The Pilgrims and the Little Ice Age

Guest “implied face palm” by David Middleton How Is This science? Why the Thanksgiving myth persists, according to science Memory often favors a tidy narrative over the messier reality of…

Africa Doesn’t Need Western Elites’ Meaningless Climate Policies

The economic benefits of fossil fuel production are obvious and badly needed.

California’s EV Conundrums

California has de facto outlawed the crude oil industry in a few years – the supply chain for the products from crude oil to build the EV’s!

Milloy: Biden’s Kamikaze Climate Plan for the US Economy

The Biden administration, on the other hand, is determined to cripple the U.S. It is engaged in simultaneous EPA rulemakings to zero out coal and gas plants, and to mandate…

The Dangerous Delusion of a Global Transition To “Just Electricity”

Engineer and energy policy advisor Ronald Stein warns of the potential disastrous implications of eliminating crude oil with no replacement. Stein argues, in a post published by the Committee for…

New York Urgently Needs To Confront the Contradiction of Trying To Electrify Everything While Also Eliminating Fossil Fuels

dispatchable emissions-free resource

China Seeks Military Dominance Through Fossil Fuels.

To support that military domination, China is also aggressively building its fossil fuels refining capabilities to power those ships and aircraft.

Mexico and South America Must Tap Fossil Fuels to Fight Poverty

Regardless of pressures from international leaders to join the campaign to “decarbonize,” overcoming poverty with economic growth powered by fossil fuels is taking precedence in these countries.

New York Senator Is Taking Legislative Action to Stop The “Transition” Until A Fossil Fuel Replacement Is Identified.

Today, world leaders have NO planned replacement for the supply chain of products that are made from the oil derivatives manufactured from crude oil that did not exist two hundred…

The South African Energy Crisis: A Battle between Power Needs and Environmentalists

…the vehement objections from environmental groups continue to cause gridlock driving the South African economy into a ditch.

CNN Publishes Blatantly False Claim About Wildfires – There’s No Link to Fossil Fuels at All

Originally posted at ClimateREALISM A May 16, 2023 article by CNN reporter Rachel Ramirez titled, “More than a third of the area charred by wildfires in Western North America can…

How is widespread use of helicopters to study polar bears defensible in a warming world?

…the lifeblood of most polar bear research is jet fuel needed by helicopters

Fossil Fuels: The Big Picture

Most of us take cost-effective energy for granted. But much of the world doesn’t have that luxury.

Addressing Wind/Solar Instability: Hardwiring the Grid

…and there were predictions that Texas was going to be in trouble

Fossil Fuels Still Dominate Security and Defense Needs

Fossil fuels are essential for just about everything the military needs, from nuclear weapons to toilet paper!

World Energy Data Confirms Fossil Fuels Will Dominate Future Global Energy Use

The OECD nations cannot stop this from happening and despite their nefarious efforts otherwise cannot conceal this global energy growth and fuel use (as well as emissions growth) reality.

There Is No Energy Transition, Just Energy Addition

While renewables claim a larger fraction of a growing pie, fossil fuels are expected to grow faster in absolute terms.

America’s Suppression of Fossil Fuels Is Courting a National Security Disaster

You cannot run households, businesses, hospitals, and the military on occasional electricity!

We Will Still Need Fossil Fuels In 2050–AEP’s U-Turn

It’s a pity AEP did not wake up to the real world a few years ago.

What Has Been the Role of Petroleum in Human Progress? (Part IV)

The role that fossil fuels have played in the progress of humanity in four revolutions is undeniable:

Have Fossil Fuels Progressed Humanity? (Part III)

The most important indicator of global prosperity is declining poverty.

L A Times Hype That California Natural Gas Price Hikes Are Due To “Instability of Fossil Fuels” Grossly Distorted

The goals are just too far-fetched and unrealistic — unless you want to inflict major economic pain

Should Nations Stop Using Fossil Fuels? (Part II)

I get the impression that the drag on prosperity is unknown to these promoters, supporters, and activists

Does the Oil Industry Have a Future? (Part I)

Not only has the anti-oil and gas position become more radicalized, but the actions of the international political leadership are flagrantly supporting energy generated by wind and solar.

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