Australian renewable energy transition. Part 3

The known solutions are expensive, but the renewable sector doesn’t want to pay for them – their mantra remains that renewables are cheaper than fossil fuels so the others should…

A Fresh Approach to Energy Policy

The government’s relentless pursuit of lower emissions is inconsistent with these yet-to-be-resolved issues.

Biden’s Secretary of Energy say’s U.S. can “learn” from China on Climate Change

Also, apparently Secretary of Energy Granholm believes that using more coal is the most effective way to fight climate change because it follows China’s example.      

Biden Putting Climate Change Agenda Over Energy Security – Linnea Lueken

In her discussion with host Rachel Campos-Duffy, Lueken explains how artificially raising energy prices in America by moving away from fossil fuels is going to raise the prices of everything,…

America’s Suppression of Fossil Fuels Is Courting a National Security Disaster

You cannot run households, businesses, hospitals, and the military on occasional electricity!

Feasibility for Achieving a Net Zero Economy for the U.S. by 2050

Short of a command economy, it is simply an unattainable pipe dream, and we will struggle to get 10–20% of the way to the target, even with a democratic mandate…

Reliable vs. Intermittent Generation: A Primer (Part II)

“IVREs are inherently unreliable. One cannot demand that the wind blow or the sun shine. Industrial wind power and on-grid solar is not cheap but expensive, duplicative, and parasitic.”

Australian renewables integration: Part 1

Forty years ago, Australia had an electricity system delivering cheap, reliable power. That is no longer the case.

Don’t Believe the Geniuses Claiming to Know Our Energy Future

The energy supply will inexorably move to whatever best supplies consumer needs at the lowest cost.

Chris Tomlinson (Houston Chronicle) in the Church of Climate

Tomlinson sees little-to-no problem with wind and solar wounding the Texas grid, resulting in the Great Texas Blackout of February 2021

How FERC can protect the grid from wind and solar

The basic idea is very simple; do not add renewables without sufficient backup.

D’oh! The ‘Energy Transition’: Learning and Retreat at BP

Wishing and hoping for change is not a successful business strategy, and the past few years have awakened BP management to that reality.

Rank Innumeracy on The Cost of Electricity from Renewables

…the people who are most trusted to have mastered basic numeracy, and who get to pass out trillions of dollars of public funds — are completely innumerate.

Green Energy: Greatest Wealth Transfer to the Rich in History

Government subsidized wind systems, solar arrays, and electric vehicles overwhelmingly benefit the wealthy members of society and rich nations.

California Dreaming

A grid that is wholly dependent on batteries would put California at the mercy of China’s monopoly of batteries and the raw materials that go into them.

Wind Turbines out Northwest

Kevin Kilty On February first I attended a Wyoming Public Service Commission (PSC) meeting regarding public need and public convenience (PNPC) of a purchase and construction of electric generation and…

LA Times Claim that the World Can “quickly phase out all fossil fuels” is Completely Incompetent

After overstating and underestimating the ozone issue science complexity, resolution timeframe and uncertainty issues (while providing no scientific data, etc.) the Times then leaps to proclaim that the same “success” can be achieved in the…

L A Times Hype That California Natural Gas Price Hikes Are Due To “Instability of Fossil Fuels” Grossly Distorted

The goals are just too far-fetched and unrealistic — unless you want to inflict major economic pain

Ross Clark: The National Grid is falling apart thanks to Net Zero

We’re left with demand management to keep the lights on – rewarding the rich at the expense of the poor, and all using taxpayer funds

Rapid Technological Innovation – Not Harmful Renewables Policy – Key to Lighting our Energy Future

A transition of the electric power system that produces less reliable and more expensive electricity acts as a tourniquet that restricts the lifeblood of modern society.

Academics and the Grid Part 3: Visionaries and Problem Solvers

How might one seek to turn the economic and reliable grid into a costly, complicated system prone to blackouts?  Discarding dependable generators and replacing with asynchronous intermittent technology would be…

“Rare Earths,” Electrification Mandates, and Energy Security (Part I)

Rare earth minerals, on which the forced transition to “clean energy” depends, are critically constrained by many of the same factors as fossil fuels.

The Faux Urgency of The Climate Crisis Is Giving Us No Time or Space To Build A Secure Energy Future

From Climate Etc. by Judith Curry There is a growing realisation that emissions and temperature targets are now detached from the issues of human well-being and the development of our…

It is Time to Talk About “Capacity Factors”

Since the easy locations have already been “used up”, one can expect average natural capacity factors to decline over time… contrary to what Net-Zero plans assume

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