Fauci, Fear, Balance and the Grid

Focusing too narrowly on public responsibility (CO2 reduction, equity, social justice) without adequate concern for economics and reliability is a recipe for disaster.  Bring on the balance. 

President Obama: “The First Amendment Does Not Apply to … Facebook and Twitter”

According to President Obama, there should be more government censorship of social media and internet search, to prevent the spread of “toxic information”, like climate skeptics and the opinions of…

Betrayers of the Truth

Accordingly the motto of the oldest scientific institution is Nullius En Verba: Take no one’s word!

Fauci on Moving the Goalposts

He deflects multiple times. She presses and he says it’s just a “guesstimate.”

Fauci: “We have entered the Pandemic Era” because of Climate Change

Apparently Smallpox, Polio, Malaria, Typhoid, Scarlet Fever and the Black Death were the feeble products of the pre-pandemic world, before global warming made things worse.

Fauci-Birx climate models?

Honest, evidence-based climate models could avoid trillions of dollars in policy blunders Paul Driessen and David R. Legates President Trump and his Coronavirus Task Force presented some frightening numbers during…

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