Tesla Slammed Over “Full Self-Driving Capability” Claims

California regulators are officially reviewing Tesla’s claim to have a “full self-driving capability”.

New Government Funded Gas Generator Announced, Same Day as the IEA End of Fossil Fuel Report

I don’t know if the timing of the Aussie government announcement was a deliberate snub aimed at international climate efforts, but it sure made me laugh.

When wind turbines are no longer useful: They get explosive demolition

Video follows. Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI) of Phoenix, Maryland, USA (acting as Explosives Design and Performance Subcontractor to Main Demolition Contractor, Dallas Demolition of Houston, Texas who was working for…

What Biden And The Environmental Left Are Really Planning For Us

Anyway, if you have thought that the right approach for a Republican to take is to try to reach some kind of compromise on emissions reductions, maybe through a carbon…

Joplin Disaster & Bill McKibben Ten Years Later

Will McKibben now publicly apologise for misleading the public at the time?

Following the Money: Covering Climate Now

“It is difficult to discover who is really paying all the expenses for staff salaries, web site hosting, story writing, outreach and all the other expenses inherent in a large,…

EV Growth Projections May Go Bust

With a simple stroke of the pen, Governor Newsom believes he has the power to change the lifestyles of all California residents, and control the supply-demand balance for societies and…