Let’s Talk About REAL Climate Cataclysms

All-natural, not so long ago, hugely destructive, and a repeat would devastate people and planet

Paul Driessen

The climate crisis! Save our planet! Stop using fossil fuels! The ranting never ends.

Present data showing that hurricane frequency and intensity are not increasing, but tornado activity has declined significantly since 1975; offer clear evidence of past, recurrent, major climate changes, including a widespread Little Ice Age from 1300 to 1850, a 2400-year-old forest emerging from beneath a melting Alaskan glacier, a 5200-year-old mummified traveler frozen on a once-nearly-ice-free Italian Alps trail –

and they respond, Shut up! The climate crisis! The science is settled! Stop using fossil fuels!

Fine. But take a few minutes to ponder REAL climate disasters: the Pleistocene Ice Ages. And then ask Michael Mann, Al Gore, John Kerry and the rest of the climate cataclysm cabal to explain exactly how carbon dioxide and a few other greenhouse gases caused those massive ice sheets to grow and melt, multiple times. Just CO2 and GHG, all by themselves. They can’t do it. The CO2-driven crisis is a fable.

Widespread glaciation began some 1,800,000 years ago in North America and Europe, and about 800,000 years earlier on other continents. There were at least four, possibly five, major glacial periods, interspersed with warm intervals (like the one we’re in now) during which the glaciers mostly melted.

That last glacial epoch is named the Wisconsinan, because some of the most exemplary features are in my home state. It marks the furthest extent of glaciers southward into the United States and east and west across Canada. A piece of limestone on my desk shows striations (scratches) made by rocks dragged along beneath the monstrous glaciers that once covered Green Bay Packer country.

During those times of extreme glaciation, ice buried more than 17,000,000 square miles of North America, Europe, Asia and South America: some 30% of Earth’s land area; nearly six times the entire Continental USA.

The glaciers – a mile or more thick in places – pulled so much water out of the oceans that sea levels fell 300-400 feet. The world’s continental shelves were high and dry, and a thousand-mile-wide “land bridge” between Asia/Siberia and Alaska/Canada enabled animals and humans to migrate between the continents. Plant and animal species arose, disappeared and were replaced with each warming and freezing.

The towering walls of slowly moving ice obliterated everything in their paths. They bulldozed enormous quantities of soil, rocks and boulders off vast land areas, then deposited them elsewhere as the glaciers retreated. The ice was so heavy that Earth’s crust beneath it was compacted tens of feet at the margins and nearly 1,000 feet in the eastern Hudson Bay area, where the glaciers were thickest. The land subsidence caused areas far beyond the glaciers to be pushed upward.

Even today, the compacted areas are still rebounding upward, while areas pushed upward are subsiding, making sea levels appear to be rising in some places, and falling in others.

Temperatures plummeted during each glaciation. Average annual air temperatures were in the 54-68 degree F range (12-20 C) during each ice age. Closer to the icy ramparts, they ranged from freezing to well below freezing. They rose significantly during the warm interglacial periods.

The massive ice packs across and just above what are now the world’s northern corn and wheat belts, plus frigid air and low atmospheric CO2 levels, would have made agriculture impossible, had humans been farmers instead of nomadic hunter-gatherers. Another ice age would do likewise.

The last glacial period began about 129,000 years ago and ended 11,700 years ago – though not all at once everywhere. In North America, US glaciers disappeared by about 10,000 years ago; in the Hudson Bay area and northeast of that, they lingered several thousand more years. 

As the ice sheets melted, sea levels rose some 400 feet, turning high land areas into islands. In warmer waters, coral reefs grew with every foot of sea level rise, creating Caribbean, Red Sea, Australian and other coral wonderlands that didn’t exist just a few thousand years earlier. Life was good again.

The Ice Ages were Real Climate Cataclysms – dwarfing anything Earth might be experiencing today. No wonder alarmists refuse to debate climate change, its natural causes and minor human influences, and whether destroying our energy, economy and living standards would bring any climate benefits.

The fact is, their rants and demands aren’t about climate change. They’re about control.

Control of our energy and economic future. Our jobs and living standards. The kinds of homes we can have, and how much we can heat and cool them. What kinds of cars we can have, and how far we can drive them. What we can hear, see, read, learn, think and say. Under full-throttle Green Fascism.

Amid record crime, the Ukraine war, skyrocketing energy prices, Covid, plummeting student math and reading scores, economic recession, a looming cold winter of discontent – and soaring increases in fossil fuel use and emissions in China, India and a hundred developing countries – Biden-Democrat policy-makers are obsessed with climate change, because they think it’s their ticket to controlling our lives. 

For them, it doesn’t matter that their entire case depends on ignoring Earth history, censoring skeptical voices – and focusing on computer models that predict temperatures and weather events that bear zero resemblance to what is actually happening right outside our windows, in the Real World. It doesn’t matter that their climate obsession is driving people to depression, drugs and suicide.

It doesn’t matter that eliminating fossil fuels that provide 80% of our energy (and 100% of the chemical feed stocks for fertilizers and thousands of other vital products) – and forcing us to rely on wind and solar power – would de-industrialize most of the United States, just as it’s doing now in Europe. It doesn’t matter that millions of blue collar jobs would disappear, or that living standards and life spans would nosedive.

The Biden-Green-Democrat Ruling Classes couldn’t care less. It’s not their jobs and living standards they’re decimating. It’s yours and ours. They’d happily destroy the best of the present and past that we want to preserve – and replace it with what? Utopian dreams in a parallel universe? Energy and economic systems that exist only in their fevered imaginations and proclamations?

They don’t care. They assume they’ll end up on top of the heap, the consequences for the rest of us be damned. Maybe most amazing of all, they actually believe their nonsense. Or at least they expect us to believe it – at least long enough to get their candidates safely past the upcoming elections. 

So our job is simple, and we’re not likely to get a second chance.

Kick as many of them out of office as we can on November 8. End the tyranny and power grabs. Preserve and restore American pride, prestige, industry, prosperity, freedom and sacred honor.

Paul Driessen has degrees in geology, ecology, and environment and natural resources law. He is senior policy advisor for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (www.CFACT.org) and author of books and articles on energy, climate change, environmental policy and human rights.

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October 26, 2022 2:07 pm

Anyone who believes in net zero is a moron who should stop exhaling CO2 right now!

Reply to  Chaswarnertoo
October 27, 2022 3:14 pm

Very few are morons. They are ordinary people who trust their governments on every subject: Climate change, Nut Zero, Covid, Covid vaccines, etc.
It is like a disease — they are suckers for the Appeal to Authority logical fallacy

Mark D
October 26, 2022 2:12 pm

So our job is simple, and we’re not likely to get a second chance.
Kick as many of them out of office as we can on November 8. End the tyranny and power grabs. Preserve and restore American pride, prestige, industry, prosperity, freedom and sacred honor.


Reply to  Mark D
October 26, 2022 2:26 pm

is it possible that an element of electoral shenanigans might already be planned?
All those dead voters dead against the Republicans.
All those aliens with postal votes thinking – 100% of them, 200%, even more – that Biden is the best thing since the Pyramids, the sharpest knife in the entire box.

Just askin’ for a friend.
And, sadly, aware that the UK system, too, IS MUCH LESS FOOLPROOF than it was before BLAIR.


jeffery p
Reply to  auto
October 26, 2022 2:43 pm

Vote early, vote often.

Reply to  jeffery p
October 26, 2022 3:53 pm

Or, as they used to say in Massachusetts, vote for the Kennedy of your choice, but vote.

Reply to  auto
October 27, 2022 4:41 am

Don’t even consider the negatives!

If enough Republicans get out and vote, and engage as poll watchers, or any other activity you can do to ensure cheating in minimised, success is yours.

The UK is the bellweather. Unless you fight you will wind up in the same situation we are in right now, with a neglected and toothless democracy.

Bryan A
Reply to  Mark D
October 26, 2022 2:50 pm

That ^^

October 26, 2022 2:17 pm

“In times of tyranny and injustice when law oppresses the people, the outlaw takes his place in history” – England at turn of the 12th century was such a time. And for America in the 21st century, it’s such a time. 

Robert Whetten
Reply to  marlene
October 26, 2022 7:51 pm

Or 1688 ‘Glorious Revolution’ [Restoration] affecting England, Scotland, … Holland.

Reply to  Robert Whetten
October 27, 2022 1:36 am

It wasn’t glorious and it wasn’t a revolution. It was an invasion.

Edward Katz
October 26, 2022 2:21 pm

When I hear that global emissions and temperatures have continued to rise during the past half century and longer despite all the supposed reductions pledges and commitments, I’m re-assured that no one is going to do much about the ostensible climate “crisis”. Then when I’m reminded, according to science, of how many different ice ages and inter-glacial warming periods have come and gone long before human activity could have influenced any of them, I’m reassured that weather and climate will continue to develop regardless of what we do here.

Reply to  Edward Katz
October 26, 2022 2:28 pm

There is a Climate POLICY Crisis.

Sadly, little Rishi with his rebanning of fracking in the UK, exemplifies that.


alastair gray
Reply to  auto
October 26, 2022 2:36 pm

he does look like a little puppet and I think his nose is getting longer . Who is pulling his strings . But what do you expect fom a banker . Masters of the universe with greed and reckless incompetence until they need a bailout and then cap in hand to whatever idiot who pretends to rule . The little tw*t has just banned fracking. Come back Liz!

Peta of Newark
Reply to  auto
October 27, 2022 12:31 am

Little Rishi had to do that – because it takes the wind out of the sails of the Labour Party, clamouring as they are for a general election.
Especially important concerning where the fracking would have happened.
i.e. In the North West of England and in/around the constituencies the Conservatives took off Labour last time round.

Hence, The Devil vs The Deep-Blue-Sea for Rishi = Ban fracking or, let the Socialists (back) into power

Reply to  Peta of Newark
October 27, 2022 2:45 am

Especially as the amount of gas actually produced may well be limited. The Trough of Bowland is not the Permian basin.

There are plenty of good reasons to allow fracking – inward investment, high paying jobs (and tax revenue), support to rural communities etc.

But set alongside the political issues of the day, it was an easy win to re-impose the moratorium.

Reply to  auto
October 27, 2022 12:52 am

You would think that he would have more fracking sense than to ban fracking
Sounds a bit like history during the French revolution lack of bread so they were told they could eat cake .
Lack of energy so you all freeze and they don’t fracking care .

Reply to  Edward Katz
October 26, 2022 7:30 pm

There’s no climate crisis, but there is decidedly a social crisis, caused by a rapacious new industry and its fanatical partisans, out to destroy and replace the stable energy foundation of civilization with an absurdly speculative new model.

October 26, 2022 2:21 pm

Even the Little Ice Age was a period of famine, plague, and war. And any warming from that is considered catastrophic?

Kit P
October 26, 2022 2:22 pm

Clearly the planet is not in trouble. Species that can not adapt to change are.

william Johnston
Reply to  Kit P
October 26, 2022 4:54 pm

Would that be a cerebral interpretation of George Carlins pronouncement?

Reply to  william Johnston
October 27, 2022 2:28 am

You mean this … https://youtu.be/wtdxoMnpYf0

Reply to  william Johnston
October 27, 2022 7:52 am


Yep, Carlin’s famous diatribe that I play every year on “Earth Day” and send to friends. And we may wish to paraphrase for politeness:

We humans will simply be a failed experiment and Mother Earth will just shake us off like a case of fleas. The planet isn’t going anywhere……WE ARE!!! Pack your bags, folks.

I crack up when folks are worried about a temperature change that we can hardly measure, but they demand we revert to pre-electricity civilization, scarce airline travel, if any, limited personal transportation to enjoy visiting grandma for the holidays, and the beat goes on…

Gums sends…

October 26, 2022 2:22 pm

American the Beautiful: “The Biden-Green-Democrat Ruling Classes couldn’t care less. It’s not their jobs & living standards they’re decimating – it’s yours&d ours. They’d happily destroy the best of the present & past we want to preserve & replace it with what? Utopian dreams in a parallel universe? Energy & economic systems that exist only in their fevered imaginations & proclamations? They don’t care. They assume they’ll end up on top of the heap, the consequences for the rest of us be damned. Maybe most amazing of all, they actually believe their nonsense. Or at least they expect us to believe it – at least long enough to get their candidates safely past the upcoming elections. So our job is simple & we’re not likely to get a second chance. Kick as many of them out of office as we can on November 8. End the tyranny & power grabs. Preserve & restore American pride, prestige, industry, prosperity, freedom & sacred honor” Thank you, WUHT

alastair gray
Reply to  marlene
October 26, 2022 2:39 pm

I am with you you shrill shrieking virago. You and the women of Iran who stand up against idiocy and oppression I salute you!

October 26, 2022 2:24 pm

Coronal Mass Ejections, CMEs of unbelievable magnitude have historically bathed the earth in trillions of tons of charged particles in plasma waves. The dendrochronological C14 record correlates more or less perfectly to the historical record. Every 200, 300, 500 hundred years or so, the auroras turn red for weeks in the tropics. The only difference now (for man) is our dependence on conductor networks. Earth’s magnetosphere will induce currents out of the plasma waves an energize all those strands of copper and aluminum at voltages and amps incompatible to design.

We know what will happen. Congress has passed legislation causing the military to harden important electronic assets to protect them. It won’t matter.

You get the big one and every transformer on earth will likely malfunction. Like in, winding melt, explosions, fires. Think about a world without electricity. Think about how helpless we would be – totally unable to recreate our networks. Imagine a world without functioning conductor networks.

How does modern man live without his networks?

alastair gray
October 26, 2022 2:42 pm

If a corona mass iejection does the job that is OK with me. If climate change does it then that is still OK. What really enrages me is when ignorant faux climate change policy immolates us all on the altar of their vanity and that is the way we are surely heading

Rod Evans
October 27, 2022 1:38 am

Phew, as I read that William, I started to get concerned you would say my TESLA (if I had one) would not withstand such a coronal burst. Good to know they would not be affected by such an event….

October 27, 2022 4:21 am

yup sure stuff up bitcoins etc AND the banksters new cbdc control grab

Reply to  Yooper
October 26, 2022 5:24 pm

Now that there is funny.

Reply to  Yooper
October 26, 2022 5:40 pm

Hard to understand why they just don’t dial up higher output from the wind turbines. Maybe the weather is a problem.

All that glossy hardware being discarded for the combustible dirt below it. One thing I know for certain is that none of the discarded turbines produced more energy than they consumed in their manufacture and system establishment. No wind turbine can overcome that basic limitation unless you ignore or the energy and system hardware needed to get useful power from the wind turbine. It is that ignorance that has led to the proliferation of these useless things.

Izaak Walton
Reply to  RickWill
October 26, 2022 8:27 pm

that is just plain wrong. The energy return on energy invested for wind turbines is well over 10 for turbines in optimal locations. The most recent turbines can have EROI of over 30.

Chris Hanley
Reply to  Izaak Walton
October 26, 2022 8:53 pm

Does that figure include storage? How about a reference.

Izaak Walton
Reply to  Chris Hanley
October 26, 2022 8:58 pm

From 2010

And things have gotten better since then. Some analyses include
storage some don’t. How relevant that is depends on where you live
and where the turbine is located. Similarly the amount of power generated depends strongly on factors like size and location. But there is no doubt that the EROI is well above one.

Chris Hanley
Reply to  Izaak Walton
October 26, 2022 10:54 pm

Thanks, the linked paper (2010) does not mention storage, buffering or batteries also it claims wind is even more efficient than nuclear in utter contradiction to for instance Weißbach (2018) where wind including storage (buffered) is found to have a EROEI ratio of 3.9:1. i.e. below what would be necessary to maintain even a basic economy:

Chris Hanley
Reply to  Chris Hanley
October 26, 2022 11:05 pm

“The economies of all OECD nations rest on fossil burning. This means that in order to achieve what is perceived as prosperity in the 21st century, EROIs around 30 or larger are needed” (Weißbach).

Izaak Walton
Reply to  Chris Hanley
October 27, 2022 12:38 am

that statement is clearly false. Currently oil has a EROI less than 20 with the value constantly falling as easily accessible reserves are depleted.

Have a look at

Which also claims that the EROI for wind is better than nuclear. Like the earlier article I referenced.

For what it is worth all these values for EROI are extremely dubious and almost no-one includes the same inputs and outputs which means that comparing any two figures is nearly impossible. Wind power is particularly problematic since the EROI increases linearly with height and also the further off shore you go the stronger and more consisent the wind is.

Reply to  Izaak Walton
October 27, 2022 4:50 am

Which also claims that the EROI for wind is better than nuclear. 

🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤡

Reply to  Izaak Walton
October 26, 2022 11:44 pm

But there is no doubt that the EROI is well above one.

No they don’t. Only if you are ignorant and ignore all the factors that go to make an electrical network actually reliable.

There is no allowance for the fossil fuel backup that is required. There is no allowance for all the extra transmission lines required to bring the low capacity factor energy into the system. There is is no allowance for the losses in the extra transmission system due to separation from source to load. There is no allowance for the inevitable curtailment as the penetration increases without adequate storage. There is no allowance for the huge cost of storage to iron out the ups and down from zero to 100%. There no allowance for the cost imposition on reliable generators through higher maintenance costs and higher capital cost per unit of output. There is no allowance for all the additional stability requirements imposed on reliable generators. There is no allowance for synchous condensers to enable system faults to be cleared without total system collapse. There is no allowance for additional black start capability. There is no allowance for the increased demand on system administration and all the additional energy involved in managing the systems such as the computer models needs to predict output to get input into scheduling system and the expensive computing power required to optimise bidding to maximise profits. There is no allowance for educating and training the people needed to manufacture and support the generators.

When ALL the energy inputs are tallied wind turbines simply do not produce more energy in their operating life then they consume. Only ignorant (lacking knowledge) people make claims that they do.

Izaak Walton
Reply to  RickWill
October 27, 2022 12:39 am

where is the evidence that none of that is included in analyses of the EROI for wind power?

Reply to  Izaak Walton
October 27, 2022 4:57 am

Evidence is not assumed by it’s absence. A competent study must document all these factors and include them in the text.

Omitting them means they have not been included.

Reply to  Izaak Walton
October 27, 2022 2:32 pm

The first link has none of the additional items included in the calculation. The second link specifically states storage or firming is not included:

converting the electricity generated into its “primary energy-equivalent” (Kubiszewski et al., 2009) but also without including any of the considerable cost associated with the required energy back-ups or storage. 

I make my own electricity from solar power and know it would have been lower cost to buy coal and burn that for the energy. But storing 10 tonne of coal on a suburban block and burning it is a messy prospect compared to solar panels and batteries.

Another benefit is that I locked in the coal price of 15 years ago, which was a lot lower before China started to use coal to make all the stuff demanded for Nut-Zero.

Nut-Zero can never happen because China will run out of coal before a fraction of the stuff required is actually manufactured.

Reply to  RickWill
October 27, 2022 2:50 am

You were doing well until the ad-hom at the end…

Reply to  mark
October 27, 2022 4:54 am

That wasn’t an ad-hom, that’s a fact.

Reply to  mark
October 27, 2022 2:36 pm

The referenced papers ignore any detail of the the real cost of intermittent – they lack knowledge. They are ignorant on the topic. One even details the ignorance (lack of knowledge) in the referenced source.

Reply to  RickWill
October 27, 2022 4:53 am

Nor is there an allowance for turbine replacement every 15 – 20 years when a nuclear/coal/gas plant can function for 60 years.

Nor is there any indication of the vast resources required to build a wind farm, many times that of a conventional power plant.


Reply to  HotScot
October 27, 2022 6:34 am

Nor the cost of the large real estate footprint, nor the cost of removing land from agricultural use as is often the case for PV “fields”

Reply to  Izaak Walton
October 27, 2022 1:48 am

so the subsidies can go and all the feed in concessions

Reply to  Izaak Walton
October 27, 2022 4:49 am

So we have gone from an EROI of 10 – 30 to “well above one”.

Any other bids?

Reply to  Izaak Walton
October 27, 2022 4:47 am

in optimal locations

Which are becoming fewer and fewer.

The energy return on energy invested for wind turbines is well over 10 for turbines

Congratulations, you have just discovered perpetual motion. Your Nobel prize is in the post.

Reply to  RickWill
October 27, 2022 4:25 am

apparently from reports winds have been low recently;-) oopsie

ron long
October 26, 2022 2:44 pm

Glad to see Paul make good use of his geology degree. The magnitude of natural cycles of sea level are so greatly in excess of any detectable signal theorized by the CAGW crowd that it is not a valid hypothesis. I was just checking out Key West for a vacation stay, and one report said that they have very little wave action due to the living barrier reefs being an average of six miles offshore, with the actual Keys formed by reefs when sea level was 15 meters higher. Reality checks are all around us, don’t need models with supercomputers giving false answers faster.

James Schrumpf
Reply to  ron long
October 26, 2022 3:16 pm

The thing is, Key West has crappy beaches. Just little enclaves of coral sand surrounded by coral heads. It’s a fishing place, not a beach place.

ron long
Reply to  James Schrumpf
October 27, 2022 2:38 am


Burl Henry
October 26, 2022 2:46 pm

Excellent Comments!

In addition to what you have written, I would point out that the ultimate effect of Net-Zero will be to cause temperatures to soar!

The burning of fossil fuels also produces SO2 aerosols, which are reflective, and cool the planet. If the burning of fossil fuels is eliminated, those industrial aerosols are no longer available for cooling, and temperatures will inevitably rise, because of the less polluted air.

In 2019, there were a reported 79 million tons of SO2 aerosol emissions into our atmosphere. As they are reduced, we can expect to see worsening weather conditions and an eventual rise of about 2 Deg. C.from today’s temperatures.

Reply to  Burl Henry
October 26, 2022 5:58 pm

If the burning of fossil fuels is eliminated, 

Wrong from there on. How can China possibly produce all the stuff needed to achieve Nut-Zero without fossil fuels? And then replace it again and again and again?

Even if China can convert their entire electric grid to nuclear, they still need enormous amounts of coal to smelt the metal oxides. Replacing metallurgical coal with with green hydrogen is impossible.

Burl Henry
Reply to  RickWill
October 26, 2022 8:36 pm

Ron Long:

If you are saying that it will be impossible to eliminate the burning of fossil fuels, then there is hope. However, complete elimination may not be necessary to prevent temperatures from rising catastrophically.

There have been a lot of climate disasters in 2022, which can be attributed to increasing global temperatures. If temperatures continue to rise, it can only be because of Net-Zero activities, since only decreased SO2 aerosol emissions will cause temperatures to increase.

Rod Evans
Reply to  Burl Henry
October 27, 2022 1:53 am

As a ‘survivor’ of 2022 climate disasters can you remind me what disaster has happened this year that is in any way unusual or unexpected? As ‘climate’ is a collective term, it is not possible to have ‘a lot’ of climate disasters. Either there was a climate disaster (which I missed) or we have had some weather events that made the headlines? I did see some of those.

Burl Henry
Reply to  Rod Evans
October 27, 2022 8:34 am

Ron Evans;

Yes, there some weather events that made the headlines–drought in California and the South West, flooding in the South East, scorching temperatures in Great Britain, Egypt, India. Pakistan (130 Deg. F.) ,and elsewhere, and probably other events

Dismissing these events because they have “happened before”.does NOT mean that.they are not being caused by Net-Zero activities.

If temperatures continue to rise, it will be a disaster of our own making.

Reply to  Burl Henry
October 27, 2022 11:55 am

“does NOT mean that.they are not being caused by Net-Zero activities.”

What an idiotic statement !!

And just because your baseless religious climate belief says they were caused by man’s CO2 doesn’t mean they weren’t 100% natural.

Your brain-washed mind can invent anything it likes.. but reality is a very different matter.

Try to get back to it .

Burl Henry
Reply to  b.nice
October 27, 2022 2:23 pm


You need to read my earlier posts in this thread.

I point out that it is NOT the CO2 from the burning of fossil fuels that is affecting our temperatures, but the REMOVAL of the dimming SO2 aerosols that are also produced by their burning

Gerald Machnee
Reply to  Burl Henry
October 27, 2022 2:43 pm

Temperatures are not rising. We have had weather in 2022 as well as in the past. Nothing new there. You cannot change the name “weather” to “climate”. Check the definitions.

October 26, 2022 2:57 pm

+1 That’s one reason the alarmists refuse to debate AGW. They can’t answer to historical facts.

Reply to  markl
October 26, 2022 3:21 pm

Not only historical facts, even actual…

October 26, 2022 3:13 pm

Whatever Joey Biden is for…..you can be almost certain that it is wrong.

Reply to  Antigriff
October 26, 2022 3:57 pm

Actually, what his handlers are for.

Reply to  Retired_Engineer_Jim
October 27, 2022 5:00 am

Don’t be coy, his handler is Obama.

Gerald Machnee
Reply to  Antigriff
October 27, 2022 2:44 pm

That is what CNN tried to pin on Trump. But in Biden’s case it is true.

October 26, 2022 3:19 pm

Well said and right on the mark.

October 26, 2022 3:30 pm

Dream on if you think the election will change anything: Not Alarmism, not the Ukraine largess, not the immigration fiasco, not nuclear war, nothing! Mark my words! The Great “Culling” is proceeding as planned

Reply to  jimmywalter
October 27, 2022 5:04 am

If you don’t get out and vote Republican, you will never know!

It’s a bit like atmospheric CO2. Under 150ppm all life on earth dies. That’s a stone cold, irrefutable fact. In the same way, Democrats are going to kill America, that’s also a stone cold fact.

I don’t know what will happen if CO2 rises to 1,000ppm but I’ll take my chances considering the certainty of the alternative.

If you vote Republican in November you might not get what you want but considering the alternative it’s a risk worth taking.

October 26, 2022 3:44 pm

Great article by Paul but I would differ on one small fact. I grew up and spent most of my life in western Pennsylvania. The glaciers, that formed the Great Lakes, came as far south as just southwest of Butler Pa. We have a state park there called Moraine State Park and it is named because of the moraines formed at the glacier’s terminus. I believe this region is much farther to the south than Paul’s Wisconsin.

John Hultquist
Reply to  spren
October 26, 2022 7:08 pm

Butler and Green Bay are about 240 miles — north to south – apart. But on the east side of the Allegheny River, you can go into New York State on non-glaciated land.
The names and timing are a bit different in other areas: From Wiki: In other regions Major Glacial 4 of the Pleistocene is given a local name. In the Alpine region it is the Würm glaciation, in Great Britain the Devensian glaciation, in Ireland the Midlandian glaciation and in North America, the Wisconsin glaciation.

October 26, 2022 4:30 pm

I’m surrounded by climate alarmists. None of them want a power grab. None of them want to impose some commie leftist agenda. They just really are that ignorant about paleoclimate, atmospheric physics, energy economics, etc. and are very worried about the future. Most of them think there must be a way to “fix” it all without ruining the economy. Without nuclear, of course. It is painful to watch, and damn near impossible to help them.

Rod Evans
Reply to  Doug
October 27, 2022 2:25 am

Doug, I have people surrounding me who are similarly seeking a magic solution to their imaginary problems. When discussions are allowed, which is rare, I enlighten them and tell them about DRAX wood burning power generation. I remind them of the state aid paid to the company of £980million/yr to maintain the practice of deforestation in the name of Green energy policy.
You could always point out the option and benefit of a traditional religion over the Green version now doing the rounds.

Reply to  Doug
October 27, 2022 2:57 am

Same here – friends and family members ignorant of anything other than what is pushed by the BBC.

Reply to  mark
October 27, 2022 5:08 am

Whatever you do, do not discuss climate change or science with these people. They do not understand science so they will never get it.

Reply to  HotScot
October 27, 2022 3:17 pm

Tell them you love global warming
We do, here in Michigan

Reply to  Richard Greene
October 28, 2022 4:04 am

That is certainly a better strategy than explaining science to someone who doesn’t talk the language.

Reply to  Doug
October 27, 2022 5:06 am

Don’t mention science to the luddites, they don’t understand it. Talk to them about inflation, gas prices, the rising cost of food, the rising cost of fuel, the money Biden is spunking on Ukraine rather than on your Vet’s or homeless.

Those are the issues they understand because it affects their wealth not their perceptions.

Reply to  Doug
October 27, 2022 10:15 am


Thanks, Doug. Many of us are withya in the boat.
My grand daughter was shocked when I held up a nickel and a dime to show the estimated annual sea level rise and asked her how much that would be before she died.
Other relatives and friends do not understand all the technical aspects of energy storage when wind stops and sun does not shine.

Oh well, the science is settled, and tells this old engineer and environmental champion that if current policies continue, that I made a good decision to move to a warmer home than any place in North Dakota/Maine/Vermont/New York/ yada yada…also learned about gardening and fishing for food.

Gums sends…

October 26, 2022 4:32 pm

But but but the BBC says:


So you’re all wrong, and we’re all gonna die by melting

Unbelievable, in that article it computes that CO2 levels changed (dropped) by 7-10 ppm and THAT caused the LIA!!!!!

But guess what, that will now become a ‘fact’ used by the idiots and ruling class.

October 26, 2022 5:10 pm

I think g”climate crisis“ believers should be forced to spend some time in conservative Islamic countries. Every natural disaster is blamed on not following Islamic doctrine, followed by fatwas from religious groups leaders on why the sinners need to repent.

October 26, 2022 6:17 pm

The span of recorded human history is lees than a heartbeat in Earth’s climate progression.

The idea that humans burning fossil fuels can alter Earth’s climate is in the same context of belief systems as the heavenly bodies revolving around Earth. Humans are the Devine beings and centre of all the universe. Earth’s climate was perfect up to the time humans started burning fossilised remains.

October 26, 2022 7:44 pm

I know of no one on the Republican side that has hinted that they even question AGW. The best is that they will fight CC but only if it does not destroy the economy.

Reply to  Dennis Topczewski
October 27, 2022 5:28 am

You might point out to them that Biden’s pledge to eliminate fossil fuels IS destroying the economy.

Peta of Newark
October 27, 2022 12:55 am

Biden and Co (‘Co’ meaning almost everyone on this Earth) have gone quite mad.

They have been poisoned by sugarThe production of sugar is causing (increased rates of ##) Soil ErosionWhen Soil Erosion has run its course (the A Horizon is totally consumed) then the ice advancesThe so-far observed Climate Change is caused by Soil Erosion via lowered Albedo and decreased soil-moisture content## Soil Erosion is an entirely natural process occasioned by CO2 dissolving in rain as it falls and the resultant (Carbonic) acid eroding the alkaline chemistry of the surface rock. It is what feeds plants & bacteria
The rate of erosion was increased massively with the advent of the ‘all steel plough’, tractors, Nitrogen fertiliser, overgrazing by livestock (esp Goats), mechanised grazing in ‘more advanced countries’ and just of late, the use of Glyphosate

The A Horizon builds naturally at a maximum rate of 1 inch per century, typically much much slower. The best place and rate currently observed in under the Grouse Moors of Scotland, about one inch per 160 years. Please don’t tell me it’s because Scotland has some magical surfeit of CO2
It builds to a depth where Oxygen can no longer penetrate underground. This varies widely but is never more than about 10 feet

Almost everywhere else, farmers are consuming it, using the tools listed, at a rate of one inch per decade
When the A Horizon is all gone, the plants all die. What was left of the soil washes out to sea or blows away in the wind – to be replaced by ice.

That bit is easy, what is The Real Puzzle is what pulls Earth back out of the ice.

No matter, that’s a lonnnnnngggg long way off.
Get those calculators out now and using the above figures, how long we’ve got left……

edit to PS
A nice starting point for your calculations would be the advent of (the massive use of) Nitrogen fertiliser = obviously at the Outbreak of Peace in the mid/late 1940’s
Strangely, and from looking at most CO2 graphs, that’s when atmospheric levels of the stuff really took off

Reply to  Peta of Newark
October 27, 2022 3:00 am

Never heard this argument before – interesting

Reply to  Peta of Newark
October 27, 2022 4:35 am

they had to find a use for all thechem waste
William Albrechts books cover this extremely well
a seriously neglected american

Reply to  Peta of Newark
October 27, 2022 5:11 am

When you start on another of your sugar rants everyone just switches off Peta.

Blaming sugar for everything is as mad as blaming CO2 for everything.

Steve G
October 27, 2022 1:01 am

A piece of limestone on my desk shows striations (scratches) made by rocks dragged along beneath the monstrous glaciers that once covered Green Bay Packer country.

The Pack could do with a win…

Rod Evans
October 27, 2022 2:50 am

Good article Paul, now get it published in the main stream media outlets. Too many sensible pieces are simply unseen by the people who read and watch the output of those driving the demonization of CO2.
I do not know how we can redress the balance and bring ordinary thinking people back into the sane ground of normal, unless we can publish in everyday MSM which is obviously closed to us?
The two ideas currently capturing the public’s attention because the MSM are pushing them is ESG and Net Zero.
We need to get the message out that ESG stands for Economic Suicide Guaranteed. We need to also let the wider public know Net Zero is only focused on Western Nations. The Net Zero project is actually nothing to do with CO2. It is about stopping the Western Nations extracting fossil fuel. The outcome of this policy of giving up energy independence in the West hands our energy requirements to the OPEC and associates cartel.
With fossil fuel usage increasing over the coming decades across the world, the only thing that is decreasing via Net Zero, is the Western World’s control over its own fossil fuel reserves and industries.

Reply to  Rod Evans
October 27, 2022 5:13 am

I do not know how we can redress the balance and bring ordinary thinking people back into the sane ground of normal

If you are in America you can change things by voting Republican in the mid terms and drag ten other people along with you to do the same.

Whilst Republicans might not be the answer to all your problems, you can be sure that Democrats are the source of all your problems.

October 27, 2022 4:36 am

The November mid terms in America don’t just affect the US they affect the entire western world.

We are quick to blame China and Russia for our problems but the reality is, they are simply filling the vast political, intellectual and productivity gaps left by stupid western politician’s desire for their own welfare.

Wouldn’t you, as a businessman, take advantage of your competition’s incompetence to satisfy their customers needs better than they can? That’s just what China is doing.

The western public are not blameless. We have fallen asleep at the wheel as living conditions have improved dramatically since the end of WW2. Our complacency and neglect of our political systems is astonishing.

The western world once again needs America.

Get out and vote in person folks, but that’s not enough. Take ten people with you. If that means transporting granny and grandpa to the polling booth, do it!

If it means dragging your grown children along with you, do it!

Have a polling party, a BBQ or a 1970’s cheese and wine party if necessary and canvass all your guests to vote. Make some phone calls to friends, badger them on social media, there are millions out there looking for a reason to vote, as tragic as that may be.

The hope is that we get ourselves out this mess.

Don’t discuss the climate, the Great Reset or the WEF with them. Stick to the issues that affect them directly, inflation, crime, jobs, energy costs.

Can they make a difference? Absolutely, and like or loath Trump, the evidence is things can change for the better!

If you live in a Democratic state it’s even more important to do everything you possibly can to encourage Republicans to vote.

The UK and Australia are going under right now. The current UK political system has been subject to a global coup. The mother of western democracy has been hijacked and short of a peoples revolution there’s nothing we can do about it.

Whatever you do, don’t go down without a fight!

Reply to  HotScot
October 27, 2022 7:28 am

HotScot, totally agree. All the climate crap can wait until after the election is over and, God willing, the Repubs are in control of the House and Senate. Then, take measures to bring back the relative common sense which the Trump administration policies brought to the US and the world. Perhaps, legislation making it illegal to shut down the energy production which benefits the citizens of this nation so greatly. And the rest of the world. Let the leftists climate fools scream their heads off. They will do that anyway, should they lose control of the levers of government.
Just sayin’.

Reply to  HotScot
October 30, 2022 1:38 am

Agree, no party left to vote for in the UK. LibLabCons policies are identical on many things but especially climate.

And now we have the Climate Education Bill…..

I am starting to despair here in good old Blighty. We are sliding towards civil unrest and very dangerous times, huge poverty and hardship. Rerun of the 1970s, but we are governed by idiots.

Robert Wager
October 27, 2022 9:37 am

Posted a comment in NYTimes about past CO2 levels being 10x present levels without runaway global warming. Deleted. No surprise.

Reply to  Robert Wager
October 27, 2022 1:14 pm

4.5 billion years without runaway global warming

50% more CO2 now than there was 5000 to 9000 years ago yet it was slightly warmer then (*Holocene Climate Optimum”)

October 27, 2022 10:26 am


”The glaciers – a mile or more thick in places – pulled so much water out of the oceans that sea levels fell 300-400 feet.”

Doesn’t this require the planet to be completely solid?

October 27, 2022 1:01 pm

then ask Michael Mann, Al Gore, John Kerry and the rest of the climate cataclysm cabal to explain exactly how carbon dioxide and a few other greenhouse gases caused those massive ice sheets to grow and melt, multiple times.

This is a shameful straw man argument
NO one claimed CO2 caused glaciers to grow and melt, until about 50 years ago when rising sea level was blamed on manmade CO2 greenhouse warming, which could be true

The glaciers that formed 20000 years ago and melted rapidly in the next 10000 years are not blamed on CO2, or any other greenhouse gases.
It is underhanded for the author to criticize Climate Howlers for claims they never made.

Lawrence Ayres
October 27, 2022 10:44 pm

Two weeks to go and we will know how many ignoramuses are still out there. Of course there will have to be allowances for fake ballots and the voting dead.

October 29, 2022 4:14 pm

You don’t have to look far. The next ice age is already happening:

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