Craig Idso on CO2 Benefits: A Summary

Atmospheric CO2 is not causing, nor will it ever cause, a direct threat to your health or cognitive performance

German climate researcher Schellnhuber proposes limiting amount of CO2 to 3 tons a person per year & enabling private emissions trading

Anyone who causes more emissions would have to buy rights

Surprise! Carbon Dioxide Emissions Hit New Record In 2022

It shows just how divorced from reality those pushing Net Zero agendas really are.

Data shows there’s no climate catastrophe looming – climatologist Dr J Christy debunks the narrative

Christy – who receives no funding from the fossil fuel industry – provides data-substantiated clarity on a host of issues, further refuting the climate crisis narrative.

CO2 is Innocent but Clouds are Guilty.  New Science has Created a “Black Swan Event”**

The modelers of the 1990’s where on the right track – if clouds change the results would be as strong as the that expected from CO2.  The IPCC should evaluate…

Elevated CO2 Reduces Temperature Stress in Plants

In nearly every instance these studies demonstrate the air’s rising CO2 content is helping plants better cope with and endure high temperature stresses.

Media Claims CO2 “Traps Heat”! A Big Lie or A Big Stupid ???

This video will expose a popular climate myth pushed by the media. Although greenhouse gases warm the earth’s average temperature, CO2 does not trap heat.

CO2 Enrichment Improves Plant Water-Use Efficiency

“Gratefully, nature does not have to wait another century or so for the air’s CO2 concentration to double before reaping benefits from enhanced water use efficiency. It has already begun to…

The Big 5 Natural Causes of Climate Change Part 3: How La Nina Warms the World

Until then embrace renowned scientist Thomas Huxley’s advice: “skepticism is the highest of duties; blind faith the one unpardonable sin”

Biden’s U.S. Emissions Reduction Scheme Repeats Past Failures That Promote More Global Emissions Increases

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin Biden and the Democrats U.S. 50% emissions reduction by year 2030 pipe dream scheme will simply lead to the same failed future emissions outcomes that…

Watching CO2 feed the world

Watching a child grow is seeing carbon dioxide in action. Plants turn CO2 into the food we eat to live and grow on. “You can’t live on air” is a…

The Global CO2 lockdown problem

Guest post by Geoff Sherrington The global problem. In response to the threat of a global viral epidemic, countries announced lockdowns at various times near 25th March 2020. This…

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