Before the Flood of Boredom

Guest essay by Eric Worrall I watched the new Leonardo DiCaprio climate epic so you don’t have to. The following 5 minute summary will save you an hour and a half of your life which you will otherwise never get back. Quite apart from DiCaprio racking up an impressive number of air miles, in my…

Original Image: Cloudy Sky

“Atmospheric Radicalization”: The Latest Climate Catchphrase

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Big oil consultant and hardline green Dana Nuccittelli has revealed the latest climate catchphrase which will make us all care: “Atmospheric Radicalization” ‘The atmosphere is being radicalized’ by climate change To paraphrase Donald Trump, this is radical atmospheric change and Republicans won’t even mention the words. Climate change’s impacts on…

Scientists used fossilized plants, like this seed fern, to reconstruct the ancient atmospheric CO2 record from more than 300 million years ago.
William DiMichele/Smithsonian Institution

Claim: reconstructing climate from 300 million years ago from fossils says we’re in trouble now

From the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA – DAVIS What the ancient CO2 record may mean for future climate change Deep-time reconstruction shows tropical forests can deeply impact climate change The last time Earth experienced both ice sheets and carbon dioxide levels within the range predicted for this century was a period of major sea level rise, melting…


Claim: ‘dangerous climate change’ is risky business

From the INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR APPLIED SYSTEMS ANALYSIS and the “water up to your nose” department comes this screed of fear. Risk analysis for common ground on climate loss and damage The Paris Agreement included groundbreaking text on the need for a mechanism to help identify risks beyond adaptation and support the victims of climate-related loss…