Joe Biden: Climate Change will “actually bake this planet”

“Will you remember that Texas?” The Trump / Biden debate moment when Biden realised he just promised to destroy the jobs of millions of oil workers

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Despite early suggestions of a walkback, Joe Biden now appears to be doubling down on his promise to destroy US fossil fuel jobs, by naming climate change the “number one issue facing humanity”.

Joe Biden calls climate change the ‘number one issue facing humanity’


  • Joe Biden declared climate change the “number one issue facing humanity” and vowed a national transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy that he says will create millions of new jobs. 
  • Biden has a $2 trillion plan that puts the U.S. on a path to zero carbon pollution from the electricity sector by 2035 and net-zero emissions by 2050. 
  • Scientists say that Biden’s transition plan is required to avoid the most catastrophic consequences of climate change.
  • Climate change has fueled record-setting wildfires in the U.S. West and one of the most active Atlantic hurricane seasons this year.

Joe Biden declared climate change the “number one issue facing humanity” and vowed a national transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy that could create millions of new jobs.

It’s the number one issue facing humanity. And it’s the number one issue for me,” Biden said of climate change during an episode of Pod Save America released Saturday. He was interviewed by Dan Pfeiffer, a former senior advisor to President Barack Obama.

“Climate change is the existential threat to humanity,” the former vice president said. “Unchecked, it is going to actually bake this planet. This is not hyperbole. It’s real. And we have a moral obligation.”

“It’s going to create millions of jobs … We can’t be cavalier about the impact it’s going to have on how we’re going to transition to do all this,” Biden said of his plan on the podcast. “But I just think it’s a gigantic opportunity, a gigantic opportunity to create really good jobs.”

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It has to be said, doubling down on a controversial issue looks decisive. Some people will give Biden points for his appearance of honesty on this issue.

On the other hand, I suspect Biden has made a classic political mistake. Promising to destroy fossil fuel jobs will play very well with many of Biden’s core supporters. But Biden already has their vote, strategically there is no need to impress motivated core supporters.

Biden’s threat to destroy oil jobs and, by implication, drive up the price of gasoline risks alienating swing voters and undecideds. And for oil workers and people whose jobs depend on fossil fuel, they now have a really good reason to make it to the polling booth on election day, and vote for Trump.

Other elections where leaders have played the climate card offer little guidance. Australia’s Bill Shorten and New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern both tried to win on a platform of hardline commitment to climate action. Australia’s Bill Shorten failed spectacularly, lost an election many described as “unlosable”. New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern won an increased share of the vote.

Australia has a much larger oil, gas and coal industry than New Zealand.

There was never a genuine opportunity for Biden to walk back his promise to destroy jobs, after Biden made such a clear announcement during the Presidential Debate. My personal view, I suspect the firm Democrat commitment to job destruction will contribute significantly to a Trump victory.

234 thoughts on “Joe Biden: Climate Change will “actually bake this planet”

      • … you can explain this without climate change:….

        Great example of how you (and most alarmists) try to use imprecise language and end up only confusing yourselves.

        You point to an example of “climate change” and then assert that it was caused by (…..wait for it….) CLIMATE CHANGE!

        Circular reasoning at its worst.

        • The slight reduction at this time is being caused by a WEATHER EVENT

          There has been a persistent +ve temperature anomaly sitting above Northern Siberia.. countered by a strong -ve anomaly over Alaska and Canada

          Nothing to do with “climate” all to do with WEATHER.

          That anomaly, while still +ve, has just dropped down to below freezing real temperatures, so we can expect rapid gains in sea ice over the next month or so.

          • JG III – yep, the big guy, a criminal with the onset of senile dementia being told by the DNC to fake being a phony-socialist.

            I know there are a lot of people who post on here who think this is all about constructing a one-world socialist utopia. Sorry, I think the notion of creating a global kleptocracy to trouser other people’s money is the ONLY goal of the leaders of this energy hoax, and a far better explanation. I mean Joe Biden, a one-world socialist?? Yikes, give me a break. Even griff will see this in ten years.

          • philincalifornia: you said they were just after others’ money. That’s socialism, aka slavery, with all the money and power in the hands of an elite, making it a gang and communism. Socialism is not possible without the gang overlay, as they will dictate how the slaves live under them.

            Remember, once you have taken all their money, you can then steal their labor.

            But, and a big butt, is that the UN’s Agenda 21 / 2030 are aimed at them being the overlord gang and all money and power flowing to them. It’s real and posted on their website. The green New Deal is completely in line with UN Agenda 21 goals, as it the erosion of our rights, and the attacks on religion, family, and speech.

          • Creating a one world socialist government is they go about creating a one world global keptocracy.

            Socialism always devolves into a scheme to enrich those who run it.

        • Exactly, are we talking about real climate change or phony climate change? griff would like everyone to believe him in his thinking that a real phenomenon is the same as a moronic leftist parrot-meme. Wrong site griff. People on here are not as gullible as you.

          Also, show us your math(s).

        • “I don’t see how you can explain this without climate change:”

          Firstly what is “this” ? It is selection bias to create a narrative. Why select only the “lowest years” : to create the impression it’s lower than it really is and getting continually lower.

          Any reason why they chose no to include 2013/14 when the OMG low of 2012 increased by 65% in just one year. How do you explain WITH climate change? That’s no consistent with run away melting dominated by CO2 and positive feedbacks: less ice more , lower albedo, more heating, etc.

          Why does that graph start at the end of Sept, several weeks after minimum? For years that was the warmists OMG moment and the only thing which mattered ( until it bounced back in 2013 , when it wall went a bit quiet for about 5 years ).

          Most of the melting was between 1997 and 2007. 2018 and 2019 minima were indistinguishable from that of 2007. That is not consistent with tipping point , run away melting either. How do you explain that WITH climate change?

      • The explanation is likely similar to that for the Medieval and/or Roman Warm Periods. Unfortunately, no one took those measurements back then; though “climate change” was no doubt the cause. Human produced CO2? Not so much.

      • Even if you buy into the scam, natural Drivers would have to be at least as strong as CO2 to create the 18 year long pause.

        • How strong is CO2?
          Nobody knows.
          Nobody knows the climate sensitivity numbers.
          Despite 40 years of guessing, clinging to a tarnished concept.
          Time to admit defeat and move on. Geoff S

          • That will never happen on God green earth. They will only resort to more extreme claims and methods.

      • griff, sea ice extent is forced naturally. CO2 isn’t warming the ocean or melting the ice.

        Sea ice extent is governed by long-term ocean warming/cooling originating in the tropics.

        Long-term ocean warming is driven by higher solar activity as indicated in my first post link.

        ML CO2 is measuring outgassing that is a by-product of the solar warmed ocean. MME mixes with natural CO2 and greens the earth and sinks in the ocean together.

        CO2 provides no warming to the ocean where it originates, ie no feedback to the ocean. The 12m change in ML CO2 lags by 5 months the 12m change in the ocean temperature above 25.6C.

        Since the troposphere follows the ocean by a few months, CO2 isn’t providing feedback to the atmosphere either, MME or natural. CO2 is not a driver of anything except madness in the minds of climateers and politicians. Don’t get mad over CO2 griff. We need all the greening we can get from it; CO2 is very much net beneficial, natural and MM.

          • Plate climatology is a facet of geothermal heat, but geothermal in total still averages a tenth to a quarter of a watt per square meter…..just insignificant compared to cloud cover that can reflect 800 watts per square meter of incoming sunlight…or even the climateers CO2 forcing change of 2 watts/sq meter since the end of oil from whale fat.

          • Nice try but that’s going nowhere fast. Are you James Kamis? Has Kamis been able to make a successful prediction of anything like I regularly do? If so I’d like to hear about it.

            The 2015/16 El Nino was not caused by geologic heat as claimed by Kamis, it was caused by high TSI absorbed by the upper ocean layer, dominating ocean warming.


            In fact solar activity has acted according to the rules I established all the way through the Holocene, warming/cooling various areas of the climate near the same threshold value of solar activity I originally established in 2014.


            You/Kamis don’t have a case. Interesting but wrong. Notice I’m not claiming there isn’t heat venting from the ocean floor, it’s just not very powerful altogether.

      • Still its obviouse betz limits phyics law when oil discoverd claim no other invention is possible like mine without gaps it requires.Its bejesus windmills stonwalled by 3 presidents and trump oil corp opposes

        • Let me let you in on a secert, when something shows up better and cheaper than coal and oil, it will replace them without anyone have to do anything, no laws, no subsidies and no coercion. If what you believe is true we would be sitting in dark house because tallow make poor candles and the whale oil ran out a long time ago, also New York would be cover in horse manure.

      • Hullo Griff. If you’d taken my £100 bet that Arctic ice would not fall below four million square kilometres at Equinox this year, you would have won. 2020 was for a few days the second occasion in thirteen years. Now, the same is open for September 2021. Are you on?

      • 20,000 years ago the earth was in a glacial maximum. Most of Canada was buried under an ice sheet a mile thick. That ice sheet cover part of the northern United States. My home state of Michigan was completely buried under the ice. Then the planet started warming and the ice sheets receded. About 10,000 years ago we entered the halocene era where temperature have been as cozy warm as they are now. The situation was similar in Europe. Was that due to man made co2? How many gas powered SUV’s were there? How many coal fired power plants were there? None and none. So all that happened long before man could have influenced it.
        So why is it now believed that the small change in temperature (.8 C in 100 years) could only be due to man?

        BTW the increase in temperature from the global maximum to the holocene has been greatly beneficial to life on earth. Where there was once only ice there are now lush green forests teeming with life and fertile farmlands where much of the world’s food is grown. Is that bad?

        • Yes, according to “climate science”, the melting of all that ice was caused by the CO2 emitted from volcanos, bugs and snowmobiles.. (sarc)

      • WOW, still WAY MORE Arctic sea ice than for the last 10,000 years, hey little regurgitator parrot. !

        The recovery of sea ice slightly towards the much LOWER holocene norm, has been a GREAT THING for all life in Arctic.

        The reduction in sea ice from the extreme levels of the LIA and 1970s has helped Arctic sea life, particularly the Bowhead Whale, which was near extinction) make a come back.–whale-food-returns/1401824

        griff DOESN’T CARE about nearly extinct or LIFE in general, because he is a low-life cretin.

      • “giffiepoo October 25, 2020 at 10:50 am
        yes, but it will also happen additionally from human produced CO2… that now being the main driver of climate, over and above natural drivers.”

        Proof that alarmism is a religion.

        • A regurgitated statement that griff, (nor any other AGW shill) can provide any actual scientific evidence for.

          Its a FANTASY, a FIGMENT from an addled brain-washed, “Norwegian Blue” mind.

        • The annual additional downward radiation due to man-made CO2 is about 0.035 W/m^2.
          The total downward radiation from the atmosphere is estimated at about 324 W/m^2. So man-made CO2 adds 1/10,000 more annually. Gee, in 100 years that might add up to 1%.
          BFD. Get educated, griff.

      • Yes griff climate HAS changed, NATURALLY,

        Its warmer now than during the LIA

        That is totally a GOOD THING, especially for Arctic wildlife.

        Late 1970s sea ice was up there with the DEVASTATING COLD of the LIA.

        Temperature are still way LOWER than for most of the last 10,000 years, which is why there is still SO MUCH SEA ICE, compared to the last 10,000 years.

        Stop you ignorant “climate change DENIAL” griff.

      • Even though he is a single post drop-out, his posts allow the actual FACTS to be posted for any passer-by to see

        The fact thatgriff can NEVER counter any of the FACTS put forward converts many many people to the realisation that AGW is just a scam

        Thanks for continuing to post your arrant parrot-like garbage, griff.

        Lets see if he can answer two simple questions..

        1… Do you have any empirical scientific evidence for warming by atmospheric CO2?

        2… In what ways has the global climate changed in the last 50 years , that can be SCIENTIFICALLY proven to be of human causation?

        Or will he be an abject failure, just like every other AGW shill/trollette.

      • We were baking at -15 C this morning …. one of the coldest mid October periods on record and lots of places set new all time low temperature records last week and it is still damn cold all along the east side of the Rocky Mountains.,49.838,-94.570,4

        My son was laughing at morons who claim the record cold is caused by climate change / GLO-BULL warming. Only a Griff would swallow that nonsense.

        • The cold in Alaska, Canada and NW USA is the flip-side of the +ve anomaly sitting over Northern Siberia

          I wonder how many people are benefiting from that warm anomaly (even though actual temperature is still around 0ºC).. certainly Arctic sea life is very happy. Can’t swim on ice !

          The cold anomaly over much of the north of the US/Canada continent.. many more people affected….

        • Minus 29 in Potomac, Montana this morning. Minus 6 at the airport here in Missoula Lowest October temp ever recorded in the lower 48.

      • Once again, griff has to lie in order to make themselves relevant.
        There isn’t a shred of real world evidence that CO2 is the major driver of climate.

        The fact that the earth has been warmer than it is today for the vast majority of the last 10K to 20K years, all the while with much lower CO2 levels, is very strong evidence that CO2 has little to no impact on temperature, much less climate.

        • ” in order to make themselves relevant.”

          And totally FAILED

          A Norwegian Blue” would be more relevant than the griff collective.

      • griff, please take a look at Antarctica where the real ice is. It’s increasing. Do you believe the Arctic is losing ice because of global warming and Antarctica is gaining ice because of global warming? Do you think that perhaps the Milankovitch Cycles have anything to do with it? Also, read Dr. Ed Berry’s new book, Climate Miracle. He explains why CO2 can not be the climate control knob.

      • Griff, I’ve asked you 1000 times to explain why modern warming is caused by anthropogenic CO2 and not whatever natural forcings that caused past warming far beyond what we see now. You and your pal Loydo steadfastly refuse to present any evidence explaining your position. Either do so or flit away.

      • Griff, how do you explain the world’s on-average-warmer-than-today temperatures in the Jurassic Period without humans? There was no ice at the poles during the Jurassic, and yet the earth did not burn up or “bake.” On the contrary, the Jurassic (Age of the Dinosaurs) is always portrayed as a period of lush vegetation.

      • No Griff
        You have no causation just correlation

        That is why your people perpetrated the hockey stick fraud as you felt the need to eliminate other warm periods to make your theory more plausible.

        Temp has been up and down for decades while CO2 has steadily risen.

        There is no proof of your beliefs

      • CO2 has absolutely no effect on climate, except to cause some cooling. During the day CO2 and water vapor are saturated with light radiation and absorbing and emitting constantly, having no effect. At night, however, they convert energy in the air to IR which is lost to space, thus cooling the atmosphere.

        It was shown years ago by a NASA scientist that as CO2 rises, absolute water vapor decreases and is effectively a wash.

        We are left with a political agenda that certainly does not have the welfare of the world in mind.

      • “griff October 25, 2020 at 10:50 am

        yes, but it will also happen additionally from human produced CO2… that now being the main driver of climate, over and above natural drivers.”

        Evidence please Griff.

  1. No presidential candidate has ever won, or even run, by promising to destroy the economy, freedom, jobs and the country. If the MSM confuses enough voters to push this idiot over the finish line, the entire MSM should be prosecuted for treason.

    • Biden for sure is engaged in criminal activity but is the MSM also for not reporting on it or for spinning a narrative?

      • treason: The crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.

        It’s absolutely clear that the MSM, in collusion with the Democratic party, has been trying to overthrow the government ever since Trump was elected.

  2. Off topic:

    US Senate seeks censorship stories

    Sen Blackburn heads the Big Tech Taskforce investigating censorship by Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc. They need lots of evidence so send her your stories. You need not be US citizens or residents. This is a worldwide issue.

    Blackburn says “These companies are not the arbiters of truth, but they have been censoring information as if they are.”

    Spread the word!

    • avid: Have you come upon Ty & Charlene Bollinger?
      Search for ‘TTAC’ or ‘TTAV’
      Find them if you can coz the mails they’ resending me sound horrific it even partly true

      • Are you advertising for what looks to be a very profitable health scam? For people who are selling DVD’s purporting to tell the ‘true’ story of vaccines (read antivaccsors)? Do you own shares in the business?

        • the info on vaccines is checkable showing how the pharmas got busted ith dud n bad batches so they now mix batches so its harder to prove a vial was substandard etc is Factual
          so is Merks OWN admission that if a woman HAS the HPV strains in their vaccine prior to using the vaccine the cancer risk is damn near doubled!!
          but they do NOT advocate a prejab screening, the assumption is by targeting kids they avoid that risk(ie not yet sexually active so no risk)
          no one told the active, while very young though.
          and,sadly kids CAN carry the HPV from their mothers.

      • their cancer series was rather good I found useful info Id not found elsewhere and you dont HAVE TO buy anything to be able to watch their hrly shows when they run a promo.
        not everyone will agree with all their segments and individual docs and others views
        but they supplylinks and info you can go dig deeper with

    • Last I read, the hearings with the facetwit CEO’s is to be mid-november, after they’ve done whatever they can to mess with the election.

      Followed shortly afterward by a break for the holidays, then the new Senators to be sworn in and possibly Biden.

      More bloviating from politicians trying to make themselves appear relevant to the voters. Nothing has been done yet, nothing will BE done with this latest pony show.

  3. Biden’s plan WILL bake the planet

    The only thing preventing the Earth from baking now are dimming SO2 aerosol emissions from the burning of fossil fuels. Remove them, and temperatures will soar.

    • The only thing getting baked us Hunter Biden.
      Even if we experience the RCP8.5 scenario, the planet will neither bake nor broil. Life will flourish on this planet. During the early Eocene temps were 16°C warmer than now and redwood forests flourished in Nunavut. And in the Mesozoic dinosaurs roamed the cycad forests of Antarctica.

  4. Pity the American voter, having to choose between two evils. They lose no matter which one wins.

    • “President Trump was investigated for what Hillary did, impeached for what Biden did, blamed for what China did and now being attacked for mentioning what Hunter did.”

    • Um, Trump is far far from pure evil. In fact he is about 180 from evil. 56% according to gallup say they are better off today than 4yrs ago…IN SPITE OF the COFlu. I am included in that 56%.

    • Mr. Richard: Thank you so much for your pity, but we had to choose, twice, between Barry Sotero and two guys who thought it evil to identify the opposition. We got through that, we got this. Save your overwrought emotion for people stuck in dem-run cities.

    • Trump is the 21st century Reagan, in my opinion, and far from evil. He is willing to take on the media, like Reagan. And he is– finally– the candidate that stopped the prior 30 years of slide toward socialism (Bush to Clinton to Bush to Obama– even Bush Jr had leftist leanings), just like Reagan.

      Nevertheless, I still take a Trump v. Biden over the kinds of match ups found in Australia, NZ, the UK, France, Germany… basically all of Western Europe. In those places, it seems like it’s a fight between Lenin and Trotsky or Mao and Pol Pot. Politics so far to the left that a new set of words has to be employed to describe it.

  5. I didn’t think Trump got as much mileage out of this as he could have.

    He called the Paris accord unfair to the US without explaining why. The US would be required to send billions to third world countries whose corrupt dictators likely would squander it, and China, India, Russia and many others would have to do nothing for decades.

    On the millions of jobs Biden claims to be able to created with renewables, someone ought to point out that its true. It’s part of why energy costs, per Obama would sky rocket, and for every job gained, 10 lost due to entire industries leaving the country.

    • No, no! I’m starting to see how Biden is thinking. Probably billions of jobs would have to be created if we ban fossil fuels.

      Let me just mention one example— instead of cutting the grass on a football field with one guy on a riding mower, we could hire 300 people to line up across the length of the field and slowly move across trimming the grass with scissors and collecting the trimmings in a bag. That’s a 30,000% increase in employment! Plus, it will probably still take longer to finish the job than with the mower. So even more people will need to be hired for the other groundskeeping tasks.

      Sure, sure someone will say to use push mowers and only 10 people. Why do you want to destroy good-paying American jobs?

      • Ah, the old idea of instead of heavy equipment, use many people with shovels, and to employ even more, and to milk the job longer, take away their shovels and give them spoons.

        • I forgot the name of the American economist touring China, but he asked why so many people were moving earth with picks and shovels. The response was that China had so many people, they had to provide for jobs. The American then asked “Why not use spoons.” I don’t know if this story is true or not. Anyway, all this “climate jobs” nonsense is akin to the broken window fallacy.

      • Rich, I think Biden’s handlers are playing defense. Hillary lost because so many who thought she would win stayed home, not fearing the alternative. The Biden corruption scandal is a demotivator for those who don’t want Trump but aren’t impressed (for good reasons) with Biden/Harris. So this is about turnout.

      • Rich, don’t knock it. When we were in Guatemala back in the 90’s, tucked in for hurricane season, it was nothing to see people trimming the grass along a highway using machetes. When we had the local furniture factory make a new teak base plate for our anchor wench the artisan assigned did a beautiful job using nothing but a hand saw and a rasp. Man can get by without power tools. You just have to adjust the standard of living to compensate :<)

        • Old economist joke:
          An economist went to China and saw a dam project with thousands of peasants shoveling earth. He asked: “What’s going on here?” They said, “We’re building a dam and we want to create jobs.” The reply: “If you want a dam, bring in the bulldozers and get it done. If you want jobs, give them spoons.”

    • Per the Paris payments from the US a Reason magazine poster put it nicely (paraphrasing): They want to take money from poor people in rich countries and give it to rich people in poor countries.

  6. At least Biden is not calling fossil fuel industry employees deplorables (Hillary) or saying any voter who disagrees has their head in the sand (Pres. Obama). But in their own way they are trying to maximize political word plays with donor groups. That means none of them actually think, they only follow the consultant-driven bouncing money ball in search of the golden thrown of power and over reach for even more riches. The internal perception of a “can’t lose” slogan campaign drives them ever onward. And if you benefit some friends of the Party with their fake companies no one will notice among the tidal wave of taxpayer spending. When does the Hunter Biden Renewables Co. get funding?

    • Will Biden’s “friend’s” still cling to him in light of the revelations of pedophilia, incest and corruption?

      • “Will Biden’s “friend’s” still cling to him in light of the revelations of pedophilia, incest and corruption?”
        As do Trumps after revelations of fraud, adultery and sexual assault. It is a funny world this American politics.

        • Yes, the claims of sexual assault on Trump are fraud. I hope you don’t equate statutory rape with adultery.

        • Who cares if none of the accusations against Trump have panned out.

          Liars got to lie, it’s all they know how to do.

        • Poor simon,, no evidence of anything by Trump, no matter how much they tried to fabricate.

          You must be SCARED knowing that there is laptop evidence of the Biden scum deviants.

          But then, Simon probably like little boys and girls, the way Hunter and Joe do..

          • Fred250
            “But then, Simon probably like little boys and girls, the way Hunter and Joe do..”
            Wow you really do dwell in the basement don’t you Fred.
            Mods is there no level of quality required anymore?

          • “Wow you really do dwell in the basement don’t you Fred.”

            Great to see you ADMIT the actions of Joe and Hunter Biden really are the actions of low-life, morally-deficient, gutter dwellers.

            Yet you still worship them. Do tell !

      • Hell. A whole lot of leftists have been insulting Trump supporters ever since he announced. Joe schmo and his Ho on CNN have called every Trump supporter, idiots, racists, homophobes, sexists, etc. And continue to do so.

  7. “Climate change is the existential threat to humanity…” Unchecked, it is going to actually bake this planet. This is not hyperbole. It’s real.”

    C’mon, man!!! You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier!

    • I cant help but think of him as Bidet
      HalfBaked would be another nickname that suits the silly bugger

  8. Don’t you just love how these politicians just say things, and we are all suppose to just accept it as true. It becomes double dog dare you true when they follow up some fantabulous proclamation with “this is not hyperbole. This despite the fact that they said something contradictory last week and we are suppose to just write over, in our mind, yesterdays proclamations with todays revelation.
    Now with Biden we could maybe chalk it up to his early stages of dementia but we all know that he and the rest of these lying dogface pony soldier politicians have been pulling these verbal switcheroos since the media began running cover for them beginning back during the Clinton Administration. Good God I disdain these slithering swamp creatures.

      • Never mind “baked”, what if someone told Biden that the Earth’s was about to “microwaved” by a rogue pulsar?

        On being told such a thing, I’ll bet he’d immediately grab his own wrist, to check and make sure his own “pulsar” was still there..

  9. Common.
    Is not rocket science.

    This guy is completely desperate.
    He will do and say anything and everything he has to or being told to.
    He is no fool, and he is there as a democrats candidate for presidency, as he happens to have no choice.

    Contrary to Kamala Harris, which has become the Queen of fools in democrats politics,
    snatching the crown from the King Sanders.

    The democrats politburo, aka the deep state in USA, have decided for these two clowns to be there, as there is no chance in hell or earth that a democrat candidate wins the presidency in the 2020 USA election.
    Only fools will believe otherwise.


    • whiten,
      You posted “Contrary to Kamala Harris, which has become the Queen of fools in democrats politics . . .”

      I have it on good authority that not that many years ago Kamala Harris was known as the “Queen of horizontals” in Democrats’ politics.

      Is this what is known as a distinction without a difference?

  10. We can only hope that enough individuals realize the truth that there is no climate crisis and that so-called renewable energy is no better than and probably much worse than conventional energy sources.

  11. The Australia New Zealand comparison is not valid. The Australian election was before Covid and the New Zealand election after Covid. Jacinda’s win will go down in history as the Covid election in which the electorate was overwhelmed by 24/ 7 media coverage by Jacinda to the exclusion of all other parties and a total lack of any policy offerings. You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time as she will find out when her Governments continuing lack of positive performance for the poor and middle class comes to account in 3 years time.
    Socialism never has worked to the benefit of the middle class and poor. Capitalism isn’t perfect but it is why we are driving BMW’s, Toyota’s and not broken down Socialist Lada’s. Remember why the Berlin Wall feel it was people trying to escape socialism for a better life under capitalism , when will we learn!

    • Under capitalism, rich people have almost no money in their “treasure chest” because bankers used it and reinvested in the economy in exchange for a monthly IOU called a bank statement. Under communism, rich people have no money in their “treasure chest” because politicians have confiscated it and spent it all in exchange for army weaponry.

      • Armies are handy. They take people out of the labor pool and make unemployment seem lower. You don’t have to pay soldiers minimum wage. You can use the army to suppress dissent. They can hold parades and distract people and threaten them at the same time. Goose-stepping is especially effective.

    • A good point, which is why I assume you made it twice… 😀

      The South Seas Tyrant did not win on Climate. She won by abusing her power to make it illegal to disagree with her on matters of National Emergency (aka – China’s Gift to the World) to the extent that her voters returned her on based on the myth she is the Grand Protector.

      The other thing to remember about New Zealand is it is run on hydro, sheep and hobbits. And Australian sympathy. They don’t need to fear massive industry loses when the oil and gas is cut off because they don’t have those industries.

      In Australia we don’t have a lot of hydro, use sheep for more conventional roles and oppress hobbits out of spite. We also, unlike New Zealand, actually own and run a military and can defend our own airspace. In Australia going Green means pointless and expensive changes that will cost jobs and standard of living. In New Zealand it is already choice, bro, and going Green has already happened.

      Remember, the Great Protector promised to solve her job problem by rebuilding Australia’s Post WuFlu economy with New Zealand labour. She said this. A grand plan, provided of course Australia doesn’t decide to go full Dan Andrews and even have an economy, provided the un-employed Kiwis are willing to travel to the West Island simply to get to work and provided Australia is willing to even accept NZ workers over our own unemployed.

      AND, having set her own baseline that New Zealand must be WuFluFree with zero cases, the moment travel causes a SINGLE new case the Great Protector will be forced to fully lock down the country again or admit there was never any risk in the first place.

      New Zealand. Is. Screwed. Bro.

      Go Woke, Go Broke.

  12. Biden’s threat to destroy oil jobs and, by implication, drive up the price of gasoline

    And thus driving up the cost of everything manufactured and/or transported by fossil fuel derived energy.

  13. It’s pretty unbelievable that we let people get away with saying this stuff without laughing them out of the room.

    12 years left to save the earth.
    Bake the earth.
    The number one issue facing humanity.
    We have to transition away from fossil fuels, or else!
    ‘Catastrophic’ warming.

    Such ridiculous claims from people who want to be our leaders.

  14. “a path to zero carbon pollution from the electricity sector by 2035…”
    That’s as unlikely and as impossible as saying he’ll send a spaceship to Andromeda Galaxy by 2035.

  15. Joey, what have you done personally to stop any global warming? Did you object to Hunter working with hydrocarbon energy co.s in Ukraine and China? Why do you fly on private jets? Why do you and Barack have so many large private homes? Joey, aren’t you just claiming that there will be DIRE scary consequences if you are not elected? And Joey….about those children on the border allegedly lost from their parents…what have you done personally to help them? Nothing? I thought so.

    • It’s their hypocrisy which is why I don’t trust climate alarmists. If they really believe climate change is a dire threat to the planet- they really would change their lifestyle, drastically. If their actions drive up the cost of living- the rich won’t feel it at all.

  16. The Australia New Zealand comparison is not valid. The Australian election was before Covid and the New Zealand election after Covid. Jacinda’s win will go down in history as the Covid election in which the electorate was overwhelmed by 24/ 7 media coverage by Jacinda to the exclusion of all other parties and a total lack of any policy offerings. You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time as she will find out when her Governments continuing lack of positive performance for the poor and middle class comes to account in 3 years time.
    Socialism never has worked to the benefit of the middle class and poor. Capitalism isn’t perfect but it is why we are driving BMW’s, Toyota’s and not broken down Socialist Lada’s. Remember why the Berlin Wall feel it was people trying to escape socialism for a better life under capitalism , when will we learn!

    • “Socialism never has worked to the benefit of the middle class and poor.”
      Seems to be working very well in Scandinavian countries.


        …”I know that some people in the US associate the Nordic model with some sort of socialism. Therefore I would like to make one thing clear. Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy. Denmark is a market economy,” [Denmark’s Prime Minister Lars Lokke] Rasmussen said.

        “The Nordic model is an expanded welfare state which provides a high level of security for its citizens, but it is also a successful market economy with much freedom to pursue your dreams and live your life as you wish,” he added…

        “…If Sweden left the EU and joined the U.S. we would be the poorest state of America. Using fixed prices and purchasing power parity adjusted data, the median household income in Sweden in the late 1990s was the equivalent of $26,800 compared with a median of $39,400 for U.S. households – before taxes. And then we should remember that Sweden has the world´s highest taxes.

        The Swedish Research Institute of Trade, which conducted the study, underlined that African Americans, who have the lowest income in the United States, now have a higher standard of living than an ordinary Swedish household…”

      • Simon: You are either very young or have forgotton history. The Scandinavian countries all hit the backruptcy wall about 30 years ago and had to drastically change their ways; socialism has been creeping back and we will see another government caused crisis there in short order.



      • Hey it’s Simon who said Trump do anything to stop the Chinese virus. Then Simon was dumbfounded to learn of Trump’s travel ban. Then Simon said Trump didn’t do it early enough. Simon must be Xenophobe.

      • That rely on selling vast quantities of oil to other countries.

        Scandinavian countries are based solidly on capitalism.

      • Compare the lifestyle before socialism to the lifestyle now. Socialism first halts economic development, then once social cohesion starts breaking down, it reverses that development fast.

        So long as most people believe that it is shameful to stay home and receive government money when you are capable of working, socialism won’t bankrupt a country. The problem is that such attitudes rarely last more than a generation or two.

      • As is pointed out in numerous articles, the Scandinavian countries are not Socialist. They’re capitalist with large welfare programs. They gave up on socialism quite a while ago.

        • “As is pointed out in numerous articles, the Scandinavian countries are not Socialist. They’re capitalist with large welfare programs. They gave up on socialism quite a while ago.”
          Which is pretty much where Biden wants to take the US. Increase support for those who need it. Some here seem to think socialism in communism. It’s not.

          • So you do worship Biden and all he does.

            I thought so. !

            You would still be on the very bottom rung of society in a marxist/socialist run society.

            You can bet Biden won’t be donating any of his or Hunter’s fraudulently obtained funds to those in need.

            Those in need, would be the ones hit hardest by his socialist anti-CO2, anti human decency agenda that you so worship……. along with his actions when near little girls.

      • Welfare is not Socialism, expect when people want to claim that Socialism works.

        Welfare is what successful wealthy societies do because they are successful enough to have what is in real terms ‘disposable income’.

        Socialism does not equal welfare. Socialism is the belief that everything would be better if only *I* (or at least my Political Heroes) were in charge because everyone else is Doing it Wrong and those foolish people cannot be trusted to run their own lives, cause they are Wrong.

        Socialism wants to control the market on the assumption that independent people will do it wrong and only a Government can do it properly. A Free Market assumes if we just leave the people alone to make wealth all we have to do is tax them and, the more we let them be successful, the more we can tax.

        (and the more tax you raise, the more money you have to spend on welfare programmes.)

        Welfare happens in spite of Socialism, not because of it.

        • Taking money from those who have more than you do in order to help poor people may be welfare, but it isn’t charity.

    • The weather is 10F where I am in Colorado, and it’s snowing and it’s not expected to stop until tomorrow afternoon. I imagine that this weather will extinguish our “climate change” induced wildfires.

      • You live in Colorado?
        Spent time there a couple of time.
        (Climbed Mount Yale one of those times.)
        Beautiful state.
        Keep doing what you can to keep it from going stupi … er … Greenist.
        (Either way, the mountains will still be there.)

        • It is too late, the Watermelons own the state from top-to-bottom, despite the contrast with rural Colorado, where talk is of breaking away from the Peoples’ Republic of Denver-Boulder. And yes, the “woke” crazed mobs trashed the state capital building this past summer while the oh-so politically correct Guv’nor and the Denver Mayor stood by and did absolutely nothing.

  17. When does the first round of the carbon tax start Joe? We know it’s the new revenue source for the Party like the first income tax and the first sales tax for states. A little honesty would help.

  18. I am perplexed by this US election. The polls show Biden strongly ahead, but everything else I can find points the other way. The usual indicators, boards outside houses, the enthusiasm index, contacts by party volunteers, feelings of economic well-being, all suggest Trump doing better than Biden. The only other thing for Biden was that he got more people tuning in to his ‘chat’ than Trump.

    Campaign contributions are even, which considering Wall Street is so pro-Biden doesn’t look good for him.

    • Those are supression polls. They are doing three things ‘wrong’. Oversampling Dems. Undersampling likely voters. And undersampling black/hispanic where Trump support is growing. All the real indicia point to a Trump electoral college landslide.

      • Interesting, and I am certainly aware that pollster tend to deliver results that the customer wants to see, or perhaps more importantly what the MSM want to see, so they talk about it. But there is an imperative, on November 3rd there will be a check on their accuracy, which usually means rapid late movement in the last two weeks so that they can be,
        1. Reasonably accurate
        2. Not an outlier against other polls and possibly looking silly,
        If the main body of polls are all out by a large margin that would be very bad for their main business, which is commercial polls. They won’t risk that.

        • Yes, I noticed that in 2016 when the day of judgment was close.
          These are not honest polls, but try to convince voters to vote a certain way.
          Rasmussen seems to be the most honest poll, He has Trumps approval over 50 % which does not jive with other claims.

        • A lot of people just don’t like Trump personally. I don’t really. He’s a narcissist and has an overblown ego. Then again so does almost every big name politician R or D. The biggest thing is he’s horribly inarticulate and can’t explain his reasoning for policies that are beneficial to the country. The Democrats have made no secret that they intend to create a permanent majority by packing the Supreme court and making DC and Puerto Rico states. That would be a complete disaster and possibly lead to the country to split up eventually. The bigger the Federal Gov the bigger the threat to people’s freedom, far more of a threat than foreign antagonists and that is what the Democrat party is all about .Plus they are the party of ignorant sheeplike trolls like griffy doodle. So despite his annoying personality I voted for him and really hope he wins.

      • I hope so
        I hope people aren’t just whistling past the graveyard.
        I just can’t bring myself to like Trump, but the dems will destroy Canada.

        I think the worst thing Trump has done is make tariffs acceptable

        • Numerous times President Trump has said he would drop tarrifs for free trade, for equal access to markets.

  19. I’d like to ask him: If it is that dire how will you get China to stop their ongoing construction projects on more than 60 new coal fired power plants? If we get net zero by 2050 and we are alone in that effort will we still all die?

    • That’s the hypocrisy DMA. America has reduced it’s emissions of CO2 significantly already, even though it’s not a problem.

      If Joe wants to go down the Green New Deal route, and assuming that most of America’s panels come from China, then China will need those coal fired power plants. They will need to manufacture billions of solar panels thereby creating massive amounts of CO2. Many of Joe’s ‘jobs’ will in fact be offshore, in China. I wonder if that’s what his secret deal was about…in reality Joe is doing nothing to reduce CO2, he’s simply sending that offshore too. Massive amounts of it. Of course China is ‘allowed’ to emit to their hearts content, the UN has even sanctioned it.

      Then China need to ship these panels over to America. Thus creating substantially more emissions.

      If Joe really believes that CO2 emissions are going to ‘bake’ the planet then he is going to turn the heat up to ‘crispy’ with his plan.

      The left really do take us for fools. We all know that in reality their ‘Climate’ plan is about wealth redistribution. Power and Greed.

      Oh, and none of that even takes into account the environmental, humanitarian and economic damage that will be done by implementing his plan. Or the future toxic waste that he has yet to find a solution for.

      Anyone who votes for Joe Biden because they believe he will save the planet is nuts. The fear that leftists have instilled in their children that the planet will end within 8 to 10 years is nothing short of criminal.

      It’s the ‘cure’ for a none existent CO2 problem, all forms of renewables, that will destroy life as we knew it. And I used a past tense, because it’s already started.

      What is it with well known people like David Attenborough who once bought the wonder and beauty of our truly magnificent planet into our living rooms? I can’t even bring myself to watch him now, such is his betrayal.

      What is it about him, Prince Charles and other royal members and famous actors, that give them the right to promote the trashing of our planet? And they are so ignorant of the truth they don’t even know that they are being used as marketing tools to drive a money making scheme.

      The Emporer must be exposed!

    • That was Obama’s folly selling that to the leftist fools to stay in the Paris accords which Biden wants to restore
      Our economy would be wrecked and China would be king

  20. …good reason to make it to the polling booth on election day, and vote for Trump….

    Democrats are running ads to vote early. Why do you suppose that it is? Here’s what you mail in when you vote absentee:

    Voting early may be a little different, I’ll have to check it out.

  21. Fools intend to rearrange the world industrial and civil society based upon something about which they have been totally deceived. Only a fool would want to do this when the fool clearly understands nothing about the subject.

    “Follow the science” they say with pervasive ignorance and dishonor.

  22. Eric
    “My personal view, I suspect the firm Democrat commitment to job destruction will contribute significantly to a Trump victory.”
    You seem like a reasonable bloke ( a gentleman). I would be happy to put a small wager on you being wrong. I think there are almost no swing voters now so it matters not what anyone says from here on in.

    • Mr. Simon: If the firm Dem commitment to job destruction is not a “significant” factor because it’s so well-established that folks absorbed it long ago, but Firm commitment by Dems to destroy cities is the prime reason for big Trump win, do you lose the wager?

  23. With his 47 years of government jobs joe is a perfect example of the types of government folks who broke all of their promises to the American Indians and assisted their population decline from an estimated 10,000,000 in 1800 to 500,000 by 1900. Given the opportunity he will do the same to us today.

  24. Speaking of cookery, Biden is crackers about climate and on energy, and if elected the US will be in a pickle, and our goose will be cooked. With a Biden/Harris presidency, you can stick a fork in America, we’re done.

    • Actually, Bruce, the U.S. will have Congressional elections in 2022 where about 1/3 of the Senate and all of the House of Representatives will be up for election. If the Democratic Party is the winner in 2020 and attempts their looney taxing and spending ideas, they will be voted out in 2022.

      • What was going on in his addled brain that he would associate voter fraud with his voter identification and outreach program? Hmmmm?

        Did his aides recently explain to him how they are planning to use the information to commit voter fraud and he’s lost his filter on not revealing derogatory information?

        Seriously, what other explanation comes to mind? The only time Democrats ever discuss voter fraud is to angrily deny that it ever happens.

        Tell us more Big Guy!

  25. Wasn’t there a millions+ survey of people all around the world done by the UN that showed that they rated climate change / global warming LAST of 16 or so major concerns about life challenges?

    (I can’t find the link)

  26. “Climate change has fueled record-setting wildfires in the U.S. West…”

    I thought climate change was global. Why is it only affecting the U.S. West? Wildfires worldwide have actually decreased in recent years. So, on a worldwide basis, climate change is causing fewer wildfires. But you can’t look at it that way because it isn’t scary. Only the scary results of climate change can be reported to support fearmongering.

  27. Eric
    Labor did not win the NZ election based on climate change issues. All new Zealand parties support the same action. Your comments are simplistic to suit your bias.
    May I suggest you do a little research.

    • “All NZ parties support the same action”

      No, the New Conservative Party (admittedly only 1.5% of votes) actually supports scrapping the ETS and pulling out of Paris.
      The ACT party, previously under Rodney Hide, (I think he was the only politician with a science degree) was fervently anti- “climate change”.

  28. Earliest heaviest snowfall ever here in MN. Hardly baking. Dammit I detest these pathetic leftists and all their followers. Unfortunately that includes people I know.

    • I went tobogganing with my kids today in calgary

      First time ever in October

      Clearly need some warming, was 22c below normal on Saturday

      I’d love me some global warmin’

  29. Joe Biden bragged Saturday about having the most extensive voter fraud organization in history.
    You can either MUST conclude he is:
    1) telling the truth, or
    2) he misspoke and his dementia is getting worse.
    You can’t have it both ways.

    Watch this unedited video clip and decide for yourself:

    • Today, Camulus Harris the goa’uld attracted 200 people to a “rally” in Detroit, and Slow Joe Dementia Lyin’ Biden knocked off work at 9:00 am to head back to the basement lair.

      • Love the Star Gate SG1 reference. Amanda Tapping was and still is a fantasy date. for me. She was fake USAF Major at the time, I was real USAF major flying IS missions at the time. Didn’t have time to watch it when it ran 20 years ago. Now since I’ve retired, she’s still my fantasy.

        • My thanks to you for your service. Despite it being a largely Canadian production filmed in Vancouver Springs, they went out of their way to make the USAF backdrop as realistic as possible; there was even an episode where the real AF Secretary four-star did a cameo.

          “Camulus” was too many syllables for Jack O’Neill so he just called him “Cammy”, which popped into my head when the stuff about the right way to pronounce Harris’ name was taking up news bandwidth. (I had a thing for Nirte).

    • As I said above, it seems an inescapable conclusion that it’s not either-or, it’s both-and.

      He BOTH associates the program with his voter fraud initiatives, AND his dementia has advanced to the point of impairing his ability to filter his thoughts and avoid saying things that reveal damaging information. Instead of saying the euphemistic “voter identification and outreach”, he just blurts out the truth as he understands it.

      I’ve seen this loss of a social filter in other dementia patients.

      • When the Democrats are accusing the GOP of doing something unethical one can be sure it’s because the Dems are already doing it and they hate competition.

  30. Hey, Emma Newburger,
    As the fourth bullet in your article that is boxed in the above WUWT article, you state: “Climate change has fueled record-setting wildfires in the U.S. West and one of the most active Atlantic hurricane seasons this year.”

    Do you have any facts—any smidgen of facts at all—to support that wildfire claim?

    For example, most intelligent people would know that fires result from three basic, necessary factors that must coexist: a fuel, a supply of oxygen to react (“combust”) with the fuel, and a temperature hot enough to initiate combustion. Which of these factors do you specifically conclude originates with “climate change”?
    — did climate change alone increase the amount of foliage that the fires feed on?
    — did climate change alone increase the amount of oxygen that the fires feed on?
    — did climate change alone create the flames or sparks that were necessary to start the 46,000-plus wild fires that have occurred in North America as of October 23, 2020 (see,the%2010%2Dyear%2Daverage. )?

    Of course, these questions are based on fundamental science, and therefore I most certainly don’t presume that you would know the answer to my question, let alone be willing to respond objectively to such.

  31. Liers cheats amd theives
    # 1 betz claim in 1919 when oil discovered in texas claiimed no other inventions possible . My automatic feathering flat blade radial windmills have no gaps required by betz .instead its Einstines equal and opposite reactions capable of speeds of light and makes all other designs obsolete ! Of cource 109 years of brain washing is successful . Facts matter to my God and yours.bejesus windmills on you tuble if interested i will send image of new energy feid it produces with sound

  32. Scientists say that Biden’s transition plan is required to avoid the most catastrophic consequences of climate change.

    The National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Medicine published a joint statement recently declaring the necessity of keeping politics out of science.

    It’s too late for that, as former VP Albert Gore has literally screwed up climate science for over 30 years, and Dr. Anthony Fauci has done about the same for medical science, both promoting a clear conflict of interest in pursuit of policy changes that will enrich and empower themselves (& Bill Gates) and exclusively Democrats.

    No such transition plan is ‘required’ for something natural that we can’t stop.

    Climate change has fueled record-setting wildfires in the U.S. West and one of the most active Atlantic hurricane seasons this year.

    I alone predicted the conditions for this year two years ago in my 2018 AGU poster, “Extreme Weather Events and Climate Extremes are Limited by the Duration of Solar Cycle Irradiance Extremes”.

    The “Cold Winters, Hot Dry SW US Summers” in Fig13k applies to Fig14c “Cold and Dry Extremes”

    The 2020 US (and Australian) fires were a direct result of high UV index and subsequent high heat index from clearer skies due to less tropical evaporation from low solar activity, building on a trend since 2017.

    This is the biggest story of the year because it also drove sun/heat sicknesses expecially in the southern US, India and Brazil among other places this year, mistaken for CV19.

    The NAS/NAM and IPCC know nothing of the consequences of the Solar Cycle Influence on the Ocean, so it doesn’t surprise me that VP Biden & Co are still banging on about MME like a pack of braying donkeys.

  33. The new day that will live in infamy is Nov. 4th. the day after the election when Joe and the radical Party claim a lot of mandates that were not really talked about much earlier or with any details.

  34. Joe Biden does not know what he is talking about. Based on the paleoclimate record and the work done with models, one can conclude that the climate change we have been experiencing is caused by the sun and the oceans over which mankind has no control. Despite the hype, there is no real evidence that CO2 has any effect on climate and there is plenty of scientific rationale to support the conclusion that the climate sensitivity of CO2 is effectively zero. Hence there is no climate crisis. There may be many good reasons to be conserving on the use of fossil fuels but climate change is not one of them. There is no climate crisis and committing economic suicide will not help matters either.

    AGW is a conjecture based on only partial science and is full of holes. For example, the AGW conjecture depends upon the existence of a radiant greenhouse effect caused by trace gases in the Earth’s atmosphere with LWIR absorption bands. A real greenhouse does not stay warm because of so called greenhouse gases or because IR radiation is trapped inside the greenhouse. A real greenhouse stays warm because the glass limits cooling by convection. It is entirely a convective greenhouse effect that keeps a real greenhouse warm. So too on Earth where instead of glass, gravity and the heat capacity of the atmosphere limits cooling by convection. It is entirely a convective greenhouse effect that keeps the surface of the Earth on average 33 degrees C warmer than it would otherwise be. 33 degrees C is the amount of warming derived from first principals and 33 degrees C is what has been measured. Any additional warming caused by a radiant greenhouse effect has not been detected. If CO2 really affected climate one would expect that the increase in CO2 over the past 30 years would have caused at least a measurable increase in the dry lapse rate in the troposphere but that has not happened. A radiant greenhouse effect has not been detected in a real greenhouse, in the Earth’s atmosphere, or anywhere else in the solar system. The radiant greenhouse effect is hence science fiction so hence the AGW conjecture is science fiction as well.

    But for those who still believe in the radiant greenhouse effect, initial calculations of the climate sensitivity came up with a nominal figure of 1.2 degrees C for a doubling of CO2 not including feedbacks. Christopher Monckton and associates came up with the conclusion, based on measurements, that if all the warming since 1850 were caused by CO2 then the climate sensitivity of CO2 could not possible be more than 1.2 degrees C including feedbacks. A researcher from Japan pointed out that the original radiametric calculations forgot to include that fact that a doubling of CO2 will cause a slight decrease in the dry lapse rate in the troposphere which is a cooling effect that lowers the climate sensitivity of CO2 by more than a factor of 20, from 1.2 degrees C to less than .06 degrees C which is too small to measure. So no wonder that no one has been able to measure the climate sensitivity of CO2 because there is nothing to measure.

    Then there is the issue of H2O feedback. The AGW conjecture assumption is that CO2 based warming causes more H2O to enter the atmosphere which causes more warming that causes even more H2O to enter the atmosphere and so forth. Not only is H2O a greenhouse gas but molecule per molecule H2O is a stronger IR absorber than is CO2 and on average there is roughly 50 times more H2O in the atmosphere. Compared to H2O the contribution of CO2 to the overall radiant greenhouse effect must be trivial. What the AGW conjecture ignores is that besides being the primary greenhouse gas, H2O is a primary coolant in the Earth’s atmosphere. The overall cooling effect of H2O is evidenced by the fact that the wet lapse rate is significantly less than the dry lapse rate which is a cooling effect. So instead of a potentially unstable positive feedback, H2O provides a negative climate stabilizing feedback. So instead of multiplying the climate sensitivity of CO2 by a nominal 3 we should divide the climate sensitivity of CO2 by 3 yielding a climate sensitivity of CO2 os less than .02 degrees C which is too small to measure and is effectively zero. So all of this effort to reduce CO2 emissions because doing so might provide a better climate is a total waste of money. But even if we could somehow stop the Earth’s climate from changing as it has been doing for eons, extreme weather events and sea level rise would continue because they are both part of the current climate. If the future is anything like that past, the current interglacial period may gradually end but it may take many thousands of years to do so and the next ice age will be upon us for roughly 100,000 years so we should all learn to enjoy the warmth of the current interglacial period while it is still here.

  35. griff read here.
    As for the fires in Cali. Too much fuel, no clearing for years. Weather conditions have been burning forests there for hundreds of years. . As for the most extensive voter fraud organization in history. It is the fraudulent Democratic party itself, lying to the world. Blaming Trump for everything they are already doing. Seen the “Vote for your Life” ads. As in you will die unless you vote democratic. BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Vote for them, you will.

  36. Well, we did survive 8 years of Barry. That one got so cocky slinging taxpayer funds from the podium that he even threw some to Russia, right before they annexed Crimea. He was also so confident that he read a speech from the Sierra Club calling anyone who did not agree with the Whitehouse position as having their head in the sand. Today he splits time between beach estates…depending on the weather.

  37. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. And I certainly would not invest in renewables.
    Regardless of what naysayers believe, there is too much progress on alternate energy sources to be concerned with OPEC. Even NASA has recognized that strange things are going on in latitce confinement.
    I, personally, think other researchers have progressed much further than NASA, and that other systems that have nothing to do with fusion will begin to be commercialized in the next few years.
    Holding my breath.

  38. Trumps answer should have been

    “In 2012 a solar flare erupted that had the sun been turned in our direction would have burned out every computer chip in our nation … every cell phone gone, every computer gone, every power plant gone every transformer gone. We need to prepare for what will really happen. This WILL . CO2 Climate Change isn’t even 27th on the list.”

  39. “Despite early suggestions of a walkback, Joe Biden now appears to be doubling down on his promise to destroy US fossil fuel jobs, by naming climate change the “number one issue facing humanity”

    This may come as a bit of a shock, but Biden critics have been having a very hard time of finding truth in anything Joe Biden or Kamala Harris states.
    Both have actively told lies that prove their attempts to cater to their audience, not reality.

    “Joe Biden: Climate Change will “actually bake this planet”

    Baking, that represents a lower temperature than the Holocene has experienced multiple times earlier in this interglacial.

    Biden must equate “bake” with the ‘Little tikes First Oven“.
    Hours of fun for the weak brained pedophile.

  40. Scientists say that Biden’s transition plan is required to avoid the most catastrophic consequences of climate change.

    I must have missed it; what part of Joe’s plan reduces the emissions from China and India?

    Wasn’t Biden VP of an administration that signed an Exec Agreement with the UN (following a previous “agreement” with China) that allowed them an unlimited number of new coal plants until 2030, at which time they would consider reductions in the future?

    (BTW, what is the lower threshold of CO2 emissions where wildfires, hurricanes and floods disappear and we have no more weather catastrophes?)

    As someone once said “Cum’on, Man!”

  41. Multiple choice quiz:
    For his campaign, Creepy Joe & his bandwagon charter:
    a) A few horse buggies
    b) A formerly Aeroflot owned VIP rigged 737-500 late series twinjet

  42. All of the people that Biden beat during the primary took a much tougher line on climate change than he did.

    Climate change has never been a top issue for American voters.

  43. The CO2 that bothers me is that which exits creepy* uncle joey’s mouth.

    To experience the prediction of a century in the future move 120 mi. toward the equator.

    * what’s with his daughter’s diary?

  44. My own reply to climate change alarmists is this: Do you remember what the climate was like in your hometown in 2000? Has the climate changed noticeably in the last 20 years? (No.) Why then would it change in the next 20 years? This is of course gets you lectures on tipping points and incorrect assumptions of constancy, but it makes a dent.

  45. How strong is CO2?
    Nobody knows.
    Nobody knows the climate sensitivity numbers.
    Despite 40 years of guessing, clinging to a tarnished concept.
    Time to admit defeat and move on. Geoff S

    • Geoff
      They know very well that it’s much lower than originally predicted. (They know that observational studies show 1.1-1.8 degrees per doubling of CO2).

      They can’t narrow the range like that because it would put an end to the whole charade and take away their hopes of ending capitalism. (And ironically endanger their crony capitalist schemes to make billions off non-solutions to a non-problem).

      Instead they cling to the convenient fiction of an estimate of 1.5-4.5 from what, 50 years ago?, and churn out nonsense papers based on nonsense models that yield “much worse than we thought” results. Pure politics.

      As pure politics, there will NEVER be an honest reassessment by this dishonest crowd. They must be defeated politically and then when none of their disasters come to pass, eventually the next group of lefty politicians will claim that nobody ever said any of the things that they are screaming today.

      (Just like the claims that nobody ever switched overnight from next ice age coming fear-mongering that required ending fossil fuel use to global warming fear-mongering that requires ending fossil fuel use).

  46. The number 1 issue facing humanity is the same as it’s always been – how to keep morons like Joe Biden from having dictatorial power over the rest of us…

  47. Didn’t Hansen say the oceans should already be boiling by now way-back-when?
    Joe, c’mon mann, you’re behind the times!

    • And where are all those “Storms of My Grandchildren” that Hansen wrote his book about? He’s well and truely a grand-daddy now. Why aren’t his and everybody’s grandchidren in the midst of the apocalypse right now?

  48. “But I just think it’s a gigantic opportunity, a gigantic opportunity to create really good jobs.”

    So says Biden. Well, if he wants ‘gigantic opportunities to create jobs’, just declare war on some other nation. After all, there were many millions of paid jobs in WWI and WWII (and other conflicts). It also helped with the so-called population crisis. There you are, Joe, go for it, declare war on China (say).

    And, of course, the only reason he’s doubling down on climate is because his masters in China have told him to.

  49. LOL! This trucker is team driving from Anderson, IN to Nogales AZ. We had ice build up on our mirrors while driving through the OK, TX panhandles this afternoon and evening on US 54. The ice did not start to melt until we got to Vaughn, NM!

    At Vaughn where I took over driving it was 42 deg F with a howling wind. When I got 32 miles further south on US 54 it was 72 deg. F.!

    What could explain that happening in October other than climate change? Right Griff? LOL!

  50. Biden is right in a few billion years, but we won’t see it.

    How does a guy who often does not know where he is and confuses who people are know that?? More importantly how does two inept socialists make it to the top of the ticket for the presidency?

    • Olen says :
      How does a guy who often does not know where he is and confuses who people are know that?? More importantly how does two inept socialists make it to the top of the ticket for the presidency?
      There was no real small “d” democratic process in the “Democratic Party” nominations.
      They were chosen by I’ll call them “backroom dark forces” … no different than the way candidates were, and are “pretend elected” in old and current communist regimes.

  51. It reminds me of a time where I shared a messed up photo of cars in Las Vegas that made it look like they were melting, saying it was “global warming” and people ACTUALLY BELIEVED IT.

    It’s not hyperbole, in that people really do believe that the planet will “bake”, that the oceans will boil. And they somehow seem to think that if this were to happen we’ll still be around to see it.

  52. Correction. Since 2016 or maybe earlier the W.H.O. said climate change was the major issue on the planet and as a result ensured that covid took its place when it would have been a non issue if handled as a threat right from the start, as more than one investigation in more than one country has shown. As long as mainstream press can block simple balanced reporting which includes a list of predictions correct and false to put the science in context climate change has all the integrity of a broadcast by Goebbels.

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