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  1. The weird guy in the lab coat is gonna want that one back, and pretty soon. Don’t the leftists have some sort of government bureau to prevent their spokespersons from committing such foolishness? OMG

  2. I wish I could follow Anthony’s good example and just laugh….but some days this kind of “denialist projection” just makes me too angry!
    How is it that Obama’s misinformation goes unchallenged in the MSM?
    (okay, now I feel better)

  3. He can’t even button the lab coat and that is the first time I’ve seen anyone take off there eye protection to do an experiment. I bet he’s better at mixing cocktails.

  4. The most irritating aspect of presentations like this one is that the assumption is made, by people on both sides of the argument, that “warmers” are left-wing/liberal/democrat while “deniers” are right-wing/conservative/republicans etc. In fact, the position people take on AGW should be determined by examination of the evidence, and not on what opinions these people hold on other, unrelated issues. I resent being labelled a conservative (or, in the UK where I live, a Daily Mail reader) just because I have examined the evidence for AGW and find it unconvincing.

  5. I would not laugh. People who watch that channel and believe…will take his word long before they listen to facts or, check the data for themselves or listen to you.
    Just sayin’

  6. @Andrew Dickens. I resent always being labeled laughably wrong, anti-science, hating the poor, sexist, racist, xenophobic, and homophobic, because I am a conservative, which I assume is why you resent being labeled a conservative.

  7. Good grief! Fortunately, no one but died-in-the-wool moonbats watch MessNBC, but you got to hand it to Rev. Al’s producers—they did a nice job of dramatizing the Climatist message in just three minutes. Might be fun to put together a similar one for Realists. Maybe John Stossel could do it.
    /Mr Lynn

  8. ” Sharpton was funnier when he was heavier and channeling Janet Jackson…….”
    Sharpton gave up shoplifting watermelons in his pockets. But he showed the other Al how….

  9. Strange, but true, I have often observed how easily some religions absorb the thoughts of other creeds into their gospels. The cynic in me thinks that this is but a ploy to gain more adherents while another part of me just whispers ‘Let them believe what they want but, please, tell them to stop stuffing it down MY throat!’
    AKA – Like what I do to you!

  10. I can identify, Andrew… I DO read the Daily Mail, and here in Alaska they call me a Socialist! At least the Mail and the Telegraph are on to the fact that a lot of “Climate Science” is manipulated by Warmist Globalists, the real data gets buried. The media in America ( and our President) still Believe that Al Gorelione and his carbon traders (traitors?) must be paid or our children will fry (or move to Canada).

  11. It’s funny but at the same time quite disturbing – many people are incapable of recognising this (and other such presentations) as the propaganda item that it is. A bit OT, but it would be great if people could head over to an Australian website called ‘The Conversation’ to set a few things straight. Under the Energy & Environment they have a number of alarmist articles written by Lewandowsky, John Cook of SkS etc… The site purports to be educational but is nothing more than a mouthpiece for our messed-up government. Some of the articles just beg for comment.

  12. Annonn says:
    January 23, 2013 at 5:12 pm
    Bill Nye’s no match for Big Al.
    They both pander to the low information voter.. They are both NO INFORMATION people pandering to the same group…

  13. Unfortunately these are the climate opinions of the ‘secular’ society in which we live….(.The root of the adjective -secular- being in a Late Latin word.. saecularis ‘of the age’)— . And looking back in history at the origins of the nation state in Europe in the 17th and !8th centuries we find the eventually agreed opinion after much fighting was ‘Cuius regio eius religio ‘ ( roughly, The opinions of the State are to be the opinions of the people, ) Rulers changed sides frequently from Catholic to Protestant -as they warred over territory.-and demanded the citizens did likewise This was the beginning of the Modern World in which we must conform to the wishes of the State.

  14. If he wants to point out political figures that have spoken in ignorance, perhaps he should have showed Al Gore stating the earth’s core was millions of degrees. Just sayin’.

  15. I resent being labelled a conservative mostly because I’m not one.
    I live in the centre of politics and am deeply suspicious of all ideologies. An ideology is a set of rules that substitutes for thinking. Ideologues are people who switch their brains off and try to substitute a set of simple rules instead.
    Ideologues of all kinds think they already know all the answers and have no doubts. To me that mindset is deeply disturbing. All ideologies from both ends of the political spectrum are capable of yielding horrific results if pushed too far, and ideologues seem to have no sense of where the boundaries of reasonableness lie and when to stop pushing their simple rules. I find conservative ideology just as creepy and dangerous as communist or green ideology in this regard.
    I don’t know if there is a proper name for this type of political stance … pragmatist perhaps? But I do know I’m NOT a conservative and I deeply resent being labelled as one. I would similarly resent being labelled a liberal. I’m not an ideologue of any kind.

  16. “Might be fun to put together a similar one for Realists. Maybe John Stossel could do it.” Hmm… I can’t find it for some reason, but I believe I’m thinking of a Jon Stewart or Jimmy Kimmel piece on Michelle Obama’s organic gardening starving children around the world?
    – MJM

  17. If he truly believes in God, he must accept that God put coal and oil on and in the Earth, FOR US TO USE. !!

  18. How come that picture reminds me of that meme picture of a dog in a lab coat labeled: “I have no idea what I’m doing.”?

  19. Gary says:
    January 23, 2013 at 4:55 pm
    Is that dry ice, frozen CO2, bubbling away in those beakers?
    Perhaps it was a little chilly in the studio?

  20. Wow – just wow… that guy clearly doesn’t even believe the crap he’s spewing. In fact, after wandering around their propaganda site for a bit (yes, I mean msnbc), I had to shower.
    Hey, wasn’t that Al guy some kind of a “thing” in politics a few years back?
    And the oozing pseudo-respect for the Big Zero actually feels creepier than sending your boys off to Neverland for a one month stay.
    Oh, and while they have to dig around for whacko extremist examples, we just have to turn on ANYTHING the left is involved with, this little video clip included. Extremist. Ignorant. Non-scientific. Pontificating garbage with a touch of Southern Baptist presentation.

  21. Actually Al Sharpton looked more in his domain when he was wearing the prison Jump suit which he rightfully earned several years ago. While in prison he went on a hunger strike and lost a considerable amout of weight during that stint. He has a very checkered past for a “Pastor” including false rape claims (of a teenager) against white policeman which he lost in court, owing back taxes for which most would go to jail , and other unpaid bills.
    Now he is a spokesman for the administration on MSNBC which lacks credibility as a NEWS organization.
    It would be funny except all this nonsense really happened, and now he has a cable TV program.

  22. Dave in Canmore says:
    January 23, 2013 at 4:41 pm
    How is it that Obama’s misinformation goes unchallenged in the MSM?

    Easy one.
    If it comes from Obama, it would be gospel to he MSM. /sarc

  23. Does someone have a link to the NAS paper he is referencing? I see lots of hits on the web, but can’t actually locate the paper.

  24. mike g says:
    January 23, 2013 at 6:56 pm

    @Andrew Dickens. A conservative is simply someone not in denial of the laws of economics.

    Exactly. Conservatives also believe in the conservation of natural laws: You break natural laws and there are consequences.

  25. Andrew Dickens and others who protest being labelled.
    Wear it with pride, they care nought for your political orientation, you won’t drink the cool aid, you are a heretic.
    Calling you conservative, right wing nut is nothing, thats just the primary demon the loons fear.Projection.
    If fiscal conservatism gains popularity these clowns know they will be toast.
    On welfare cause they will never qualify for unemployment.
    And conservation is a proud tradition. I conserve my resources for future need, why waste?
    And you have to admit, this save the earth BS has led to an awful lot of waste and corruption.

  26. Mwahahaaa! Did you notice the close-up at the end, where matey’s shaky hand slops the contents of one test tube of food colouring into another – which then splashes over into another? Yeah, really convincing sciencey stuff! What a bunch of clowns.

  27. When I have a medical issue to deal with I turn to the ObamaCare medical journal because he is the messiah. If I have a climate question I will turn to the ObamaScare climate journal because he is the messiah. Because – he is the messiah… messiah … mess… he… is.
    More Kool-Aid, please.

  28. “90% probability that humans are causing climate change”? How does the IPCC calculate probabilities? In math one defines a sample space from which probabilities can be calculated. In science it is a bit harder. First statistical data must be had where one can calculate percentages of some result under certain conditions on some population, e.g., percentage of true positives on a population for a drug test or percentage of photons detected at a certain angle through some polarizers. Then one can construct a sample space and calculate probabilities with the sample being only as good as the data will allow. How does one do that with climate which is basically an observation of periodic changes in local weathers interpolated over wide areas. It is not something that actually exists or that can cause effects. It is one level of abstraction above weather which is an abstraction about some very complex physics dealing with certain types of matter affected by solar radiation.

  29. Because the same people who are skeptical of climate change also think that the world was created in 6 days and that women who are pregnant from being raped just need to get over it…I just love the liberal media!

  30. Ian H says:
    January 23, 2013 at 5:51 pm
    An ideology is a set of rules that substitutes for thinking.…I’m not an ideologue of any kind.
    Translation: “I have no principles; therefore I don’t think.”
    All thinking is either forming principles or applying them to concrete issues. What are you doing when you claim to be thinking?

  31. In years to come the genuine gullibles, like Al, are going to be very angry with climate scientists who failed to clearly communicate the science. (positive feedback, problems with clouds, water vapour etc.)

  32. Latitude says:
    January 23, 2013 at 4:19 pm
    “We will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that failure to do so would betray our children and future generations,”
    My favorite line……we’ll just leave them in debt up to their eye balls

    Moreover, the response we make will have a negligible, barely noticeable difference to the climate. That debt to our children and future generations will be noticeable, however.

  33. When Sharpton’s not doing science, He’s conspiring to stage racial attacks to be blamed on Gov’t officials. He still owes damages to one official he and Tawana Brawley. smeared.
    Look it up.

  34. @ Biff33 You can also question your principles: put them to the test, and discard them if you find them wanting.

  35. Look, most of the support for doing something, anything about CO2 is coming from the younger, greener generation. If we are going to do stuff because they want it done, then the mountains of debt to come will logically belong to them. We’re not leaving it for them; they ask that it be done in their behalf. Yes, it’s nuts, but politics isn’t about reality, it is about manipulating perceptions, and about popularity (electability). The popularity part being something the R’s need to learn soon, and I hope they do, because the country needs a credible opposition party.

  36. John–For the Republicans to become “popular” they have to become Democrats. How does that help?
    Labeling and bullying are the “new normal” in America. Politics is about who can scream the nastiest things in the most convincing way. I think to some degree politics has always been like that. It’s just now we have YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and there is no escaping the bullies anywhere. Makes it seem so much worse than in the past.

  37. Gary says:
    January 23, 2013 at 4:55 pm
    Is that dry ice, frozen CO2, bubbling away in those beakers?
    I believe old Al may be releasing previously sequestered CO2
    This type of irresponsible behavior should never be allowed.
    ok if I must
    /sarc off

  38. Okay, so we can disagree with the right Reverend’s science. But you’ve got to admit that he’s set up one elaborate bong there.

  39. Robert Wykoff says:
    January 23, 2013 at 5:10 pm
    @Andrew Dickens. I resent always being labeled laughably wrong, anti-science, hating the poor, sexist, racist, xenophobic, and homophobic, because I am a conservative, which I assume is why you resent being labeled a conservative.
    Are you assuming because Andrew is a liberal it is he that is anti-science, hating the poor, sexist, racist, xenophobic, and homophobic and is upset he is not getting credit for it and you are?

  40. Everything in the video was incorrect or misleading. There is a difference between climate change, man-made climate change and catastrophic climate change, yet the terms are constantly used interchangeably as if they were synonymous. Not just in this drivel, but nearly everywhere in the mainstream media. The result is that most people have no idea of what is actually a fact and what is not! Both sides of the argument were so mis-characterized by Al’s ramblings that it would be impossible to untangle that mess and make a helpful comment.
    Obama’s phrase about ‘the children and future generations’ is right up there with Marie’s “Let them eat cake.” nonsense. Does anyone really think our children will be grateful that it is not a tenth of a degree warmer (assuming all CO2 mitigation works beyond expectations) while they are suffering through the hellish economic depression we are setting up for them? Its like the captain of the Titianic deliberately smashing into every iceberg he can find, then promising to pass out blankets to keep the passengers warm, as they slip into the icy water.
    In normal times, such a man would be considered insane!

  41. Al Sharpton = Hypocrite
    Here he is talking about Climate Change in reference to being caused by man (GHG) (CO2) and his beakers are full of Dry Ice (CO2) pumping more CO2 into the atmosphere while saying it is in effect an environmental hazard to do so

  42. Bob Tisdale says:
    January 23, 2013 at 5:09 pm
    Anthony, it appears that Al Sharpton has become a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists like Kenji.
    Bob and Anthony,
    I have observed that Kenji is far less dogmatic about the U of CS and catastrophic AGW than the Rev’rend Al and the rest of the unleashed AGW believers.
    It gives one paws, to wonder why…

  43. May I humbly suggest that if anyone out there is expecting an addition to your family that you cross “Al” off your baby name list.

  44. biff33 says:
    January 23, 2013 at 11:58 pm

    Ian H says:
    An ideology is a set of rules that substitutes for thinking.…I’m not an ideologue of any kind.

    biff33 says:
    Translation: “I have no principles; therefore I don’t think.”
    All thinking is either forming principles or applying them to concrete issues. What are you doing when you claim to be thinking?

    You left out a very crucial step in the process of thinking, which is continually questioning whether principles are applicable and evaluating the effect of their application. If you are not critical and stop realistically evaluating the results of applying your principles to the real world you are not thinking. That is the step that ideologues always forget. Being self-critical is hard work. They would rather apply their “principles” mindlessly in all situations regardless of how they work or fail to work in practice.
    Hence communists dismantle perfectly effective privately owned farms and try to “collectivise” agriculture in the face of falling agricultural output. Their belief in their principles is so strong that they ignore all evidence that their principles are failing to work in this instance. Instead they push forward in the belief that if they just keep trying even harder to do what isn’t working then the world will start behaving as their principles tell them it should and agricultural output will increase massively.
    Meanwhile conservatives strive to dismantle perfectly effective and efficient government programs in health and education in the face of massive cost increases failures and inefficiencies in the private sector in those areas. Ignoring evidence that the outcome is not what they expected they push forward even harder in the belief that eventually complete and perfect privatisation will yield cheap health and education for all.
    Both suffer from the same kind of blindness, an excessive faith and belief in the power of “principles”. Simple principles are no better than rough rules of thumb that might hint at things that it is reasonable to try. You should never stop looking at what the real effects of policies are and be prepared to let what happens in the real world dictate policy and not your “principles”.

  45. The race-baiting business ain’t what it use to be. He’s seen what kind of scratch the other Al has been raking in with the climate calamity business. You have to admire his hucksterism acumen.

  46. Keep in mind that Sharpton has spurred multiple riots and murders. He is not a comic figure — he’s malignant.

  47. “Meanwhile conservatives strive to dismantle perfectly effective and efficient government programs in health and education…”

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