Claim: Climate change: Up to 95% of ocean surface climates may disappear by 2100

The authors conclude that while some marine species currently keep pace with changing ocean climates by dispersing to new habitats, this may no longer be possible if existing ocean climates…

Projecting manmade climate change: scenarios to 2050

Climate impact assessments are being biased in an alarming direction by continued inclusion, and especially sole reliance, on RCP8.5. For climate change to 2050, RCP4.5 and RCP6.0 are the most…

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: In 20-40 Years, Global Warming will Make Louisiana Uninhabitable

According to BullSci, in 20-40 years of unchecked global warming people will need air conditioners at least 18 days per year to survive temperatures in Louisiana.

Crisis looms in alarmist climate science

Climate science is dominated by alarmists addicted to the idea that increasing carbon dioxide will cause dangerous global warming. How much warming is thus the central scientific question.

Reassessing Model Projections for Hot Days from RCPs –

An Aussie Perspective Dr B Basil Beamish Hot Day Projections in Australia At the end of 2015, the CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) released a joint technical report that…