The Guardian: A Biden Victory would Push the World on Climate Change

Guardian Australia author Katharine Murphy

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Scratch a climate activist, find a … ; Guardian author Katharine Murphy fantasising about the possibility a Biden administration would use America’s economic might to dictate climate policy to the freely elected government of Australia, and to the rest of the world.

A Joe Biden victory could push Scott Morrison – and the world – on climate change

Katharine Murphy
Sat 31 Oct 2020 06.00 AEDT

International action on emissions reduction will get a huge shot in the arm if the US election goes to the Democratic leader

I’m a deeply superstitious person, so I can barely bring myself to utter the words “if Joe Biden wins the American presidency next week”, but for the purposes of where we are going this weekend, I need to utter those words, because that’s our starting point for unpacking a few things.

If Biden wins, obviously that’s the end of the Trump administration, which would be a boon on so many fronts. So, so many fronts. The compendium of boon would span many volumes, and we haven’t got all weekend, so let’s just hone in on one critical issue that impacts Australia, and that’s climate change.

If we take the former vice-president at his word (and if you want a recent interview that dives right in, have a look here), a Biden victory would be a massive shot in the arm for international action on emissions reduction.

Let’s whip through this quickly. Biden will bring America back into the Paris agreement. America will sign up to a net-zero emissions pledge by 2050, with an enforcement mechanism.

Assuming Biden wins (and while I know what the polls say, I’m really not convinced he will – seriously, I will only believe that when I see it) – but assuming he and the Democratic machine can carry the day against a demagogue and a digital ecosystem flooding the zone with misinformation, and assuming he delivers on his pre-election commitments (which would be aided by the Democrats taking back the Senate), the world is in different territory on climate action.

A Biden victory, and the global reset that heralds, would help.

It would help the people in the Coalition who understand that things need to change make a case for change. At a political level, if Labor can stop punching itself in the head post-election, if it can manage to get its own climate policy story straight and stop the self-indulgent navel gazing about who loves blue-collar workers and who is about as useless as a vegan in a butcher shop, a Biden victory also creates the opportunity to apply some productive political pressure on the Coalition.

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To hope that a politician in another country could restrict the freedom of her own Australian people, to choose a climate policy course the Guardian doesn’t like – shame on you Guardian author Katharine Murphy.

But this is what heartfelt belief in the fake climate crisis does to people. Catastrophism is a moral slippery slope. Belief in the imminent end of the world is a license to do the unthinkable.

139 thoughts on “The Guardian: A Biden Victory would Push the World on Climate Change

    • What economic might, when Biden pointed kills it? We become a third world country and subservient to the UN.

    • In 2016, Michael Moore predicted that Trump could win because the Democrats had thrown working Americans under the bus. He was right.

      Michael Moore thinks Trump might win this time. His reason is disappointing though. He says it’s because Trump is an evil genius. link

      Did Moore change his mind or is he muzzling himself? I’m guessing he’s still smarting after the response to Planet of the Humans.

      The Democrats have learned nothing. They richly deserve to lose.

      If the Democrats win and continue to ignore the forgotten people, we can expect something much worse than President Trump. I am glad I can watch that spectacle from a safe distance.

      • Democrat Bolsheviks cannot admit Trump is a stable genius because that would be admitting they are unstable morons.

        Yet most of world lnows it. The last time the Bolsheviks pulled this stunt, they set Russia and many of her neighbors back 70 years. It won”t happen to the US this time.

        • Well stated RockyRoad.

          What people fail to understand regarding your pointing out the Russians set themselves back 70 years in 1917; is that a similar failure today will set America back 173 years, at least, maybe further.

          No fossil fuels.
          No plastics, no laminates, no advanced fibers, no advanced resins or even 1930s to 1960s resins.
          No microfiber, no modern knitting or weaving machines, no broadcloth of even cotton.

          At least in the 1850s, Russians knew how to tan leather and furs to make warm clothing, how to train and ride horses, have oxen pull plows for planting…

          Once kamala, (remember, Biden is rapidly declining mentally) blows up the fossil fuel industries and mandates all renewable electricity, America will be reduced to before tanned leathers without horses.

          It’s quite likely kamala will forbid burning trees or otherwise damaging plants…

          If the leftist progressives succeed in their quest for despotic socialist tyranny, it should be one of the shortest social experiments ever with starving ghouls feeding off the dead.

          • If we stopped burning so much fossil fuel for energy, there would be more than enough to make plastics, fibres, fabric, chemicals etc for thousands rather than hundreds of years.

            While I recognise the problems with solar and wind energy generation because of their intermittent nature and need for large areas of land, I am optimistic that we’ll have some scientific and techical breakthroughs, for example with tidal or geothermic energy.

            I don’t think you will be reduced to tanned leather, after all there are plenty of rubbish dumps full of plastic, fibre etc to mine.

          • If we stop burning fossil fuels for energy, the main reason for exploration, drilling, pumping, and refining, AND the main source of cost recovery, petrochemical derivatives (plastic, synthetics, rubber, etc) would become cost prohibitive as their production would need to cover the billions spent on exploration, drilling and well head maintenance.
            AND Coal being mined only for steel and silicon production will also make those products cost prohibitive. New construction would be unaffordable or flimsy and Solar panels would cost thousands per panel

          • BryanK. That is certainly the case at the moment, exploration and extraction would be more expensive. But less oil and gas would be needed, and new techniques would be invented. Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad thing if some prices went up, since it might reduce waste. Petrol, as used in cars is very cheap in some countries (America).

            We humans handled technological change successfully before. We can do it successfully again.

          • Yes we do handle technological change. Market Drivers, in a Capitalistic Society, are especially adept at replacing antiquated tech with less costly methods but legislating change is not the way to go. Once a viable (less costly) option to fossil fuels is created, Natural Market Drivers will bring about it’s adoption and fossil fuels will be replaced.

          • Bryan A., Tom Foley- unless there is a miraculous discovery of some new tech we simply can’t produce enough “renewable energy” that gobbles materials, time, money, and space.

            The only such include fusion energy-still in 20 years, space manufacturing materials- the world missed the boat in the 1960’s, some unknown tech to actually make use of the 70% of the earth covered by water without destroying the ecosystem.

            We have, in hand, atomic power-possibly the savior from hell, created by another catastrophist meme, similar to the current mania.

            But the people standing in the way, knowingly or purposely, don’t want answers. They want the political power to decide, not for ensuring the future of mankind but changing it to their confused blend of socialism/marxism/fascism.

            I may look old but I don’t feel old. This is the most dismal dystopia forming.

          • As one of our Canadian Experts has stated…if we turn off the energy spigot we’ll all be dead in in a couple of months.

    • I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize true ???? Under pressure
      One should never engaged ones mouth without their brain being in gear first

  1. “A Biden Victory would Push the World on Climate Change”

    Yeah, right down to the sewer along with Venezuela.

    • Earlier this year, George Soros said that the U.S. 2020 election will determine the fate of the whole world. He might be right. Let’s hope that we don’t go the way of Venezuela.

  2. So Biden will get to be a dictator and impose his economic ignorance on Australia also, that should go over well.

    • Australia would just be the beginning. No nation woild be safe if he wins–enough were victims when he was just the vice president.

      It’s easy to see where “vice” is the operative word!

    • Australia should and will do its own thing regardless. After all Trump hasn’t been able to impose his medical ignorance on us with regard to Covid-19, and we are doing much, much better than America there.

      • “Tom Foley October 31, 2020 at 10:16 pm

        After all Trump hasn’t been able to impose his medical ignorance on us with regard to Covid-19,..”

        And what ignorance was that? The fact that HCQ *IS* effective along with vit D.

        • In the US system, the States have pretty much all the power in these situations, not the Federal government.
          Blame the (mostly Democrat) governors.

        • And the CDC and NIH said not to, but Dem governors mandated it.

          So not a federal or TRUMP! failure, the actions of Democrat political operatives.

          Note that the FIRST multiple fatality US occurrence was in a care home in Washington State. The battle lines were already drawn, but the leftist needed disaster because TRUMP! was on his way to a HUGE election wipeout. Why the Impeachment? All the swamp fighting for it’s survival. And Biden the most gruesome swamp creature, as shown by The Laptop!

          Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they are no all out to get you. Also just because you are a conspiracy theorist doesn’t mean it is not a conspiracy. So the China virus happens just when it was needed to stop a Republican tidal wave in the 2020 election, what a coinkydink.

        • Just in case you didn’t realise it.

          I was well aware it was the Dumbocrat governors that caused all those deaths in nursing homes. 😉

      • Australia should and will do its own thing regardless . . . and we are doing much, much better than America there.

        Odd claim. As of today your death rate/million is about 1.5 times higher than ours.

        Australia deaths/million – 1078
        USA deaths/million – 712

        And our deaths/million are on average lower than yours even WITH the failure of Democrat progressive liberal blue states to care for their most vulnerable populations.

        E.g., Andrew “Senior Slayer” Cuomo (D), governor of NY, and Phil Murphy (D), governor of NJ together have a combined death total of 50,147 people. That’s 21% of the total deaths in all 50 states. So just two blue states are responsible for 1/4 of all deaths in 50.

        But a better look and even more d*mning is the fact that the deaths/million averaged between the two of them is 1,739/million, a bit over twice the average of the US combined rate.

        But interestingly enough, not twice yours.

      • “Australia should and will do its own thing regardless.”

        Planning on opening up the country anytime this year?

  3. Scratch a climate activist, find a … ; Guardian author Katharine Murphy fantasising about the possibility a Biden administration would use America’s economic might to dictate climate policy to the freely elected government of Australia, and to the rest of the world.

    Except that if Harris … er … Biden wins, America will shortly have no “economic might”.

  4. If Australia doesn’t sign up to carbon neutral by 2050, it may find its companies and exports unwelcome. Soon there will be no country in the developed world, ex Australia, that haven’t signed up.

    Signing up to this is very popular amongst the Australian populace, but not in the Federal Government. Even conservative state governments are happy to do it. The Federeal government is less enthusiastic as many of its contributors are fossil fuel companies, and like many WUWT readers, view the problem idealogically, rather than practically.

    • Tony it wasn’t so popular when Shorten ran on a deep green platform.

      As for other countries boycotting Australia, if other countries successfully transition to renewables they won’t need our coal anyway. If the transition is a failure, better to stay price competitive rather than burdening our exporters with green taxes.

    • “Tony October 31, 2020 at 6:36 pm

      If Australia doesn’t sign up to carbon neutral by 2050, it may find its companies and exports unwelcome.”

      China, India and Japan won’t be turning away Australian “carbon” exports any time soon. And if Australia did sign up to be “carbon neutral” (Whatever the h3ll that means) by 2050 it would be like singing ones own death warrant. NOT. GOING. TO. HAPPEN.

    • “like many WUWT readers, view the problem idealogically, rather than practically.”

      See, Tony – I for one don’t see any “problem” at all, so there is no ‘ideology’ in play, just basic adult rationality.

      But prove to me that there is any kind of a “problem” with this planet’s current climate(s) behaviors, and we can start a discussion from there.

      Over to you . . .

    • 2050 is 30 years away. The people in power now and making these promises will not be in power by then — mostly they’ll be dead. When it becomes obvious that decarbonization will not work and drastically reduces quality of life the people will throw these idiots out and demand we go back to a functional affordable energy structure. The only question is how much damage will they manage to do and how much will is cost to fix it.

    • Tony, you start with fallacious bandwagon reasoning: if -action- doesn’t happen, then -some terrible consequence- might happen. That is no argument and, therefore, not convincing in the slightest. But even if I take the ultimatum to its logical conclusion, if Australia could not export it’s own goods abroad, then it should keep said products. Sell to itself and develop a strong national economy.

      You end by undoing your credibility by attacking those with opposing viewpoints (“many WUWT readers”). As before, this is not an argument. It’s an attack.

      So the question remains… what was the purpose of your post? To provoke responses or insult people?

      • “It’s an attack.”

        ….. with a limp lettuce leaf !

        about all SJW can muster to support their idiot-ology.

    • It’s so popular that politicians have to impose it against the wishes of the population.
      Whenever given the choice they reject the global warming nonsense, which is why the politicians have learned to never give the people a choice.

    • Like you, this crazy woman is ” a deeply superstitious person”

      There is no reason to do anything about Carbon (Dioxide) emissions , because they are totally beneficial to the environment.

      It is the far-left, like SJW Tony that are basing this nonsense on idiot-ology.

      Most people on WUWT know that from a practical perspective….

      ….. there is NO PROBLEM,

      …. hence no cure is needed.

      If your superstition tells you there is a “problem” please prove it scientifically.

    • Carbon Neutral is all about politics and nothing about practicality. The whole green movement ignores temperature measurements and even the inflated science behind the IPCC, and instead stuffs itself full of climate porn, scaring and exciting itself into becoming useful idiots for power-mad socialists. 1.5°C over 200 years is not a crisis, and even 2-3°C over the next 100 is not an emergency, and not even back to the average temperature of the Earth. That’s the truth.

    • China is Australia’s major export country. They have over 2000 coal fired power stations and are building more. The left media has brainwashed many in this country. Publishing articles by scientists that expose the climate change fraud has gotten The Australian newspaper a lot of abuse and a campaign by a local online Marxist organization to stop advertisers. They ran a similar campaign against a popular radio station which cost it millions.

    • only popular with the abc luvvies and greens
      I know ONE single person who agrees thats its the thing to do, and shes a green uni type.

    • There is no practicality to going “carbon neutral”. In fact, I’d say there is negative practicality.

    • So if everyone signs up to be carbon neutral, where do they find the other half of the equation that are their carbon negative offset ? Seems like such a system might be rife with fraud, or detrimentally claim carbon credits for every household that heats with cow dung, or warlord regimes that claim lifetime carbon credits for “disappeared” political dissidents….and so on….

  5. Of course, China won’t actually be carbon neutral. China, the issue, is killing your agenda that China pays for.

  6. So she is hoping a Democrat, from the name I have to assume a person with a democratic frame of mind, will dictate her rose-coloured world-view on Australia’s democratically elected government.

    a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

    I’m pretty sure Biden is not an eligible member of Australia.

    • In the U.S., a Democrat is a Liberal and Our Liberals believe that a Tremendously large and bloated Government should rule over the people.
      A Republican is a Conservative and Our conservatives believe that We The People should rule over a very small government

  7. Nothing to see here! Just another objective, non-partisan article from the Guardian, standing back from the fray, and not trying to influence American politics. Too bad the Russians don’t behave similarly.

  8. Biden is a typical corrupt Washington DC grifter that has stole from the American people his whole life. No thanks.

  9. Katherine is no doubt capable of reading and comprehending technical materials.

    Problem is, her self-selection of materials is constricting her comprehension of the main subject, and skewing her reportage.

    Broaden your reading Katherine. ‘Diversity’ can be intellectually liberating.

  10. “International action on emissions reduction will get a huge shot in the arm if the US election goes to the Democratic leader”

    Not a great start to the article. She doesn’t even know the difference between “Democrat” (capital D), and “democratic” (small d).

  11. Why the Watermelon metaphor is so appropriate.
    Environmentalism is just the veneer hiding what lurks below and the real agenda.

    All is not lost if Dementia Joe wins…. we all just need to learn Mandarin.

    • So the US election is the 3rd of November. We here in Aus won’t know the final result until the 5th? Remember remember the 5th of November.

      • With the mail-in voting fiasco the Democrats have engineered in several Blue states they control, we’ll be lucky to know by December who won. Even then, if Trump wins the Electoral College majority, Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats will try to some way subvert the Constitutional EC vote counting process in January.

  12. Wait, I thought CC wasn’t political. Now you’re telling me it is? Or is it only political when others don’t acquiesce to your demands?

    • For decades, the Washington press corp has defined bipartisan as being Republicans and Democrats working together to pass the Democrats agenda.

  13. “a demagogue and a digital ecosystem flooding the zone with misinformation”

    Typical socialist projection. Accusing your opponent of doing the very things you are guilty of.

    • @Hivemind. Accusing your opponent of doing the very things you are guilty of? Trump does that all the time. OMG, Trump’s really a socialist!

      Actually that might really be true. Trump could be sailing under a false flag all along, to make Republicans look so bad, in order to push Americans to the left. After all he once supported the Clintons, so he had to go over the top in attacking Hilary to distance himself from them. Maybe he really is a genius.

      • Must be a genius, he beat Hilary and all her and Soros’ ill gotten gains, and beat the media and the polls too.

      • I love watching leftist twerps have mental and brain meltdowns about Trump.

        Its hilarious. 🙂

        Thanks Tom.

  14. Whoever gets in, the USA is going to have problems – a view from the outside world :

    “The almost perfect storm has descended upon the American polity: an electoral system designed in the 18th century and not much modified since, ramshackle at the best of times, is now going head-to-head with an out of control pandemic, a mendacious president, a gangster administration and a stacked Supreme Court. What else could possibly go wrong?

    Oh yeah, it’s legal to open carry guns into a polling place. Thank God there’s nothing aggravating about voting in the US, like an hours-long wait in line, with the distribution of food and water prohibited. Last, best hope of man, everybody.”

    Good luck, America. Good luck, World.

    • It really is fascinating how progressives define insanity as any opinion they disagree with.

      We have Biden actively selling political influence while vice President, but in your mendacious opinion, it’s Trump that’s the criminal.

      SO what if the electoral system was designed in the 18th century, it still works as designed, which is why liberals hate it so much.

      As to the supreme court, I love the way progressives actually believe that they get to change the meanings of words, to suit their needs of the moment. I guess it goes right along with the progressive belief that morality is defined as anything that helps them gain more power.

      • MarkW.
        In my post I didn’t even mention insanity let alone define it as anything.

        Mendacious means lying, so if you say I have a ‘mendacious opinion’, that is, a lying opinion, do you mean you think I am lying about what my real opinion is or that my opinion is a lie? An opinion is an opinion, and while mine may be different from yours, neither of our opinions lies, but both will be subjective.

        In any case, I wasn’t giving my own opinion, I was just quoting an article as an example of perceptions of the current situation in America from elsewhere in the world, and not from enemies of America but from friends and allies.

        Am I really a progressive? I certainly don’t think that morality is anything that helps gain more power. But I definitely do think that this is what conservatives, or at least neo-conservatives, seem to think, or at least they act as though they do. In fact I see myself as an old-fashioned conservative, with truthfulness a virtue.

        And while we are talking about lies, why, if you support Trump, would you criticise me or anyone else for lying? After all, we’d just be following the sterling example of the Man himself. If it’s OK for him, why not for everyone?

        • Delusional. You are living proof that it’s far easier to fool someone than to convince them they’ve been fooled. Remove your world view and look at facts, not narrative.

        • Truthfulness Tom. The Guardian is most guilty of lies by omission. Why do you assume that you come from a place of honesty, and the people on this site do not?

          You are ignorant Tom, that is not meant as an insult. There is so much that you don’t know. If the likes of The Guardian and the ABC will never give you the full story and you are too lazy to ask questions.

          Do you know what the cradle to grave impact that all forms of renewables have on the planet?

          Do you know the devastating humanitarian issues that have come about directly due to renewables?

          Do you know that is not possible for a renewables industry to exist without fossil fuels?

          Do you know that mining of all kinds, including coal, will need to increase tenfold for renewables to go to 100%?

          Do you know that this leftist dream is impossible?

          Do you know what will happen to the planet if they attempt this madness?

          There are many other things you don’t know Tom. The people that follow this site know.

    • That electoral system makes it almost impossible to win a national election by cheating unless the election is so close it comes down to a single state. It goes a long way in preventing a tyranny of the majority.

      “Stacked Supreme Court”? Seats filled as per the Constitutional requirements. If the Dems weren’t such idiots and Buzzy was not such an egotist, Obama could have filled her seat. I love to hear fools whine about it now and claim it’s just not fair! LOL!

      Open carry is fine. Your phobia is YOUR problem.

      No need to wait hours if your smart about it. Even in normal times in about every state you can vote early or absentee.

      Here is some more fodder for you TDS:

    • Boy T Foley, the néomarxiste designer-brained education everyone has received in the West’s corrupted schools over the past three generations didn’t get much pushback from you. You are the complete product.

      Here is a video from ~1970 from KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov explaining the longterm plan for subverting the West and converting it to socialism. You are correct about your “view” being from the outside. Hope this helps you get thoughts of your very own.

      • Thanks for the laugh, Gary. I love it (but I grimace) when people like me get called neomarxist! I live in a rural area, and voted for a party called ‘Shooters, Fishers and Farmers’ in the last state election: our candidate won! Neomarxist – not!

        I’ll just repeat: I quoted an article by someone else as an example of a view of the USA from the outside, by friends and allies. Whether I agree with it or not is immaterial . What I do think important is to keep up with a wide range of views, whether or not I agree with them.

        What disturbs me about a lot of the comments here is the way people don’t seem to read and think about different views but just leap to symplistic name-calling and stereotypes, often erroneously. The current negative perception of the USA, among friends, non-marxists and conservatives elsewhere is a problem for America. You need your allies and trading partners. So it might be useful to listen to criticism from them, consider whether they may see things you don’t, and address this, even if you think they are wrong, without name-calling.

        • see palletstacker won Qld again
          grens got in in suburbia
          thatd figure
          rural qld will be mightily pissed off

          • The most significant swings were away from One Nation there will be lots of hyperventilation over why by all sides.

        • ” I quoted an article by someone else as an example of a view of the USA from the outside, by friends and allies.”

          Views from outside are often wrong, and irrelevant.

          You implied that you agreed with it, that’s why you’re getting all the pushback.

        • What disturbs me about a lot of the comments here is the way people don’t seem to read and think about different views but just leap to (sic) symplistic name-calling and stereotypes, often erroneously.

          So sometimes they’re spot on……

        • Tony, speak for yourself. Don’t take the media or the “wet” liberals opinions as representative of conservative voters.

    • There are a number of ways the US could become a failed state; a close election is just one of them. I heard a disturbing stat last night that went something like; more than 50% of Republican voters and the same number on the Dem’s side of the aisle say that if the other side wins… its by deceit.
      “Good luck, America.”

    • Foley
      Your bias is open for all to see. Zip it up.

      Just because something is not new, doesn’t mean it is bad. To paraphrase Churchill, democracy is a terrible form of government. However, it is the best we have been able to come up with.

      Open carry of guns in some jurisdictions is nothing new. It has never been a problem in the past.

      I suppose you define “stacked” as a balance in the court that you are unhappy with.

      You are a good reason why it will be a disaster for the US and the world if the Democrats gain control of our government.

  15. “If we take the former vice-president at his word (and if you want a recent interview that dives right in, have a look here), a Biden victory would be a massive shot in the arm for international action on emissions reduction.”
    I tried to watch the Biden interview video in that quote. Biden truly doubled down on his intent to end fossil fuels and was convincing that he believes climate change is the world’s number one existential threat. If he wasn’t lying about that conviction as he was about his voiced intent to ban fracking he will cause more economic and environmental damage than we’ve ever seen.

  16. Leftist organs never fail to mentally masturbate whenever the slightest opportunity comes along to do so. In fact they create their own climate porn so they can do so when there is not possible reason to do so.

  17. Guardian author Katharine Murphy is representative of the people who become so fanatical about an idea, without rational reflection, that to expedite the idea, self-immolation becomes a desirable prospect. The belief in the fake Climate Crisis, which is a false religion has the same effect on people as does belief in Islam on its truly dedicated followers with equally disastrous results.

  18. Anyone who thinks a Biden administration could use America’s economic might to dictate climate policy doesn’t understand how much America’s economic might would be reduced under a Biden Administration. China would be calling the shots.

  19. Gang Green lusts for power,raw power .
    They seem to have zero understanding of the responsibilities inherent in the use of power..
    Those that if you neglect them,people rise up and kill you.

    These people are miserable failures,they have persuaded almost nobody to their great cause,they attack each other over purity of doctrine and throw temper tantrums when working people laugh at their idiocy.
    The nature of life’s losers is such that they share this delusion, that their lives will be better if only they had they lust after power in any form.
    Which the Covid Clampdowns has brutally highlighted.
    Delusions of adequacy are their favorite day dreams,having never built,grown or managed any success,they lash out at those who have..
    Banishment is the only logical way to treat these fools and bandits.

  20. It is the usual innumerate fantasy. It depends on a concept of the USA and its position in the world that are back in the 1950s.

    The US at the moment, on a current purchasing power basis, is not as large an economy as China. If you look at electricity generation or steel production, on these measures its a lot smaller. If you look at emissions, its only doing about 5 billion tons and falling out of close to 40 billion and rising globally

    It has minimal influence as an example to be followed. All that vanished with the endless pointless wars and the well publicized internal political and social crisis.

    Biden’s election, or Trump’s for that matter, will make zero difference to the total amount of CO2 emitted globally, or to any other country’s attitude to CO2 emissions. None. To think otherwise is to be living in an alternative universe.

    In 2018 the US produced 87 million tons of steel. China produced 928. Its not your grandfather’s country, or planet either.

  21. What’s her take on providing electricity to sub-Saharan Africa? Oh, sorry, the Guardian doesn’t think there’s a world outside the M25 ring road.

  22. This morning, for some strange reason I awoke with a song in my heart: it was the old classic western folk song, “Hone on the Range”, which goes;

    Oh, give me a hone where the buffalo roam
    Where the deer and the antelope play
    Where seldom is heard a discouraging word
    And the skies are not cloudy all day
    Hone, hone on the range
    Where the deer and the antelope play
    Where seldom is heard a discouraging word
    And the skies are not cloudy all day

    etc. In these stay-at-hone times, we often resort to nostalgia, yearning for times gone by. In a similar vein, is the John Denver classic, “Take Me Hone, Country Roads”.

  23. This lady is going to be sorely disappointed.

    Trump has been astounding on the electoral stoop, making speeches brimming with positivity, ideas, provable results and of course, evidence of endless Democrat corruption and self-serving venality.

    Trump will win by a bigger margin than 2016 and probably a landslide. (That’s by Electoral College votes, not necessarily the popular vote, which historically the Dem’s win)

  24. Watch Florida, a key battleground state. If Trump loses Florida, it is pretty much game over for him. And Florida could go either way. Even if he wins Florida, his path to victory is an uphill one. A likely scenario is that we won’t know who won for days, or even weeks after the election. Hold onto your hats folks. We’re in for a bumpy ride.

  25. Well, we know one thing. If you pay Biden enough, he might give you what you want. He’s going to the highest bidder.

  26. It might push the world into wasting vast resources trying to control the planet’s climate, rather than reserving resources to adapt to whatever climate or other changes require.

    Like pouring food and natural resources down into a subduction zone.

    • Yes and the conflict that comes from that will get all the attention rather than the root policy causes.

  27. Could, but more likely he will lead it to all the high-cost providers and politically connected nonplayers in renewables. I’m not sure he could shut down science debate and inquiry any more than it already has been but he could try. President Harris will show us all the wrongheaded paths of the Party with taxpayer funds we don’t have while preaching all the advocacy sermons. Heading for the hills with broadband has already begun and will continue at high rates after the pandemic. The great policy exodus has begun. The Promised Land is lost.

  28. I will be enormously surprised if Biden wins. He’s got the charisma of Clinton and his sitting on the sidelines while the country burned and www looted has given people very few reason to vote for him. Meanwhile, Trump has doubled down on outsider status, while real kitchen table issues were raised by Covid lockdowns.

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