Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: In 20-40 Years, Global Warming will Make Louisiana Uninhabitable

Beer on the Beach
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Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to BullSci, in 20-40 years of unchecked global warming people will need air conditioners at least 18 days per year to survive temperatures in Louisiana.

Dealing with climate change requires more fight and less flight

By Dawn Stover | October 26, 2020

America’s West is facing massive wildfires. Its coasts are being inundated by sea level rise. Its desert cities and farms are stressed by ever-increasing demands for air conditioning and water. The Southeast faces increased hurricane risks. The heartland is seeing extremes of both heat and precipitation. In relatively cool places like Alaska and northern Minnesota, temperatures are rising even faster than elsewhere, melting the tundra and turning forests into savannas.RELATED:About last night’s fracking comments in the debate

“Where can I go to be safe?” is the wrong question. The wealthiest Americans can build bunkers or buy private islands. They can pay security guards and private schools. They can access the best medical treatments the world has to offer. They can buy solar panels and Teslas. But they can no more escape climate change than they can stop breathing. They cannot purchase their own atmosphere or their own ocean.

The new climate migrants. Because many Americans do not yet recognize climate change as an emergency, some are still migrating into harm’s way. America’s coastlines and desert cities continue to swell with new arrivals and new housing developments.

That will soon change. By 20 to 40 years from now, under a high-emissions scenario with no policies to mitigate global warming, everyday temperatures in the US South and Southwest will be extremely hot, according to an analysis by ProPublica and The New York Times Magazine of Rhodium Group research. In that scenario, some counties in Arizona will be above 95 degrees for half the year, and some parts of the Midwest and Louisiana will be so humid for about 18 days of each year that humans will need air conditioning to stay cool enough for survival.

Read more: https://thebulletin.org/2020/10/dealing-with-climate-change-requires-more-fight-and-less-flight/

As someone who lives in a place which is warmer than New Orleans, I’m happy to pass on our well researched Aussie emergency survival plan for extreme heat, so you can teach your kids how to deal with the coming climate crisis.

Drag the TV outside, jump in the pool, put up a big sun shade, and buy a large bag of ice for the beer and soft drink cooler.

As with any emergency survival plan, practice drills are essential.

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  1. Tell that to the Middle Archaic SE Woodland culture Indians who built mounds in Louisiana from 4000 BC, at the height of the Holocene Climate Optimum.

      • The Mound Builders and other SE Woodland cultured throughout the Mississippi Valley flourished during the Minoan, Roman and Medieval WPs, but declined during intervening cool periods. The onset of the LIA doomed Cahokia, in the St. Louis area, over a century before the arrival of Europeans.

      • Since yet again a reply appears lost in cyberspace, I’ll just summarize by noting that SE Woodland Cultures flourished during all the warm periods after the HCO, ie the Egyptian, Minoan, Roman and Medieval. Cool periods, not so much.

        See the Miund Builders’ chief city Cahokia, East St. Louis, IL, which declined and fell or was abandoned early in the LIA, even before arrival of Europeans.

        • Well yes – but they weren’t modern urban dwellers… though large, their populations weren’t as high as currently. They hadn’t shut the water up behind levees, with lack of silt eroding the coast, let alone sea level rise and more extreme storms…

          There is surely a quantative and qualative difference between then and now?

      • They probably used swamp coolers: “sustainable” a/c .

        Nice of them to call this journal BullSci, at least we know what to expect.

        BTW I love the Fosters clip. Say bollox to it seems like the best strategy.

    • Exactly! For the purposes of crisis creation, the Pseudo Scientists only look at the temperatures back to 1880 or so – the beginning of “records”. They ignore the really extreme temps of thousands of years ago, a time when humans were not alive to either be blamed for “global warming”, nor be the Savior of the Planet by stopping human behavior. This indicates that there is a mechanism involved that precludes human causation.

      • “They ignore the really extreme temps of thousands of years ago, a time when humans were not alive to either be blamed for “global warming””

        Huh? Humans weren’t alive thousands of years ago?

  2. My suggestion is that all those who are truly afraid of global warming just follow the UN’s Agenda 21 and start building those walled cities. They can move there, exist in complete isolation from the rest of the terrifyingly terrifying world outside those walls, and enjoy their special worlds until they run out of food and start giving their neighbors odd looks.

    Me, I’ll just move to a quiet place where I can plant tomatoes and stuff for canning and freezing, and ensure that I have a good supply of grains, seasonings, and a house that’s warm in winter and cool in summer, and those Special City Folk in Coventry won’t be allowed to set one toe on my lawn. It’s not hostility on my part. I just don’t want to be “infected” by their fear of the natural world.

    Have a nice day. I’m making my Grandmas’ chopped apple cake, keeps well, even freezes well and is good with whipped cream or vanilla ice c ream

    • Sara, ha ha , me too. I’m in western NY and nothing in my 50 years of being observant has changed much, flora, fauna, and temperatures. Pretty boring! Ha ha.

    • 10+Sara, I have long said, here in the States, we don’t need a wall to keep people out. We need to wall up these big blue cities and keep the hysterical snowflakes, afeared of global warming, IN.

      We need to post sharp shooters around the outside of the cities to prevent their escape, which they will attempt, once their quality of life has turned to shite and they realize this whole thing has been a Global Political Flim Flam sponsored by the UN from the very beginning.

      It will be necessary to terminate escapees in order to protect future free living offspring from being infected by their alarmist mental and emotional instability which is orders of magnitude more contagious than COVID. Not to mention their mental disorder leads to mass starvation and death due to exposure.

      • Bill Powers, thanks:

        I’m now having memories of Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken escaping from New York and Los Angeles…and having been a resident of the suburbs of both cities, I can understand the need to escape them.


        PS: Stay safe and healthy, all.

      • Yes, you may, and I’m glad you asked about it. The recipe card is so old and tired it’s turning brown.

        Let it cool completely before you cut it. I have made this with both whole wheat flour and mixed whole grain flour, and with regular flour as well, and I think the extra nutrients from the whole grain make it even better. If you have to use non-gluten-based flour, a test run is a good idea.

        Chopped Apple Cake – Grandma Wiley’s recipe
        2 cups brown sugar
        2 cups water
        1 cup shortening (butter is best)
        1 cup seedless raisins
        2 teaspoons cinnamon
        1 ½ teaspoons nutmeg
        2 cups chopped apples (peeled or not, your choice)

        Cook above ingredients together for about 20 minutes on medium heat (do not boil)

        Let this cool, while you sift the following dry ingredients together.

        Add the following mixture to the mixing bowl, and mix thoroughly:
        3 ½ cups flour
        2 teaspoons baking soda
        1 teaspoon salt
        ¾ cup English walnuts, chopped

        Bake in a greased loaf pan lined with waxed paper for about 1 hour.

        Oven temperature should be 325F to 350F

        Allow the cake to cool completely. Test doneness with a wooden skewer. If nothing sticks to it, the cake is done. It requires no icing.

        My mother used to bake this in an angel cake pan, the kind with the standing tube in the center, but my paternal Grandma used the loaf pan. I’ve done it both ways and both work. It can be cut into sections and frozen (if it lasts that long).

        Serve with whipped cream or good vanilla ice cream.

        Thanks for asking about it. I miss both of my Grandmas these days.

    • To avoid the ‘unbearable heat’ of climate change, those walled cities should be built above the Arctic Circle, or a similar location with a frigid climate today. The crops will be better next year; trust us.

      That would solve so many of our problems…

    • The FEAR of Global Warming seemingly makes otherwise rational men (AND women, too) extremely stupid. There, I fixed it for you.

    • **** you are correct, ignorance is forgivable but to know something is wrong and do it anyway is stupidity and not forgivable!

      • Those folks make the mistake of assuming that everything the MSM says is the truth and are the ONLY facts that matter. They think that they don’t need to look any further than the pretty faces that parrot the script penned by the current science darlings designated as experts the media proprietors.

  3. Aw yes, here comes Dawn Stover, BA (not BSc) in Biology from Carelton University and, wait for it, MA in Communication from New York University. Science writer for alarmist/liberal/socialist agendas based in Washington (state, not DC). The Aussie advice works for me, and for sure there are about a billion human beings surviving in climate conditions worse that Dawn predicts. Her latest is just more Pulp Fiction for the poorly misinformed. Put another shrimp on the barbie.

  4. No kidding? They’ll need air conditioning in Louisiana 18 whole days A YEAR? I wonder what the hell they do now, in the summertime? We use it pretty much continuously from June to early October — in New York City! I may need to move to New Orleans just to stay cool!!

    • Granted, New Orleans is WAY cooler than New York City. Must be the beignets and not Mayor “Lurch” DiBlasio.

    • We visited New Orleans in the late 1970s. It was already too hot and humid then … before all the “global warming.” I refused to eat soup with a turtle in it. My wife tried it — said it tasted like chicken.

    • Paula, you might want to wait a week or so to move to New Orleans, until hurricane Zeta finishes passing through. Just saying.

    • I am real glad that the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists was not around when Japan was whipped by such a weapon. Last I checked“Isle de Jean Charles, ” is still there and “…..Louisiana will be so humid for about 18 days of each year that humans will need air conditioning to stay cool enough for survival” must be a typo as it is ten times +++ that number, additional 18 days would not be noticed, at least by residents (3 decades myself) that survived there. Doomsday is their motto now so apparently survival has changed its meaning.

  5. The greatest threat to humanity at the moment is drowning in leftist bullsh1t.
    It’s just too easy these days to produce it and shovel it out to the masses.

  6. Isn’t it amazing to see that, in the vicinity of the equator where it is warmer than Louisiana, people have lived for thousands of years without air conditioners!

    Personally, 5 years ago I moved to central Florida in order to escape what I refer to as “that terrible Global Warming up north!” (See all the reports this past week from the likes of Montana, the Dakotas, etc., for examples of “terrible Global Warming!”

  7. Do these atomic scientists think that mass from atmospheric water is being converted into energy? How else can they explain all the new energy that must be added to the system in order to maintain the alarmists wet dream.

  8. It’ll be interesting when La Niña morphs into a negative AMO and solar cycles 24 and 25 and we get 30 years of cooling à la 1940-1973. Lot of cover up oh no I didn’t really say.

    • Coeur de Lion says :
      ” … and we get 30 years of cooling à la 1940-1973″

      Or, the first cold strikes of the Big One hit. We are after all quite well past the average time that Interglacial Warm Periods last. What I’ve read suggests the drop into deep glacial era level cold manifests in under a century, and perhaps as short as a decade.

      When that happens the growing seasons of the “breadbaskets” of major northern hemisphere grain producers will be quickly truncated, then disappear for 100-125 K years.

    • Bruce, right on, and don’t forget that BullSci is the keeper of the “Doomsday Clock”, which now shows 100 seconds to midnight (midnight as in lights out on habitable earth). Of course, as in “we only have 10 years to save the planet” the Bullschist Doomer Clock has been stuck on 100 seconds for a few years now. I think we can ignore it.

  9. How are we going to save the world without beer? Practiced drills are necessary.

    Good advice but predictions beyond the normal predictions of weather are a little difficult for accuracy. However I believe the world will warm a lot when the sun explodes plus or minus a few billion years. Best to get off it before that happens. Now is a good time to start and bring beer.

  10. Good on, ya, Fosters. Glad to see some Aussies keepin’ their heads about ’em.

    If anyone in New Orleans currently runs their a/c LESS than 18 days a years then they’re saints. (get it?)
    This lame attempt at trying to foster fear is truly pathetic. As for the rich buying their own private island to avoid sea level rise, is that a crack at former President Obama?

    A bit off topic, but ‘Science’ magazine just came out with their politics issue (Oct.16, 2020) in which they all but endorse Joe Biden. In the “Voting in a Maelstrom” article, the author refers to David Legates and Ryan Maue as being “dismissive of climate science” and other out right lies. This is what politicized science looks like.

    • In all fairness, they said that you would need AC just to survive.
      IE, it will be so hot that anyone without AC will die of heat stroke.

      Total BS, as several of our commenters here have mentioned there are many work places where temperatures routinely get well above 120F. All that’s needed for survival is lots of water.

      • Purchase price to either is about like me buying a fancy grill for the yard.
        Further these properties are more for entertainment than living — once Panic2020 allows them to move about as is usual. Gates lives in Washington State. Obama had a house in Wash. D.C. Does he still?
        Expect these “sea -view” properties to be sold at a profit before long.
        You, I, and they know there is no danger of Gloal warming sea level rise that will ruin either of these places.
        Obama’s place could get some storm damage. Not a big deal.

  11. I used to visit Louisiana quite a bit in my youth. Considering the heat, humidity, (which lasts close to 365 days a year) snakes, gators, skeeters, swamps, corrupt politicians and such. Louisiana has been pretty much uninhabitable since the French got there. Give me the mountains.

    • Bulletin: Atomic Scientists can peer into the future and predict their future wealth plundered from you tax dollars.

  12. The wealthiest Americans can buy an island! some of them already have, somewhere very hot. Hard to believe some people can’t see through this s**t

  13. Panic now! and send all your money to the DemoKrats and UN. They can’t stop anything from changing with the weather or the climate, but they will institute global Communism so if you complain you will be imprisoned and reprogrammed to RITETHINK!

  14. I lived in Louisiana for three years from 1978 to 1980, just outside of New Orleans. Believe me, it was pretty much uninhabitable back then. I was in the military stationed at the Naval Air Station just down river in Belle Chase. The first year I was there our living quarters didn’t have any air conditioning. That was the most miserable summer I have ever lived through.

  15. Back in around 1980 (a really hot August that year) I survived an entire summer without air conditioning in the OKC region of Oklahoma. I was hot and sleep was hard to get but somehow…I survived. (Actually I started sleeping in the bathtub with a fan blowing across me.) Back in the early 1960’s I grew up in a house that had nothing but an attic fan – putting a new fan in the window was a miracle come true.

    Now I live in Texas – it averages around 5 to 7 degrees warmer. I have this wonderful machine called Central Air. I keep the house at around 78 degrees in the summer – many guests complain its hot but I am used to it. “Swamp Coolers” barely work in my area because of the high humidity.

    If in 20 to 40 years the people of Louisiana have not caught onto the idea of air conditioners, then they deserve to have to sleep in bath tubs of cool water at night, or use water beds, or just get used to it. I have no idea why these scientists think Louisiana is going to be so much warmer – most warming will be in the cold areas, and most warming will be at night – so if you bought into the worse case of AGW (about 6 degrees) then Louisiana would warm less than 1 degree in the day time – not very frightening.

    Besides, the sea level is supposed to rise by 20 meters or some ridiculous amount so most of Louisiana will be under water anyway. And everyone is supposed to be dead by 2031 or so (except apparently the Polar Bears, they seem to be doing fine)

  16. “under a high-emissions scenario… . In that scenario, some counties in Arizona will be above 95 degrees for half the year”

    Phoenix experiences over 100 days per year over 100F.

    I will take 106F and dry over 95F with high humidity every time.

    • Agreed. I have lived in the Phoenix area for the last 24 years. After this particularly warm summer, we consider 95 degrees a cold snap. I moved here on a Memorial Day weekend from Austin, Texas and although the temperature was higher, the humidity was lower and the weather was much more comfortable in the dry heat than the warm humidity.

  17. You can run, but you can’t hide; from climate “science” drivel like this, that is. It is relentless.

  18. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is strictly an alarmist PR organization, with probably not a single atomic scientist among them. Why are we even acknowledging such tripe?

  19. This sounds like climate porn. Better known as climate disinformation. Or plain stupidity if one didn’t know any better. It’s been hot and humid every summer in Louisiana for a long time.

    I tell my drinking buddies to avoid Corona beer, cause it might cause corona virus. They just laugh..and then I tell them they are also consuming CO2 pollution in the beer. And they laugh some more. I told some kids I know that pop (or the new Soda Stream water flavor) is also CO2 pollution in their favourite beverage, and they also laugh. I wonder if anyone takes this seriously, other than those with an agenda.

  20. Massive wild fires, sea level rise, increased hurricane risk…..That reads like an Obama stump speech for Biden. It’s hard to find a line in it that is not false, whether intentional or by ignorance.

    Where can I go to be safe? Martha’s Vineyard! That’s right. That’s the ticket….

  21. There are people suffering in dire energy poverty, even in major nations because of “cost of carbon” tax fraud. Choosing between food and warmth. Oft losing some of both.

  22. I call it the Bulletin of the Atomic Bums, because of the mushroom cloud of pseudoscience, lies, and propaganda they release.

    • Bruce it’s likely they are paid for this sort of ‘marketing’, to sell more renewables products.

      Must act now, before it’s too late! Selling fast. New improved product. You too can be a part of the ‘save the planet’ scheme!

      The urgency is that people are finally waking up and the scheme is going to collapse.

  23. Maybe it really is time to put a pool in my backyard here in Ohio. I think with a pool and cooler full of gin, ice, and tonic water. I will be good.

  24. See Prof Landray interview on France Soir. He seemed at a loss in explaining why trial patients were so HUGELY overdosed.His response to the French medical expert questioning the dosage level is alarming.

  25. The age of Hit Piece Pseudoscience is upon us or maybe “Binge BS”. No passcode is required, just scare and more scare. The combinations are endless–That means you get to count anything as academic output for your annual raise and promotion.

  26. And in 20-40 years will anyone at the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists take responsibility for this claim? Has anyone who made projections of a 20 year tripping point in 1995 taken responsibility for being wrong yet?

    • The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists did one smart thing, they put the coming doom at 40 years in the future, so they can go a long time before being humiliated by their bad predictions.

      The rest of the Alarmists only give us nine or ten more years before the end. We get to call them out on their bad predictions much sooner than we could call out the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

      I predict that in 40 years we won’t be hearing all this Human-caused climate change BS anymore. Maybe sooner.

  27. Hmmmm . . . I never knew that climate change was linked to issues related to “atomic” (fission or fusion) science. Who knew???

    The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has lost whatever credibility they once may have had by parroting the meme of CAGW climate change™.

    Look for them to next claim that increasing global atmospheric temperature has increased the rate of radioactive decay in certain naturally-occurring radioactive materials in Earth’s crust and core, such as U-238, Th-232, K-40 and radon.

  28. Forests good. Savannas bad. Except savannas are okay where they already exist. But forest must under no circumstances ever change to savanna. Also, savanna must never change to forest. Change bad.

    • . . . which leads directly to the implication: status quo good, evolution bad.

      We all should have stayed as slime algae . . . and been much happier.

  29. “Global Warming will Make Louisiana Uninhabitable”

    If Louisiana (or in fact the entire US Gulf Coast) is such a dangerous place to live, why do people live there?

    “Some of the deadliest tropical storms and hurricanes to ever hit the United States have struck the Louisiana shoreline. Memorable storms include Ike in 2008, both Rita and Katrina in 2005, Andrew in 1992, Camille in 1969, Betsy in 1965, Audrey in 1957. These storms claimed many lives from the area. Audrey had the highest death toll in modern times, in the United States, from any tropical cyclone, with 526 lives lost in Cameron and nine in Texas.”


    • Louisiana is right in the middle of “Hurricane Alley”.

      It shouldn’t be a surprise that they feel the effect of a lot of hurricanes. Some weather forecasters I have listened to in the last few days seem to think it is unusual for Louisiana to get hit by a lot of hurricanes.

      If a Gulf hurricane passes west of Louisiana, the state still gets some of the effects of the hurricane. If a Gulf hurricane passes east of Louisiana, the state still gets some of the effects of the hurricane. It’s not unusual for Louisiana to have a lot of problems from hurricanes.

  30. Note that the apocalypse du jour is always 20-40 years in the future these days when they hope you have forgotten or they have retired or moved on. Every time a shorter window is used for tipping points to save the planet or for the Arctic to melt or for NYC to submerge they have of course failed miserably.

  31. If you test the data for the 2 LA stations in the Climate Reference Network for a time trend there is none. The data only goes back to 2003. Even so, a 17 year period on no warming is hard to reconcile with unlivable in 20 years. LA is a humid place and has lots of water around. It is unbelievable to me that people that who call themselves scientists don’t understand that the water cycle puts an upper limit on heating. Many of the science institutions in the US are in for a rude awakening.

    • Thanks, Nelson –
      There is an easier way to examine the trend at any locale.
      You go to “wolframalpha.”
      This is a web site that is supposed to be able to answer all kinds of questions.

      you enter in the blank:
      “average temperature baton rouge la past 60 years”

      a graph will show up with these data plotted for you. Usually in a few seconds.

      Baton Rouge actually shows a decrease in avg temps!

      Enter any city you like.

      I was presenting a data analysis seminar to some grad students. A focus was on: matching data to a hypothesis. [Radical, I know. Why was I brought in to educate grad students on this? Because they had done their bachelors degrees after 1985, after the Communists took over academia, so all that matters is social virtue – and data analysis has suffered.]

      This group happened to have people from many paces, including outside USA. I had them nominating cities as we searched this WolframAlpha for a hint of Global Warming.

      The sample of cities came fro the audience, not from me. We found no “global warming” worth mentioning.

      A better way to do this is to have students draw out the graph of what they believe they will find. I do not do this because it is so humiliating that I cannot get my point across.


  32. There have been 40 years now of Global Warming warnings about temperatures rising all over and so far in Louisiana, the temperature average has gone up about 1 F degree or less. The highest temperature ever recorded there was 114 F degree and the lowest -16 F degree, It is hard to see the runaway temperature here or any sort of danger to inhabitants.

  33. A former co-worker of mine grew up in Eastern Washington where he was used to winters, complete with snow. During WWII he was a radio operator in the merchant marine ferrying munitions and aviation fuel between San Francisco and various places in the South Pacific. After one tour of about 6 months he was on leave in Seattle where the temperature was in the 60s (F). He was freezing and needed to wear a parka. Sunk twice by submarines and twice more by kamakazis, I wonder what he would have said to people whining they “might” need to run their air conditioners for 18 days to “survive” Louisiana.

    People adapt to fairly extreme temperature changes in periods measured in months, let alone decades. And it is much easier to adapt to warming than cooling.

    40 years ago it was common in Louisiana and other Deep South states to see all kinds of Confederate memorabilia with the slogan “The South Shall Rise Again!”. My comment then as now was “sure, but only because some Damned Yankee invented air conditioning”.

    And has been noted countless times before, if you believe the IPCC theory, the majority of the predicted warming will occur towards the poles and in the form of increased minimum temperatures. The real problem for places like Louisiana will not be that they need more air conditioning, but that they can’t afford the “clean, green” energy to run them.

    You’d have to take RCP 8.5 and cube it to arrive at a scenario that threatens significant consequences in the next 20-40 years.

  34. I’m completely in favor of bringing back the warm period on Earth known as the Carboniferous epoch or era or whatever it was. We can keep the atmospheric oxygen levels at 205, so that we don’t get giant dragonflies and really, really big nasty centipedes, but otherwise, PARTY CENTRAL!!!!

    • Actually the Carboniferous was cold, with major ice sheets. As a matter of fact the only part of the Phanerozoic about as cold as the present.

  35. What uninformed, derivative anti-scientific crap.
    These climate porn predictions are even less credible than televangelist rapture bunk.
    Yet, like the televangelists, these climate clowns find a never ending supply of the easily duped.

  36. As someone who survived 2 a day football practices starting on Aug. 15 th and lasting 2 weeks back in the early 1960’s in New Orleans I can confidently predict people will survive into the future down there no matter what happens to the climate. P.S. those practices were held with no water intake at all.

  37. So much pure page filling word count here. All this article needs is “Number Seven will AMAZE you” and the click bait will be complete.

    Let us look at just part of the article, shall we?

    “That will soon change. By 20 to 40 years from now, under a high-emissions scenario with no policies to mitigate global warming, everyday temperatures in the US South and Southwest will be extremely hot, according to an analysis by ProPublica and The New York Times Magazine of Rhodium Group research.”

    Or, to word it slightly differently:

    “It may already be too late. In some vaguely defined period an abstract amount of time in the future, under the worse case scenario we deliberately selected because it gives the best numbers and which does not actually match to current observations, a vaguely defined large area of North America will hotter by a non scientifically defined amount. We back these claims by quoting a research ‘group’ you have never heard of but who have an official sounding name and an openly Left Wing media outlet. How dare you. How dare you! How Dare You!

    Also Orange Man Bad.”

  38. From the article: “America’s West is facing massive wildfires. Its coasts are being inundated by sea level rise.”

    Hyperbole much?

    A couple of milimeters of sea level rise over a ten year period is not an inundation.

    We have people who don’t understand the situation trying to describe the situation, and they get it completely wrong as a result.

      • What’s the latest figures on fires started by people Griff? The ones they know about?

        We were suffering a long dry spell in parts of Australia before the rain returned in February. The grasses were long and crispy dry. We had four small fires within five kilometres of our home in December and January. I say small because fortunately in each case the fire dept contained them be fore they got out of control. We counted ourselves very lucky Griff, as you know, Australia’s last fire season was big.

        What made it particularly scary for us Griff was that these fires all occurred within a short distance from our local solar industry. We have 310 hectares (766 acres) of thin film solar panels close by. We spoke to the local fireman about the causes of these local fires. He said that two were started by people flicking lit cigarette butts out of the windows of their cars. One was started by a camper who didn’t fully extinguish his camp fire, the other was caused by a fencing welder.

        We asked a senior fireman how he’d put out a fire at the local solar works. He said, “we’d let it burn, you wouldn’t want to be around the toxic smoke”. Unfortunately we have the thin film variety of panels. I told him that we lived just over the hill from them, he just shrugged. He said that you can’t train a hose onto the damaged infrastructure anyway as the system is live. He said best way to fight a solar fire was from the air. Fires travel fast on a windy day, I have no idea where the nearest water bombers are, but our town could be well alight by the time they arrived.

        So you see Griff solar works add to the fire risk. The same with wind turbines, they have a habit of catching fire too, but they throw the fire around!

        Griff all this hype about global warming is a lie, the only reason there is more fires is because there’s more people to start them, accidentally or otherwise.

        The hype and urgency to ‘do’ something about so called ‘global warming’ is just another ploy from the AGW marketing department to sell more renewables. It’s just marketing Griff. Extinction Rebellion, David Attenborough, Prince Charles, any famous actor who thinks that what they have to say is important. And don’t get me started on the ‘science’ articles in newspapers.

        These people are not scientists Griff, they don’t actually ‘know’ what they are talking about in regard to ‘climate’. They just fell hook line and sinker for the scam and they want to present to the world that they are one the side of ‘good’, virtue signallers. They are the perfect marketing tools simply because they are famous, they are household names, but they are not scientists Griff.

        My distain for these people is that they have asked no questions, they are effectively promoting death and destruction. They have no clue about the effect their AGW cure (renewables) are having on the planet. Much like yourself Griff.

  39. Lived in Louisiana during their hottest years on record (’98, ’99). Loved it. Not a big AC guy, either. Play golf in the morning, knuckle heads.

    “..so humid…”? So the humidity is going to go above 100%? Supersaturated air kills! Who knew? An extra 18 or 19 days of AC for most Louisianans is a rounding error.

  40. New Orleans has an annual average temperature of 20 C. There are a few places in Africa with annual averages over 30 C which are definitely inhabitable since they are inhabited (and without A/C).

    Admittedly they are a lot drier, but there are lots of places just as humid as Louisiana with annual averages of 27-28 C. Like e g the Seychelles, a popular holiday spot.

    So Louisiana has a pretty large safety margin.

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