Population Bombing

“Japan is ageing so rapidly that if current trends continue, the nation could eventually disappear altogether”, writes Jennifer Sciubba in her data-packed book 8 Billion and Counting.

Claim: Global team of scientists determine ‘fingerprint’ for how much heat, drought is too much for forests

How hot is too hot, and how dry is too dry, for the Earth’s forests?

Did You Know? US Oil & Gas Drilling Up 60% This Year

Guest “Shedding light on the Big Lie” by David Middleton While most of my recent posts have focused on Biden’s lies about the oil & gas industry, there is one…

Wrong, Denver Post, Fires and Floods Aren’t Increasing

From ClimateREALISM By Linnea Lueken -April 5, 2022 The Denver Post recently ran an article claiming global warming will cause more severe wildfire seasons, as well as more severe floods in the Western…

Worried About Climate Change? Come Borrow Some Money!

This one is equally irresponsible, because it encourages people to get into debt that they cannot afford, simply by making them feel guilty.

Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #498

“Where the scare goes the money goes” – Larry Bell [H/t Jay Lehr]

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