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Climate Craziness of the Week – these are not the Als you are looking for…

…words fail me here. Just laugh, it is funny. About these ads

About these ads
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Burt Rutan: ‘This says it all and says it clear’

People send me stuff. Engineer and aerospace pioneer Burt Rutan writes to me in an email today: The chart the Alarmists do not want you to see.  Human Carbon emissions vs. The ‘Gold Standard’ global temperature data set (chart from … Continue reading

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Programming note Morano vs. Nye (but Nye backs out at last minute)

UPDATE: Morano emailed me from his phone just before the interview started @925PM : I was literally only informed of Nye backing out 6 min. before segment to begin by CNN producer. yet somehow they found a Sierra Club guy … Continue reading

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A question for Zeke Hausfather

Zeke is upset that I made this statement in a story at Fox news: Is history malleable? Can temperature data of the past be molded to fit a purpose? It certainly seems to be the case here, where the temperature … Continue reading

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EU carbon sinks to new record low – loses nearly 40% of value in January

From the told ya so department, after a small dead cat bounce yesterday due to an auction, traders are unloading today. Yesterday’s closing price was 5.02, today it is 4.64. That’s a value loss of 8% in a single day. … Continue reading

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Hilarious climate science fail by the warmists at GRIST (and now CNN)

Jeez, there’s no excuse for this spectacular failure to understand one of most basic principles about the Earth’s weather and climate. From: How to respond to people who say the cold weather disproves global warming | Grist This helpful diagram … Continue reading

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Global Temperature Updates – 2012

By Paul Homewood While Obama is imploring us to stop the global warming that is bringing us “the devastating impact of raging fires, and crippling drought, and more powerful storms”, it would seem to be a good idea to see … Continue reading

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Lomborg: Electricity prices for German households have increased 61% since 2000 – renewables blamed

Pursuant to my earlier story today about the article in Spiegel, Bjørn Lomborg writes on his Facebook page: Real German electricity prices for households have increased 61% since 2000. One quarter of household costs now stems directly from renewable energy. … Continue reading

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Team of Ex-NASA Scientists Concludes No Imminent Threat from Man-Made CO2

More counterpunch to Obama’s recent speech. Rocket scientists -vs- James Hansen, “in God we trust, all others bring data” WASHINGTON, Jan. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — A group of 20 ex-NASA scientists have concluded that the science used to support the man-made climate … Continue reading

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Spiegel’s stunning 8 part series – Climate Catastrophe: A Superstorm for Global Warming Research

If you have not read this yet, now is the time. Given what president Obama recently said about skeptics in his inauguration address, I thought this 2010 article would be worth revisiting. In Germany, there’s a revolution going on. That … Continue reading

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NASA News conference on the Sun’s corona today

NASA will present new discoveries, made by the Hi-C space telescope, of the sun’s corona today in a media teleconference at 1pm EST (1800 GMT) that will be webcast online. NASA Hosts Jan. 23 Media Teleconference on Sun Observations WASHINGTON … Continue reading

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New study: Ocean-driven warming along the western Antarctic Peninsula needs to be considered as part of a natural centennial timescale cycle of climate variability

From Cardiff University: Tiny fossils hold answers to big questions on climate change Research explores 12,000 year fossil record The western Antarctic Peninsula is one of the fastest warming regions on the planet, and the fastest warming part of the … Continue reading

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Is Yoko Ono smarter than a 4th grader?

Guest post by David Middleton First up: Yoko Ono and friends… ‘Fracking kills': Yoko Ono joins star-studded cast fighting against hydraulic natural gas drilling in upstate New York John Lennon’s son Sean Lennon, actress Debra Winger, songstress Natalie Merchant and … Continue reading

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