British Government: Young People Should Pay for Climate Action

The British House of Lords has stated in a report that young people should shoulder the burden of net zero, because older people won’t benefit from the expenditure.

ABC vs ABC on the 2022 Brisbane “Climate Change” Floods

In 2021 the ABC provided historical records showing a rapid series of floods is not unusual for Brisbane. In 2022, major flooding events in quick succession is proof the carbon…

Why Blaming Recent Warming on Humans is Largely a Matter of Faith

This is a pervasive, quasi-religious assumption of the Earth science community for as long as I can remember.

Climate Pundits Shocked at President Biden’s Green Backtracking

According to the NYT, the State of the Union speech was a missed opportunity to focus attention on the link between Russia’s military power and Western fossil fuel dependency.

An Inconvenient Attribution

Changes in air pollution linked with dry spells in Asia and summer heatwaves in Europe

IEA Climate Plan: Freeze in the Dark until the Green Revolution

The IEA has recommended Europeans turn thermostats down, and conserve energy, to reduce dependence on Russian gas, until EU governments build enough energy storage capacity to make renewable energy viable.