World’s largest companies stall climate action despite promises

Cutting emissions is proving harder than committing to cut emissions

Bloomberg Finances and Coopts State Attorneys General

Being ultra-wealthy also shields Michael Bloomberg from any fallout from the climate and energy policies he pursues so zealously.

Cobalt Carnage, Child Labor and Ecological Destruction

They labor ten to twelve hours a day in sweltering heat and toxic mud, water and dust, in enormous pits hundreds of feet deep – hacking at rocky walls and…

ESG Part I: An Examination of Environmental, Social, and Governance Practices with Attorneys General

Ever since the signing of the Paris Agreement there’s been an open conspiracy to bypass Congress

Must Watch: ESG (Environmental, social, & corporate governance) explained in 1-minute video – Best explanation you will ever see

Must Watch: ESG (Environmental, social, & corporate governance) explained in 1-minute video – Best explanation you will ever see! Via Culture War Room— Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot) April 14, 2023

ESG Tentacles Could Strangle Growth in ASEAN Countries

Though the reasons for Vietnam’s reliance on hydrocarbons are obvious and understandable, the country’s use of them is now under threat.

STEVE MILLOY: Biden Uses His First Veto to Sacrifice Americans’ Retirement Savings at The Altar Of ESG

The new Biden rule permits retirement savings to be placed into an ESG investment vehicle, without consent from the employee.

Lauren Boebert on climate and politics at Heartland’s Climate Conference in 2023

She discussed how she and fellow conservatives fought for reforms in the House Rules, and how she is fighting against the radical climate agenda of the Biden administration and Democrats…

Is The ESG Colossus Stumbling

Reposted from Forbes Tilak Doshi Contributor I analyze energy economics and related public policy issues. Yesterday, leaders of the Florida’s House and Senate hailed legislation that would “protect Florida retirement accounts and…

This is Big! DeSantis Takes Aim At ESG: LIVE at Noon CT today.

In an underreported move, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis proposed a comprehensive anti-ESG bill.

Wrong, Media and COP-27, Africa Is Not De-Carbonizing, Oil Exploration Is Expanding

African countries appear to be going forward with new oil and gas projects, including pipeline infrastructure, to take advantage of the bounty of natural resources the continent is blessed with.

The Net Zero Road to Nowhere

So, barring some unforeseen miracle technology, “net zero by 2050” won’t happen.

ESG’s Perverse, Narrow, Fraudulent Ethical Principles

Failure of basic fiduciary duties to investors is just the tip of ESG fraud iceberg

Climate Change Weekly #456: A Holiday Climate Potpourri

I wish each and every one of you a Blessed Christmas and a joyous New Year!

Holy C^%@, Authoritarian Evil of ESG Emerges at Texas Hearing

…outlining how @CreditSuisse ( $CS ) indicated that they would deny him for a loan if he didn’t tweet out various points praising the green energy agenda:

Nature Mag Jumps the Shark with New Paper. Pure Communism Disguised as Economics.

Are you willing to forego any future raises?

ESG is the Psychotic Bully of the Investment World

…its advocates use emotional blackmail and fear about climate change to get away with becoming corporate kingmakers…

Victories against ESG Starting to Accelerate

Using our cash to fund BlackRock’s social-engineering project isn’t something Florida ever signed up for

‘Common Ground’ on ESG? Only Bad Wins

A deep abiding commitment to ethical action should make your skin crawl when demagogues abrogate to themselves the mantle of “saving the world” from the coming Apocalypse

Climate Change Weekly #451: Green Energy Revolution Hits Energy Reality Wall

“If the GOP retakes the majority in the upcoming midterm elections, it reportedly plans to investigate the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for its increasing ESG advocacy,” notes Wooldridge.

Bloomberg and NewsBusters Show ESG Is Neither Virtuous Nor Profitable

… numerous states have also begun to wake up to the damaging effect of ESG-focused investment.

America Is Successfully Pursuing ESG = Extreme Shortages Guaranteed

Everything that needs electricity is made with the oil derivatives manufactured from crude oil. In an all-electric world, there will be nothing to power without oil.

ESG and the Rise of Woke Capitalism – Craig Rucker

ESG, Environmental Social, and Governance, is the backdoor through which corporations have been implementing woke policy and policies detrimental to secure energy production.

Another Bad Day at Black Rock

BlackRock will be forced to defend multiple lawsuits unless it takes significant steps to abandon both its ESG investment strategies and its extensive activities to force net-zero emissions at the…

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