Serious Climate Misinformation In Seattle Time Headline Article

When a reporter describes research as “indisputable” you know they have little understanding of the scientific process. 

Renewable Fail: Britain to Now Class Nuclear Power as “Sustainable Energy”

The British government has caved in to the reality that renewables don’t work, and will now include nuclear energy in its plan to transition to “sustainable” power.

Four Regional Climate Conferences Announced in the Buildup to COP28

Your tax dollars at work: 4-8 Sept Nairobi Kenya, Riyadh Saudi Arabia 9-12 October, Panama City 23-27 October, Asian Pacific Week – no dates yet, but keep you diary open.

Washington Post: We Must Change the Meaning of Wealth to Appreciate Climate Action

“… What if we imagined “wealth” consisting not of the money we stuff into banks or the fossil fuel-derived goods we pile up, but of joy, beauty, friendship, community, closeness…

E.P.A. Tells States:  Clean Up Your Smokestacks

“The Biden administration is strengthening the ‘Good Neighbor’ rule, to cut pollution from power plants and factories in the West and Midwest that wafts east.”

Claim: Arctic Climate Modelling Too Conservative

[It’s been a while since we’ve had a good “It’s Worse Than We Thought” story~cr] UNIVERSITY OF GOTHENBURG Climate models used by the UN’s IPCC and others to project climate…

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