Sorry, U.S. News & World Report, Plant Growth Is Good, Not a Climate Harm

On the whole, the positive benefits of a greener world for plants, humans, other animals, and insects alike mean the bad news for allergy sufferers is good news for the…

Real Threats to Biodiversity and Humanity

Polls reveal that most people worry most about energy and food prices, crime, living standards, Putin’s war on Ukraine, and increasing efforts to control their lives.

X-Class Solar Flare

Even though the responsible sunspot was located behind the edge of the sun, enough radiation reached our planet to cause a strong shortwave radio blackout.

NEW STUDY: “Part Of North Atlantic Is Cooling”…”Natural Fluctuations Have Been Primary Reason”

All evaluations indicate that since the beginning of the 20th century, natural fluctuations have been the primary reason for this cooling. 

Claim: Global warming accelerates the water cycle, with relevant climatic consequences

This acceleration of the water cycle is caused by an increase in the evaporation of water from the seas and oceans resulting from the rise in temperature.

China’s Blood Batteries

Are Electric Vehicles really clean? They run on dirty energy and blood of children as young as 6. Electric cars drive human rights abuse and child labour. China is one…

DeSmog on Vaclav Smil (this deep thinker is largely correct)

Vaclav Smil is basically right. Climate alarm is much less certain than the physical reality of energy density, which runs the world.

Predicting Atlantic Hurricanes Using Machine Learning

Our forecast is that no category 5 hurricanes will be formed in the Atlantic until the next active decadal oscillation phase around 2026±2 to 2031±3

Climate Colonialists Disrupt African Pipeline, Perpetuate Poverty

Climate activists’ ill-founded opposition to fossil fuels threatens to stop a major pipeline project in East Africa and stymie economic growth in Uganda and Tanzania — home to some of…

CBS: “…the 2030s will bring “extreme [climate] events unprecedented in the observational record.” 

“Excruciating heat will make summers increasingly dangerous. Agriculture and food supplies will suffer. People will be forced to migrate. Costs of living will skyrocket. All of these factors — and more —…

LIVESTREAM, NOON CT TODAY: The Truth About Global CO2 Emissions

On episode 13 of Climate Change Roundtable, Climate Change Roundtable Host Andy Singer and Heartland’s Linnea Lueken and Jim Lakely cover the truth about global carbon dioxide emissions and the…

Climate FOIA: Public Wins, Court Orders Virginia AG Office to Comply with the Law Re Bloomberg Docs

We look forward to the results of a proper search and hope Virginia’s new Attorney General will put an end to three and a half years of stonewalling over how the…

Claim: Model Pinpoints Glaciers at Risk of Collapse Due to Climate Change

Meltwater seeping beneath Arctic glaciers puts thickest and fastest at risk of sudden collapse

Claim: Unchecked Global Emissions on Track to Initiate Mass Extinction of Marine Life

Peer-Reviewed Publication PRINCETON UNIVERSITY As greenhouse gas emissions continue to warm the world’s oceans, marine biodiversity could be on track to plummet within the next few centuries to levels not…

Asset Managers Are Ignoring Climate “Science” and Continuing to Fund Fossil Fuels!

Guest “You can’t fix stupid” by David Middleton ESG AND GREEN BUSINESSGiant global asset managers have $82 billion in coal projects, $468 billion in oil and gasPUBLISHED WED, APR 20…

Watch: Morano on TV explains how climate agenda is pushing ‘the end of private car ownership’ & end of meat-eating

“The whole climate agenda stripped bare is literally a self-immolation of your national security and your economic security.”

Arctic Sea Ice Stabilizes, No Trend Reduction In More Than 10 Years As Solar Cycle Starts Off Weakly

From the NoTricksZone By Die kalte Sonne The Copernicus program offers very interesting data on Arctic ice. While sea ice has been declining off the Greenland Sea (east of the island), the Chucki…

More Polarization – Africa/Asia Investing Hundreds of Billions in Hydrocarbon Infrastructure Out of Necessity, The West Arranges Deck Chairs on The Titanic

Our leaders are grinning in photo ops with beneficiaries of the trillions they are shoveling at ill-conceived and over-rushed schemes towards a target that the mining industry has essentially deemed…

The Conversation: Invest in Renewable Energy to Save Democracy

According to University of California Professor Eve Darian-Smith, more government is the path to freedom. Building more renewables would protect us from Russia and President Trump.

Will Planting Trees Reduce Global Warming?

The mutual relationships between forests and climate are actually really rather more complex and not fully understood.

The Annual Disaster Fake News Story

By Paul Homewood It’s Whack-A-Mole time! image A disaster-weary globe will be hit harder in the coming years by even more catastrophes colliding in an interconnected world, a United Nations…

2021: The Year Renewables “Lost Last Place”

Guest “Let’s go Mets!” by David Middleton There are three things that I am somewhat embarrassed of: I am not a native Texan… I was born in Connecticut, but I…

The Power of the Li’l Green Group in PBS Frontline’s “The Power of Big Oil”

Frontline apparently accepts, without any question whatsoever, every bit of Al Gore et al.’s guilt-by-association accusation from the core people who promulgate it. They inadvertently reinforce how global warming is not actually…

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