“I hope they all die”: Marshall University Professor Wishes Coronavirus Death on Trump Supporters

Marshall University Assistant Professor Jennifer Mosher

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Breitbart; Assistant Professor Jennifer Mosher of Marshall University has been placed on leave after she recorded a video wishing a horrible Coronavirus death on Trump supporters.

According to Breitbart News, the university issued the following statement:

“The university does not support or condone the use of any of its educational platforms to belittle people or wish harm on those who hold differing political views. The professor was removed from the classroom yesterday and is on administrative leave,”

In my opinion someone with such extreme views is not fit to teach young people. Imagine how a professor who thinks political opponents should die might treat a student who let slip they were a Trump supporter?

210 thoughts on ““I hope they all die”: Marshall University Professor Wishes Coronavirus Death on Trump Supporters

      • I’m actually quite surprised she has been placed on leave, though a free paid holiday is not actually what most of use would regard as punishment.

        She clearly should be disciplined and that likely would mean being sacked.

        Now just wait for some Trump supporter to make a complaint for “hate speech”. LOL.

        I doubt she would have won a free holiday if she had said the same thing Democrats.

        I can’t imagine anyone here would want to say they hope the fat ugly bitch gets it herself and dies. That would be so unfair.

        • Now just wait for some Trump supporter to make a complaint for “hate speech”. LOL.

          That’s the problem – they don’t. Just like all the conservative commentators when they’re censored by social media – they complain in their columns, but they never take any action.

          They say “We’re better than that” or “We don’t want to stoop to their level”. But that’s a losing strategy – it has been for decades. If your opponent fights dirty, you don’t have much choice but to also fight dirty, if you want to survive.

      • The most frightening part is that this is the mindset that is teaching our children and hers is a 97% consensus. Its no wonder the college kids are throwing temper tantrums in the street by turning over statues and burning buildings to the ground. We need to lock these “professors” up for treason.

    • I always wondered why Mosher seemed so irrational and angry…now that I’ve seen his Missus I understand and he has my deepest sympathy.

      • I was digging into a large steak at dinner when I was interrupted by a familiar voice. Hey Don, it’s good to see you again … I would like you to meet my wife and my sister. I looked up from my meal and saw the esteemed Mr. Mosher standing there with only one woman beside him….

        ba dum dum.

    • Assistant professor Mosher, to save the world from impending disaster
      -go on diet
      -eat less food
      -reduce your food carbon footprint
      -reduce the anthropocentric methane release into atmosphere
      -and finally have a word with your relatives and friends who might be Trump Supporters, and if grossly overweight or obese in a very danger of a coronavirus death.
      “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” may also be worth considering.
      Otherwise take care and stay safe

      • “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself”

        I tried that with the girl next door, and got arrested. 😉

      • That’s the thing, though… they don’t love themselves.

        They hate themselves, they have been indoctrinated to hate themselves.

        They psychologically project that self-hatred onto the greater society because they’ve also been taught from birth that there certainly couldn’t be anything wrong with themselves.

        “Here, sweetie, have a trophy for just showing up”, “You messed up again? That’s OK, you’re still super!”, “Don’t feel guilty for being an utter scumbag, you do you. You’re awesome no matter what!”, “We don’t believe in discriminating against others, even if you’re the biggest pile of feces on the planet. Everyone should be made to feel that they are important, no matter what!”

        We need to get back to a society that names-and-shames, with strong consequences for bad actors. A little shame keeps a person humble, and the leftist whackos have no shame and no humility. They need to be taught what they are.

        • “We need to get back to a society that names-and-shames, with strong consequences for bad actors. A little shame keeps a person humble, and the leftist whackos have no shame and no humility. They need to be taught what they are.”

          So the CURE for the disease is … even more of the wretched DISEASE itself?

          Pure genius.

          The disease isn’t being judgmental. It is being wrong, one of the goodies rather than one of the baddies, a patient who needs curing, as proved by the exhibition of judgmental behaviours that in lefties are a symptom, even though in conservatives, they are evidence of our qualification, as physicians qualified to make the right dignoses and to prescribe the right medicine. Left-wing good, right-wing bad. One rule for the naughty leftists, another for us.

          Of course. Why didn’t I think of that?

  1. Why does this person still have a job at the university? Prof. Ridd in Queensland, Australia was sacked without making a single threat, death or otherwise, to anyone.

    • Dr Ridd’s threat was to JCU’s cosy inflow of taxpayer cash to fund bogus climate change research and keep their coffers flush.

      The High Court have agreed to the first step in Dr Ridd’s appeal which is to see if there is merit in a court hearing. Same process we have in the UK and usually takes a day.

      • Of course the question is what day? Some day 3 months, or 3 years from now?

        Justice delayed is justice denied. This has already been going on for how long?

        By the time he wins it all, the hacks at JCU will probably have reached retirement age and will not be held personally accountable.

      • In the Australian Senate over the last week, the head of the Great Barrier Reef authority was forced to admit that the reef was actually in pretty good health and the arguments about damage from farm run-offs was irrelevant for 97% of the reef because it was too far out to sea and for the 3% closer ensure, the damage was minimal or non-existent. When you put these people under oath, it can get nasty for them. I rather think it’s just given Peter Reid’s case a bit of a boost. While they may try and make the Appeal purely on the technical question, it’s becoming more and more obvious that he had to be prevented from damaging the money tree for JCU.

        Meanwhile can we please not make pretty nasty remarks about Asst Prof Mosher. There are 2 reasons for this:
        1. It’s sexist and spiteful and we don’t need to lower ourselves to Her standards, and
        2. She clearly needs help and so it’s mean to pick on the intellectual challenged.

  2. ““The university does not support or condone the use of any of its educational platforms to belittle people or wish harm on those who hold differing political views”

    So her error was to use the platform?

    Under her private social media account it would have been fine?

  3. She is just expressing a common feeling among leftists. I shudder to think about what will happen now the RBG has passed away. I think the last few months of rioting will pale in comparison to what is about to happen.

    • I hadn’t heard. She just passed today.

      Please clue me in as to why her passing bodes so ill. I’m guessing that the majority of Social Justice Warriors (SJW) have no clue who she was and why she was important.

      I hope President Trump is re-elected. We do not need an SJW on the supreme court. Given the present condition of the Democrat party, that’s what a Biden Harris administration would appoint.

      • Please clue me in as to why her passing bodes so ill. I’m guessing that the majority of Social Justice Warriors (SJW) have no clue who she was and why she was important.

        I think you’re wrong about that, Bob. I think the violent SJW crowd is kept informed from the bosses who pay their wages to do what they do (e.g., Soros, et al.), and the top of Corp. for the Progress of Evil’s food chain is very concerned about this event.

        Just my view though . . . I could be wrong.

      • She was one of their “heroes” – abortion, gun grabbing, every letter of the alphabet genders; you name a Leftist agenda item, and she was absolutely for it.

        They are already on Twitter screaming that she had better NOT be replaced with a Trump nominee most especially a conservative Catholic woman, or they will burn down even more of the Blue State cities.

        (They haven’t learned anything from earlier in the year, obviously.)

        • No need to do that.
          December is open to confirmation, regardless of how the election turns out. Confirm in December.

          • No. There must be a Court majority when the lawsuits start flying; John Roberts must be neutered.

            How the election turns out determines whether we retain a Republic, Joel. Either a nine Justice Court (which will usually rule with the Constitution) – or a permanent eleven to four rubber stamp for whatever the current “progressive” demand happens to be.

          • Agree with Writing Observer. Plus one more reason:
            Here is one cold blooded political calculation: The leftist wackos doing the rioting and criminal acts are hurting the democrats election chances. This was made amply clear this week when Pelosi stood up for the first time after months of riots and arson and publicly recognized their lawlessness.

            Pushing through a confirmation ASAP will only drive the wackos to intensify their assaults on society and that will be a very bad thing for those they think they are trying to get elected.

            They’ve already made it abundantly clear that they’re going to continue their rampages if Trump is reelected, so let us allow them to help that happen.

          • The Republicans in the Senate won’t vote for it. McConnell just won’t have enough votes.
            Romney and Collins will vote against, and probably Murkowski too.

          • If McConnell loses 3 votes, Vice President Pence will cast the tie-breaking vote.

            If the Republicans in the Senate blow this one, I’ll never give the party another dime.

          • Your right Harry
            The probability of McConnell and RINOs allowing a quick confirmation is, according to my own mathematical model, about the same as an undetected killer comet whipping around the sun and whipping us all out next week.

          • Even if they don’t have the votes to confirm a nominee before the election, McConnell should still hold hearings. That should be enough to get the liberals to riot even more. The more they riot, the more discredited they are.

        • I am not nearly as big a man as our POTUS. My reaction is that I will give no RIP. That woman was a traitor to her oath and thus the people of this nation. The woman has not been among the living for a long time actually, and I do not regret one bit that she has now finally and officially assumed room temperature. My regret is that her seat did not come open sooner.

          Here is President Trumps reaction when he was first informed of her passing:

          • I’d give her an RIP. Do you really want to risk having her come back?

            She hasn’t been capable of carrying out the duties that she was being paid for, for over a year. A person with any integrity would have resigned. Then again, she’s a liberal.

          • You know MarkW that the POTUS had to know Ginsburg was in her death bed when he released his revised list of potentials just days ago. Something like that is not going to remain a secret in DC. So though I believe he didn’t already know when informed by that “reporter”, I also not there was not surprise in his reaction.

            Just a thought. There were multiple reasons for the POTUS releasing that list of 20. But I have to wonder about the condition of Breyer now. He’s only about 5 years younger than Ginsburg was. The thought of the reaction of the left losing two of their faithful on the SCOTUS brings a smile to my face.

        • “If you don’t do what I want, I’m going to burn down my house”

          Just think of it as evolution in action!

      • If McConnell calls back the senate to vote on her replacement, the Democrats are going to go bonkers. Especially after McConnell refused to hold hearings on Scalia’s replacement at the end of Obama’s second term.

        Of course there is nothing unusual about what happened 4 years ago and there isn’t anything unusual about rushing Ginsberg’s replacement through now. That’s just how power politics is played.

    • Chuck Schumer’s tweet is priceless:

      “Top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer tweeted: “The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice. Therefore, this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president.””

        • McConnel had precedence for doing what he did – i.e. when the president is of a different party than the party that controls the senate, then the senate can hold off hearings on the president’s nominee during an election year. But since the Republicans control both the presidency and the congress, they can push through a nominee during an election year. (I’m sure the Democrats would do the same if they controlled both the presidency and the senate.)

          • “(I’m sure the Democrats would do the same if they controlled both the presidency and the senate.)”

            You better believe it! The Democrats would consider it completely fair if they were the ones doing it.

        • Obummer was a very lame duck. Trump is President of the United States empowered to select SCOTUS associates.

        • Why????? The Supreme Court has operated with an even number of Justices many times in its past.
          Do you think the other 8 went brain dead without Ginsburg?

          4 solid Conservatives. (Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Thomas, Alito)
          3 solid Liberals. (Breyer, Sotomayor, Kagan)
          1 Swing (Chief Justice Roberts)
          The math is in Trump’s favor.

          Ruth B Ginsburg simply tried to “judge” an outcome on her replacement by staying on after her terminal cancer diagnosis 13 months ago and was hoping to outlive a Trump Presidency.
          She judged wrong… Just like most things in her judicial life.

          • Joel, a 4/4 split leaves the lower court ruling in place. Roberts is a “swing” Justice, alright – and has “swung” the wrong way all too many times. He must be neutered before the election lawsuits begin to fly. Otherwise, no matter what the real election results – or a confirmed lame duck Trump nominee – we are all too likely to end up with a permanent “progressive” tyranny, with a rubber stamp Court that always returns at least an eleven to four “decision.” (Or civil war on the model of the Spanish one – NOT something that anyone sane should want to see.)

          • Justices do more than simply ‘vote’ on cases appearing before them. They wade through dozens of briefs to determine which ones to hear. If this becomes a mail-in vote election, the number of lawsuits will overwhelm the courts.

            What people fail to realize is that the danger from external forces isn’t that the wrong person is elected, but that enough turmoil is created resulting in no one being recognized as properly elected. And that’s not just for who is President, but which Party controls the House and Senate, since those mail-in ballots will also decide every seat in the House, snd a third if the Senate seats.

      • Dems tried to derail the last nomination until after an election, so they can’t claim the high ground, and they don’t care about impropriety.

        No “hearings” farce that time.
        No silly questions.
        No FBI investigation.
        No attention given to people who kept silent until now with ANY complaint.


        • Markey has just declared that if Trump fills this seat, the Democrats will pack the court if they get win the White House and Senate next year.

          What is it about progressives and their need to tear everything down whenever they don’t get their way?

          • They had the idea to pack the courts no matter what.

            They also want to impeach Kavanaugh because “credible accusations” and “he lied under oath” (by claiming he was innocent, probably).

            It’s the old “if you do that then I’ll be pissed” routine from people who have been pissed the whole time.

          • The Ancient Athenians, founders of mob-rule, packed and repacked their supreme court until all 6000 citizens sat in the end.

            Democracy is the failure of leadership.

          • Schumer had already declared that when they regain the Senate, they intended to completely eliminate the filibuster. Can’t have those pesky Republicans slowing down their rush to socialize what is left of the economy.

          • They even want to pack the Supreme Court.

            They don’t realize the role of respect to traditions go…

            Even the idea that the Supreme Court is the ultimate authority on law is a tradition.

      • “Therefore, this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president.”

        We already have a president elected by the American people and one of his jobs is to fill judicial vacancies. If the Democrats don’t like him doing his job, that’s too bad, he’s going to do it anyway.

        • Slow walking nominees from an opposing party is as old as the Republic, just as continuing business an usual when the president is of your party is standard operating procedure.

    • Be nice (and rational). Very few of us are going to look that good at 87, to be honest (even without years of cancer treatments). As a young woman, she was at least a bit above average, going by her wedding pictures.

    • …. yeah, beauty is only skin deep.

      Am I going to be the first to ask when Steven is going to comment here?

      …. and anyway, what does she have against the people who ultimately pay her salary, or former salary, hopefully?

          • I’m beginning to feel bad about teasing the poor girl. Some have said excess fat is an attempt to insulate one’s fragile ego. Her voice and word choices indicate someone in acute emotional distress. It is not an adult approach to politics.

            Noting her hatred of President Trump, I’m reminded of an old political joke: In response to being informed of Richard Nixon’s election to the Presidency, a high society matron said “How can that be? Nobody I know voted for him!”

      • philincalifornia September 18, 2020 at 7:15 pm
        …. yeah, beauty is only skin deep.

        But ugly goes right to the core.

  4. Her student reviews:
    “easy A”
    “easy grader”
    “I didn’t try at all and got an 89”
    “She is a croc wearing, vape god. “

    • How did I get through UC Berkeley? Simple … I just repeated every LIE of my professors as though I believed they were true. I became an excellent creative writer in those 4-years.

      And people like her actually believe they’re changing minds.

  5. If anyone with comorbidities dies with covid, their death certificate will say that they died of covid.

    Therefore, find someone you don’t like who has the covid virus in their system and permanently put them out of their misery. The death certificate will say they died of covid and you are innocent of what you did to put them out of their misery.

    Maybe that’s professor Mosher’s plan? Or maybe they way they count covid deaths is a joke?

    • Why shouldn’t the hospital get a government check for every COVID death too? Murder-schmerder … that dead body is worth $50-60,000.00!!

    • It comes from a screaming, internal desire for socialist authoritarian rule over all of us plebes. They think they know what is good for everyone else, they are arrogant intellectuals yet idiots. They possess an air of superiority captured by Hillary’s labeling all of us as Deplorable.

      And they are determined to force their decisions on you Robert.

    • What you see (or so I assume) as a function of politics, they see as a function of morality. Your choice for Trump (assuming you so choose) infringes upon and contradicts moral norms in their belief system.

      You’re “like a murderer dude,” and they hate you for being able to roam about freely murdering them with your choices.

    • Some people it’s venting their spleen & others it their bile flowing. That miasma of ChiComVirus just gets into everywhere.

    • “WHERE does all this hatred come from?”

      A poll I saw not long ago said that 84 percent of those polled thought the Leftwing Media (lies and distortions of the truth) was the source of the hatred/division in the United States.

  6. “Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Friday night that he intends to allow for a floor vote in the Senate to confirm a new nominee made by President Donald Trump to replace the Supreme Court vacancy left by Ruth Bader Ginsburg.” Trump posted his SCOTUS picks days ago. Only the senate has the authority to approve a SCOTUS pick. RIP RBG.

    • Democrats can’t filibuster it either. And the vote will come after the November 3 rd election where regardless of the election, McConnell and Republicans are in charge. Democrats have no cards to play. They are literally powerless, other than yammering on and crying, to stop this confirmation in the Senate. This set of events has come about by their own hand over the last 7 years.

    • No hurry, as there is the comedy gold of making Joe Biden say who he would pick for the supreme court.
      I am guessing Joe would pick Barack Obama.

  7. “WHERE does all this hatred come from?”
    From the (not unjustified) fear that DJT will nominate someone the left can’t stand, and they will have to start a smear campaign in the middle of an election.

    • Would that be Ted Cruz? He can handle himself against anything the juveniles throw at him. I don’t particularly like the guy either, but Trump might just do it for the comedy value after what he’s had to endure while trying to increase prosperity and opportunity for ALL Americans..

      • Politically, he probably should nominate a woman in order to reduce the propensity for the left to use their sexist/rapist strategy of dissent.

        • That has never stopped the left before. They frequently declare that any woman who isn’t a Democrat isn’t really a woman. Just like they declare that minorities that favor Republicans aren’t really minorities.

          Oddly enough, it’s almost always white males making these claims.

      • Cruz would certainly be a defender of the U.S. Constitution as written. I don’t think there would be any confusion as to where he stands.

        I think Trump is going to nominate Barrett this time around, but Cruz would certainly be on the list for another nomination a year or two down the road.

        I would be very comfortable with Ted Cruz as a Supreme Court Justice.

        • Ain’t happening. Cruz and Cotton both said thanks for the honor but no thanks! They both think they can do more by remaining senators. Besides that Cruz sits on the Judiciary committee and nominating him would create complications.

          If I had to bet my money would be on Amy Coney Barrett.

          • You never know. Trump has been all about bucking conventional Washington DC “wisdom” to get things done that the established elite have not been able to do or have not wanted to do for decades.

  8. Whole universities in the West should be shut down. Well, maybe Harvard and Oxford could be kept as a museums.

    This is a fantastic time of opportunities for social psychologists and sociologists to do some once-in-a-millenium scholarly studies. But there may not be anyone left in the field that can recognize that something huge is happening.

    Ms. Mosher is (I hope) one of the worst of the hateful lefty minions out there. I say Ms because she is likely one of the millions of asterisked PhDs who will need to reapply and do remedial study for a chance to be accepted as a real one by the Great Reckoning and Corrigendum Commission that will surely be struck by sane intervenors when this mental health crisis is over. The commission could reduce its workload down to~1/5 by decertifying 80% of the useless faculties that were created to house and arouse folk who had no business being in a university in the first place. I hope this comes soon before engineering associations are destroyed from within – the profession is the last bastion to be attacked.

    • The official (inept) non active people number will jump.

      Of course these “employed” people were not active in any meaningful way – except as China/Russia shills – in the first place.

      But the unemployed number will jump. Even though it’s a good thing that people doing nothing are unemployed.

        • A man was visiting a Federal government office. He asked his host “How many people work here?” The answer was “Oh, about 10% of them.”

          As a former manager in a Federal agency, I assert the 10% estimate is high.

          • I always follow the 80/20 rule. 20% of employees perform 80% of the work. That rule has worked for me over the years. As a manager, my goal was always to get 80/50 where at least 50% were producing 80%.

  9. One of the differences between liberals and conservatives, is illustrated here. I’ve met many and heard of even more libs who became conservative later in life. I don’t hate libs, I look at them as people who can be converted. I believe the most radical libs look at us as people who need to be exterminated.

  10. She reminds me of the woman in an audience screaming and shaking her fists and arms…at something. I can’t find the video.

  11. It’s ‘people’ like her that will give President Trump a landslide victory on November 3.
    And if she can’t refrain from spewing her venom online, she has no business teaching kids.

  12. Looking at the jowls on that Fat Cow in the picture provided, I can guess Corona Virus is waiting for her like the Grim Reaper.

  13. OK, Anthony’s house and Anthony’s rules. But if I could make a couple of observations:

    The article deviates from the nominal stated purpose of the site.
    The piling on and comments about the woman’s appearance/physique, mental capability, etc., is twitterish.
    Wishing ill on another human being no matter how satisfying is childish at best.
    We all like to make fun of stupid people, and that is part of the charm of the usual troll denizens here but., to elevate it to the level of an article is in bad taste and counter productive IMO.

    Climate issues are political enough – I would hope that this site de-escalate politics whenever possible.

    • Dude everything is politics. What is beautiful about Anthony’s site is that you are free to choose what you want to read and comment on HIS blog.

    • There used to be a polite English conversation about weather. No longer. Now Greta lectures the UN. And they listen! Because they did not skip enough Friday classes?

    • Fraizer, politics pervade virtually every aspect of life, especially the field of climate science. The sooner people wake up to the real threats to society, the better, and sometimes humor is the right vehicle to break the propagandists stranglehold on our conscience.

  14. These people pretend to love and admire European countries but their ideas are insulting to my country (France):

    1) They say voter ID is inherently racist.

    We need an official, state issued ID to vote in almost all cases (various types of ID are accepted).

    2) They say a military parade is Stalinist, or communist, or sign of dictatorship.

    We have a military parade every 14th of July.

    Yet they pretend that the US should imitate countries like France on all sorts of issues, notably healthcare and have single payer state run healthcare. But unlike UK we don’t have state single payer, we have mandatory main health insurance (SS = sécurité sociale) and optional “complémentaire santé”. There are all sorts of “régimes” and the rules for paid sick leaves are different for
    – civil servants (used to be paid sick leave the first day of “illness”, now after ONE day)
    – national societies like trains, electricity (societies whose legal status varied over time, from simply state controlled to fully incorporated yet state controlled)
    – private sector
    – healthcare people outside the public sector (no paid sick leave before 90 days of illness)
    – no extra cost (all medical stuff fully reimbursed) for some poor people notably illegal aliens (!!!)

    so NO universal rule and NO equality.

    And nothing approaching hypothetical truly universal – one payer one set of rules for everybody – healthcare in France!

    And these people say that countries without truly universal healthcare are primitive, backward, retarded countries!

    So their subjective “opinions” are objectively false. And insulting. (Yet our French commentariat worships these people whose opinions are an insult to France.)

  15. She picked the wrong virus to hope for the death of Trump supporters. It is on the way out and without the fraudulant numbers would never have been considered anything more than a bad flu like illness.

  16. Why is it that it seems that only leftie, academics, and Dem supporters are permitted to make such threatening remarks? Isn’t there a law against that sort of thing? If not, there should be – but it would severely reduce the Dem support in the polls. I honestly cannot recall ever hearing a moderate, centre-right, or Republican supporter say that sort of thing – maybe we should start?

    • She is obviously excessively dumb, evil and ugly.
      If you happen to be dumb, evil and ugly, then I would say, “go for it”.

  17. Trump supporters would take their zinc , Vitamin D and HCQ. Then they will be ready to rock and roll for the poll.

    Remember, Patriots vote.

    You can make quinine by boiling up grapefruit peel. Quercetin is over the counter and can help with zinc getting to the appropriate receptors. Ivermectin / zinc is also good. Pulmacort in a nebulizer with zinc also works-steroid at the point of where the body goes in to overdrive in terms of a response. The body’s response to the virus is what kills-the reason why it was the young and healthy that died during the Spanish flu. If only they had the Pulmacort. Depending on severity/ infection, an antibiotic might be required. Azrithromycin or Doxycycline.

    Trump supporters would see through the hype and intimidation to have a vaccine and take what the fraudsters don’t want us to take. They would be the ones to take the right medicine. WUWT readers would also see through the COVID scamdemic, just as we see through the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming scam.

    As for the vile comments, if the boot were on the other foot, the wokerati would be baying for blood. Anything less than being stood down would be unacceptable.

  18. Always seems to be the same style of miserable person that just want to spread their misery and bile to others.

    The University intellectual elite has become a very sad group in the main. Imagine someone with educative responsibilities spewing out this nonsense. How do they keep their jobs?

  19. Her words: “You can’t argue with them, you can’t talk sense into them, I told someone yesterday, I hope they all die before the election”.
    Is that someone that “talks sense”?
    Agree with me or I hope ALL OF YOU die!
    That is the extreme opposite of talking sense. She has an unusual level of hate for others, and hate is a strong EMOTION. An emotion that overrides the brains ability to process logic. So talking sense is not available to her brain.
    She is extremely insecure. She has many reasons to be. She needs to “go home and re-think her life”. Her current emotional state is characterized by “unhappiness that is controlled by the continued refusal of others to submit to her emotional outbursts”. She is unable to control that which is out of her control, and the anger that it creates is destroying her ability to be content. So he hopes they die.
    It is a nasty spiral when your emotional state is determined by the actions of others. Especially a large group of “others” that are completely out of your control. A Trump win could turn that hate into despair.
    Don’t let this happen to you. Tie your emotional state to your own actions and accomplishments. It is motivating and will give you control over your own happiness.

  20. Come on. Are you all joining the ranks of the snowflakes.
    College kids should be exposed to these idea’s so they can form good arguments against them.
    De-platforming is not the way to go

  21. ‘The university dies not support or condone the use …’

    Sanctimonious weasel words. By not sending this woman packing straitaway they do precisely that: support and condone.

  22. And people wonder how supposedly educated fools could be so ignorant and hateful. These kind of creatures have been indoctrinating them for decades now in our educations system.

  23. Let’s imagine the reaction if she’d wished Coronavirus death upon blacks, LGBTQ, Latino’s, Muslims…..

  24. Well, you have to keep in mind that many on the delusional Left look at Trump as being exactly like Adolf Hitler.

    That’s what fuels insanity such as this woman wishing death on all Trump supporters.

    The radical Left and the Leftwing Media have worked very hard to create the impression that Trump and Hitler are similar, and millions of people believe this false reality, and it drives some of them crazy and causes them to go to extremes.

  25. WOW.

    I hope that her sock falls into her shoe for the rest of her life. Hoping people die is just immature, mundane, and mediocre, if you are going to curse people, do it properly.

  26. Looks like eating is the only thing the Mosher family tree are good at, probably why they are so full of s hit.

  27. This person is unfit to teach and unhinged completely, which likely comes from hanging around so many haters.
    Replace the Trump part with any other group and imagine how to justify it even if you’re in far far left academia.
    UBC forced the resignation of head of BOG for him liking a post.
    There is an outrageous double standard among those given teaching positions at communist indoctrination camps, oops universities.

  28. She is an excellent role model for sloth, idiocy, malevolence, and narcissism. Just what a lot of our academic institutions are looking for these days. In Orwell’s 1984 She would have been “big sister” but without the intelligence. We need leaders who will pull the reigns and purse strings everywhere this behaviour emerges.

  29. I’ve written to the lass, as follows.

    Dear Jennifer

    I disagree with what you said (although I appreciated the humour of your hyperbole). However, I disagree far more with your bullying employer, who has attacked your freedom of expression. I hope you sue, successfully.

    You can quote me.

    Are you on Twitter?


      • My email to her expresses my low opinion of her employer’s punishing her for her political opinion different from theirs, which she expressed flippantly and clumsily. I disapprove of employers punishing staff for expressing political opinions, even when the opinions expressed, for which the employees are punished, happen to different from mine. It’s a consistency thing on my part. I don’t like thought-policing in the private sector any more than I like it in the public sector. There is too much of this sort of bossy oppression going on, and I have hoped your precious Constitution would have protected her, and me if (hypothetically) I ever got a job in the USA, where there is a lot going on of which I disapprove.

        Maybe my poem (linked to) will clarify my passion for free speech, about which I don’t suppose you’ll expect anybody to care any more than anything else I or anybody else writes here.

        Burning the poppy

        • Your comment about finding any part of her outrageous comments humorous is what provoked my reply. Shame on you for that. You’re free to say it and I’m free to express my disgust with your perverse sense of humor.

          • I wrote to her, “I appreciated the humour of your hyperbole”. What I actually meant was that I a recognised that she was using hyperbole, intending to make light. What I didn’t mean was that I enjoyed her attempt at humour and it made me laugh. The reason I let her know that I didn’t take her tasteless remark seriously is that I wanted to reach out to her and I’d already said that I didn’t agree with what she’d said.

            All sorts of people disagree with things I say. I don’t get cross about that. I don’t expect them to try to get my employer to fire me though. I certainly won’t support an employer who fired an employee who merely said something the employer wouldn’t say. I thought that that sort of thought-policing was what the new buzz phrase “cancel culture” referred to.

            I feel solidarity with this lady, as a victim of such cancel culture. That far outweighs any negative feelings I might have towards her about the particular thing she said that I wouldn’t have said myself.

  30. It would be a blessing and a safer world if people like you and Jennifer died from covid19 John.
    I hope you appreciated the humour of my hyperbole John as much as you enjoyed Jennifers.

    I’m also sure you wouldn’t want a mod to attack my freedom of expression John, have a nice day…

  31. I’ve had second thoughts about the reply to John Eric, it doesn’t sit right with me going as low as they have.
    please delete both that and this posting/s.

  32. Whatever is wrong with this woman I am sure it is not vitamin D. I suspect she has had on overdose of Marxism and she is living in the wrong country.

  33. Geez, another one. I am running out of harpoons after Stacy Abrahams. Took two to sink her. Now this one swims into view.

    I fail to note what subject she is a lowly Assistant Professor of? Bye, bye tenure, or is that a promotion attaboy at this U.?

  34. It is really no surprise this woman is as angry as she is. I mean look at her. If I had to get up every morning and look at my fat self, I would be that angry too. It is not Trump supporters that she really hates. It is herself.

  35. Last night I saw a video of a woman in Portland saying, about the Trump supporter who was shot to death, “Too f****** bad, don’t be a Trump supporter in Portland”

    This is pure hate, and very destructive.

  36. Unlike this teacher, I wish no ill-will toward this lady or for those who disagree with me politically. I realize there are some who will meet her wish with a matching but opposite wish. As a conservative and libertarian, I believe she has the right to voice her opinion. I also believe she should be exposed and ridiculed for the lunatic she obviously is. She needs to be publicly mocked and shamed. For whatever reason, she doesn’t seem to have properly socialized with polite society. I believe she can change if she so desires but the likelihood of that occurring is rather slim.

    • Yes, but “The professor was removed from the classroom yesterday and is on administrative leave” for expressing her political views. That is hypocritical, given that her employer says, “The university does not support or condone the use of any of its educational platforms to belittle people or wish harm on those who hold differing political views”.

      There ought not to be one rule for the goodies and another for the baddies. The freedom of speech exercised, which has been punished, is common to all.

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