WUWT milestone – 10 years

Foreword by Anthony, decade in review by Janice Moore.

Ten years ago today, I started Watts Up With That with one simple blog entry.


Since then, I’ve had 15,559 Posts and 1,902,684 Comments and 291,103,411 Views as of this writing. (updated at publish time)

Running this website, changed my life, and helped to change the world, if only in a small way. The reach is worldwide, where at my former TV station I only reached northern California. Now I have people who love me and hate me on all seven continents. Best of all, I don’t have to wear makeup to broadcast and sometimes I write in my skivvies. That’s freedom, yet just like running a newspaper, there’s always another story. You can’t go a day without publishing, so it’s freedom with a ball and chain attached. I have not taken a real vacation from blogging during that entire time. Still, I wouldn’t trade it. I’ve written entries from all over the world, in China, Belgium, The UK, Australia, Canada, and hundreds of places in the USA. Thanks to WiFi, I’ve written from planes, trains, and automobiles. In the field, and in the city, from Skyscrapers to a Motel 6.

I’m made some enemies in the process, but I’ve also made many, many, friends. Some of the people I’ve met have helped me though difficult times, others have inspired, some have kept me focused when entropy threatened to wreak havoc. Some have provided content when I was too tired to go on. I thank you all. I thank these people who have helped me behind the scenes, but I also thank you; the regular, general readers, the lurkers, and even the detractors.

A few people I’d like to thank personally are listed below in no particular order. I’m sure I’ve forgotten somebody, it isn’t intentional.

Steven McIntyre, Dr. Roger Pielke Senior, Dr. William Gray (deceased), Dr. Roy Spencer, Dr. John Christy, Dr. John Neilsen-Gammon, Dr. Leif Svalgaard, Dr. Judith Curry, Dr. William Happer, Dr. Richard Lindzen, Dr. Pat Michaels, Dr. Chip Knappenberger, Willis Eschenbach, Evan Jones, Bob Tisdale, Christopher Monckton, Dr. Tim Ball, Dr. S. Fred Singer, Kenneth Haapala, Tom Nelson, John Goetz, Jim Steele, Gary Boden,  Frank Lansner, Larry Hamlin, William Briggs, Dennis Ambler, Bill Illis. Jeff Id, Indur Goklany, Alec Rawls, Verity Jones, Joe D’Aleo, John Coleman, David Middleton, Eric Worrall. Dave Stealey, Mike Lorrey, Mike Jonas, Robert E. Phelan (deceased) Charles Rotter, Steven Mosher, David Little, Dr. Ira Glickstein, Dr. Susan Crockford, Marc Morano, Matt Dempsey, Chris Horner, Myron Ebell, David Schnare, E. Calvin Beisner, Caroline Kettle, Viv Forbes, Bob Fernley-Jones, Pat Frank, Larry Kummer, Kip Hansen, Rud Istvan, Kest Green, Andrew Montford, Barry Woods, Dr. Benny Peiser, Scott Gates, David Hoffer, Dr. David Demming, Wim Rost, David Burton, Ronald Voisin, Mr. James Waters, Richard Drake, David Archibald, Andy May, Jo Nova, Simon from Sydney, Andi Cockroft, Poptech, Dr. David Evans, Alan Moran, Dr. Jennifer Marohasy, Chris Field, John A., Mike Bastasch, Matt Drudge, Mark Steyn, Melissa Howes, Nic Lewis, Jos de Laat, Dr. Roger Pielke Jr., James Delingpole, Paul Driessen, Russell Cook, Joseph Bast, Jim Lakely, James Taylor, Charlie Martin, Leo Goldstein, Roger L. Simon, Lucia Liljegren,  Janice Moore, Marisa Mark, Ed Berardi, Dr. Robert Brown, Marcel Crok, Dr. Richard Tol, Stephen and Dr. Mary Graves, Juan Slayton, Ric Werme, Paul Homewood, and Josh (cartoonist extraordinaire).

Here are some people that haven’t been all that nice to me, but deserve thanks nonetheless, because they’ve given me something to write about, debate, and criticize. While normally you don’t thank detractors, I think WUWT would not have been as successful without them. Credit where credit is due.

Dr. James Hansen (who started this whole mess), Dr. Gavin Schmidt (who continues the mess Hansen started, er, well maybe, Trump might fire his egotistical ass), Al Gore (who turned it into a business), Joe Romm (who turned it into a hateful political mess), Dr. Peter Gleick (who showed us that crime doesn’t pay), David Appell (who showed us that condescending people can have a nice side too), William Connolley (whose acidic condescending behavior ruined hundreds of Wikipedia pages, and shows none of the occasional kindness David Appell shows), David Suzuki (who proved that you can scare children with Santa Claus climate stories), Nick Stokes (who has shown us that unrelenting pig-headedness can be a virtue, but has displayed occasional kindness), Ken Rice (and then there’s Physics, who has proven that one can have a degree in Astronomy, and still be dumber than a box of rocks when it comes to climate), Eli Rabbett (aka Dr. Joshua Halpern, who demonstrated a 10+ year fascination with snark and an invisible rabbit), disgraced former IPPC Chairman and apparent sex fiend Rajenda Pacahuri (who showed us that even Nobel prize winners can be scumbags while telling us we are practicing “voodoo science” for pointing out flaws in AR5)  and last, and most certainly least, Dr. Michael Mann (who led the way downward in science with small-minded thinking, pettiness, statistical murder, Nature tricks, and obfuscation). As Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. once quipped, “if Michael Mann didn’t exist, skeptics would have to invent him“.

I thank everyone who has made WUWT a success. This will be my last entry today. Later, I think I’ll take a nap and then go out for a nice dinner and maybe a beer. I think I’ve earned it.

Anybody that wants to contribute to the beer fund can do so with the “Donate” button on the right sidebar.

I now turn it over to Janice Moore, who worked for weeks on this decade-long anthology of highlights, I am in her debt. She writes:

This document was a joy to research and compile, but, at times, it was quite a challenge; it is hard to type with tears in your eyes. This is quite a story… To create a rough sketch of WUWT’s first decade, I tried to select a fairly representative sample, but, the sketch is colored by my own conscious and unconscious preferences. For instance, after the first couple of years, I skipped most of the solar threads (a worthwhile subject, but, well, we had had, by then, rather enough solar discussion for an anthology). (Note: the solar articles are easily found by using the WUWT Search Box (upper right margin).) Originally, I had a separate “HUMOR” section. I changed my mind and the humorous entries appear chronologically, mingled in with the straight education and current events, with the appalling and the dry, the technically eye-crossing (for us non-scientists) and the heart-rending, providing much-needed comedy relief in the midst of the grim battle for truth. I also started out with a “WISDOM” section, but have also incorporated those comments chronologically, sometimes separated from the rest of the thread (mostly to make my cutting and pasting revising easier!).

My goal in writing this anthology was to capture the heart of WUWT without distorting the original (i.e., keeping within the error bars of a reasonably accurate representation of the data, lol), complete, composition of WUWT. Please do not assume that because a given thread was not included I did not think it worthy. Some highly useful and or intriguing threads were left out due to their especially difficult technical nature or highly esoteric subject matter. Most likely, a given thread was not included simply for brevity’s sake. As to the included selections, most are merely summarized in this anthology, thus, I hope you will go to the original document.

Re: reader comment selection — Again, brevity controlled. I tended to include comments that were: helpful to understanding the subject or especially witty or humorous or touching or “typical WUWT.” If you want to see troll comments, while I included a few for amusement, for most of them, you’ll have to go to WUWT and see the thread. I refuse to give them one MORE stage upon which to parade their gobblinish song and dance.

Omitted text is usually indicated by “…” or “[ ]”, however, sometimes these punctuation marks were the original writer’s own. Please know that much of the omitted text was delightfully entertaining and or highly informative. Brevity dictated most of the omissions. Also, sometimes I ghost edited to keep down edit mark clutter. Re: my edits for style or grammar or ease of reading or for dramatic effect: 1) while leaving typos and the like in would have preserved for this anthology the flavor of WUWT (where no editing is possible), I chose to idealize, to a point, the writing (if you want the humor of reading some fun typos, the link is right there to check it out); 2) please do not feel embarrassed at my corrections – we all understand the frustration that is typing on a “smart” phone or into a WordPress edit-not-possible reply box or the understandable difficulty of writing in English when it is not one’s first language, and like issues; and 3) I sometimes left in an English-not-first-language writer’s very charming mistakes, their “accent” being such a delight to “hear.”

If a link does not work, try pasting it into your browser. (There were some broken links as of this writing, but I left them in for reference.)

There is likely a way (not going to attempt to give IT advice) for you to take notes and to annotate this anthology to include favorite articles I left out. Turn it into your own creation! See also “Ric Werme’s Guide to WUWT” (blue square in right margin) for WUWT Classics – a fine list of some of the best WUWT articles (several not included in this anthology).

Finally, a candle in the window for one who cannot speak, but who I know is there: Love is eternal, life immortal. “Death” is only a horizon and a horizon is only the limit of our vision.

Final word: Looking back over these ten years of smiles and frowns, of elation and agony, and of long, lonely, hours of hard work, this fact shines out above all the rest: one person can make a difference.

You see, [Anthony Watts,] you’ve really had a wonderful life.

Clarence Oddbody, Angel Second Class (before his promotion) in film “It’s a Wonderful Life”

Always. Janice

NOTE: This is a very large PDF file, 2436 pages!  Some may not be able to view it within your browser. Suggested reading is to do a “save as..” and download it.

wuwt-the-battle-for-science-the-first-ten-years (PDF 18.1 MB)


469 thoughts on “WUWT milestone – 10 years

      • And it looks like the endeavour is about to bear fruit in the new year.
        Deepfelt congratulations Anthony and thank you Janice for putting this together.

      • Yes, clearly this site has been pivotal in shining the light of day on the fraudulent behaviour of the key players in the AGW scam and getting exposure to the rest of the science that they try to prevent getting into the literature.
        Sincere congratulations and thanks to our host.
        Best regards, Greg Goodman.

    • Congrats on making a huge impact in the climate science debate and having a hand in all the big wins skeptics have received over the past ten years. There is no place online where we have had a better voice.

  1. Wow Anthony. My heartiest congratulations. It is indeed an absolutely huge achievement, and you, along with the others you mention have indeed changed the world – for the better, and I think too, we are all so the better. Wonderful work.

    • Totally agree with nzrobin. This is Brian J in UK adding my bit. Many congratulations Anthony. Your website is an oasis of sanity in a crazy world. Many many many thanks for your work and to your colleagues and contributors from whom I have learned a great deal – and had quite a few smiles – and long may you and they continue to succeed.
      Brian J in UK

      • No, while we had quite a lot of shaking and the power went off due to overhead lines clashing together, there was no significant damage. I live in the North Island. The main damage this time was in the Kaikoura area, north of Christchurch in the South Island.

  2. Congratulations. I wish you ten more years of success. Hopefully, by then, CAGW-itis will just be a dark memory of a time when smart men went mad.
    “and sometimes I write in my skivvies.” TMI
    “Dr. Peter Gleick (who showed us that crime doesn’t pay)” I dunno. He has yet to face justice. Just like a certain former Secretary of State. We’ll see if it pays or not.

  3. “I have people who love me and hate me on all seven continents”
    more love everyday and less hate everyday … as time go by

      • So WUWT is living proof that humans are altering the climate.
        I first started taking notice of climate by reading comments from, and articles by Dr. Willie (Wei Hock) Soon and Dr. Sally Baliunas at Tech Central Station, and I have no idea how I stumbled upon WUWT.
        I can assert that I have detected NO noticeable alteration of the Earth climate in any place I have been in those years since, but WUWT has seen climate upheavals, specially since cataloguing the important Global Temperature land reporting stations that were deliberately positioned on aircraft runways to properly capture the effect of jet aircraft on global climate.
        The lunacy of the watermelons in replacing the worn out “Global Warming” mantra with “Climate change” is classic.
        So you replace something that a lot of people are not so sure about; with something else that absolutely NO sane person even disputes (that climate changes). How does that grab you as a tactical move.
        Well they say that Military planning works well right up until the very moment when you first make contact with your adversary.
        The deniers of “climate change acceptance”; since WE all accept climate change, keep scuttling around like rats in the cellar, trying to readjust their story to account for the oddity, that we steadfastly refuse to accept that climate has not changed, and does not change, and will not change.
        Hey Earth to climatists ! We completely agree that even our local weather can show a daily excursion from high to low Temperature and back, that totally eclipses the extreme range of mean global Temperature that has persisted for the last 600 million years (+12 deg. C to +22 deg. C)
        So WE get it. Climate and weather do change, from place to place, and from time to time; and they ALWAYS will.
        Why is it so hard for you deniers to see that ??
        Well Anthony, the poor bastards have got us completely surrounded, so we can get at them from ALL sides.
        So keep it up Mate, and let us see how much change we can make in the second 10 years of the WUWT era.

    • Enjoy your beer(s) Ant4ony . . . .
      Many in the UK would not have discovered your excellent web site had it not been for the Telegraph’s mighty Mr Booker! (and don’t forget ‘Jimbo’ – who could be relied upon everyday to come up with links to ‘evidence’)
      . . . . and now, I’m an everyday ‘Lurker’ – you helped me make up my mind five years ago about the almost microscopic amount of man-made CO2 up there in the sky. Thank you Ant4ony.

  4. Hi Anthony. Congratulations! You have significantly and positively contributed to climate science. All the best for the next ten years!!! Roger Sr

  5. Hey congratulations on ten years!
    I found this site probably in 2007 or so, as my wife and I were making plans for our first child. I thought, “Well I’ve never seriously looked at this global warming thing. I should probably figure out what’s going on if I’m going to be a dad.”
    I knew the one side already – having been exposed to it since the early 90s from various articles I’d read, starting in high school.
    So I thought I’d give the other side some air time. I did some looking around online and found Dr. Happer’s congressional testimony. I found it fascinating that he was a) not alarmed and b) not convinced it was a bad thing at all that so much CO2 was going into the air.
    Since I was living near Princeton at the time, I figured I’d just call his office and see if he’d want to grab a coffee or something. He was more than happy to oblige and he gave me a great primer on some of the problems with the primary theory of anthropogenic CO2 driven climate change.
    Shortly after that I found WUWT, Dr. Spencer’s site, and the work of the Steves. I’ve been watching and reading ever since. It’s been a great learning experience, and the best part is I feel more than capable to answer any questions my daughter (who is now 7) might one day have.
    So thanks again, Anthony. Your work and the work of others does not go unappreciated and it most definitely DOES make a real difference.

  6. Congratulations! A job well done!
    WUWT is my go-to daily website for learning some critical thinking.

  7. Congratulations, Anthony.
    I have been a steady reader from the very beginning. This has been a tremendous project. You are right, WUWT has has a global impact. You deserve to be very proud of a fantastic accomplishment.
    Janice Moore:
    We owe you a debt of gratitude. I Know your countless hours of hard work have paid off handsomely. All the best to you, as well. Thanks for the wonderful anthology.
    As an aside:
    Way back in the day, I found WUWT from reading Steve McIntyre’s excellent site Climate Audit.
    These days, people find CA through WUWT. Bach in the day, it was the other way around.
    I can not believe how this place has grown.

    • And… Don’t think for a minute that a certain widely used search engine didn’t try to bury this site. That even makes this site more of a victory in science- all from Anthony’s inspiration. All you have to do is look at the web stats and compare the hits to see that out of those who care to follow anthro-climate blogs, more are returning here.

      • This is the largest audience of open discussion available on climate science. Why do the G-Men of the field not openly converse here, if their settled science is defendable. Soon, most here should be convinced of the “consensual” hypotheses and interest in this site should wane, sending it below the radar and eventually to virtual inexistence.
        This tells me that they don’t actually have the real science on their side. Just my opinion.

  8. Thank you, Anthony! I’ve been checking WUWT every day for the past 4 years. It’s kept me sane, even when the issues were driving me crazy. And it’s provided the primary source material for all my best arguments.

  9. Congrats. I wish you could end soon, but it appears the GHE/GW/AGW/CC/DACC story will be debated the next decade as well.
    PS. People who occasionally friendly, are basically good people.

  10. Congratulations Anthony – a wonderful site to explore global warming er climate change or whatever. As a layman int the area, I have been reading about this topic since the mid 90’s mostly through books. Your site simplifies my research and study. I can’t do without the daily information it provides.

  11. Congratulations Anthony, thanks for a rollicking good forum. People will look back one day and fully recognise the contribution that this forum has provided to extending the available knowledge and importantly discussing it. I look forward to the next ten years.

  12. Congratulations Anthony, and thanks for the hard work. If I only were able to visit one site on a particular day: it will always be WUWT.
    This is the goto site for climate information.

  13. Blogging is a modern-day phenomenon made possible by tech advancement and of all things, fossil-fuel powered manufacturing and reliable energy! It’s re-written journalistic rules and all-but eviscerated large sections of the MSM while genuinely altering the course of media-reader interaction along the way.
    WUWT has been at the forefront of this people’s revolution, educating, informing, inspiring and leading the way, often in the face of a relentless barrage of vested-interest criticism. Yet a decade on you’re still here and stronger than ever. For that Anthony Watts, many thousands of us around the world are truly grateful. Take a bow, Sir, for you have earned it.

    • +1 from me. all i can say is thanks to anthony for providing a platform for the excellent contributors. without wuwt i dread to think where the climate debate would be.

  14. Thank you, Anthony, for ten years of education and information on climate and other issues. The information and links have been invaluable for my own work. I look forward to the next ten years. A small point on “Dr. Peter Gleick (who showed us that crime doesn’t pay)”. As others have pointed out, Gleick’s chickens have yet to come home to roost. Gleick’s crime will pay him handsomely if his chickens stay away and mess on our doorsteps. Let’s hope that the collapsing climate cabal will chase those chickens back to where they belong.

  15. Sincere congratulations for your amazing work. Maybe not any time soon, but future generations will recognise your contribution to honesty and truth!

  16. Anthony, your site was the first I turned to to fight back against the disinformation green progressive onslaught. I was also pushed into working on the Molten Salt Reactor by your articles.

  17. Congratulations Anthony and team. This site has been uniformly compelling for ten years and long may it continue. I don’t know if a victory for scientific integrity is in sight yet, but there are hints and I cherish them.
    Thank you.

  18. Congratulations Anthony,
    You and your volunteers have provided an one of a kind site that brings great minds, lets them open up, and allows the less informed see what is inside!

  19. Anthony! Anthony!! AN-THO-NY!!!! Oh, boy, am I happy you DID use it! Yay!!!!


      • Janice you’ve been moonlighting; or maybe lighting the moon.
        I’m going to have to find some quiet time to download your missing scrolls, and peruse the past.
        Thanx for the great effort.

      • Thank you, George. I wish I HAD been moonlighting when I worked on that. Not. 🙂
        Enjoy the “scrolls.” I found them in a very dry place. 🙂 Isn’t it great they were written in English!

      • Nah, Pop . . but I was kinda reminded of those olden days as I waited for the PDF to finish downloading. That is a whole lot of work she did . . and I recently “warned” a commenter who was being somewhat dismissive/haughty toward Janice, that she is a heavyweight I would not take take lightly . .

      • (Well, just by coincidence, I had new internet service installed yesterday (the 18th), and got to see the increased speed by downloading the same file again ; )

    • I am looking through it now. It is quite the walk down Memory Lane.
      A Blast From The Past
      Thank you so much, it is an outstanding work.

    • That must have been a huge task. Thanks for putting one of my lame one-liners in.
      Congratulations to WUWT and Anthony. 300 million coming up!

    • 10 Gold Stars to you Janice, for such hard work and dedication, and 10 for Anthony, for probably helping to make Trump’s election possible by keeping many of us “little people” well informed with all the great posts and comments attracted to this great site !! Surely, America and the world would be a different place if this blog did not exist..Thank you….

    • As a newbie I appreciate all the work that has gone into shedding light onto the truth.
      Thanks Anthony and thanks Janice.

    • Oh, boy, am I happy you DID use it! So am I, Janice. I enjoyed it second only to Anthony’s exposition. I am supremely grateful for the existence of Anthony, and I always enjoy your contributions, too.

    • Thank you, Janice, for the compilation. Google Search is invaluable for finding good stuff on the internet, but I think I will find your anthology will be a good fast index of high grade articles in WUWT.

      • lol — I LOVED watching that ad (just picked the one from the 1970’s). Thanks for sharing that, Ben. Well, I do not sound at ALL like that woman “Anthony!…… Anthony!…. Anthony!” I called out Anthony with a voice much more like a little girl on Christmas morning would cry out, “A puppy! A puppy!! A PUPPY!!!!

      • Oh Damn , sorry Anthony I am for ever grateful for your site . It is hard to explain how much I have learned and how many avenues you have ( and your contributors have) given me. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. ( Janice pass it on) And btw the same goes for everybody that spend their time explaining complex things in a understandable way.

      • Well, Mr. Greene, you are very, VERY, kind (and courteous) to say so. Chuckling, though, as many readers here will, with a smile, I daresay, beg to differ…. I can be pretty feisty and blunt at times, heh. One in particular told me that he will no longer read my comments because I am too acerbic for his taste. Well, the man who married me would have to have a very good sense of humor and be very playful and love to have FUN (and be silly, too, sometimes, or, at least not mind me being “dramatic” and silly). I’ve found him, though, so it is a moot point (can’t be married de facto due to “circumstances”, but, in my heart, I am). Just fun to chat about, here. Smiling and smiling (and *blushing* a bit, too).

  20. I still remember your first posts on measuring surface temperatures and the effect of Stevenson screens, before WUWT started up. Congratulations Anthony! You have indeed contributed positively to the climate debate. My hope is that now, with a President who is not part of the establishment, we will finally get true transparency in climate science and that everyone (including those in the political sphere) will welcome respectful, robust debate.
    Here’s to the next 10 years! 🙂

  21. Congratulations Anthony for your work and your moderators work to create and maintain the best climate blog in the world.
    May you live long and prosper.
    Best wishes,

  22. Congratulations and big thank you to WUWT, Anthony and all contributors.
    (I joined in the late 2008, learned a lot and enjoyed every minute of it since)

    • Yeah. Me too Anthony. As you know I joined back then as well and, based on a few calculations/estimates viewed 50,000 pages since then. I have 30 bookmarked sites now and WUWT is just under Drudge, which is my start page. I love your web site and the way you manage it.
      I hope it becomes obsolete. I really do. Then it can become Anthony’s “interesting science” site.
      Thank-you Anthony.

  23. Well done, Anthony … this comes from a daily visitor to your web site and little did I realize I have visited your site since its beginning. It’s going to get really interesting now, so please stay put!

  24. My friend, as much as you might think you’ve accomplished, when all the returns are in it your contribution will be seen to be ten times as large.
    My sincere congratulations to you for bringing the ongoing climate science conversation out into the public arena, for providing a place where new and old ideas can be publicly examined, tested, and investigated, and for keeping the shiny side up and the rubber side down on this most cantankerous bus you are driving.
    I’ll close with the Spanish toast “Salud, y pesetas, y tiempo pa’ gozarlas” … I wish you health, and money, and time to enjoy them.

    • I measure my discovery of WUWT with Willis’ post of The Smoking Gun at Darwin Zero. It was an eye-opener on the sausage making in the practice of splicing and adjusting raw temperature records.

      And with the Latin saying “Falsus in unum, falsus in omis” (false in one, false in all) as our guide, until all of the station “adjustments” are examined, adjustments of CRU, GHCN, and GISS alike, we can’t trust anyone using homogenized numbers.

      So Thanks and Congratulations to Anthony Watts for the 10 years of curating this fine reservoir of excellent information and community. My gratitude to Willis Eschenbach for drawing me to this wonderful world.

  25. what a waste of time,
    no. I mean `what ! a waste of time ?`
    i was sitting in a cold house one night with most of the lights off and the family all paying their respects to Morpheus when I found an interesting website, one of the articles had just a simple file linked to it.
    Almost 3 hours later I stopped reading it and tried to get some sleep just as the dark was slowly being erased from the sky.
    hooked from that first `HARRY READ ME FILE` heaven knows how many articles and how midnight hours I`ve spent since then , learned a little too.
    thank you.

    • On the night Climategate broke here I went off and checked some of the data and text files (not very interesting), then Emails which kept me up too late. Just before I was going to go to bed, I figured I should check the HARRY READ ME file in case it had some pointers to other important things. Two hours later I managed to pull myself away and go to bed.
      When I heard it was getting hard to find on the Web, I created http://wermenh.com/climate/HARRY_READ_ME.txt to inflict on other unsuspecting (or suspecting) readers.

  26. A word of appreciation for your spin-off surfacestations.org. A great excuse to get in the car and go exploring.

  27. Later, I think I’ll take a nap and then go out for a nice dinner and maybe a beer. I think I’ve earned it.

    Understatement …another one of your fortes.
    Congratulations and thanks Anthony.

  28. I feel like the kid on the old Shake-n-Bake ads: “and I helped!”
    It’s simultaneously difficult to believe it’s already been 10 years, and that it’s ONLY been 10 years. I was awakened to the evidence-free nature of climate “science” a few years earlier, and was impressed when WUWT came along and seemed like a home.
    I know the first years were filled with people saying what one of my first posts said: something like “I’m glad to see other people realize that this isn’t real”, followed by a description of the awakening process.
    Well… today we have an Elected world leader whose eyes are wide open to the CAGW industry and what it’s really all about, so I feel very positive that the whole thing will soon crumble under its own excessive, arrogant, ignorant anti-science weight.

      • Janice,
        Colossal effort. What do you do for a day job? I often have wondered.
        An amazing ten years. I will send a contribution for several large beers shortly. Wine, scotch too, if you like.

      • Hi, Jan,
        I have a great education (Communication — Marketing — Management — Computer Science/Business), including a law degree (with an active license), but, I can’t find professional work. Due to life circumstances, mainly, I lack the 5 (sometimes, even TEN) years experience required. Or something. Anyway, I’ve been mostly unemployed. For a very long time. At least, I had a lot of time to do that anthology, lol.
        Right now, I am a bit embarrassed to admit, but the only job I could land (so far — things are going to get better!) was a Macy’s temp. seasonal sales associate job. Lol, another newbie saw me arrive at work recently and after we chatted a bit, as I walked away toward the break room to put my things away, she called out, “Have fun today!” I turned to see if she was serious, saying (very dryly), “Oh, yes. I’m going to have FUN.” I could see by her face that she was SERIOUS! She thinks that job is fun. Oh, man. Well, just wrote all that so you can know that such a job is very boring and tedious to me and the only thing I enjoy is talking with customers and helping them make good clothes buying choices.
        Thanks for asking — that you cared to know was lovely.

        • Janice,
          Thanks for your open and detailed response. Perhaps, with your varied educational background and obvious latent talent, there is a position for you in the Trump administration. He could use a sound mind.

  29. Yay Anthony!!!! WUWT has been and continues to be a great well-mannered forum, a place to learn and to share one’s observations and understandings.
    Thank you for making WUWT what it is and has been for the past decade…and for allowing me to contribute posts here for 8 of those 10 years. (Wow, my first posts here, about the contribution of strong El Nino events to long-term global warming, were way back in January 2009, almost 8 years ago? Yikes.)
    Thank you, Janice, for taking on the monstrous task of compiling the highlights of WUWT.

    • You are very welcome, Bob (there are several by you, in there). Thank YOU for years, YEARS, of excellent, free, science education.

      • As I think of the struggle against the warmists, I am reminded of the struggle of the allied troupes in WWII.
        Maybe the comparison not appropriate, but the fight against the warmists is just as difficult.
        Do not let up from those who wish to dominate us.
        Your battle, like that of the British had little support until the USA became involved in the conflict.
        It appears this may be a repeat of history.

  30. Well done. Unfortunately all that work goes in defending the truth of Climate. Refuting gross rubbish. It had to be done and you, Anthony, courageously picked up the mantle. Thanks Anthony. We are deeply in you debt. Thanks also to those who have contributed to this site. Thanks to Mr Trump who is a headache for the ‘other side.’ Now the boot will be on the other side! Just can’t wait for 2017, hopefully reality will come.

  31. A heart felt THANK YOU to you and all those who post for our benefit. Through thick and thin you have stayed steadfast to a noble cause.

  32. Congratulations. There is so much to thank you for.
    Thank you in particular for making a new watchdog where mass media failed so miserably!
    I have just put in a new donation, and I encourage everyone to do the same. 🙂 🙂

  33. Congratulations, Anthony. You provide an invaluable service.
    Thanks to Janice Moore for all her hard work. An enormous effort.

  34. Dear Anthony,
    Thank you so much for being there. You and your team as well just keeps making the heart of WUWT and the climate sceptic position beat every day and night every year.
    You contribute to world history, that’s the truth and we all know it. Your role cannot be exaggerated.
    All the best, and I can’t wait for you all to see what im up to next.
    Kind Regards, Frank Lansner

  35. I enjoy WUWT immensely. I rarely go a day without checking in. For the not so nice column, Bill Nye the “Science” Guy should make the list. Keep up the great work!

  36. As I said many years ago, WUWT is an oasis of sanity.
    Thanks for all the hard work Anthony.
    Thanks also to all the posters and commenters that keep me coming back.

  37. This is one place I can always retreat to for a bit of sanity, hoping for 10 more years as the mess is unwound.
    Thanks Anthony.

  38. Congratulations.
    Good luck with the next phase when this dangerous AGW thing blows over. May WUWT thrive.
    Now I’m going to download Janice’s pdf.,

      • First criticism of the editor – page 108.

        [Ed. And so, the (as of 2016, 8-year) battle re: carbon mass balance (and related issues) between Mr. Engelbeen and the WUWT Science Giants begins.]

        Ferdinand is one of the WUWT Science Giants too.
        Just because at least one of those people are wrong doesn’t mean they aren’t all on top of their science.

      • Thank you, Matt, for the correction.
        Corrected version: Mr. Engelbeen, Science Giant, and the WUWT Science Giants begins.
        Just nice to know you are reading it! 🙂

      • Thank you for the correction. Engelbeen deserves the correct grammar.
        It did read a little slighting. Which isn’t exactly your metier.
        And at last I’ve earned a reference – on page 1986.
        It’s someone else quoting me, but at least I’ve been proven right.

      • M Courtney,
        Although we had very fierce discussions with your father in the past, these were mostly (not always…) polite and to the point. It is a pity to miss his voice in the latest – still ongoing – discussion about the same, ever repeated, subject of the origin of the CO2 rise, but I do expect that will last forever…
        Anyway, I wish him the best for his heath and hope he will recover soon, at least to enjoy life as long as it lasts (in general much too short for everyone of us)…
        And thanks for pushing me to the “Giants” of WUWT, my contributions are rather modest. I don’t think my contributions ranks to the same order as e.g. Willis Eschenbach and many others, as my knowledge is far more practical than theoretical, as the latter is mostly forgotten after 50 years non-use…

    • It’s late here (Dublin) now,so I am just flicking quickly through the comments. I’m so glad that I happened to land on this few. I too would like to pass on my best regards you and your Dad. I think what Janice has said, will be echoed by many of us here.
      With respect, Eamon.

  39. How about a shout out to David. The collective name for the army of Davids who did the surveys for the surface station records

  40. This site changed my worldview back in ’08 and made me quite unpopular with some people. Thanks for everything you’ve done… so far!
    I look forward to reading the first 10 years pdf. (I have +700Mps Internet and it downloaded in about 5 seconds)

  41. Anthony,
    I’ve been to WUWT so many times I can’t count. THANK YOU for all you have done for so many.
    WUWT is the first place I head to on the web.
    The science…
    The comments…
    The commenters…
    The humor…
    The insight…
    There is so much VALUE to coming here! Your work and vision of how to bring straightforward information to people in such an understandable and useful way has constantly and successfully battled the dragons of deceit. No small accomplishment. Many are in your debt.
    You’ve attracted a cabal of commenters second to none that only serve to embellish and enrich the posts.
    My thanks to all who are a part of WUWT.
    Janice, a shout out to you for your love of truth and your boundless enthusiasm for the sometimes difficult search in finding it. The world needs more people like you!

  42. Congratulation Anthony for all your straggles and work, bravery and achievements , thanks to Janice also, and if I may add, the greatness of man is in the ability and strength to reject and not accept the illusion of the absolute power…..and all the corruption associated with it all……
    Anthony and Janice, you should be proud of your firm stand…:)

  43. Well done Anthony, perhaps you can now enlist the help of a certain Mr Trump.
    He seems to be of a sceptic persuasion.
    What an accolade that would be.

  44. Congratulations. I started reading WUWT in 2007 when I was looking for info re alarming temperature increases. One of the first stories I read was about how long it would take before 1998 was a warmer year than 1934 in the US. That made it very clear to me that the official temperature data were manipulated.

  45. CONGRATULATIONS, learned a lot from this, lots more left out there. Discussion at coffee today (ages 80-87) of various backgrounds (engineering, ex-military and others) showed appreciation for the many against the grain contributions of “skeptics.” Would that all should understand the difference between would, could and should.

  46. Congratulations Anthony. I have been reading your blog every day for most of that time. Certainly has been invaluable for me

    • @Janice. I am browsing the report right now and it looks better than the IPCC one. Thanks for the compilation. 🙂

      • “Better than the IPCC one” — oooh, thank you, very much (sarcasm). Seriously, muchas gracias! De nada.

  47. Anthony,
    Congratulations! I haven’t been here for nearly that long, but I can say that your site has been a delightful source of learning for me. Have a beer (or two) on me tonight. It is, quite literally, the very least I could do to show my appreciation.
    aka Brian Lindauer

  48. Congratulations.
    You are the current model for scientific discussion.
    Online publishing with instant critiques.
    Far better than the “science” magazines I used to purchase.
    Subscription/donation made.

  49. Congratulations and well done Anthony. It feels like I’ve been getting a daily ‘fix’ from this site for more than 10 years so I’ll take your word for that. Trust is one of the key elements that this site provides. We probably all had a healthy suspicion of the MSM before you started. WUWT provided the perfect juxtaposition to the line pumped out by the MSM. This site draws us like a magnate to read articles that can be readily commented on by anyone, provided they keep a civil tongue (hats off to the moderators & the great job they continue to do). Here’s to the future of WUWT and all who travel with her. Cheers, Coops.

  50. Congratulations!
    @Janice: Thanks! I checked your summary for the most remarkable post and it was in it: “low flow” fire hydrants LOL

  51. “Since then, I’ve had 15,559 Posts and 1,902,684 Comments and 291,103,411 Views as of this writing. (updated at publish time)”
    Many of those posts and comments come from professional scientists and those with substantive contributions. What a great way to celebrate your 10 year anniversary too, with a new president that promises to take the politics out of climate science.
    Long live WUWT!

  52. Congratulations Anthony on this important milestone! From the audit of this country’s surface temperature stations with your small army of volunteers to Monkton’s eloquent, sardonic articles excoriating the believers, your blog’s contribution to science and the scientific method can not be overstated. Keep up the great work!

  53. I found you (when I used a crap pseudonym) in 2006/7 because of one of your biggest fans, the writer, Christopher Booker, of the (UK) Daily Telegraph. He must have been responsible for sending a lot of Brits your way.
    Well done, Anthony.

    • I also, like Harry Passfield, found you because of reading Christopher Booker in the Sunday Telegraph (UK) about the same time. I have logged on, at least once, practically every day since then. Because of the knowledge I have acquired I have spread the word, to my many customers and beyond, about WUWT and encouraged people to go on it and learn the truth for themselves.
      Congratulations Anthony.

  54. Anthony ==> A million kudos, all well deserved. All the best on WUWT’s birthday — I owe you another dinner next time I come West.
    Kip Hansen

  55. Thank you Anthony and everyone else that contributes here, including the commenters! You’ve often been my only thread of hope and sanity in this mad, mad world of CAGW.

  56. Has it been ten years? I found this site after reading about global warming on Steve Milloy’s Junk Science blog. I have been reading it almost daily ever since as well as Dr. Curry and Dr. Spencer’s sites. I don’t have a degree in science but this blog and others have stimulated me to research everything that I can find on the climate. It’s also taught me to think critically and to lay aside my biases and look at the data. I now question everything, have changed my political leanings from GOP to classic liberal, enjoy philosophy, and I have a new found talent of sniffing out BS. Thanks Anthony from an over-developed muscle head whose calloused knuckles drag while he walks to keep him upright like out-riggers on a Polynesian canoe.

  57. I log on to my computer, grab my first cup of coffee and read this site every day and have done so for probably 8 years. It is part of my daily routine and I could not do with out it. A rare window of sanity in a very muddied subject. Sincere thanks and congratulations

  58. Congratulations Mr Watts. I am a former journaliste, now retiree. In this new world of information et desinformation, your blog is an absolute necessity. Hope one day a French Version will be available. Thank you

  59. I discovered organised climate scepticism late. WUWT was one of the fist sites I found a year or two ago and I have followed it ever since, only recently actually subscribing.
    Anthony, you have encouraged me to believe, in my own beliefs. I’m not well educated but had figured out lots of stuff many years ago. Finding all the folks on here who range from rabid denialist to moderately luke warmist helped me form genuine, reasonable arguments to the msm derived dribble on an extremely important subject.
    On a very personal note, my 17 year old, 6th form daughter (I live in the UK and 6th form is the last two years of secondary school, sorry if that’s obvious to everyone) went to bed in tears the other night. I contradicted her Geography teacher on GW so I was the bad guy.
    I suspect the good fight has just begun. There is a generation of kids out there who have been indoctrinated by Global Warming social terrorism. But somehow, with the Brexit and Trump messages delivered, there is a glimmer of hope, we can only hope they actually deliver for us, and our kids don’t grow up terrified of the future.
    I hope you enjoy your beer tonight because you really deserve it. Like it or not, I guess you can add journalism to your CV, and in your case, you represent the best of breed.
    Lang may yer lum reek! (Old Scottish expression: may you always have a warming open fire in your home [a lum is a chimney]) which seems appropriate right now.
    The Informed Consumer, aka hotscot (I have no idea why It’s so much trouble to deal with different ID’s on WordPress, I guess I’m just getting old, and fed up with passwords).

    • 17 year olds rebel against their authority figures.
      They have to in order to become themselves and not just little ones.
      If they side with their teachers rather than their father then… You’ve done OK as a Dad.

  60. Excellent work! Janice. I have downloaded your anthology and now have a document that I can quickly scan and search to find things I remembered from long ago but can’t find. I’m really impressed!

      • Hi Ms Moore
        I just downloaded the pdf file, great work, must have taken months to compile.
        Naturally, I searched and found some of my entries, good selection; I had few laughs reading the comments again. Thanks.

      • Oh, Mr. Vukcevic (and, do call me Janice, if you would), thank you — and you are very welcome. I’m glad you got a kick out of some of those. Your indefatigable enthusiasm and good naturedness is an inspiration.

      • Vuk, serious question.
        How did you search? My acrobat (in Windows 10) wouldn’t search on a CTRL-F. I had to read the whole thing.

      • M Courtney – I am using Adobe Reader Touch. Click on the three horizontal lines in upper left corner (menu icon), then select App commands. See search box in lower left corner. Hope this helps.
        Great job compiling the PDF, Ms Moore, but I think you have left yourself open to a charge of “cherry picking.” (Smile.)

      • Mr. Courtney
        open link with IE browser, -edit – find on this page- ……
        (Opera, my regular browser didn’t highlight entries)
        else use Adobe-acrobat search

      • Thank you.
        I missed myself on pages 1402 and 2266. And nothing has yet changed the opinion I hold since those halcyon days: We just don’t know.
        The Precautionary Principle leads to action indistinguishable from madness.
        But instinctively adopting the opposite position is equally as unjustified.

  61. Much congratulations ! – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this website and although I am not smart enough to be able to offer worthwhile reviews of the nonsense spewed by the climate alarmists, I do appreciate all you and your supporters have done to provide rebuttal to said nonsense.

  62. Congratulations, Anthony! I don’t post much but have watched and listened to you and your site from the beginning. You have provided an incomparable service to the whole climate discussion and have been instrumental in getting the pendulum to slowly begin swinging back against the “warmists”. Long may you continue!!

  63. congratulations…
    I came this way on November 19th 2009, referred by a blog post elsewhere,entitled that the climate change cat is out of the bag..
    met lots of great people because of that link, many on Anthony’s list, including Anthony of course.

  64. It was a pleasure and an honour to meet you Anthony when you came to Bristol for the John Cook shindig. Congratulations for what you’ve achieved these ten years, it’s been a helluva ride.

    • That goes for me, too. Greetings from Brizzle, where it is currently raining – which is decidedly NOT climate change! I failed to shake Eric Clapton’s hand when I had the chance, but I’m proud to be able to say that I have shaken yours

  65. “against stupidity the Gods themselves contend in Vain” -Von Schiller
    But you did NOT! Congrats and thank you for proving that one brave man can still make a difference.

  66. Congratulations, Anthony. I can’t imagine how screwed we’d already be were it not for you and the courage of a few of your colleagues taking the slings and arrows. There probably is no way the world at large will ever appreciate the debt we all owe.

  67. Congratulations Anthony. What you have accomplished is truly inspirational. Considering the vast (but generally entertaining) wasteland that represents most of the ‘web, WUWT is like an island of relative sanity surrounded by the ocean of Salem Witch Trials. As I was growing up, I used to imagine how horrid it would have been to be capable of critical thinking and living in (pick your year) 1800, surrounded by such vast ignorance of what reality really represented. When I got a bit older, I came to understand that nothing has really changed, merely the subjects of fantasy. WUWT represents an actual change in that dynamic by providing an actual and significant forum for discussing and critiquing the fantasy Du jour. While I am still pretty cynical about the capability of humans in general to recognize that our egos do not define reality, WUWT does provide a glimmer of hope that the trajectory is perhaps optimistic.

  68. Found your site in early 2010 when I, as a then naive accepter of the “consensus”, began to question the media pronouncements of the defenders of and apologists for Climategate.
    In a way, I can thank the Melbourne Age newspaper for becoming a sceptic. You achieved the opposite of what you set out to do with me, The Age!

  69. Good job Anthony…as I commented a couple of days ago I think the world is going to need the Denialist level 7 and his minions (you would be one of those Janice) Just because a huge predator is wounded doesn’t mean it’s not still dangerous and capable of inflicting great harm.

    • Thanks for that, fossilsage. I’m going to believe you and…… get stuck trying to fit my head out the door in about half an hour. (hm… where’s that can of WD-40 …. yeah, I’ll smell GREAT (not), but, I HAVE to get out that door!!!)

      • Just so you know I think of myself as one of Anthony’s minions. You know, one of those people that take what they learn and write too the editor and their congressman. My strictly scientific education ended a long time ago but it was enough to make me feel qualified to assess a legitimate argument. My political education began a long time ago and I know for sure that corruption is the biggest enemy of our people.

    • Referring to the allied forces promoting the whole CAGW concept, “wounded predator” is most apropos.

  70. Thank God for the freedoms we have in America and some of the other countries in this world, and for those like Anthony who have the courage and stamina to keep exercising and defending those freedoms in the face of vicious opposition.

  71. Thank you, Janice, for putting this together.
    But especially, Thank you, Anthony, for giving her something of value to put together.
    PS Did you ever find out why asparagus has that certain effect? 😎

  72. Congratulations Anthony.
    Have read your posts (and those of your guests) virtually every day for most of that.

  73. Congratulations on 10 years! Anthony, you have no idea how much good you have done!
    Thank you Janice for putting that document together. I was glad to see 2 of my comments made it into your summery. Here is one:
    Jeff in Calgary: “When my grandfather went to France and Belgium to fight in 1917, he was not going to defend the government’s right to suppress opposition!”

  74. Congratulations Anthony & also to your team of support.
    WUWT became part of my daily routine. It helped me to get a perspective on the changes in media land and on the “social engineering” dimension of politics. I now realize that good information, being of tactical value to many parties, isn’t as free as supposed in the “free west”. It is being manipulated and changed from all sides all the time. You have to dig for it, sort things out, and with effort you may find some jewels. With WUWT you may even find a lot of them 🙂

  75. “2436 pages”
    Oh my. I think it will have to wait for tonight. And the next, and repeat until done. 🙂
    I haven’t done a good job of updating http://wermenh.com/wuwt/index.html with good posts for a few years, I’ll have to pick some out of your anthology, and probably link to your anthology first.
    Your dedication here is awesome!

    • Thanks, Ric! YOUR list has helped me more than once through the years. I just happened to have a LOT of free time….

  76. Congratulations for the 10 years Anthony. You have given us a place where there has been a civil (for the most part) discussion about science and the human condition. Many of us have learned some things along the way, probably even some with initials before or after their names. This has been a civil group and I suspect that many people have met other and become friends that otherwise would have never met. For all that we humbly thank you and wish you the best for many more years.
    Congratulations from deep in Possum Kingdom, South Carolina.

  77. Anthony may have picked a great time to start WUWT and have the ten year anniversary today. When we look back ten years from now, we may find that a lasting legacy from President Trump was to start a period where the USA and other large countries began to realize that CO2 was not going to doom us all by the end of the century. Or decade or what have you.
    Right now, I’m looking forward to a “pause” in the alarmism and giving natural processes a chance to make a transition from a warming period to a cooling one or whatever it is that comes next. I’m sure it will be interesting!

    • But I want it to warm, please, please, let it warm!
      I don’t want my kids growing up in a cold barren landscape.
      If fossil fuel burning cause global warming BURN IT ALL!!!!!
      I would rather my kids faced a future of a planet with a humid, moist, CO2 rich atmosphere, that plants love. Equatorial rain forests prove it beyond all doubt!
      Ice poles are good for Gin and Tonics, nothing more.

  78. In a few of the other fora I sometimes frequent I often saw real bitterness and hatred in alarmist posters who would randomly bring up the subject of WUWT, just to spit venom about it. I’d not heard of it til then so came along here to see what all the fuss was about – and stayed.
    Those impotent alarmists know how much animated traffic there is here and how the tumbleweeds blow and the mournful wind sighs through their own preferred alarmist blogs. And they really, really hate it.
    Good job!!
    Cheers! 🙂

  79. Thank you Anthony for all you’ve done to promote sanity over these years. Janice, thanks for your contribution, I have it downloaded and look forward to reliving the journey.

  80. Off topic, but it just came out today and is something the readership should know about. Sorry to be so rude.
    Plants take up more carbon
    Nature 539, 332 (17 November 2016) doi:10.1038/539332c
    Published online 16 November 2016
    Despite the rise in CO2 emissions resulting from human activity, atmospheric CO2 levels have grown relatively little since 2002. To find out why, Trevor Keenan at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California and his colleagues used ground observations, satellite data and vegetation models to quantify changes in CO2 uptake and release by terrestrial plants worldwide. They found that increased photosynthesis and plant ‘greening’ have boosted the amount of carbon stored on land. Reduced plant respiration due to the recent slowdown in the rate of global warming also seems to have increased this carbon sink.
    However, terrestrial carbon stocks will not offset the accumulation of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere if emissions continue to grow, the scientists caution.
    Nature Commun. 7, 13428 (2016)

    • The second paper I have seen that lauds plantlife for it’s benefit to mankind, but adds a daft caution to the end of it.
      This article is too early to include, but I suspect there will be a lot of scientific wriggling in the not too distant future as Trump stamps his authority. Even if he doesn’t, there will be many rats fleeing the AGW ship just in case.

  81. Congratulations on ten years, and to Anthony and the rest of the moderators and contributors who keep an inherently disorderly project looking nearly seamless. It only look easy from the outside.

  82. Anthony, you’re a hero. When the Great Global Warming Hoax collapses I will campaign for your honorary knighthood. Arise, Sir Anthony!

  83. Wow – a decade and not a day goes by that there isn’t more and more and more …
    Thanks Anthony (and Janice!)

  84. Thank you Anthony. I don’t know what to say except that what you have achieved here is absolutely incredible. I visit everyday although I only occasionally comment. Take care now and enjoy that beer.

  85. The truth should never go out of fashion nor the search to find it.
    Congratulations and thank you Anthony.

  86. Anthony, a wonderful contribution to the advancement of science. My best congratulations

  87. I once suggested Steve McIntyre should receive a Pulitzer Prize for his work in climate blogs: I now realise that there should be one for a certain Mr A Watts.

  88. In at least one respect, Anthony is a superior human being.
    The example I would use to illustrate the point is the open source software movement. Arguably the father of the movement is Richard Stallman, a hard working, dedicated genius. He did so much but his attempt at an operating system, Hurd, went nowhere. Linux, led by Linus Tovalds, took off and took over the world. Why did that happen?
    Linus shared all of Richard’s sterling characteristics but he was way easier to work with. Because of his personal characteristics, a community of programmers gathered around Linus and the rest is history.
    WUWT is an amazing place because of Anthony’s personal characteristics. My hat is off to him. There are few people like him.

    • Linus is easy to work with? Try telling him he is factually wrong, and present evidence, and see just how easy he is to work with. I stopped attempting to provide any assistance to the Linux movement in 1995 as a result of his inability to recognize the functionality of BAT registers in PowerPC.
      RMS is mostly hard to be around when there is poor ventilation, otherwise he always seemed open to technical arguments with merit (but “Software should be free” is unquestionable and vi has no merit).

      • … his inability to recognize the functionality of BAT registers in PowerPC.

        He has made remarks that make me think he thinks drivers are black magic. Maybe he’s hardware averse.

        “Software should be free” is unquestionable and vi has no merit

        Vi reminds me of edlin. It’s what you would do if you were really hardware constrained.

  89. Congratulations to Antony and all who write, moderate contribute at WUWT: Its been an almost daily visit for me for nearly 10 years, an oasis of sanity, and a source of lots of material that I’ve passed to friends, foes in the climate wars, including contributing to a Dubai radio program called Dubai eye

  90. Thank you Anthony for ten years of truth and indeed interest and thank you Janice for reminding us of the birthday.
    I’ll drink a toast to you both shortly.

  91. Congratulations, and THANK YOU. For a non-Canadian climate blog, its pretty good (pardon my partisanship :-))
    Funny how your critics think that you are so obviously well-funded. It never occurs to them that you don’t need to spend, say, a billion dollars to win an election or something.

  92. Happy birthday, WUWT, and many happy returns!
    There should be a little present in the tip can…

  93. I’ve been coming here most days for almost ten years to further my education. I started out really dumb but thanks to Antony and his many supporters I’m a little less dumb today. What a journey. Thank you.

  94. WUWT is a significant and daily part of my life, and has been from the very earliest days, 9.9 years ago! Very best wishes for the future, at the personal level and at the Blog level.
    Many thanks to you for continuous inspiration, and to our unmatched technical contributors, who have helped immensely in generating the impressive reputation of this site.

  95. Proud to have been a lurker for all 10 of these years!
    WUWT is a bastion and beacon of climate and science common sense, objectivity, and great discussion from contributors and commenters.
    Thanks to all involved!

  96. I guess I should really thank RealClimate. If they hadn’t be so rude when I was first trying to understand climate science, I would have quit searching and not found Watts Up With That.
    I guess that would have been somewhere about the first of 2007. Doesn’t seem that long ago
    Congratulations and Thanks.

  97. Congratulations, and many thanks, Anthony. As one who stumbled onto this battlefield a few weeks before CG1 – which is now rapidly approaching its seventh anniversary – I cannot tell you how much I have learned from your posts and those of your guest contributors and, of course, the many commenters.
    Janice, my hat’s off to you for your awesome commemorative compilation – and my thanks for the honourable mention you accorded me as we observed WUWT passing the 100,000,000 visit milestone in early 2012. And I see that pretty soon WUWT will have tripled that record:-)

    • Thank you, Hilary (you need to comment here more often — your writing is especially sharp and your insights very keen).
      Thanks, Susan! Here’s to YOU, our very own (how cool is that! very!) polar bear expert! *clink*

  98. i always wondered what the first post on WUWT would look like….
    i never thought it would have been THAT basic hahahahahahaha but anyway i wonder if you ever thought it to become this big? i think not 🙂
    congrats it’s 10 years of magnificent work!

  99. Icecap was my go to page and I think one day there was a link here and the rest is history.
    Best climate/weather blog ever.
    Also, who’s Brittany and Kfed………..?

  100. Anthony
    First congratulations
    What an amazing effort
    Pioneers deserve respect and you have mine
    But could I suggest to your list of contributors the late Prof Bob Carter from Australia
    I will be kicking in. $100

  101. As a long time lurker, then briefly active, now lurker again; I applaud the highlight real that Janice has produced.
    But everyone must have a few others they remember. What else do you recall?>
    For me there was that ‘CO2 will freeze in Antarctica post’. It was the moment when the blog went from small town science gossip to a real science blog. A Milestone.
    The idea was wrong – obviously so. And it was not batted around for a laugh. It was knocked down.
    That’s science.
    And I also liked some of the political discussions before the far-right found the site on mass and refused to debate.

  102. 10 years. What is the big deal. I worked two of my several jobs for 20 plus years and no one even noted the tenth anniversary. Anthony, you have a great website, you are a great friend and a hero of mine. Now, cancel the celebration and get back to work. The next eight years (the Trump administration) will be super big for you and your website. Hundreds of thousands of people are going to become interested the skeptical view of global warming/ climate change. I have already noted an uptick for my essay. Your site is about to explode with new readers. Do your best work starting now and don’t stop until the victory is yours.

    • John Coleman wrote:
      “I worked two of my several jobs for 20 plus years and no one even noted the tenth anniversary.”
      Whoa! In that case, John, Happy 10th Anniversary! Better late than never — and now you can celebrate another 10 year milestone: a decade of contributions to WUWT. Happy 10th Anniversary here, too (and please keep posting your interesting charts. They’re worth saving.)
      You also made an excellent point regarding the next 8 years: Instead of being on the defensive, skeptics of the *ahem* trumped-up CAGW scare/false alarm can enjoy a bit of schadenfreude for a change, now that the shoe is on the other foot.
      Up until now ≈97% of Big Media’s pixels have been ridiculously one-sided, so it will be fascinating watching their reaction to the President-elect’s campaign promises (posted well before the election).
      Here are a few examples:
      …• 5th: I will lift the restrictions on the production of $50 trillion dollars’ worth of job-producing American energy reserves, including shale, oil, natural gas, and clean coal.
      • 6th: Lift the Obama-Clinton roadblocks and allow vital energy infrastructure projects, like the Keystone Pipeline, to move forward
      • 7th: Cancel billions in payments to U.N.’s Climate Change programs, and use the money to fix America’s water and environmental infrastructure…

      We can almost hear ‘journalists’ heads beginning to explode in newsrooms from NYC to Bonn. If you listen closely, it sounds just like a carbon-spewing 1967 V-8 muscle car, accelerating over an acre of bubble wrap…
      And now we know why Janice Moore hasn’t been commenting as much lately. Reading her compilation will take some time, but it looks to be very thorough. Kudos to Janice for all the time and effort she’s put into it.
      (I’d also like to add my personal thanks, Janice, for your unwavering support of scientific skepticism over the years. On top of that, you’re a truly good person — a rare quality that comes through clearly in your comments.)
      Finally, here’s a report straight from the trenches: Mrs. S and I just returned from a 10-day cruise around the Sandwich Islands, so I haven’t posted anything for a while. But we met plenty of folks there, and naturally the recent election was the hot topic. Interestingly, the number of Hillary supporters on board was about the same as the number of Warmists here who have been busy congratulating Anthony for his impressive achievement (essentially, zero).
      Since the Warmist crowd seems to be MIA here, I’ll say it for them:
      ‘Anthony, please accept our sincerest thanks for not censoring us like most warmist blogs do to skeptics of our “dangerous man-made global warming” false alarm.’
      Even formerly reputable publications like SciAm, NatGeo, and The Economist now expunge uncomfortable comments by skeptics — so enjoy free speech while it lasts.
      The internet lis the last bastion of truly free speech, with sites like WUWT keeping the Scientific Method alive. But the concept of free speech might require life support soon, since the lame duck President just gave away U.S. control of the internet…
      …and we might remember this era as ‘the good old days’.

      • Dear D.B.,
        Thank you. And what a fine essay you wrote there! Not just for the worthwhile content, but for the great style! I wish it could be made into a post of its own. You are not just a disciplined engineer-thinker, you are a fine writer.
        Thank you for your years of dedication behind the scenes….. the wind, so often, beneath the wings of the WUWT eagle.
        VERY glad to hear that your long silence was only due to you and Mrs. D.B. having a wonderful time! Yay! 🙂
        Take care,

  103. Congratulations, Anthony. Very well done indeed. Incomparable. And, your contributions were literally indispensable (such as demonstrating the poor quality of the land temperature recording system).
    We often don’t know where God leads us, and, like climbing a mountain, we sometimes do not understand our progress except in retrospect. Let me offer you a thought for the future. The current battle will continue, but it is possible to imagine that the tide will turn. That will be marked by a simple lack of media coverage (topic becomes a bore). With less idiocy to critique, there may be less traffic to WUWT. Actually, I think the traffic will continue strong for a long while. It is a comfortable venue. But you may be faced with a choice as to whether declare victory and retire from the field, or reconsider the focus and purpose of the website. It may be as simple as pursuing truth in all the areas of science that have been spaded over in these pages. It would be hard for me to say.
    But, so far as I am concerned, the spirit and backbone for this website has been your pursuit of truth. It is the most important thing. You welcome all fellow travelers in the seeking. You rightly signalize those who squander truth and wallow in self-deception. It is you, your most personal characteristic. You have lived according to that great dictum: “One word of truth shall outweigh the world.” You thank all your supporters, in your humility. But without you, who would we have had to support? God bless you and keep you, for in this, you have been His servant.

  104. A sincere and special “Thank You” Anthony. ☺ Congratulations!
    Thanks also to mods and the contributors that Anthony has listed. And of course participants.
    WUWT has been a steadfast leader and challenger that has made a difference.

  105. I found this site from climateaudit.org and have enjoyed it for 7 years now. I hope everyone here screams bloody murder if Google and Facebook censor it as “fake news” with their announced Ministry of Truth.
    Keep up the good work and a special kudo to all those who help keep the blog going by working as mods.

  106. I’m a noob here, but an appreciative one. Congrats for the difference you make. $20 on its way to you for a fine beer (or two) with a friend.

  107. Anthony. Congratulations from sunny Queensland. I must have been lurking here for nine of those ten years and never miss a post. In future years it will become clearer that the world owes you and the likes of Steve Mc a big debt. And well done Janice!

  108. I may not always agree, but I think the world is a better place for this website, we all do what we can, and some can do more than others, and DO.
    and in the end, its the DOING we applaud.
    Have one on me mate,for all the hard work

  109. Wonderful work. I was thinking the other day, how it must be about time for “Watts Up With That – the book” to come out. Mind you – with so much material I wouldn’t envy anybody tackling the task! Thank you and well done to all involved.

  110. Congratulations. I feel grateful that I’ve been able to contribute a little to both surfacestations.org and here. You’ve given a voice to those of us who who otherwise would be silenced by those who brook no opinions different from their own.
    Barry Wise

  111. A well earned Thanks! I’ve lurked and learned. Enjoyed all. Have a good beer on me. and Janice! Wow! Less than 2500 pages. Amazing

  112. Thank you Anthony. I’ve been a faithful follower for 5+ years now; still the first place I check every day. Just about everyone’s go to site.
    Thanks you Janice for pulling this together.

  113. From a long-time lurker, thank you so much for all the work you put into this blog. It’s a wonderful antidote to all the lies, the dross and the smears from Warmist sites like the Guardian.
    Please keep going. The truth will out!

  114. Thank you Anthony for providing a decade of priceless information! Congrats, and have a cold one on me.

  115. Thanks Anthony for your refreshing “a breath of fresh air”, sanity check, upholding the scientific method, exposing the hype etc. Keep up your good work.

  116. Congratulations, Anthony on your immeasurable contribution to sanity in the climate debates. The difference it will one day make to billions on this planet cannot be understated. And thank you, Janice for all of your work. Your cheerfulness and faith are a light that illuminates the soul. I am very humbled to have been able to contribute a couple of grains of sand to the Mountain of Reason that is WUWT.

  117. Congratulations Anthony! And thanks! I am impressed.
    And Janice: a great present you gave to Anthony! He deserves it. And we all enjoy. Thank you too!

  118. Congratulations to Anthony for his new role in the Trump administration as Secretary of Climate Change Policy and Director of the EPA !!

  119. How quickly years pass, when the truth is our quest.
    But leave it to Janice to jot down the best!
    Our host always makes me a welcome guest
    whether posing a question or jabbing a jest.
    After all this time, of one thing I’m sure:
    If your theory stands here, it is factually pure.
    A place where enlightenment I may procure,
    May critical thought here always endure.
    Best wishes on your great accomplishments, Anthony.

  120. Not many ten year olds can claim to have made such an impact as WUWT. But the best is yet to come. Congratulations to to all the fantastic people who inspire, encourage and educate on this wonderful site, that sets the standards. I look forward to reading the pdf.
    With all due respect to the others who contribute, I think no one else could put this together, quite like Janice. Many thanks for the hard work, time and effort.
    I salute you all. Eamon.

  121. In Anthony Watts and WUWT we see reflected everything that is great and good in America: that the nobody can rise up and tell the truth and make the gods on their Olympian thrones take notice and bend the knee.
    Imagine what the skeptic case would look like if Anthony and WUWT had never been.

  122. Only been reading WUWT for a bit over a year but now any CAGW guff in my local paper gets called out and now there’s less of it so it’s working for me .
    Thanks Anthony and all contributors yeah even that Stokes nay sayer .

  123. I remember thinking that there just might be something to this Global Warming, but I knew the way it was being described to work was wonky, the came Koyoto which seemed like just your typical collectivist redistribution scheme to me and reinforced the wonkiness. As I learned more about global warming, the greater my unease with it became, and just about then the climategate Emails were released and I found WUWT. Wow I felt like Neo after he took the blue pill! What an education it’s been, even being a sceptic or denier as they say, I can explain the Global Warming theory better than 97% of the adherents I encounter.
    Thanks all

  124. Every light side has a dark side and a far side.
    Thanks for the light you have shone in the dark places and for the wonderful touch of thanking the opponents for being there.
    Schadenfreude and humility.
    In your own words if you didn’t exist AGW’ers would have had to invent you.
    They are good at inventing things.
    It is a shame that the topic has to be so bitter at times.
    Keep up the good work.
    Could you consider some friends to mind the site for you while you have a 4 week break?
    Lucia, Judith have people at their sites who seem reasonable and might be technical/pleasant enough to help.
    Or set up a series of posts with people over the 4 weeks and just have your moderators keep it polite.
    Thanks again.

  125. I sincerely cannot thank you enough Anthony for providing an objective platform for those who want to investigate whether or not there is, or ever was, justification for climate alarm. I was that person in 2004. While I truly believed in the emerging catastrophic scenario painted by the eco movement I had a niggling doubt about what was then the alarmist consensus. I recall how when I started to try and find an alternative view on the internet that all I could find was the alarmist consensus. Eventually, with your setting up your new blog I eventually was given the opportunity to deprogramme my previous blind acceptance of how and why the climate was being changed and take an infinitely broader view on the multi faceted topic. Unfortunately, the hype has now become embedded intergenerationally despite your and others’ Herculean efforts. Brilliant and tireless work. Best and kindest wishes Anthony.

  126. Congratulations on 10 years of excellence and $100 dollars as a start on the next 10.
    Best Wishes,
    Barry W. Larson

  127. Congrats Anthony. I’ve been reading your blog for 8 years now and it’s been part of my daily “web reading” habit pretty much every weekday during that time. Thanks for your work in combating what has to be one of the biggest lies ever foisted on our blessed country.

  128. Many great points above, so I won’t repeat them, but I do like this from Chris Ch just above: “Imagine what the skeptic case would look like if Anthony and WUWT had never been.” Thankfully we don’t have to.
    Anthony, I greatly appreciate you and WUWT, all the contributors, most of the commenters, and the opportunity this blog provides me to explore science and truth, and to search for a bit of sanity each day.
    Congratulations, and here’s to the next 10!

  129. Thanks Anthony – When the Final Accounting is done it will be concluded that ‘You Done Good!’ Outstanding work through some trying times.
    And Janice: Thank you also – especially for your good humor and dedication.
    I consider myself very lucky to have ‘known’ you both.

  130. Anthony,
    People like you are the heroes of climate science. ‘Hero’ is not a word I throw around lightly, but in your case it applies.
    Please continue your great work.
    BTW, I’ve added a donation, so please have a beer on me.

  131. Congratulations Anthony!
    You have made a tremendous contribution in bringing climate science truth to the people of the world and bringing the distortion, deception and flawed claims of climate alarmism out into the open.

  132. Anything that I say will have been said already many times, but let me send you my heartfelt thanks anyway for maintaining a breath of fresh air. I have given this website frequently as a source of correct information
    Ian M

  133. Wow! 10 years – I think I “joined” around 2008. It has been an education. I think I was always a skeptic, but your site gave me some hope that there are a lot of others “like” me.
    And Janice, I commend you for completing a great undertaking…I don’t know how you did it?…Long Live WUWT…Thanks Anthony!

  134. Anthony Watts has changed the world.
    There has unquestionably been an orchestrated world wide assault against individual liberty and personal prosperity of the masses, done under the guise of saving the planet from climate catastrophe. Those assaults have been greatly diminished and held at bay, due to the influence of the watchful eyes and insightful debate, here at WUWT.
    WUWT has changed my world, too. I’m a better man because of all that I’ve learned here.

    • “orchestrated world wide assault against individual liberty”
      It is an orchestrated assault on the nation state, as it is the structure upon which individual liberty can be asserted.
      Recent comments by Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama against “nationalism” are curiously anti-government as nations are pretty much governments.
      Perhaps their definition of government lacks the word ‘American’.
      Progressives are truly a new kinda strange.

  135. Congratulations. Yes, you really have changed the world. You, and people like you, are the lib-left’s worst nightmare, because you’ve allowed people access to information that was suppressed by the MSM in “the bad old days” http://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2014/04/19/clinton-wh-feared-internet-s-ability-to-democraticize-news-three-years-before-drudge-bombshell/

    Three years before Matt Drudge changed the world and how news would be consumed, President Bill Clinton’s White House feared that the Internet was allowing average citizens, especially conservatives, to bypass legacy gatekeepers and access information that had previously been denied to them by the mainstream press.

  136. I am in complete awe of someone who takes on an apparently impossible Herculean task and sticks to it as you have. You have been, and continue to be, an inspiration to me in what seems like a hopeless lonely battle. The War is not yet over – but every battle is important. The fight goes on. Cheers and thanks.

  137. This is a wonderful place, full of fascinating information delivered by great intellects. It has brought me many hours of enjoyment the past few years. Thanks, and please keep up the good work.

  138. I’ve been a lurker on almost every post since Mark Steyn wrote an article in Macleans mag (Canadian) on Climategate. He mentioned WUWT so I checked it out along with the “opposition”. Ended up here and nearly every day since.
    From the very smallest of seeds an enormous tree has grown. Now one of those you thanked above is about to re-invent the EPA (Myron Ebell). Your influence is about to make history.
    With heartfelt gratitude, MJ.

  139. Congratulations. I can’t remember how I came by Wuwt but I read it every day. And that, globally, is a stunning achievement as there are many like me: a non-scientist who got interested in science again!

  140. Congratulations Anthony and co. WUWT is a breath of fresh air amongst the CO2 hysteria. Hopefully your site will gain even more traction when people begin to question CAGW under Trump. *fingers crossed*

  141. Anthon – Congrats for all the hard work you’ve done. And Janice… a special thank you for your enormous effort. As a retired engineer, BSEE & MSChE I’ve always enjoyed studying & learning about earth science – but became very disillusioned by the slide into politically correct science & research. I’ve always had a desire to search for the truth and be skeptical until I have a good understanding of the subject. WUWT is a breath of fresh air in that regard along with Judith Curry’s blog which I read daily. WUWT was pure therapy during the recent election when all I wanted was good science & principles that I can understand. All the best to you…. 10 yr reader.

  142. Congratulations, Anthony. You are proof positive that one man really can change the world. And for the better!
    Thank-you Janice Moore, for taking on and successfully completing the heroic task of portraying the lively and critical intelligence of WUWT, dredging through millions of words as you did. Clearly a modern re-enactment of cleaning the Augean Stables with you as Hercules. 🙂
    And finally, probably representing a sentiment of all your published authors, thank-you so much, Anthony, for giving us a voice.
    To me, this last is the greatest gift of WUWT. When so many, free themselves, have betrayed a society dedicated to free speech and free thought, their society, by choosing and enforcing censorship, you, Anthony, stood up for those freedoms and protected them.
    In a time of corruption, honesty is an act of courage. Hail your courage, Anthony.
    (Yours, too, Janice)

    • Thanks, Pat! 🙂 It was really more like a kid in a candy, store with a small shopping cart, though, lol. Sure hope you can get your fine “No Certain Doom…” paper published! So unfair….

  143. Personally, as a long time reader, I’m sure I would have discovered WUWT. But CEI’s Chris Horner plugged your website during appearances on WIBC radio in Indianapolis at a time when I became hungry for info on the climate issue. You’ve been a big part of helping my lay person’s brain wade through the mess.

  144. Ten years have never benn so productively spent. Anthony, thank you for all you’ve put up with and all you’ve done. You are a light in the darkness and an inspiration to us all. You absolutely ROCK!

  145. From page 2172, Janice notes:

    Ric Werme: “Okay, but only if we also acknowledge Anthony, E.M. Smith (chiefio), Steve McIntyre, and all the others who uncovered the adjustments in 2009 [in addition to] Goddard ….”
    [Ed. While I have been using underlining in this anthology, this is the only post I have seen on WUWT that included underlining. Way to go, Ric Werme! The main reason I included this comment is to allow Ric (if he feels like it) to go back and see how he made that happen (looks accidental, but, the cause may be determinable and we might be able to do UNDERLINING on WUWT, now!).]

    No, this is my superpower, one I do not understand fully myself. It is one that various pretenders have attempted – and failed – to employ on the Test page (see the top nav bar). It shall remain mine and mine alone until hell freezes over, which people will blame on rising CO2.
    Actually, all I know for sure is that WordPress works in mysterious ways. I think underlining works for me when I’m logged into my WordPress account, but I’m not sure. I underlined superpower above (and bolded it here), but I’m not confident it will be underlined.
    I just went back and added my comment, with underlining. What I was trying to do was experiment with ways to mention Anthony without the comment going into the spam filter by embedding some HTML inside his name.

  146. Long time lurker but I’ve greatly benefited from the knowledge and wisdom here. Thank you Anthony Watts!

  147. A million thanks to you and all those who help. I came here, I dunno, about 2007 or so from Steve Milloy’s Junk Science blog and have been a daily reader (usually more than once).
    I hope you understand that you have provided a platform for so many of us who have no other means of expressing our views. It doesn’t matter if what we say makes any difference, it is satisfying that you allow us to vent, joke, add info we may know about and in general just comment on things. Thanks so much.
    And Janice, great work and much appreciation.

  148. Congratulations, and a huge thank you.
    About a decade ago, my sckepticism was triggered more by my inbuilt BS meter, as opposed to any knowledge.
    I accidentally stumbled onto this site and found that it provided the knowledge that was necessary to substantiate the alarms being triggered by my BS meter.
    I wish that the issue would go away, and we could all go back to the pursuit of real science; but in the meantime, I am glad that you and all the deplorables on this site are here.
    Consider yourself having my virtual beer!

  149. Congratulations Anthony!!
    You have done the world a wonderful service!
    Well Done to Janice! Whose poor mind will be filled with fun facts and data for years to come!
    as an aside – (Can we just connect Janice to the computer?)

      • As the light exits and dark descends,
        while most sane folks are drifting in sleep,
        hark! A comment emerges,
        sneaking into your thoughts,
        rebuttals should’ve been said,
        until wee hours flee,
        goldurn, ATheoK and his empty head.

      • Man, ATheoK — that is good! DURN good! Do share more of your creative writing with us in the future, okay?

  150. Love the site – thanks for all the time and effort creating the content here as well as all the great links to the range of sites that cover climate. Just having all those links is something the alarmists’ would never do. You can do it because science is about being skeptical and testing ‘facts’. Truth and true science does not have to worry about detractors.
    I particularly love how you’ll often pop up an article with little comment from the alarmist position and let the silliness speak for itself. Often, new peeps to this site don’t get what’s going on.
    I also love the comment sections as you’ve got the most informed and diverse set of science readers on the planet!
    It’s my daily obsession coming here (along with the daily flow game).

  151. Congratulations on an important milestone. I came here about November 2 of 2008, following links from Solarcycle24. One link led to “Real” Climate, where the tude quickly drove me away. The other link led here, and I’ve been back almost daily since.

  152. Anthony, you are a special person and are loved by me and many!!
    After this last week of pure joy and merriment from The Donald’s big win, THIS, yes THIS is the cherry on top Anthony!!!
    Live Long and Prosper Anthony, you are a true American Hero!

  153. Well, I made it through the whole file. Okay, just a subset. Okay, okay, it was the subset that mentioned me. I have my priorities!
    One reference convinces me that Janice did a great job. On page 892, she summarizes a post I wrote for the 35th anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald. I concentrated on the class of storm involved, and included several examples. It’s one of my favorite pieces, especially because WUWT readers greatly enhanced post by their comments, and Janice included the best of those comments. Well done!

  154. Anthony —
    Right from the beginning I recognized CAGW was a crock of shiit. That was “correct opinion”. I found your site and you offered me “knowledge”. Thankyou. Thankyou.
    Eugene WR Gallun
    PS — Have a few beers on me.

  155. It’s also ten years (plus a few months) since the cinema release of Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth [sic]” and ‘mann’, hasn’t the opinion climate changed since then due in no small way to Anthony’s blog.
    Thank’s Anthony.

  156. Anthony
    Thanks for all of your important work, and for all of the inspiration and entertainment you have brought to the world. It is a better place because of you.
    And thanks Janice for bringing together such a fantastic sampler from the past 10 years. A monumental task.

  157. Thank you Leif and others from the bottom of my heart. AJB is henceforth Alan Joseph Bond (an irrelevance), come into the light by what might be described as prophetic revelation to the subconcious mind along the way.
    You too can catch a glimpse of Dirac’s spinor on the foreshore of Dali’s Temptation of Saint Anthony: A hobbled angel with a chicken foot on the foreshore in this extremely detailed, lucid and fine work depicting the progress of evolution, our present geopolitical and enviromental condition here on Earth. If religious I might be moved to recite the Lord’s Prayer at this point:
    PATER noster, qui es in cœlis;
    sanctificatur nomen tuum:
    Adveniat regnum tuum;
    fiat voluntas tua,
    sicut in cœlo, et in terra.
    Panem nostrum cotidianum da nobis hodie:
    Et dimitte nobis debita nostra,
    sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris:
    et ne nos inducas in tentationem:
    sed libera nos a malo.
    Quia tuum est regnum, et potestas, et Gloria,
    in saecula. Amen.

    If Latin is not your thing, try any of these instead.

      • Thanks, Jim! Yay!!! #(:)) AND WHAT A FINE AUTHOR YOU ARE — we have been very blessed by your so generously giving us so much first class information, lucidly presented, FOR FREE. Thank YOU.

  158. Thank you Anthony for this site. I have over 1500 emails with references that I have filed on this computer for my children and grand children to read after I am gone, many of them with references to WUWT. We have agreed to disagree about climate some find it hard to believe Al Gore and the school system would deceive them even though I have been trying get them to look at the “real” science and geologic history for 40 years. I have been bookmarking articles for them to read since the late 1990’s across four different computer platforms. I referenced where they are how to read them in my will. I gave up having face to face discussions with them as they have been highly indoctrinated by the education and political system. Well, not quite. I have convinced one son to consider the history of the earth as he has a bent that way. Perhaps they will be more open minded about science once their biased father is no longer presenting arguments that don’t fit the leftist agenda some of them have bought into.
    Thank you Janice for your “anthology”. I will be adding it into the list of things I leave to my children and grand children as part of their reading for when I am gone. It will be specifically referenced in my will, and hopefully when they read it, they will get an idea of some balance between natural and human caused effects, positive and negative. I have always tried to explain to them just how little we know as the more we know, the more we know that we don’t know. I have been following climate for 60 years, and while something new may pop up in the future that is worrying, I have been downhill skiing every winter for over 60 years and am currently skiing at Banff, Alberta where the Sunshine ski hill opened a week early this year and Lake Louise opened a week late – weather – not climate. The fear of lack of snow for resorts seems to have been over rated. I have seen good snow years and poor snow years for 70 plus years.
    I hope someday WUWT might be suggested/required reading for kids studying climate so they are exposed to multiple facets of the climate discussion.
    As an old retired engineer, I know there are all sorts of impacts from human activities. I spend a lot of time in the back country hiking, skiing and horseback from Northern Alberta to southern Arizona. And I have spent time working overseas. I see the impact we humans have although my impression is that it is small in spite of the large amount of annoying detritus we leave behind. We can do better. I teach my offspring to do better. I try to get them to look at sites like WUWT so they can work to do better without fearing that the world is coming to an end. I suspect that in spite of ourselves and our huge human egos, the net effect is likely small, and most certainly beneficial overall. Try running a modern city without modern conveniences. In fact, I found it interesting to pass a huge VESTAS diesel service truck when I was driving to the ski hill today. Seems even the wind is diesel dependent.
    Thanks to so many of the contributors who continue to teach an old dog.
    I wish WUWT a second great decade along with all the other contributors.
    Wayne Delbeke
    From 45 km north of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada, in the boreal forest.

    • What an honor, Wayne. Thank you for paying me such a high compliment. Your family was blessed with a fine legacy just in knowing you, someone so very concerned about their intellectual purity. I’m mentioned in your will…. that is really moving. Wow.

    • Wayne, I too have used WUWT and (Jo Nova’s) site to help my boys learn to use their reason. My oldest, when he was in grade 11, had to write an essay on global warming. I advised him to write the opposite side, and gave these sites for him to reference. His teacher, though being a lefty, was impressed enough with his methodology that he gave my boy an A!
      I wonder from time to time if this teacher is now a regular reader of these sites – 🙂

    • Hi, Alan Joseph Bond,
      I am only a beginner mathematician, but, I wanted to LEARN and that wikipedia entry had a bit that was confusing to me. (I’m going to write the notation out mostly in plain English, for I can’t readily find the math symbols to use)
      Q: Why does the wiki author define the term, “p (to the µ power) = {+ – √m2 + … }”? The equation uses p (sub µ), i.e., just above, “px = p (sub µ) times x (to the µ)”
      Thanks for the explanation and I hope that AndyG or a real mathematician responds to you!
      Better yet, Mr. Bond, how about writing a post about it for WUWT (definitely an intriguing thing!)? Submit it to Anthony using the “Submit Article” tab at the top of this page. If you can, make it understandable to people whose highest math achievement is Calculus.
      Note: if you do try to submit an article and it is ignored:
      1) try summoning a mod (spell out m0derat0r with all letters) to ask why it was rejected. It may be that it was simply overlooked. MANY good articles (and Tips, too in Tips and Notes) are not used with no explanation…. . Three of us tried to get Dr. Pat Frank’s video lecture/notes on his paper, “No Certain Doom…” featured as a WUWT article this year and were ignored or, hopefully just overlooked. All that because I feel like I’m setting you up for a big disappointment by encouraging you to post an article for WUWT publication.
      2. Talk about it (the fact that you submitted an article and weeks passed with no response) on a thread or two to alert us all. At least you will get some sympathy…. (shrug) (wry smile).
      Thanks again for your super-brainy contributions above — classic Latin AND quantum field theory. Cool!
      Your very beginning level student,

  159. Thank you from Brisbane, Australia Anthony I wish our politicians could read your posts but their predecessors removed phonics from the reading method just before they started school. So now it is the “look and guess” method and most of them don’t bother. Take a break, you have earned it, and we will all be here when you come back. Clive Bond

  160. Thank you Anthony. You have done amazing things for creating understanding amid all the hype and remained a gentleman throughout. Thank you also to all the people who help you and who have contributed in so many ways. Congratulations!

  161. Just donated $100. I have both supported and criticized this website over the past 10 years.
    Please allow me to do both for the next ten years.

  162. Nearly a decade ago I would visit WU for Meteorology. During Hurricane season I would visit Dr. Masters blog. After a few years it felt like a CAGW religious sect rather than a Meteorology site. The usual appeal to authority and discredit the messenger was the SOP.
    I noticed they would disparage WUWT on a daily basis and after a while I began to wonder, what is this WUWT? I put WUWT in the search box and never looked back. Thank you for your time, effort and dedication to this site Anthony along with those who provide content, moderate, comment and support to the operation of the site.

  163. Well done to everyone involved, a great mile stone and achievement. Can this thread be made a sticky for a few days, going to take a while to read.
    Well done Janice!

    • Thank you, Patrick! 🙂
      Your donate idea is very kind, but, that would sort of ruin this for me — I want it to be a gift. THAT is a gift to me. It made me happy that you wanted to, though. Thank you.

  164. WUWT is a wonderful site. I first came here many years ago (not even sure how long) after clicking on a link in a newspaper article on Global Warming by Journalist Andrew Bolt. Thank you so much Anthony and all the contributors for all your efforts. I have no doubt that, many years from now, this website and the name of Anthony Watts will be remembered to history as prime factors in the defeat of the global warming fraud. They’ll be lecturing on you in the Universities! The irony will be so sweet! I’ve downloaded the PDF and I’m going to slowly savour it over the next few days. Thanks to you too Janice for compiling it.

  165. Congratulations Anthony
    Thanks for all the effort, hope you in sum enjoyed it. Not all coming your way has been pleasant but I assume you were prepared.
    The only donate button i found was surfacestations.org, hope you can convince the boss to buy you and the regular contributors at WUWT a round, that’s what my contribution was fore. You certainly have deserved it and i wish you the best for the next ten years. Or should I wish you the need for an independent outlet of climate science, facts and news will go away?

  166. Congratulations Anthony!
    Much needed blog in all these years and a lot of antidote against the one-sided messages in the MSM…
    Janice, thanks for the effort, although I see some of your personal preferences in your comments… I was surprised by the number of comments I have ever made at WUWT…
    BTW, FerdiEgb is automatically used if I log in with my WordPress account, which I only use when I -occasionally- can’t log in with my Facebook account, which uses my full name…

    • Dear Ferdinand,
      You are so very welcome. Yes, I admit, I had a point of view at times, heh. 🙂 Indeed, for YEARS, you have been a superbly prolific, dedicated, commenter! And, yes, as Mr. Courtney pointed out, a “science giant.”
      Re: your “nick name” I think “FerdiEgb” (with its evoking an image of the cuuuuuutest little dog in the world) is Freudian. You are, though a bit muddled about human CO2 (smile), a sweet, good natured, person, and fiercely loyal (probably cute as a bug’s ear, too, but I have no idea). (all that was partially joking, partially serious)
      Here’s to the next 10 years of you standing up as “the loyal opposition!”
      Your ally and friend,

  167. Congratulations, Anthony.
    As they say: “‘Them as can, do!” Them as can’t… well, we just leave our proverbial tuppence in the comments, don’t we?
    Keep on doing what you do.

  168. I missed this, but not the ten years. I remember my contact started with Stephenson’s screens and charcoal on snow. The thermal gradient trip through a city was eye-opening.

  169. Thanks so much, Anthony. It’s fitting that this year, the year of Trump and Brexit, should be the anniversary of wattsupwiththat. You, Joanne, Steve, and many others have made essential contributions to this turning point.

  170. Wow! Ten years, I remember the first time I heard about man made global warming and thought to myself: “Surely all our negative feedbacks can’t suddenly turn positive just because we pumped out a little more CO2 (and don’t call be Shirley!).” So I began to look around on the web and in no time found a start up website called WUWT where people looked at the data and methods instead of endless debate about the theory of it, imagine that, real science! Congrats Anthony, you’ve put in a lot of selfless time with greater returns than any Koch brothers’ funding could provide (though I’m sure that would be nice too).
    And thanks for the candle Janice, talking about horizons makes me think of one of my favorite albums “The Burning Edge of Dawn” by Andrew Peterson.

  171. I can’t remember when I started on the journey with you but I have learned so much and been able to counter so much of the twaddle that is put out as fact to people and lead a few to new understanding of what has been going on these past few years.
    God Bless
    James Bull

  172. Anthony, could I suggest that one hero of the revolution that you omitted from your list, though you’ve frequently referenced his work, is Paul Homewood?

  173. I’ve only read about halfway through the comments so far – but have to go to the dentists, so fast-forwarded to the end to leave my comment before this post gets too ‘old’.
    I can’t remember exactly when I first started reading WUWT on a daily basis, but I came here via James Delingpole (now at Breitbart) and Christopher Booker at the Telegraph,
    My sincere congratulations, Anthony, on your ten years of hard work. You HAVE made an enormous difference. I’ll add my thanks also to your team of mods and helpers, who all do such a great job.
    And to Janice: you’ve done a fantastic job. I don’t know how you found the time. You still managed to come and comment. Unbelievable!
    Got to dash… salutations to all the other wonderful contributors on here, who all help to make this such a beacon of hope, light and truth.

    • Thank you, Luc. I hope all went well at the dentist’s. Hope you don’t have to go back for a long time!

  174. Wow. My guest post, “My Personal Path to Catastrophic AGW Skepticism”, made the anthology! Many thanks, Janice. That post because the catalyst for me to start my own blog, Various Scribblings, the home of musings on science, politics and (mainly) tumbleweed.
    Thanks for 10 interesting years, Anthony.

  175. Congratulations and thanks, Anthony. Thanks to you, and to all the people here on WUWT…. I learned a LOT of things about real science, here… and I keep learning…. You really changed the world!!!

  176. Thank you, Anthony and the Mods. (Doo-wap doo-waahh!)
    The hook for me back in 2008 was your “How Not to Measure Temperature” postings. The barbecue grill present in so many of the featured site reviews still amazes me. The grills were so ubiquitous that the grills (or the lack of one) became a WUWT insider’s joke.

  177. Anthony, congrats on this ten years of persistent work and dedication. Good things come from our Soul and you have this. I pray this site will continue its dedication to proper and true science and with it’s purpose to discuss those things with dignity and respect.
    Thank you for all what you do.

  178. Anthony, congratulations on the WUWT anniversary! Let’s hope the seeds you have sowed grow and lead to an amazing harvest. Special thanks for mentioning my modest contribution.

  179. It’s far from over, but I’ve been cudgelling Fb-friends with reposts from the time you were taking issue with local surface temperature data records (I had spent time ‘next door’ to the station in Barrow, AK, and one in Northern CA that had been paved-to. WUWT has been on the bookmarks bar ever since.
    Hurrah for His Lordship!

  180. WUWT is my favorite non-sports website and I try and visit every day. Thanks for your awesome work and congratulations on your great success and longevity. Best wishes for the next 10 years and beyond, Fight On!

  181. Anthony – very many thanks for your dedication, integrity and sheer persistence for creating and maintaining WUWT. I know it has come at a high cost to you personally, but you will also know how much your contribution over the past 10 years means to your world-wide audience. You have earned the right to be honoured (UK spelling).
    I first learned about WUWT at the time of Climategate through Christopher Booker at the UK Sunday Telegraph, and also from James Delingpole. I now read WUWT every day.
    Thank you also to all the mods who insist on a level of civility from every commentator. That has helped elevate WUWT to its present pre-eminent position as the go-to site for true peer reviewed information.
    Janice – my thanks to you for your monumental work in creating such a valued compilation of all that is good on WUWT. As a record of the ‘first 10 years’ it will serve as a reminder, in the future, as to how far we have had to travel before honesty and science finally prevail, which they will.
    This just seems appropriate:
    Work like you dont need the money.
    Love like you’ve never been hurt.
    Dance like there’s nobody watching.
    Sing like there’s nobody listening,
    And Live likes it’s Heaven on Earth.

  182. The first 1500 or so of WUWT’s threads are not indexed by Category, so they are partly invisible, which is a shame. Anthony ought to ask if anyone (who is really knowledgeable about the site’s categories) is interested in indexing them.

  183. Congratulations Anthony! Many kudos from a a fellow Northern Californian. (And yes, we are different!) After having read all the comments, I think we would be remiss if we don’t mention John Daly, RIP, and the great work he did. He was my first contact in the internet world with thinking (and proofs) that were sane about climate. His work on sea level rise is still not refutable. And it was Climate Audit that brought me here. Big thanks to Steve and Steve.
    Thanks to Janice for all the work on the WUWT Anthology. Your grace, humor and faith shine through. Even during your dust up with Willis, your character shone brightly for all of us.

    • Dear McComberBoy,
      Thank you. That was one of the most horrible things I have ever experienced. Several of you came alongside and helped me to dust myself off, pick myself up, and……………. keep on commenting!
      Enjoy living where I wish I could!

  184. A great accomplishment Mr. Watts. The last 10 years you and the voices that helped you have spent too much time in the wilderness, may the next years be spent in the sunny meadows of the high respect you deserve.

  185. Truth in weather and climate this is the place! I send everyone to this webpage!
    An amazing Accomplishment this webpage is! Keep it up!
    One of my favorite episodes was the moron scientist going to make sure the ice was melting and got stuck in the ice. Then everyone got stuck and it was up to Nuclear Powered Ice Breaker from Russia to save the day!

  186. Congratulations on ten years! Let’s hope that sometime before the next ten years you will be able to have a blog about something else, due to the world being rid of this climate catastrophe crap, and no one caring about it. Except historians and psychologists that will study the bizarre time when people believed that a less than one degree change in temps over a hundred years heralded the end of the world as we know it.

  187. Thank you WUWT, and happy 10th anniversary!
    I thank God for the morning AW woke up and decided to look at the difference between white paints on surface stations….
    And for WUWT, one of the major inputs they’ve never been able to model!
    And it goes without saying, WUWT couldn’t have more wonderful commenters.

  188. Tim Ball came to speak to our little town about the unknowns in climate change. He got me looking for answers and shortly after I found WUWT. WUWT is an amazing example of how the internet can be used to circumvent the lazy and politicized main stream media (including some scientific journals) and change the world. I read daily and don’t know what I would do without it. Thank you Anthony and all contributors. We are in your debt.

  189. Wow. I’ve been reading WUWT almost since the inception… who knew!?! Great work, Anthony. And thank you for introducing me to a wonderful cast of characters, as well as some of my now-favorite webcomics (I think I located both questionable content and SMBC here at WUWT). Many happy returns!

  190. Not sure how I found your site. I was following “The Daily Bayonet” and Jo Nova to name a few in those days but in the style of General George S.Patton ” Anthony You Magnificent B…….” Congratulations on 10 wonderful years and pursuing the truth in all manor of science. My best to you and Janice

  191. Anthony,
    Thank you for hanging in there and keeping on doing what you do so well. Congratulations on this big milestone! Thanks also for the mention, its been a privilege to be even a small part of it. I do still drop by and read, although not daily now.
    What a tome! Fantastically well done.

    • Thank you, Verity! 🙂
      Re: “small part” — I beg your pardon, wind beneath the wings lady — LARGE PART. Without the wind, how would an eagle soar?
      How about another main post from you? Been far too long. WUWT is the poorer for not getting the benefit of your scientist’s mind and teaching.
      Take care, over there,

      • Thanks Janice 🙂 It felt like a small part to me. I don’t have much to say these days. Not much time to do the analysis needed for analytical posts, and as for opinion, others do polemic better.
        I am so fed up with the whole climate thing. Much as I love warmth, bring on the cooling soon so we can be rid of this madness. The longer it takes for any solar cooling to bite, the more likely it will be attributed to human ‘actions’ that ‘saved’ us in staving off the worst effects.

  192. Anthony you are the behind the scenes leader of the skeptical movement. Thanks! Looking forward the next ten years!

  193. You definitely have changed the world. You gave us a source of information we could trust as we struggled to understand what was happening, why government employees around the world were promoting what has become a very costly attack on the freedom of everyday citizens. WUWT gave a window for the wonderful scientists you listed to present real science. Hopefully President elect Trump will be the start of the final chapter in this fraud. Thankyou and well done. Murray Lane NZ

  194. Ten years ago today, I started Watts Up With That with one simple blog entry.
    I bet Juanita Sumner didn’t know what she was starting when she became the first person to post a comment on wuwt.

  195. Anthony, congratulations on an absolutely unbelievable, incredible personal achievement, creating, building, and expanding WUWT into an the unbelievable, incredible vehicle that has enriched our lives and been a positive force in the world at large. Watt’s next? The Climate Channel?

  196. <>
    Couldn’t resist.
    I raise a glass to you and look forward to the next ten (out of control) years: thanks and congratulations for the last ten. Salut!

  197. President Obama Blames the Internet for the Rise of Anthony Watts – Technology Needs “More Control”
    Couldn’t resist.
    I raise a glass to you and look forward to the next ten (out of control) years: thanks and congratulations for the last ten. Salut!

  198. I discovered WUWT when reading Christopher Booker’s column in a Sunday newspaper. That must have been in the very early days. I shall always remember the breaking news about the ClimateGate emails. I think Anthony was on a flight at the time.
    I’ve seldom missed a day since.

  199. March 16, 2007
    Beat Up
    “… I knew going into it that they’d probably be critical of my views, but that’s what honest debate is all about.

    “…we’ve already heard protests from a local climate expert, who we asked to counter Watts in this issue. “The expert declined because, he said that printing Watts’ views will only encourage him, lending him a credibility he doesn’t deserve. … .”
    IF that doesn’t summarize the past 10 years, nothing does. Congrats Anthony! The “platform” for credible scientific debate you have built here is nothing short of incredible! Simply – THANK YOU!

  200. Congratulations and many thanks, Anthony, and to all the others who share their knowledge with such generosity.
    Cordially from Uruguay

  201. Thanks janice for that recap i saved it and made it as a small “ebook” for my train rides to my job…. nice to have sometimes fun, serious reads on the road…

    • You’re welcome, Frederik! May your journeys to and from your job fly by in company of the brainy scientist/engineer writers and all the witty, intelligent, jolly, WUWTers.

  202. Congratulations for the first 10 years, and hopefully another 10. I’m glad to have been a part of this, even if my contributions have been relatively minuscule. 🙂

  203. In 1975 when I heard global cooling was going to end life on Earth as we knew it, I went underground.
    I’ve just come up from the bunker, and the climate is wonderful.
    Where is all the ice?
    But people are now saying global warming is going to end life on Earth as we know it.
    So now I have to go underground again.

  204. Anthony,
    A bit late but here goes.
    There once was a blogger named Watts
    Who wrote of climate change plots
    Oh, what a grand tenure
    And thanks to him, I’m sure
    We all have him deep in our thoughts.

  205. Janice,
    I’ve been a bit distracted the last couple of days but did see, download, and read some of this Battle for Science Anthology (BfSA ?). I now note there are 452 comments. Holy cow!
    Thank you, and AW too, for this. I started reading on the web in September, 2008, when we got a DSL line out our way. Thus, I came to WUWT almost 2 years after the initial post. Over the last couple of months the company has been burying a new bright orange and thick cable. Soon we will have even better service. Maybe new wonders will come my way.
    Now this — it will appear unrelated — at first.
    We went over the mountain to Seattle on Nov. 4th to a function that supplied us with pre-printed name tags. We were a bit early, hoping to miss the heavy traffic. A young lady I know had her back to me as she placed the many tags on the long tables. I tapped her on her shoulder and she turned around and had our 2 name tags in her hands. Coincidence? I think not.
    Your kind inclusion of a few of my comments on WUWT plus the other few replies that included my name come to a total of 17. Being a prime number and the 7th such, also a prime, it is my favorite number. Note, also, the Anthology was posted on the 17th. Coincidence? I think not.
    And then there is this: I was reading WUWT on the first day you posted. Auspicious? Yes. Coincidence? I think not.
    Best to you.
    Dry Side John

    • Dear John,
      What a lovely letter. Thank you (and you are very welcome). And your comment to me re: my first WUWT comment included the Milton quote, “… they also serve who only stand and wait,” was addressed to one who had been waiting a very long time… and was getting very weary. Coincidence? I think not. That was amazing timing.
      Oh, yes, indeed, throughout the years, I have seen God confirm (in hindsight — I don’t presume to know, just wonder, until proven) many, many, events by involving numbers or amazingly appropriate given names or other “coincidences.” For one, I am certain that 911 happened on that date because God was telling us that, while evil will have its day, God is, ultimately, in control (e.g., those big Boeing planes were ~60,
      `80, even ~90% —– empty). “This is where your proud waves halt.” Another example is the pin number assigned to my debit card by the bank (and several other “random” numbers in my life); it is an amazing confirmation of the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me (a thing not easily understood by many) being God’s plan! And I needed that reassurance many times in the succeeding months.
      Nice to be writing to you as this thread peters out. I felt okay to go on a bit, here.
      Glad you had a safe trip over the Cascades and back. I hope that Nancy is still delighting you and all with her violin or “fiddle” playing.
      Take care, over there,

      • P.S. Just so you don’t think I, in general, hang my “reassurance” hat on one pin (number 🙂 ), there were many confirming circumstances, other numbers, and other things, that gave me the reassurance I spoke of above.

      • On His Blindness
        “Doth God exact day-labour, light denied?”
        I fondly ask. But Patience, to prevent
        That murmur, soon replies, “God doth not need
        Either man’s work or his own gifts. Who best
        Bear his mild yoke, they serve him best. His state
        Is kingly: thousands at his bidding speed,
        And post o’er land and ocean without rest;
        They also serve who only stand and wait.”
        In case any one hasn’t read it in a while.

  206. Congrats to and thanks for the first decade of
    ‘Running this website, that helped to change the world,’
    and a same / ever better 2nd decade!

  207. In general I am very restrictive in making comments to internet sites, but now it just has to be done. Congratulations to 10 years making the the best site on internet in the climate debate and my best wishes for a new decade to come.

  208. Wow, ten years! Know I’m getting older as it seems like just a few years ago.
    Not sure when it was but very early on was a series of discussions on calibration of various thermometers and the Climate Station Research project that brought me in.
    Thank you Anthony and best wishes on the next 10!

  209. What a read. I even get a mention and that was a surprise! Well done Janice. Well done all. Well done AW.

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