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The other half of the USHCN network – precipitation

Normally I focus on the temperature component, but the reason I’m posting this will become evident soon.  – Anthony Our New Analysis of United States Precipitation Trends By John Nielsen-Gammon, Texas state climatologist I’m going to be talking a lot … Continue reading

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How a leftover from the cold war turned into a weather and climate tool

This trapezoid shaped clearing in Modoc county, CA, has an interesting purpose. See image below:

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Atmospheric audio ducting

Amateur radio operators are very familiar with atmospheric ducting or “skip” as we call it, which (with the help of the ionosphere when the sun is cooperative) enables some very long distance radio communications well beyond line of sight. The … Continue reading

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An investigation of USHCN station siting issues using a cleaned dataset

While BEST is making a public relations train wreck for themselves by touting preliminary conclusions with no data analysis paper in place yet to support their announcements, there have been other things going on in the world of surface data … Continue reading

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New journal from Nature – “Nature Climate Change”

If you are interested, click the free subscription bar image above to start the subscription process. Further along, it gets interesting. I thought this page querying what online climate news sources you read was pretty telling:

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An appeal to the climate science blogosphere

Can you keep an open mind on the cause of winds? Climate science needs your help! by Anastassia Makarieva Many of us who have become researchers have been attracted by the dynamic and constructive debate that lies at the heart … Continue reading

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View the 2010 Hurricane Season in Google Earth

While we are waiting for Ryan Maue’s ACE 2010 report on the hurricane season, there’s this from the Google Earth blog: Greg at Geodesic contacted us to let us know about a very cool animation that his company has built … Continue reading

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