Bad Policy: Germany Keeps Making Its Energy Increasingly Expensive, Fueling Inflation

Germany’s exploding prices have little to do with economic cycles. The inflationary spiral is being driven by short-sighted, misguided government energy policies based on junk climate science.

Germany’s Economic Woes Intensify as Production Slumps “Much More Than Expected”

Much of the decline in production is due to sectors hard hit by Germany’s energy policies.

NYT Column Praises Inflation for Its Ability ‘To Drive Welcome Change for The Planet’ – ‘Adjust What We Eat to Save Both Our Pocketbooks & Our Planet’

Economic Chaos Is GOOD?!

All of the Above’ Energy Policy Would Help Reduce Energy Poverty Here and Abroad

Considering the current crisis, solutions to combat energy poverty should be at the forefront of every conversation and news report. Yet it is ignored.

The Green Agenda’s Role in Global Inflation–Ben Pile

The rise in energy prices the world has seen were not the result of an unforeseeable supply crisis, but engineered by those charged with managing the economy.

Column: A Stake Through the Heartland – Inflation and Supply Chain Issues Are Greatly Stressing the Country’s Producing Class

But global mismanagement of the fuel system – following very bad advice that the old can be now starved of capital and dismantled because erroneous fanatics have led to believe…

‘We’re all in trouble’ – Wind turbine makers selling at a loss

“It is unhealthy because we have an inflationary market that is beyond what anybody anticipated even last year. Steel is going up three times.”

Inflation More Than Offsets 4.3% Rise in Residential Electricity Rates

“Inflation is our friend” Joe Biden? Or Dan Akroyd? Does anyone else remember this classic Saturday Night Live skit? I still laugh my @$$ off whenever I watch this. I…

The Atlantic: Forget President Biden, Climate Change is Causing Inflation

According to The Atlantic, Biden didn’t cause inflation by dumping crazy amounts of money into the economy, the inflation occurred because climate change prevented the economy from responding right.

The Looming Oil Shock

Guest “You get what you pay for” by David Middleton Hat tip to Jan from the Netherlands… It’s Too Late To Avoid A Major Oil Supply CrisisBy David Messler –…

If US Fossil Fuel Fracking Dies, Kiss Goodbye to Affordable Home Loan Interest Rates

One thing which wasn’t made clear during the recent US election was how important domestic US energy production and fracking is to reducing the trade deficit, which in turn feeds…

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