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More uncertainty about warming – Study: Impact of warming climate doesn’t always translate to streamflow

From an OSU press release: CORVALLIS, Ore. – An analysis of 35 headwater basins in the United States and Canada found that the impact of warmer air temperatures on streamflow rates was less than expected in many locations, suggesting that … Continue reading

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UAH Global Temperature anomaly up in March at 0.11°C

Global Temperature Report: March 2012 U.S. hits record highs in March, Iowa is ‘warmest’ place on Earth Global climate trend since Nov. 16, 1978: +0.13 C per decade March temperatures (preliminary) Global composite temp.: +0.11 C (about 0.20 degrees Fahrenheit) … Continue reading

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Oregon State Climatologist to be on heated panel April 10th

WUWT readers may remember the fiasco from the Oregon State Museum of Science and Industry where they invited, then dis-invited the AMS Oregon Chapter to have a panel because they didn’t consider it “balanced” enough. Translation: “we don’t want any … Continue reading

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Increasing Winter Cold in Recent Years and the Arctic

By Joseph D’Aleo, CCM A new study led by the Georgia Institute of Technology attempted to support a relationship reported in recent years (Overland) between melting ice in the Arctic regions and widespread cold outbreaks in the Northern Hemisphere. “We … Continue reading

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Extremely Black Carbon

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Of late there has been a lot written about the effect of “black carbon”, a.k.a. “soot”, and also “brown carbon”, a.k.a. wood and dung smoke, on the climate. Me, I think it’s worthwhile controlling black … Continue reading

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The Myth of Settled Science

Guest post by Donald R. Baucom A key defense of AGW and now climate change is that the science is settled.  Historically and philosophically, this statement is unsustainable.                         Who would dare assert that we know all there is to … Continue reading

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New study confirms that nature is responsible for 90% of the Earth’s atmospheric acidity

From the UOW, nice to see that man isn’t the culprit in this case. UOW data confirm surprising atmospheric findings By Melissa Coade – Satellites showing that nature is responsible for 90% of the earth’s atmospheric acidity shocked researchers from … Continue reading

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CSU’s Klotzbach and Gray Suspend December Hurricane Forecast

UPDATE:  note to readers, Gray and Klotzbach are only discontinuing December forecasts for the season ahead due to limited predictive skill — for the time being.  A main reason is the well-known “Spring barrier” in El Nino Southern Oscillation forecasts … Continue reading

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SST data “so unreliable we don’t know GMT for that period”

Email 536 An excerpt of email from David Thompson of Colorado State to Phil Jones: …As for the dip in 1945. After iterating with John Kennedy, it appears that the dip in 1945 corresponds to a sudden drop in US … Continue reading

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New peer reviewed paper: clouds have large negative cooling effect on Earth’s radiation budget

Oh dear, now we have three peer reviewed papers (Lindzen and Choi, Spencer and Braswell, and now Richard P. Allan) based on observations that show a net negative feedback for clouds, and a strong one at that. What will Trenberth … Continue reading

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Loehle and Scafetta calculate 0.66°C/century for AGW

Guest post by Craig Loehle and Nicolas Scafetta Human Effect on Climate Clearly Detected (but is 0.66 deg C/100yr since ~1950!) Loehle, C. and N. Scafetta. 2011. Climate Change Attribution Using Empirical Decomposition of Historical Time Series. Open Atmospheric Science … Continue reading

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The rain in Spain is mostly from the planes

OK, bad pun, but I could not resist. From the National Center for Atmospheric Research/University Corporation for Atmospheric Research  something related to what we have always said, airports are not a representative environment for climate measurement. Takeoffs and landings cause … Continue reading

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June 10th is Hug a Climate Scientist Day

Hal Jordan, via the Submit Story feature submits this brief entry: Apparently, Australian AGW advocates are not well liked. Aussie climate scientists need random hugs from strangers to reassure them that they aren’t universally hated.

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Interannual Terrestrial Oscillations

There’s a saying, “timing is everything”. After reading this, I think it is more true than ever. In other news. Paul Vaughn is giving Bob Tisdale serious competition in the contest over who can fit the most graphs into a … Continue reading

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Quote of the week – climate as Voldemort

This is quite something. It is sort of a reverse “he who must not be named” meme, and we have a prominent meteorology dean dissing climate colleagues:

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The other half of the USHCN network – precipitation

Normally I focus on the temperature component, but the reason I’m posting this will become evident soon.  – Anthony Our New Analysis of United States Precipitation Trends By John Nielsen-Gammon, Texas state climatologist I’m going to be talking a lot … Continue reading

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How a leftover from the cold war turned into a weather and climate tool

This trapezoid shaped clearing in Modoc county, CA, has an interesting purpose. See image below:

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Atmospheric audio ducting

Amateur radio operators are very familiar with atmospheric ducting or “skip” as we call it, which (with the help of the ionosphere when the sun is cooperative) enables some very long distance radio communications well beyond line of sight. The … Continue reading

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An investigation of USHCN station siting issues using a cleaned dataset

While BEST is making a public relations train wreck for themselves by touting preliminary conclusions with no data analysis paper in place yet to support their announcements, there have been other things going on in the world of surface data … Continue reading

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New journal from Nature – “Nature Climate Change”

If you are interested, click the free subscription bar image above to start the subscription process. Further along, it gets interesting. I thought this page querying what online climate news sources you read was pretty telling:

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