It’s Climate Hypocrisy Wednesday Part One: Climate Activists Channel Michael Crichton

He also suggested that private jets be banned as they add more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for the benefit of the few who could afford them.

Tucker Carslon- The Climate Cult has Grown Stronger

Fox News host Tucker Carlson calls out outrageous leftist ideas to help the environment on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

Fear: The Best Tool of the Ruling Class

Reposted from American Thinker By Charles Battig Social and political responses to the fears of the Corona-19 virus pandemic are news headlines, but do they deserve headlines?   Of course, they…

Public Relations (Spin Doctors) Deliberately Deceived Public About Global Warming and Climate Change

Guest essay by Dr. Tim Ball “Half the work done in the world is to make things appear what they are not.” E.R. Beadle. In a 2003 speech Michael Crichton,…

Consensus Argument Proves Climate Science Is Political.

UPDATE: I’ve added a video at the end that speaks to the consensus thinking. Marc Morano’s arguments leaves the Australian Youth Climate Coalition’s Anna Rose speechless. – Anthony Guest post…

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