Your Tax Dollars at Leisure

Alas, we await true demonstrations of capability and cost.   

Dismantling the Royal Society Large-Scale Electricity Storage Report

their vision of 2050 does not quite violate the first law of thermodynamics, but it goes on to break all the basic tenets of sound engineering.

The Real-World Costs of Backing Up Weather-Dependent Electricity Generation with Battery Storage

But even these numbers wildly understate the real world costs of storage that would be needed.

Bill Ponton’s “Reality Check” On UK Wind Power: The Issue of Energy Storage

The only question is how disastrous the crash will be when it all falls apart.

Policy Implications of The Energy Storage Conundrum

Unfortunately, our powers-that-be don’t seem to have those five minutes to figure out the obvious, so we’ll just have to bash them over the head with it.

Looking For the Official Party Line on Energy Storage

The end product is an excellent illustration of why central planning does not work and can never work.

Energy Storage Report: Hydrogen as An Alternative to Batteries

It’s no wonder that green hydrogen is all talk.

The Manhattan Contrarian Energy Storage Paper Has Arrived!

not only is there no working demonstration project anywhere in the world of the wind/solar/storage energy system, but there is none under construction and none even proposed.

The People Promising Us “Net Zero” Have No Clue About the Energy Storage Problem

Yes, we are to be completely dependent on so-called “DEFR” technologies, which have not been invented yet and as to which “significant uncertainties” exist. Could this get any more ridiculous?

New York Climate Act: What the Experts are Saying Now  

Roger Caiazza On February 6, 2022 an article of mine was posted: New York Climate Act: Is Anyone Listening to the Experts?  This post shows that the experts are saying…

Study: Grid Battery Facilities Could Explode with Greater Force than the Beirut Harbour Blast

Brace for impact – as Beirut learned the hard way in 2020, thousands of tons of unstable chemicals piled up in one place can abruptly release their stored energy a…

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