Livetoon pencil sketches of the GWPF Klaus lecture by Josh

WUWT carried the Vaclav Klaus – The Climate Change Doctrine – The Inaugural Annual GWPF Lecture here. Now Josh has summed it up in a series of cartoons.

Thanks to Josh at for this unique little cartoon slide show.

See it here:

15 thoughts on “Livetoon pencil sketches of the GWPF Klaus lecture by Josh

  1. Very cool, as usual, by Josh.
    Uh oh – the top secret electric-fan-driven-wind-turbine-perpetual-tax-siphoning machine has now been revealed to the public.

  2. Lucy, these are just pencils so not very dark at all – let me know which ones should be inked in, some are just my wandering thoughts and thus a flagrant waste of carbon.

  3. Reminds me of the ubiquitous foot bridges in epic movies. Someone says its a sure thing and the only escape route, then when everyone gets on it to get to the other side, they become alligator food.

  4. Josh,
    If you put them into photoshop or many other programs, you can increase contrast and brightness to any desired level. I would also suggest going to grayscale rather than color.

  5. Josh, wish i could see them better could not make out what you wrote. I tried magnifying, did not help. I am not a computer geek, know just enough to get by. Of course my typing skills are improving,I hope Pamela Gray agrees, our own little joke. I Look forward to your workevery time i bring up WUWT on line.

  6. I like the Perpetual Motion Money Machine at the end.
    Money in perpetual motion from our pockets to theirs, and that’s how Green Energy is going to save the planet for the exclusive use of the Eco-Correct.

  7. grayman
    Point and click on the weblink given under ‘See it here’, then click on the frames to enlarge them.

  8. Josh,
    love the way your mind works. Especially like the renewable energy:
    wind turbine => fan => wind turbine
    PV Cell => lamp => PV cell (which you’ve done previously)
    wave power =>wave machine => wave power (would work too)
    hydroelectric power => pumping water uphill => hydro power
    OK I’ll stop

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