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KXL pipeline gets green light from State Department

Keith Sketchley writes: Today the US State Department reported ‘no major environmental objections to the proposed $7 billion Keystone pipeline’. I wonder what Obamas and Kerrys reasons for further delay will be now? About these ads

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Study: Green roofs suck at solving global warming

White roofs three times as effective as green roofs From Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and some members of the BEST team comes this surprise. “We conclude that the choice of white vs. extensive green roof should be based on the … Continue reading

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Better living through carbon conversion chemistry

UD catalyst can convert CO2 to CO with 92 percent efficiency A team of researchers at the University of Delaware has developed a highly selective catalyst capable of electrochemically converting carbon dioxide — a greenhouse gas — to carbon monoxide … Continue reading

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Friday Funny: If you thought Mann’s lawsuit was ridiculous, take a look at this one

Remember this before and after picture in the news recently from NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity? Well, it appears there’s a conspiracy theory under every rock, more fodder for Lewandowsky and Cook I suppose.

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Open Letter to Kevin Trenberth – NCAR

Date: January 31, 2014 Subject: Your Blog Post at SkepticalScience and an Invitation from WattsUpWithThat From: Bob Tisdale To: Kevin Trenberth – NCAR Dear Kevin: I note that you were co-author of the SkepticalScience blog post Warming oceans consistent with … Continue reading

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Response to the SOTU address: Efforts to cap CO2 emissions are adverse to human health and welfare

OPINION By Craig D. Idso, Ph.D. In his State of the Union address, President Obama advocated an energy policy aimed at reducing emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), which he claims are causing catastrophic changes to the earth’s climate and “harming … Continue reading

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Asteroid Diversity Points to a ‘Snow Globe’ Solar System

As of today, there are currently 1453 known potentially hazardous asteroids that could impact Earth and cause a real planetary catastrophe. Given the new diverse “snow globe” model of our solar system in relation to asteroids, how may more don’t … Continue reading

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Mann look-alike thinks Mann’s lawsuit will wipe out National Review

Damon Linker writes at THE WEEK: Is National Review doomed? The conservative movement’s leading magazine faces a lawsuit that could bring it to its knees. This part made me laugh:

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Tweet of the Week – ‘big climate’ and ‘big tobacco’

Skeptics routinely get smeared by Al Gore, Michael Mann, and others of being like and/or in the employ of “Big Oil’, ‘Big Coal’, or “Big Tobacco’. Yet many of the same people who hurl such accusations seem blind to their … Continue reading

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A report on the AR5 hearings: ‘Unsettling the “Settled Science” of Climate Change’

Video of the session 2 follows. The committee for Energy and Climate Change must be in line for an award. Its performance this week was exceptional. The mental level of Yeo’s committee is – well, the climate debate is so … Continue reading

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Is the Climate SELL Signal Imminent?

What a simple statistical investment tool can tell us about the climate Guest essay by Eric Worrall One of the simplest statistical tools used by investors is a moving average plot. If you plot the average share price of a … Continue reading

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Counting Your Penguin Chicks Before They Hatch

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Well, the BBC, which as I understand it is an acronym for “Blindly Broadcasting Cra- ziness”, gives us its now-standard tabloid style headline, that Climate change is ‘killing penguin chicks’ say researchers Of course they’ve included … Continue reading

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Bombshell from the Snowden Docs: The U.S. Spied on Negotiators at 2009 Copenhagen Climate Summit via the NSA

From the “don’t trust but verify” department comes the revelation that the Obama administration went into COP15 negotiation with spy help. WASHINGTON — The National Security Agency monitored the communications of other governments ahead of and during the 2009 United … Continue reading

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Important study on temperature adjustments: ‘homogenization…can lead to a significant overestimate of rising trends of surface air temperature.’

From the “we told you so” department comes this paper out of China that quantifies many of the very problems with the US and global surface temperature record we have been discussing for years: the adjustments add more warming than … Continue reading

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Picture of the week – great moments in climate protests

I trained to be a climate activist, now I are one! From the Keystone XL protest yesterday ahead of the SOTU address. Note the snow and cold weather gear which is required for a global warming protest, but that’s … Continue reading

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Quote of the week – a preposterous POTUS pronouncement

Last night in the SOTU address, Obama made this pronouncement about climate change: But the debate is settled.  Climate change is a fact. To that, I say this:

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Should We Be Worried?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I chanced to plot up the lower tropospheric temperatures by broad latitude zones today. This is based on the data from the satellite microwave sounding unit (MSU), as analyzed by the good folks at the … Continue reading

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Why did Met Office try to cover Up ‘the pause’ two years ago?

By Paul Homewood Last July, the Met Office published the second in a series of papers, discussing the recent pause in global warming. On page 6, they state: The start of the current pause is difficult to determine precisely. Although … Continue reading

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Excerpts on climate from the SOTU – comments welcome

I made it back to a computer in time today to get a copy of the State of the Union address, here are the relevant passages about climate:

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SOTU Open Thread – what freaky climate claims will POTUS make tonight?

While the most recent public polls on climate-change give a ho-hum response, Dr. Roy Spencer recently surmised that in the State of the Union Address tonight, President Obama will join the “everything is caused by global warming” club. He writes: … Continue reading

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El Niño sea monitoring system may fail – half dead already

From the “send money or the instrumentation gets it” department comes news that the TAO array may already be toast due to budget constraints. One wonders if money sucked into climate programs might be a factor. From Nature News:  Nearly … Continue reading

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BBC Meteorologist: Met Office Global Forecasts Too Warm In 13 Of Last 14 Years

Paul Hudson, BBC Weather, says: The global temperature in 2013 was 0.486C above the 1961-1990 average based on the HADCRUT measure, figures released by the Met Office show. So far this century, of 14 yearly headline predictions made by the Met … Continue reading

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A ‘disturbance in the farce’ ahead of the SOTU

UPDATE: first picture submitted at right from Matt Dempsey The Winter of their Discontent: Keystone XL activists to protest global warming ahead of SOTU in freezing cold. McKibben’s nutters say they will be protesting the KXL pipeline (but really global warming) … Continue reading

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Inconvenient study: Arctic was warmer than the present during the Medieval Warm Period

New paper finds temperatures were as much as 0.5c warmer in the Arctic during the MWP than today. The Hockeyschtick reports: A paper published yesterday in Global and Planetary Change reconstructs temperatures in Northern Fennoscandia [within the Arctic circle] over the … Continue reading

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The AR5 hearings, live stream

Skeptics get a seat at the table. IPCC 5th Assessment Review Meeting starts at 9.30am GMT Witnesses Professor Sir Brian Hoskins, Grantham Institute, Imperial College London, Professor Myles Allen, University of Oxford University, and Dr Peter Stott, Met Office Professor … Continue reading

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No New Continent ‘Hottest’ Temperature Records Since 1978

Something to consider for the SOTU address tonight where “extremes” of all kinds are likely to be discussed. If indeed we are seeing hottest ever type scenarios, or if you prefer, greater extremes, where are the continental representations of this? … Continue reading

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Asian ozone pollutes Hawaii and USA west coast – varies with climatic shifts

Asian ozone pollution in Hawaii is tied to climate variability (Nature Geoscience) By Joanne Curcio, Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Air pollution from Asia has been rising for several decades but Hawaii had seemed to escape the ozone pollution … Continue reading

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Picture of how our climate is affected by greenhouse gases is a ‘cloudy’ one

Cloud cover is a major forcing, and uncertain, say researchers from the Hebrew University, US and Australia Jerusalem, Jan. 26, 2014 – The warming effect of human-induced greenhouse gases is a given, but to what extent can we predict its … Continue reading

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Dallas Cowboys Stadium Seating and Atmospheric CO2

With the possibility of the coldest Super Bowl ever coming this week, this story about CO2 concentration seemed appropriate. Ryan Scott Welch writes: Anthony as you know, many people don’t know much about the earth’s atmosphere.  For example, when questioned … Continue reading

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CAGW bias in academia; Lesfrud and Meyer 2013 revisited.

 Guest essay by Andy West Posts at WUWT have often featured scientific papers that are clearly impacted by a cultural bias towards CAGW. Given the impressive reach of WUWT and the likelihood that a number of folks from academia will … Continue reading

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What to do about The Flood Next Time

Guest Post by Kip Hansen Note: The text of this essay is a bit long, even for me. It quotes a NY Times article, and I comment on it. The entire essence is contained in two simple posters at the … Continue reading

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Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup

The Week That Was: 2014-01-25 (January 25, 2014)  Brought to You by SEPP ( The Science and Environmental Policy Project Quote of the Week: “The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.” Leonardo da Vinci [H/t Climate Etc.] … Continue reading

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Science magazine: Demanding reproducibility up front

Lance Wallace writes Science magazine has instituted a new policy requiring authors of preclinical studies to state their statistical plans (sample size estimation, treatment of outliers, etc.).  See editorial by the new Editor in chief, Marcia McNutt (p. 229, volume … Continue reading

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The ‘Pause’ of Global Warming Risks Destroying The Reputation Of Science

By Garth Paltridge Global temperatures have not risen for 17 years. The pause now threatens to expose how much scientists sold their souls for cash and fame, warns emeritus professor Garth Paltridge, former chief research scientist with the CSIRO Division of … Continue reading

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Why Aren’t Global Surface Temperature Data Produced in Absolute Form?

The title question often appears during discussions of global surface temperatures. That is, GISS, Hadley Centre and NCDC only present their global land+ocean surface temperatures products as anomalies. The questions is: why don’t they produce the global surface temperature products … Continue reading

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