Easily Solvable

The American Meteorological Society (AMS) Council adopted a special statement on 8 July 2022 in response to the Supreme Court decision West Virginia vs. EPA that takes the level of…

Multiple Deaths During the Recent I-90 Dust Storm: Why it Happened and How Such Tragedies Can be Prevented.

Unbelievably, some folks in the media, descending to the netherworld of journalism, have claimed that this terrible accident is a symptom of climate change.

China Demands Preferential Treatment on Climate Change

Even though the IEA Claims “Solar is the Cheapest Energy in History”, China has demanded a pass to continue to raise emissions until 2030, to pull their people out of…

S&P: Chronic Copper Shortages will “Short Circuit” Net Zero 2050

It seems a pity nobody ran some numbers BEFORE making promises and spending billions on an energy transition which we don’t have the resources to make happen.

A Very Serious Consequence of Climate Change–Sadiq Khan

There is no evidence whatsoever that the heatwave is a “consequence” of climate change. It is a weather event, one which is the direct result of an extremely rare set…

John Christy Debunks Climate Models and Extreme Weather Hysteria With Laura Ingraham on FOX News

From the July 14, 2022 episode of Ingraham Angle.