Hydrogen Will Not Save Us. Here’s Why.

But how environmentally friendly is hydrogen really?

Column: Why Spend a Trillion if You Don’t Have to? Hydrogen the Smart Way

This is very exciting stuff. It’s real, the technology works, and it could be a massive boost towards emissions reduction – and it might create a whole new industry. Or…

New Mexico Climate Activists Fighting to Kill Hydrogen Economy Bill

Hydrogen, despite its severe shortcomings, is a dispatchable form of zero carbon energy, and is therefore a grave threat to useless renewables.

Japan Building 22 New Coal Power Plants

There is talk of eventually producing blue hydrogen from coal, and converting the plants to burn that instead. However that really is pie in the sky, as it would need…

Hydrogen: UK government sees future in low-carbon fuel – but what’s the reality?

The UK government has failed to provide comparative evidence that hydrogen is a preferred net-zero route in many applications. Only by comparing the paths to net zero in a way…

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