The Global Emissions Experiment: A 33-Year Audit

How, then, have the excitable predictions of the profiteers of doom panned out during the 33-year experiment in ever-increasing emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases?

Low atmospheric CO2 levels before the rise of forested ecosystems

Ultimately, the composition of Earth’s atmosphere is governed by an interplay between biological and geological processes and how land plants and their root symbionts affect the physical and chemical weathering…

Equilibrium Doubled-CO2 Sensitivity by Observational Methods

On that basis, each $1 billion that Britain and the world spends on chasing after net zero will prevent just one thirty-millionth of a degree of warming that would otherwise…

Climate Change Weekly #456: A Holiday Climate Potpourri

I wish each and every one of you a Blessed Christmas and a joyous New Year!

MIT Climate Scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen Rejects ‘Climate Change’ As ‘A Quasi-Religious Movement Predicated on An Absurd ‘Scientific’ Narrative’

This all leaves us with a quasi-religious movement predicated on an absurd ‘scientific’ narrative.

The Dirty Secrets inside the Black Box Climate Models

“It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” Yogi Berra

The Dangers of Low Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations

Consequently, any reduction in the CO2 content of the atmosphere will negatively impact the current state of nature, reducing not only the growth of plants, but other benefits brought about by higher CO2 concentrations,

Climate Physics w/ Professor William Happer on Saifedean Ammous’s THE BITCOIN STANDARD Podcast.

How does politicization affect science, and why does Professor Happer think that the more policy-driven a field is, the less trustworthy its conclusions are?

Willie Soon on the Tom Nelson Podcast

This CO2 stuff is…pure delusion. You cannot find any signature of that.

Second Place Winner WUWT Student Essay Contest

Man-made catastrophic global warming doesn’t exist, and it is time to stop hurting ourselves by acting as if it does.

Reuters Writes that US Government is Unfair to……Oil Refineries?

But today, the nation’s ethanol plants produce more than double the climate-damaging pollution, per gallon of fuel production capacity, than the nation’s oil refineries, according to a Reuters analysis of…

NASA’s Webb Detects Carbon Dioxide in Exoplanet Atmosphere

This observation of a gas giant planet orbiting a Sun-like star 700 light-years away provides important insights into the composition and formation of the planet.

The Impact of Human CO2 On Atmospheric CO2 – Summary

The simple physics model – using IPCC’s outflow proportional to level and e-times –proves natural CO2 controls atmospheric CO2. As of 2020, natural CO2 has added about 100 ppm, and…

Amazon’s Growth Limited by Lack of Phosphorus

Growth of the Amazon rainforest in our increasingly carbon-rich atmosphere could be limited by a lack of phosphorus in the soil, new research shows.

Apocalyptic Versus Post-Apocalyptic Climate Politics

Overall a more rapid transition will be facilitated if we don’t unduly focus on CO2 emissions and meeting near term emissions targets.

Climatologists Embarrassed: Increase in Global CO2 Levels Accompanied by Arctic Sea Ice Growth!

To the contrary, the latest data show Arctic sea ice is still very much present and is currently running above the average of the last decade.

Updated Atmospheric CO2 Concentration Forecast Through 2050 and Beyond

The resulting model projection produces atmospheric CO2 concentrations late this century well below the IPCC RCP8.5 scenario, and even below the RCP6.0 scenario.

CO2 Sample Spacing in Ice Cores

Guest Post by Renee Hannon Introduction This post examines sample spacing for CO2 measurements in Antarctic ice cores during the past 800,000 years to better understand if gaps in sampling…

Elevated CO2 and the Enhancement of Plant Medicinal Properties

“overall, elevated CO2 provoked changes in the phytochemical contents of caraway plants, particularly at the sprouting stage and, hence, improved their nutritive and health-promoting properties.”

A “Weakening Warming Trend Of The Last 40 Years Is Apparent”, Says German Expert

Had this been adequately accounted for in climate models, we would all have been spared much public panic and flawed policy decisions.

LIVESTREAM, NOON CT TODAY: The Truth About Global CO2 Emissions

On episode 13 of Climate Change Roundtable, Climate Change Roundtable Host Andy Singer and Heartland’s Linnea Lueken and Jim Lakely cover the truth about global carbon dioxide emissions and the…

Will Planting Trees Reduce Global Warming?

The mutual relationships between forests and climate are actually really rather more complex and not fully understood.

Increased Plant Productivity: The First Key Benefit of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

Unfortunately, too many individuals and governments are locked into the false mindset that CO2 is a pollutant and so research has progressed but little on this front of late.

Sorry, But Hard Science is Not Done This Way.

The short story: Can we detect a change of CO2 in the air after emission reductions following Covid-19 lockdowns?

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