Media Regurgitates IPCC’s ‘Final Warning’ on Climate Change – Without Realizing We’ve Already Passed 1.5°C

With all this contrary evidence of a doom-laden present and future, isn’t it time we simply stop listening to these unproven claims?

A Requiem for Blueberries

There is not much of the United States that is south of the I10 left to grow blueberries in.

New Harvard Study Proves Exxon Scientists Far Superior at Predicting Climate than the IPCC or James Hansen


Equilibrium Doubled-CO2 Sensitivity by Observational Methods

On that basis, each $1 billion that Britain and the world spends on chasing after net zero will prevent just one thirty-millionth of a degree of warming that would otherwise…

Sea Level Is Rising – But So What?

Climate Central needs more than a fancy interactive map to make a convincing case sea level will change that drastically.

IPCC’s 1990 Predictions Were Even Worse Than We Thought

… it is clear that IPCC’s midrange medium-term prediction has proven to be a 140% exaggeration…

Open Letter to Global Leaders assembled at COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

And why did they not admit that mitigation even at a global scale – as already proven in the pandemic of 2020 – would have imperceptible effect on climate?

The Australian Government Vision for Our Renewable Future

The government has provided a risible $224 million budget for batteries to stabilise a 33GW grid which is expected to be 82% renewable by 2030.

Hurricane Hype, Lies, Censorship – and Reality

Politicized hurricane and climate science breeds distrust, green energy and economic disasters Paul Driessen Hurricane Ian is in the history books, having unleashed its Category 4 fury on southwestern Florida.…

Fossil Fuels Are the Greenest of Energy Sources

fossil fuels are currently indispensable for manufacturing fertilizers and pesticides that are critical to producing adequate food supplies at reasonable prices.

A Critical Assessment of Extreme Events Trends in Times of Global Warming

None of these response indicators show a clear positive trend of extreme events. In conclusion on the basis of observational data, the climate crisis that, according to many sources, we…

Important New Paper Challenges IPCC’s Claims about Climate Sensitivity

Official IPCC estimates of future global warming may be overstated

Second Place Winner WUWT Student Essay Contest

Man-made catastrophic global warming doesn’t exist, and it is time to stop hurting ourselves by acting as if it does.

“The Weaponization of Science: Politics, Vilification, and the Climate Debate” – Dr. Willie Soon

On April 11, 2022, CERES team-leader, Dr. Willie Soon’s gave a presentation in Washington D.C., “The Weaponization of Science: Politics, Vilification, and the Climate Debate”.

When a Chemistry Journal Publishes a Sociologist on Climate and Energy

It is disappointing that her views are showcased in a publication that is supposed to focus on chemistry and chemical, not social, engineering.

The Impact of Human CO2 On Atmospheric CO2 – Summary

The simple physics model – using IPCC’s outflow proportional to level and e-times –proves natural CO2 controls atmospheric CO2. As of 2020, natural CO2 has added about 100 ppm, and…

Andrew Dessler Cancels Economists from the Climate Debate

Andrew Dessler is the alarmist’s alarmist, joining Michael Mann and others who have declared war not only against fossil fuels but also against anyone who thinks otherwise.

Climate Nuttiness: IPCC Scientist Peter Kalmus Unglued (‘Scientist Rebellion’ a dud)

The climate nuts hurt their cause as much or more than they help it. And their own words doom them to ridicule and irrelevance.

Clouds Haven’t Behaved the Way the IPCC Or the Models Say

My paper argues that clouds behaved largely independently of CO2 and had as much of a warming effect as CO2, maybe much more.

“Trust” the Process: IPCC AR6 WG1 Edition

AR6 WG1 final revised report and expert review comments have just been released Adapted from an email from David Burton It appears that the IPCC has finally finished their revisions…

New UN IPCC report claims ‘Now or Never’ to flight climate – That’s an easy choice – NEVER! – More tipping points – Point-by-point rebuttal

“Absolutely nothing in this IPCC report is true. It is all fake and threatens the existence of civilization, especially the West because the East and the South don’t buy it.…

The Russia-Ukraine War: A New Geopolitics of Finance And Energy Trade Emerges

As one local oil analyst put it, “If Russia is offering oil at a cheaper price and the trade is between rupee and rouble, then looking at the national interest…

Reality Cannot Penetrate Into The Fantasy World Of Climate Campaigners

In any rational world, this Report would have to have dashed any remaining dreams of climate campaigners that overall world CO2 emissions would see anything but large ongoing increases for…

WUWT Contest Winner, General Audience, 1st Place – “Is There Really a Climate Crisis?”

In sum, encouraging the energy industry to innovate will lead to a prosperous, clean and secure environment not only for us here in the United States but also for the…

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