Is Yoko Ono smarter than a 4th grader?

Guest post by David Middleton

First up: Yoko Ono and friends…

‘Fracking kills’: Yoko Ono joins star-studded cast fighting against hydraulic natural gas drilling in upstate New York

John Lennon’s son Sean Lennon, actress Debra Winger, songstress Natalie Merchant and “The Avengers” actor Mark Ruffalo have also spoken out in opposition to the extraction process criticized for potentially contaminating water supplies and damaging the environment.


Published: Friday, January 11, 2013

ALBANY — Hydrofracking is not the most glamorous of issues but the gritty subject is bringing a lot of glitz to the state Capitol.

Yoko Ono, the widow of ex-Beatle John Lennon, and son Sean Lennon became the latest celebrities to visit Albany Friday to press for a ban on the controversial natural gas drilling.

“Fracking kills,” Ono said at a press conference with other drilling opponents. “And it doesn’t just kill us, it kills the land, nature and eventually the whole world.”


NY Daily News

Now it’s the 4th graders’ turn…

Fourth-graders have concluded fracking’s bad

By Steve Israel

Published: 2:00 AM – 01/13/13

If it were up to nearly four dozen future voters at a Middletown elementary school, fracking would be banned in New York — and the rest of the world.

Just listen to what those fourth-graders at Maple Hill Elementary School have to say about the controversial natural gas extraction method of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking:

“It could cause methane explosions, poison water and kill people. It killed cattle,” says 9-year-old Philip Gazer.

“Sometimes, because of fracking, earthquakes could happen,” says 9-year-old Sagnik Chakraborty, citing minor earthquakes in Ohio apparently caused by the underground injection of fracking waste.

Bottom line for the fourth-graders in the classes of Mary Hayes and Patricia McGorry?

“We don’t want to be poisoned by fracking,” says 11-year-old Nancy Jaime.



There you have it. Yoko Ono is either not smarter than a 4th grader or she has a strong desire to spend winters freezing in the dark. The wellhead price for natural gas in the US is currently in the range of $3.00 to $3.50/mcf.

The shale boom is the single biggest reason why natural gas prices are so low in the USA compared to most of the rest of the world…

Without fracking, there would be no shale boom and US natural gas prices could be $8/mcf or higher.


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It’s Yoko. How much could she possibly know?
Seriously… ALL kinds of things come to mind to type… but… most would be snipped and any of them would be trite and petty (not to mention, common knowledge)
Interestingly, googling a simple word like “Fracking” coupled with almost every location finds amateur and “Tides” funded anti-fracking crap, spreading misinformation and unproven allegations about damage caused by fracking. Seriously, it’s disgusting what these anti-civilization morons will put on their propaganda sites… hey, send money, ok? Just send money and we’ll be against fracking too.

Jack Simmons

Might need to use something other than gas if the world gets much colder. This winter its so cold in Siberia, natural gas is condensing to a liquid in the pipes, causing supply to fail to the worst affected regions just when it is needed the most.

Jesus Green

Don’t worry Kyoto. (Mummys only looking for her brains in the snow)
(After Live Peace in Toronto 69)

JB Goode

Ok Yonl
(look it up)

The Ghost Of Big Jim Cooley

We’ve here in England have had to suffer this gloriously-ignorant woman from time to time – spouting on about things she doesn’t understand. I could never stand the woman.


Ya know what they useed before hydrofrcking came on to the scene? Nitroglycerin.


Just wait, there will be a fracking disaster in some country with no environmental oversight at all, and it will be pointed out as proof, just like Chernobyl that it is fundamentally hazardous and can never be safe.
But, at the same time, even if they shut it down in the states, there are lots of countries who will pursue it. Eventually reality will have its day, and the gas in the ground is not going anywhere. Sooner or later it will be extracted. If not by this generation, then by one that has learned the truth about the extremists.

One thing for sure,4th graders are being “brain wash……” er I mean “taught” “educated”

Ah yes, a time honoured tradition… the celebrity crank.

Alan the Brit

I do think all these marvelous talented people, be it in theatre, movies, music, their artistic talents bring joy to millions. It’s just when they open their mouths & talk about something technical & scientific about which they have absolutely no idea! The most famous must have been Danny Glover linking the Haitian earthquake to AGW, now there’s a scientific challenge if ever there was one!

JB Goode

Doh! OK Yoni


‘Is Yoko Ono smarter than a 4th grader?’ perhaps a rather simply 4th grader yes .

Yoko hates fracking…Imagine that?


If you go back in the archives to the very first issues, WUWT was not only a climate site. Anthony was then a guerilla fighting against bunkum wherever he encountered it. This guest post by David Middleton is a return to that proud tradition.

Peter Miller

It is all so tedious and predictable.
Whenever you have something which makes economic sense at no risk, then a motley assortment of greenies, second rate celebrities and dodgy politicians can be guaranteed to come out in opposition.
The same motley assortment will ratchet up the scariness factor, distort data and forecast imminent doom and gloom.
Fracking is going to change the world’s economy for the better, gas and oil prices will be lower. Undoubtedly there will be occasional problems, but stories about fracking causing major seismic events are hugely exaggerated and as for polluting groundwater etc., this only occurs where there was already natural pollution.
Lewandowsky’s logic of tying unrelated theories together applies here. Almost all those opposing fracking, using unfounded logic, can be guaranteed to support the highly flawed theory of CAGW.

jonny old boy

Fracking does clearly have its dangers. A school child with basic geology knowledge could work that one out. By the very nature of rock strata and the way fluids and gas can travel and pollute taking the path of least resistance, its not a extraction science without clear pitfalls. In the UK there have been minor Earthquakes causes by exploratory fracking and some measured pollution. The problem is of course the actual science of this fledgling industry will be completely ignored and the debate ludicrously polarised. You will have the “fracking kills” lunatics versus the “fracking is completely safe la la la la la” naive. Fracking is not completely safe obviously in the same way dynamiting for gold isn’t, but it will help the cause of the industry to have loons like Egg Yoke Only saying the moon will explode if we do it and eventually distract from the real debate which in this energy-desperate times will be parked whenever possible and labelled “alarmist”. On this very rare occassion I actually sympathise with her conerns a bit, but of course riducule her lack of knowledge.

George Lawson

Why on earth do we give so much public exposure to celebs, pontificating on subjects of which they have no knowlege whatsoever,and whose only qualification in life is to parade in front of their admiring public, acting as they do as people in life or death who are or were generally far more intelligent than they are. Who are they to have more knowledge about any effect that fracking has than the experts in the field, They should stick to subjects they are considered to be good at and leave those who can give expert advice to get on with it. Their complete lack of intelligence in these4 matters is highlighted by getting statements on the subject from 11 year old school children.

flea rider

thing is there is some truth in what she says ..but it does depend on the surounding rock (Porosity)..
you pump steam/hot water down a hole it break’s up the shale gas gets sucked up .. basic ?
now over time water/steam will move it will be pushed back to the surface ..then you have a problem movement .. not a quake as such but if theres a quake in the same region ..hmm

Mr Green Genes

@Alan the Brit
Yoko Ono “marvelous(ly) talented”??? That’s quite possibly the most extreme oxymoron ever.

John S

Time for another Bed-In, Yoko.

Aussie Luke Warm

Yoko, If you could just stick to being a superannuated celebrity gold-digger – that would be much appreciated. Thank you.


New documentary on fracking just out that debunks alarmists – see

O/T HADCRUT numbers are out for Dec, and show a huge fall ( as did GISS) . Interestingly UAH and RSS seemed to pick up this drop in Oct/Nov.
And this is all before the next La Nina starts!


“Yoko Ono … has a strong desire to spend winters freezing in the dark.”
Yoko won’t be doing any freezing, she’s one of the beautiful people, she’ll be able to afford heat. It’s the little people who will be shivering.


Yoko can take direct personal action to offset her carbon emissions from jetting about and limo use by visiting my blog and voluntarily buying carbon credits – which will keep me cycling througout this winter. Come on Yoko, you know it’s the right thing to do. Help me help save the planet today. Peace out..

Nothing to do with Yoko or fracking, but this item certainly tells you the absurd lengths some Greens will go to to further their dogma:


Interesting and relevant blog post on gas prices in New England.
Yoko & Sean get a mention.
As nite01007 says, they won’t be doing any shivering….


A few days ago the midland counties of the UK were jolted by an earth tremor which was rated at 2.9 on the Richter scale. If I understand the scale correctly, that is close to double the strength of the two tremors linked to fracking recently, and it covered a much bigger area.
It was reported as a harmless curiosity – no mention of damage. One interviewee said that a few CDs fell off a shelf!
Imagine the furore and spurious alarms if it had been linked to fracking in any way.


Can anyone here list all the chemicals used by the fracking companies ?
Can anybody tell me what quantities of said chemicals are used ?
Can anybody tell me what regulation’s, oversight and inspections are carried out ?
Why do you think many people are concerned about fracking ?


Yes, if we were all to have cheap fuel that would diminish their ability to direct our life styles and their control over us. You can see why they are worried. A bit stupid to do it while it’s cold though.


Not only is she not smarter than a fourth grader, the teacher isn’t smarter than Yoko Ono. Those kids are being horribly mis-taught.


As someone from the same country I’m sorry for this farce……….


A few things:
A web-site discloses the frac water composition and has tons of information:
The industry is pushing for regulations to have everything disclosed and use only natural and eco substances – this is true for USA and Canada.
Another site is here;
It has never been demonstrated that hydraulic fracturing causes noticeable earthquakes – but we have seen some small ones associated with the injection well sites, where the water gets injected into the ground. This was possibly caused because existing faults then slipped when high amounts of water that got pumped in.
Fracturing is an activity that is dangerous and tight safety rules are in place. Driving cars is also dangerous – but we still educate people and let them do it. Same with fracking. No industry is willing to take risks or do jobs where their business gets shut down. Fracking has been done for more than 60 years. Yes, over 1 million frac jobs have been completed since then.
When hydraulic fracturing – the most critical thing is to have a good casing, so the cementing job is absolutely critical. With deep fracturing jobs (>3000 ft or 1000 m), rock layers of 10-300 ft or ~100 m get stimulated – most often only 40-50 ft thick packages. There is no way that these could produce fracture networks that penetrate all the way up to the surface. Several studies and microseismic data have demonstrated that.
In shallow fracturing jobs (<3000 ft or 1000m), regulations are in place to use only fluids that if they enter waterways or aquifers, the water quality falls within the boundaries of drinking water. I.e. they cannot exceed chemical levels of drinking water standards.
So again, how can fracturing kill unless you physically get hit by a truck or by an well-site accident? I guess we should start talking about banning cars!

Tom in Florida

All these little twits are obvious victims of “cracking”, i.e having smoke blown up their ass.
BTW, I am wondering where they got that sign, 4th grade art class?


@Karen 3:41am. Actually, er, Karen, on this site people who have some technical knowledge on a subject simply provide that knowledge in their post. Do you have the knowledge you ask us about or are you off on a sophomoric rant?


John Lennon…
Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people living for today
Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace
You, you may say
I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one
Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world
You, you may say
I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will live as one
Maybe she needs more money?


If they’re sincere, these Noble New Yorkers, why don’t they simply boycott natural gas that originates from fracking and just heat their homes and business with natural natural gas, or solar, or wind, or … hot air?
I say put your money where your mouth is and practice what you preach. Adopt a new motto too….
New Yorkers For Higher Energy Costs and Less Warmth.


“AnotherQlder says:
January 23, 2013 at 4:32 am”
We should ban water too, far too many people die from the fact they cannot breathe in water.

Some of those children will grow up, and get curious and investigate the propaganda they were fed. And become very upset with public education for lying to them.
I know I did.

Nigel S

Karen says: January 23, 2013 at 3:41 am
Why do you think many people are concerned about fracking ?
Because of all the collaborationist posts they read? Am I right?

Bill Illis

Fracking has already doubled the estimates of recoverable reserves of oil and natural gas.
There is too much money to be made and too much demand for the products to stop it now.
Get used to plentiful and cheap natural gas. Get used to the fact that the US will rely less and less on imported oil.
Get used to increasing use of cheap natural gas lowering CO2 emissions in the US and world-wide.
Why would the Greens be against it? Not logical.

I watched FrackNation last night. Very informative and highly recommended. This is just another environmental “movement” started by exaggerated or outright false claims.

Imagine there’s no carbon
It’s easy if you try
No warming-hell before us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people curbing their emissions
Imagine there’s no companies
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to drill or frack for
And no more CO2
Imagine all the people living in peace with Gaia
You, you may say
I’m a dreamer…

Henry Clark

Fourth-graders have concluded fracking’s bad
What that actually means is they’ve been indoctrinated with anti-producer propaganda. They know little of critical thought, of real history, and of real science, yet time is taken away from proper teaching to indoctrinate them to bite the hand that feeds them, to hate the producers even as they have electricity, warmth, food, and much else contributed to by such. If those who railed against production had to not use the fruits of such and be less hypocritical, there would be fewer doing so, yet, via government, when becoming voters, they get to spread the harm from their ideology to others. Starting indoctrination at about as young an age as possible is a classic tactic for an ideology weakened by higher levels of rational thought, knowledge, and mathematical literacy (such as being able to semi-quantitatively compare benefits versus hyped tradeoffs).

Brian Johnson UK

johnny old boy ” In the UK there have been minor Earthquakes causes by exploratory fracking and some measured pollution.”
I would keep very quiet if I were you johnny, old boy as your statement is typical of the hysterical Green unsubstantiated drivel presently available.
Minor earthquake it was, so low that only modern instruments could record it.
Any idea how much radiation was released at the same time? Water pollution at a level so low it is below any EU water purity scale.
Nothing to see here – “move on”

lurker passing through, laughing

The child repeating that lie about cattle and killing people is a sad reminder that even bad movies, like “Promised Land” have the power to deceive the young and naive. As for Yoko and the celebritycrats, who gives fig what those self absorbed ignorant puppets say?


When Yoyo Nono shows up, you know it’s the beginning of the end.
Maybe she’ll do for the green movement what she did for the Beatles.


This is the woman who broke up the Beatles. For that sin alone, there is a special place in hell for the incredibly ignorant Yoko Ono.
The airing of FrackNation last night on aXsTV was an excellent, rational documentary on fracking. Encourage all to see it, if you have the opportunity.


Nothing burns cleaner than natural gas. Shale gas will provide enormous benefits to this country. It has brought down the price natural gas and the price of crude oil, which will go lower as shale gas is brought into production in the rest of the world.