the expense of others. Yeah, right. Everyone can’t deflate against everyone else. That’s a race to the bottom. Four % growth? Meh. It can just as easily be a forty % contraction once the defaults start (again).

  3. Simple strategy, create a huge cost/commitment to a project which helps friends and family, reduce it by a small % and have a buddy complain that its terrible to reduce the cost. Makes it look like its a balanced cost/commitment, which in reality is highway robbery.

  4. What right does Ben Santer have to put pressure on my Prime Minister?. Santer is an American citizen appealing to a foreign government. The US should try him for treason. We have enough trouble in Canada trying to convince Trudeau that climate science is a joke. We dont need fake scientists like Santer and the rest of the fake climate PHds he represents trying to convince Trudeau to spend more of my tax money by throwing it into a black climate hole.

  5. Ha ha. Funny.
    “The only dedicated program funding climate and atmospheric research in Canada is disappearing.”
    Yes. Just as Climate Change is said to be causing the Arctic ice to disappear, Political Change is actually causing this funding to disappear… I hope.

  6. There has been little or no real climate research done since Tim Ball retired from U of W.
    And since the Rhoschilds took over our weather his Hudsons Bay weather records have likely been “adjusted”.

  7. CA$7 million is chump change in the scientific research world. Especially in a world where supercomputer run-time for a GCM can run into the $200,000 range for a single large 6-8 week run. Or an Arctic field expedition to set up and supply a summer camp can run $500,000 or more.
    So, funding 7 research networks, that much doesn’t go very far. And it’s not enough to get anyone worked up over, unless it is the start of larger downward trend in funding.

      • Supercomputer time is expensive. And they require a small team of specialist IT staff. Most researchers have to pay for the supercomputer time from their grant even if it is in the institution. No free lunch when the electric bill comes in. The contractor is called in to replace boards and support equipment.

    • $7 million (CAD) for 251 researches is about $27K per ($23K in USD). Not enough to cover travel and living expenses to Ellsmere Island for one I would think. Surely they meant to ask for $7 Billion. Can’t imagine that anyone who signed the letter doesn’t expect to get a piece of the action.

    • I am pretty certain that you can model the same linear CO2 response and get the same answers from an Excel spreadsheet as you can from a supercomputer running a GCM. The same answers that still don’t agree with actual observations.
      Its clearly not a problem of computing power but of wrong model.

  8. “…Extending funding for the 6-year-old Climate Change and Atmospheric Research (CCAR) program, which is set to end this year, would help maintain the country’s scientific and political leadership in the field…”
    Political leadership in a scientific field? Lol.

  9. I was surprised when I read about this letter. I thought Trudeau was serious about cultivating the image of a progressive leader. Funding climate research is an important hallmark of such an identity. I guess when you are up to your a** in ice, you forget that your initial objective was to keep ice from melting.

    • Deloss
      “I guess when you are up to your a** in ice, you forget that your initial objective was to keep ice from melting.”
      Whose objective? Yours? Well, you carry on. We will be happy to see the backside of at least 75% of summer ice the rest of which should be constrained to a few remote glaciers on uninhabitable islands. Good riddance.
      I hereby announce my ‘War on Cold’. I am weary of the suffering of the poor and remote populations of the Northern Hemisphere and the hardship heaped upon them by the politically effete and their running-dog troughers. For a load of Yank scientists to demand the Canuks spend more millions chasing uni-horn caribou while simultaneously blocking our pipelines, wood exports and dumping NAFTA is beyond the pale. Pale, as in the cheeks of the children of single mothers trying to pay $500 a month electricity bills inflated by loony ‘renewable’ targets written into law by sycophantic virtue signalers. May Trudeau abandon all thoughts of becoming one.
      If Santer wants to save the Canadian Arctic, send money. Lots of it. For $50,000 he can shoot a polar bear and take the skin home. We have lots of them.

      • Thanks for your well-directed comments. Attended a presentation by Dr. Susan Crockford this week – a refreshing mix of straight-shooting and bare facts. Little wonder that the ‘establishment’ want to take her down. Made me think about who I’d like to have for a neighbor, and it ain’t Ben Santer!

  10. Ben Santer inadvertently speaks the truth. Budget cuts to the AGW industry are ‘catastrophic’.
    It’s all about the money…..

  11. Among other activities, the networks monitor and model tiny particles known as aerosols, biogeochemical trace elements in the Arctic Ocean, and atmospheric temperatures in the high Arctic
    This sounds like a worthwhile endeavour, actually. Too bad the tendency is to homogenize the data for political leadership purposes.

  12. Hahaha. Americans are going to feel pretty stupid when, because they failed to fund climate studies, they lose their climate and we (Canada) still have ours!

    • /BallBounces January 23, 2018 at 5:01 pm
      Hahaha. Americans are going to feel pretty stupid when, because they failed to fund climate studies, they lose their climate and we (Canada) still have ours!\
      You forgot to include your sarcasm symbol and if not your comment is just stupid.

    • Yeah, I laughed at BallBounces’ post. It was a good comment. “…lose their climate.” That’s funny.

  13. I note that of the 251 singers to Santer’s letter, I couldn’t find a single Canadian.
    I can agree with continuous measurements and other data collection. But, how about a few hundred thousand for an independent audit of the impartiality of the collection and the belief systems being employed.

    • That was the first thing I checked. You would think that if Santer et al wanted to snack on the Canadian beaver that they would have recruited some home grown game keepers.

      • Suspect Canada has some law that prohibits recipients of government funding from lobbying for funds. Thus, they enlist the support on non-Canadians. Just a hypothesis, but one that can be falsified. 😉

  14. And every mention of Ben Santer should come with a little history on this fellow. He’s the one who, all on his own, changed the IPCC report into claiming humans were responsible for the climate changing. He used the IPCC report to lie to people about CAGW.
    Climate change: this is the worst scientific scandal of our generation
    “Ben Santer, responsible for a highly controversial rewriting of key passages in the IPCC’s 1995 report”
    end excerpt
    The referenced article above is a good history lesson on the Climategate scandals.

  15. According to Al Gore, the science is settled so no more research is required and hence the world does not need to spend any more money on climate research because the science is settled. There is nothing new to be learned. The IPCC has been suporting the study of climate change for more than two decades and in all that them they have learned nothing that would allow then to narrow the range of their guesses as to the climate sensivity of CO2 one IOTA.

  16. Guys, it probably only slipped Trudeau-the-younger’s mind that the funding needs renewal and Santer’s pitch will serve to remind our Canadian Prime Minister that he is missing out on another vanity gesture.

  17. Eric,
    Here’s a correction to your lead sentence.
    “According to climate pseudo-scientist Ben Santer,….”

    • it was noted that there are zero Canadian researchers as signatories.
      Possibly some prohibition in acanadian law or funding rules that prevents scientists from political lobbying for more money.
      So this is likely being done on their behalf by international scientists.

  18. They shouldn’t get the money unless they promise to do honest research and quit pushing the ‘Climate Change’ hoax. But Trudeau, being signatory of the Paris Accord, is probably withholding the money because Canada needs to borrow it from China.

  19. The appeal to Trudeau to think of himself as a ‘scientific leader is probably not very impressive. He has better prospects. Canada leads in all sorts of things scientifically including theoretical physics, four wheel drive systems, avionics, industrial hydraulics, snow transport, subway cars and so on and on. Why would we worry about some piss-ant climate alarmists trying yet again to feather their nests by producing another tranche of goggle-eyed narratives about how the tree line will move all the way to the Arctic Ocean, where it used to be?
    What does Santer think is frozen in the permafrost? Twinkies?
    If there is one thing Canada can use it is a few million farmers working newly available acreage unlocked from the vast frozen wilderness blighting so much of the country.
    Oranges will one day grow in Canada. I look forward to that day. When they do, it won’t be because of cleaning up the Athabaska Oil Spill.
    I am all for funding great scientists to do great things. Subsidizing the climate equivalent of rum-runners is not on my short list. Rather fund the next IMAX or Canadarm. (For those who don’t know, IMAX cinematic equipment, at the time the greatest advance in film in half a century, originated in Galt Ontario, just a hop down the road from Waterloo.)

  20. Mr Santer should show his anger by thretening to boycot Canadain goods and services. If he believes that adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere by the burning of fossil fuels then he should stop making use of goods and services that make use of fossil fuels. After all, it is his money that keeps the fossil fuel companies in business.

  21. This is the same Ben Santer of:
    •University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit
    •“tempted, very tempted, to beat the crap” out of former Virginia state climatologist and AGW skeptic Pat Michaels
    Ben Santer = AGW shill

  22. Trudeau’s BFF and top advisor, Gerald Butts, was Pres and CEO of WWF-Canada from 2009-2012. Before that, Butts helped write Ontario’s execrable Green Energy Act which has more than doubled electricity prices and damaged the competitiveness of the manufacturing sector. Trudeau fancies himself as an international green hero, so this letter will fall on welcome ears. Trudeau loves spending our money to burnish his green bona fides before the international eco-elites.

  23. We can expect the most alarmist articles from the names listed in that letter. Chances are they’ll peer review each others… Publishing lists always holds its risk, that is revealing a network. Thanks Ben.

  24. Simple question, how does a (successful) Ph.D. or Masters candidate have time for politics? Not in my day. But that was back in the day when titles of departments, institutes, authorities, etc. did not have to be that long. Those that signed it may not be, but some are activists.
    This bears examination, especially to see which ones are real. Innocents may well get hurt.

  25. Of course it won’t be renewed, like the Arctic sea ice webcam programme and many others. The paymasters got what they wanted in Paris in 2015, so they’re directing their funds less towards scientific endeavours and more towards pure politicking.

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